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Wednesday, January 19th, 2011, 00:16 UTC
[00:16:06] sphery: iamlindoro: FWIW, (in case you've forgotten,) there's a patch for the settings clone (and and save/restore and restore to default) at . The main problem was that it was pre-mythui code, and jams and I never got time to update it for mythui
[00:16:23] iamlindoro: yeah, was thinking to dig it up
[00:17:03] iamlindoro: Would like to keep it as simple as Captain_Murdoch implied-- a buttonlist, a confirmation dialog, and that's it
[00:17:23] iamlindoro: So less featureful, but could probably take the settings code and use it elsewhere for the other portions
[00:17:34] iamlindoro: And I hadn't forgotten :)
[00:18:28] iamlindoro: yeah, the mythdb stuff looks still applicable
[00:18:42] iamlindoro: Would only really use the c_from in this case, but no reason it can't all go in
[00:18:53] sphery: Yeah, the restore to default would be nice, but I think rather than the save-to-a-temp-name approach (which IIRC, that patch used), it would be better to clean out settings, then force a cache clear and reload
[00:19:12] sphery: the save/restore aren't really that important, IMHO.
[00:19:13] iamlindoro: restore to default doesn't make any sense in the context of a first-run wizard
[00:19:28] sphery: ah, yeah... didn't realize that's what you were talking about :)
[00:19:36] iamlindoro: Only thing you'd want to present the user with is an option to clone the settings from an existing frontend-- and if it's the first, then skip the window entirely
[00:19:49] sphery: yeah, makes sense
[00:20:37] sphery: so really, it may be better to just roll your own
[00:21:01] iamlindoro: nah, I like the db patch
[00:21:05] sphery: I'll likely implement the restore-to-default part of the patch, but differently
[00:21:17] iamlindoro: And IIRC you long ago checked the sql
[00:21:22] iamlindoro: and I used the patch a few times
[00:21:49] sphery: actually, I never really looked into it since the UI part wasn't ready
[00:28:13] sphery: that said, I can look it over for you if you like
[00:31:02] iamlindoro: Sure. I think the function names themselves might be a bit more intuitive, but qould love to have your help in making sure the SQL is sound
[00:31:24] iamlindoro: figured if it passes muster, can apply the DB portion, use that in the clone screen of the wizard, then we can revisit the other parts later
[00:31:59] sphery: sounds good
[00:33:37] iamlindoro: Don't put it ahead of any of your other stuff, though, you've got plenty on your plate
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[13:28:26] iamlindoro: paul-h, out of curiosity do you happen to know what effect the new generic search window will have on the lists that already have one? (MythGame and MythVideo already have incremental MythUI search invoked by Ctrl-S)
[13:28:48] iamlindoro: I assume the local bindings/theming would override the global?
[13:30:20] iamlindoro: Just wondering how quickly I need to remove the ones I've got for MythGame and MythVideo if they cause a conflict with the global one
[13:51:03] stuartm: widget bindings trump screen bindings
[13:51:46] stuartm: by design, since we want those to stay consistent throughout the UI
[13:52:11] stuartm: but local screen bindings trump global screen bindings
[13:54:41] stuartm: iamlindoro: if the mythgame/mythvideo search dialogs behave in the same way then there should be no hurry to replace them, the global one will just be used instead and the local one will be dead code
[14:29:01] sphery: But since they use different action names and the same key list, it will be reported as a keybinding conflict on startup. (The global keybinding uses the generic action name SEARCH and MythVideo/MythGame use INCSEARCH.)
[14:31:32] sphery: So, unless there will be multiple different searches in mythvideo/mythgame, we should probably change mythvideo/mythgame to use SEARCH, instead, and do a db update to remove INCSEARCH if it's still Ctrl+S or to override SEARCH in the Video/Game context if the user has changed the default mapping for INCSEARCH.
[14:38:36] sphery: Oh, and when I say, "to use SEARCH", I mean the action name, not the new button list implementation
[15:44:48] iamlindoro: So no matter how bad the git transition has gone, we can at least say it's gone better than ffmpeg's week
[15:45:06] iamlindoro: (I say it here to avoid offending any shared devs in #mythtv)
[15:45:45] iamlindoro: Half of them moved to their git repository and dumped the other half of the devs, including their lead dev, and both projects in two different git repositories are both calling themselves ffmpeg, and both using the same mailing list
[15:45:48] iamlindoro: you figure that one out
[15:45:58] stuartm: wow
[15:46:22] iamlindoro: I'm shocked it hasn't hit slashdot yet
[15:46:31] iamlindoro: And all with no warning, btw
[15:46:49] iamlindoro: half of them woke up one morning and didn't have the keys any more
[15:46:56] iamlindoro: and learned about it on the mailing list
[15:47:01] iamlindoro: so yeah, go us for not letting that happen
[15:50:30] iamlindoro: In case anyone is curious about looking it up on their dev list, you want:
[15:50:37] iamlindoro: [FFmpeg-devel] [ANNOUNCE] New FFmpeg maintainership
[15:50:47] iamlindoro: and
[15:50:49] iamlindoro: [FFmpeg-devel] Preliminary announcement about the current situation
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[20:17:36] iamlindoro: watching ffmpeg implode in real time
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[20:44:50] stuartm: I've not read the posts, but "New FFmpeg maintainership" is really throwing a hand-grenade into the room
[20:46:26] stuartm: if both groups are determined to be the 'official' project, the subject of rights to the ffmpeg name must have come up?
[20:46:59] sphery: doesn't Oracle own that name?  ;)
[20:47:10] iamlindoro: Not yet... I'm not sure what in the heck is going on ATM actually
[20:48:21] iamlindoro: All I can ascertain is that there are two git repositories (one at videolan, and one at, and that the "forkers" have actually taken over
[20:48:42] iamlindoro: whereas the people ousted ended up at
[20:49:04] iamlindoro: All of this seems to have been in the works as they worked towards making their official git switchover, only to wake up one morning and find that there were two
[20:49:32] sphery: has to have hit /. by now, right?
[20:49:39] iamlindoro: not that I saw as of this mornign
[20:49:52] stuartm: it sounds better than an episode of a Mexican soap opera
[20:50:51] stuartm: not that I've ever seen a Mexican soap opera, just that I've heard they are particularly melodramatic etc
[20:53:14] iamlindoro: the fork/take over ffmpeg group says they want to run the project like the kernel, with only a small handful of people given commit access
[20:53:17] iamlindoro: MythTV was mentioned
[20:53:18] iamlindoro: . . . /103581.html
[20:53:22] stuartm: I don't know the players, background or internal politics so I'll read the headlines when it all gets sorted
[20:53:31] iamlindoro: Remember, the way to avoid bad commits is to prevent everyone from committing ;)
[20:56:32] stuartm: "unfortunately rushed git switch for MythTV" – apparently the other lesson, the bit about not rushing and making sure to get complete, informed consent was missed
[21:01:26] stuartm: telling people that they are no longer trusted to hold the keys is a great way to keep everyone on board
[21:02:36] iamlindoro: on board of the other guy's ship, anyway ;)
[21:02:55] iamlindoro: That said, the forkers represent a pretty substantial chunk of the heavy hitters in ffmpeg
[21:03:04] iamlindoro: unfortunately it leaves out another substantial chunk of them
[21:03:09] iamlindoro: in the end, it will harm everyone
[21:04:50] iamlindoro:
[21:05:35] iamlindoro: Alex Strange is ffmpeg-mt, Jason Garrett-Glaser is the lead dev of libx64 and maintainer of h.264 in ffmpeg, mans rullgard is just an all 'round beast, Rob Swain was the co-lead with Michael Niedermeyer, who is now on the outs
[21:09:51] stuartm: the problem for me is that I don't think the kernels model works especially well, it has many benefits but fundamentally the end-user experience can be harsh – haven't we all struggled to find working drivers because of the dozens of public trees only one has the working combination of patches? Sure it's all fine once those are merged into the linus repo but due to the bureaucracy, politics and backlog of patches needing to be reviewed
[21:09:53] stuartm: it can take months or more
[21:11:08] iamlindoro: On the other hand, ffmpeg devs are equally petty, rude, cruel, unkind, and prickish as the kernel decs
[21:11:10] iamlindoro: devs
[21:11:14] iamlindoro: so it ought to work great ;)
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