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Tuesday, January 18th, 2011, 00:38 UTC
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[21:13:28] iamlindoro: Captain_Murdoch: I wonder whether the theme downloader breakage might be caused by the (silly IMO) move to calling master ".25pre"?
[21:13:48] iamlindoro: eg v0.25pre-830-g4fbdcab from git describe
[21:16:19] Captain_Murdoch: I don't think so, but that's why I want to see his "mythfrontend --version". I look at the myth_source_path variable which should be "master" on a git checkout and something else if you are running a release or checkout of another branch. I probably need to modify my existing code that looks at hte library api version if you're not running master. if we bump api version and you are running another branch or a bad chec
[21:16:19] Captain_Murdoch: kout or an export, then you'd try to use 0.25 instead of 0.24 or trunk. I'll look at it later tonight.
[21:17:30] iamlindoro: I'm not sure where the .25pre stuff came from-- we've always made a point that trunk != currentversion+1
[21:17:46] iamlindoro: This negates all of that-- not sure I care one way or another, just not sure how it happened
[21:25:23] stuartm: it's better that 0.24.999 or whatever the other suggestion was
[21:26:48] stuartm: either way, whether it has 0.24 or 0.25 in there it's misleading to some degree, but I think 0.25{something} is lesser of those two evils
[21:27:34] iamlindoro: If it can be any string, I would have been more partial to a development-datetime
[21:27:50] iamlindoro: or development-branchname-datetime
[21:28:46] iamlindoro: But don't feel so passionate about it as to make it an issue, so meh
[21:29:48] stuartm: I do think that a version number is needed somewhere in there to signify at a glance where it lies in the timeline, a date doesn't do that unless you happen to know when each previous release was
[21:30:56] stuartm: whether that means devel-post-0.24 or 0.25-devel ...
[21:49:28] iamlindoro: Captain_Murdoch: If I wanted to get some short video clips (maybe 100 MB of data) hosted on themes or services, would I talk to xris? I have had this startup setup wizard sitting in my tree for a while, and I'd like to throw it out for people like you, stuartm, etc. to help me improve it and further refine what should be configured in an initial frontend setup... but I like your idea about having MDM pull in the stuff on the back
[21:49:28] iamlindoro: the first time it's used
[21:49:49] iamlindoro: I guess maybe it would also be neat to add a screen that allowed you to clone a frontend's settings wholesale
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[22:51:16] Captain_Murdoch: iamlindoro, a long time ago, we discussed the fact that we needed to give trunk a name for several reasons. some were related to the fact that people were calling trunk by the next version number. the ideas of 0.24.50+ 0.24.90+, 0.25pre, etc. were tossed around and I think 0.25pre had the least resistance. we already flip the binary api to 0.25 right after release. I agree with stuartm that we need some kind of ind
[22:51:16] Captain_Murdoch: icator as to where the version falls, we can't just give it a date string. I don't mind the -pre moniker, it signifies that it's after 0.24 and will be 0.25 (unless we skip 0.25, etc..).
[22:53:52] Captain_Murdoch: iamlindoro, if someone doesn't beat me too it, then once I get access on there for the themes download stuff, I can hook you up with the videos as well. I like the idea of a way to clone settings from an existing frontend. that could be a precursor to the new setup widget. 2 buttons "clone an existing frontend" and "configure a new frontend"
[22:54:35] ** Captain_Murdoch kicks git because he forgot to "git stash apply" after "git pull" and now has to restart his compile. **
[22:59:17] iamlindoro: Captain_Murdoch: Yeah, I guess I'll work on the settings clone thing before committing it, then need to get set up with a download location for the SD and HD samples, then I guess I can commit and we can bang on it for a few months to see if it's worth running on first frontend startup-- I happen to think it is, since you know you ahve working video and audio by the time you get through it
[22:59:58] iamlindoro: Which, outside of backend setup, is probably the single biggest hurdle for most new users
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