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Sunday, January 16th, 2011, 00:37 UTC
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[11:37:11] paul-h: stuartm: any progress on the buttontree problem?
[11:38:12] paul-h: Your patch almost works it's just the left most buttonlist doesn't update properly
[12:31:21] stuartm: paul-h: sorry, I've been a little busy/distracted, I'll try to find time Real Soon Now®
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[15:29:19] paul-h: stuartm: any decision on the theme include patch? It makes so much sense for something like MythMusic were you have several screens with very similar layouts if you can define the widgets once then group them together into logical groups using <group> and then just add the group in the window definitions
[15:35:04] stuartm: paul-h: yeah, as I said I like the idea, my only concern was the implementation, specifically it seemed tidier to me if everything could be in the one file e.g. 'base' music objects would be in music-ui.xml
[15:37:34] paul-h: but then you have to parse all the definitions every time you display a window even if it's a popup window that doesn't use any of the shared definitions
[15:37:38] stuartm: maybe with a generic 'include' directive that could optionally pull in additional files if the themer preferred e.g. <include file="foo.xml"> which could be positioned either in a window definition or at the top of a another xml file
[15:38:22] stuartm: paul-h: they'd be loaded once on first use of mythmusic, no?
[15:39:29] paul-h: if they are included in another file yes, but not if they are in music-ui.xml
[15:41:38] stuartm: ah, just go ahead with what you've got, I don't have time to think of something better
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[15:48:21] paul-h: I can make it so it also works at the top of an xml file if that is what you want. I'm really not bothered so long as we have some way to separate the widget definitions from the window definitions
[15:49:52] paul-h: You'll have a better idea of what I mean when you come to theme the new music stuff :) It will make life so much easier for themers
[16:06:57] iamlindoro: paul-h, I am inferring that the MythMusic rewrite stuff doesn't lend itself to being committed in bits and pieces? Do you mind if my ask how it's coming along?
[18:05:27] paul-h: iamlindoro: A lot of what remains needs to be committed together because of how the old ui is entangled in the music trees and play list stuff so changing one area affects many others. I've actually been using it for several months now just need to find the motivation to test the stuff I don't actually use and fix any remaining issues.
[18:06:08] iamlindoro: paul-h, Very cool-- the question was pure user-type curiosity :) I look forward to getting to use it
[18:40:11] stuartm: yeah, the entanglement probably makes it harder than almost any other bit of the mythui port, it was a nightmare
[18:40:51] stuartm: I'm just glad that paul-h volunteered to do it, because I wasn't looking forward to the job
[18:58:50] paul-h: Do you think these images can be redistributed?
[19:02:11] stuartm: the four I just looked at were "All rights reserved", no CC etc in the license section
[19:09:14] paul-h: So that would be a no then, that's a shame I would have liked to use some of those for the music genres icons
[19:48:26] stuartm: You might have some luck if you ask the owners for permission
[19:55:38] stuartm: a lot of people create/contribute this sort of stuff for others to use but without realising that they need to explicitly say so and license accordingly
[19:56:16] stuartm: so they'll usually be fine with re-distribution, they just need to be asked
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