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Wednesday, July 14th, 2010, 06:45 UTC
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[20:42:06] ** iamlindoro is pretty sure this channel has had the same 18 occupants since the beginning :) **
[20:42:41] iamlindoro: Maybe we need another theme incentive of some sort with the downloader coming
[21:07:23] Captain_Murdoch: downloader will be nice, but the uploader will be the thing that could help drive new themers. at least we'll have 20 of the same theme with just the colors or background changed. :)
[21:08:10] iamlindoro: TransBlue, TransMagenta, TransBrown, YellowTube, orange-abstract
[21:13:39] Captain_Murdoch: would be easier and save space just to have a cgi script that would modify an existing theme's xml files and substitute in random colors for things.
[21:14:12] Captain_Murdoch: so a user would download #ccff33Abstract or #00ff33Abstract, etc.
[21:14:17] Captain_Murdoch: :)
[21:17:58] gbee: heh Terra with a Shrooms colour scheme
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