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Sunday, July 25th, 2010, 03:42 UTC
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[13:36:16] justinh: hmm wonder what's up with my animated image not working in the PBB
[13:36:39] justinh: only seems to update when I move the selection
[13:43:34] justinh: oh, same with alphapulse too
[13:45:13] sphery: Sounds like you're using the Qt Theme Painter?
[13:45:36] sphery: At least with the alphapulse, it seems to only work with OpenGL painter.
[13:46:40] justinh: nope. definitely gl
[13:47:06] justinh: the image is static onscreen, but I see the animation step through when I cursor up & down
[13:47:23] justinh: is essentially it
[13:51:25] justinh: bugger. take the imagetypes out of the jobstatus statetype & they work fine
[13:58:35] justinh: xml is the same as when I had it working before 0.23 was released AFAICT
[14:00:56] justinh: that IS weird
[14:01:46] justinh: if I leave the statetype in the active state, but in the selectedactive state I put just the imagetype without having it inside a statetype, the original statetype works!
[14:02:24] justinh: think that'll be a bug then
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[15:14:28] justinh: aha! fixed it. I hadn't given the jobstate statetype an area
[15:14:50] justinh: I guess without an area it couldn't be marked dirty & redrawn
[15:15:44] gbee: yeah, in some cases we try to determine the area automatically, but in others that's just not possible
[15:16:01] gbee: probably still some improvements to be made there
[15:19:55] justinh: glad I sorted that. nobody wants to be compiling on their birthday
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[16:56:11] sphery: justinh: happy birthday, then :)
[16:56:35] justinh: yeah it has been so far thanks. still not a daddy yet though
[17:33:06] gbee: justinh: Captain_Murdoch beat you to it
[17:33:30] justinh: yeah just seen

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