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Sunday, July 4th, 2010, 05:07 UTC
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[17:02:57] gbee: justinh: sorry about that, I thought the template support had been added to mythvideo earlier than that
[17:03:26] justinh: gbee: heh like I said no worries. So had I :-)
[17:03:28] gbee: I now remember discussing it with iamlindoro just the other week
[17:03:44] justinh: I had a very vague memory of seeing mention of it somewhere
[17:05:06] gbee: well technically template support is available in 0.23, but the stuff using mapped values wasn't
[17:05:27] justinh: yeah I've used the simple template stuff in mythvideo already
[17:06:05] justinh: and when I'm done I'll have a niceish dual aspect ratio compatible theme yay
[17:06:13] gbee: e.g. you can do <template>Runtime – %1</template> but not <template>Runtime – UNTIME</template>
[17:06:36] gbee: bah, irc client does a replace on %X
[17:06:39] justinh: well... ish. it'll look as expected on 16:9 monitors even at 4:3 resolutions is what I mean :)
[17:07:25] justinh: aye I've figured out using templates to replace the old label method. I never liked that
[17:10:49] gbee: it's great for labels, I also like it for putting in punctuation etc, e.g. quotes around title/subtitle
[17:12:35] gbee: numerical templating is under used atm, meaning that there aren't enough bare numbers, but <template>Played %n time(s)</template> for playcount in mythmusic for example would give "Played 1 time", "Played 23 times" (when translated)
[17:12:57] justinh: yeah I saw that when I was reading the wiki about it
[17:13:24] gbee: or <template>%n recording(s)</template>
[17:13:39] justinh: there's a lot of stuff unused in a lot of themes
[17:14:01] justinh: what I'm working on now is just something to tide us over til we get a HDTV
[17:14:54] justinh: it was started at a base res of 1280x720 & that's how it'll stay. I ain't reworking all these coordinates
[17:15:00] gbee: well it's perfectly fine for themes not to use every single trick, what I mean to say is that the code still hardcodes a lot of strings, so the option to do something more creative simply isn't there
[17:15:38] gbee: and there could be much more information exposed in some areas
[17:16:00] justinh: is any of the artwork exposed to the programinfo html stuff?
[17:16:52] gbee: I think so, but I won't swear to it
[17:18:13] justinh: I'll have a play about & see
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[17:32:15] justinh: hmmm gonna have to have a dig in the source. surely if images were available somebody'd have used em by now
[17:35:53] justinh: might have to be the next code I hack on, then :)
[17:49:32] justinh: that's gonna be harder than just bolting on some stuff. heh
[18:07:39] gbee: justinh: pretty sure they are available, but currently they aren't fetched automatically
[18:08:05] gbee: oh the HTML ... doh, no, no artwork in that
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[18:10:01] justinh: aye just had a peek into programinfo.cpp – gonna need a whole load of love to get images in there
[18:10:12] justinh: er progdetails.cpp I meant
[18:15:45] gbee: although I've made no progress on scrolling (can't say I've spent any time on it), I'd still prefer that page to be mythui instead
[18:16:19] gbee: so hacking in support for images etc would be a step in the wrong direction
[18:17:19] justinh: yeah good point actually
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