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Saturday, July 3rd, 2010, 08:28 UTC
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[14:01:51] justinh: is it just me or do templates work differently in mythvideo?
[14:02:34] justinh: I've got a textarea with name="foo" and set <template>%TITLE% %SUBTITLE%</template> but no text is shown at all
[14:23:34] stuartm: justinh: templates have a slight limitation, something I need to try and fix, they must be named as something the code expects to find e.g. "title"
[14:24:22] stuartm: so a textarea with name="title" and <template>%TITLE% UBTITLE%</template> would work
[14:24:29] stuartm: or should work
[14:28:26] justinh: tried that already
[14:28:59] justinh: oh hang on.. %TITLE% SUBTITLE% ?
[14:29:12] justinh: OR %TITLE% %SUBTITLE% ?
[14:30:04] justinh: anyway the latter doesn't work
[14:32:12] justinh: I can work around it, no worries
[14:52:19] justinh: I'll have a dig in the source & take a peek at it
[14:57:01] justinh: hmmm. first peek just grepping around it looks as if it won't work in mythvideo at all
[15:07:18] paul-h: justinh: I think it will work in trunk only. Robert only added the map that the templates use recently. Not sure if he finished it before his little break down though :)
[15:10:19] justinh: ah
[15:10:41] justinh: he got fed up?
[15:13:59] paul-h: are you not on the developers list?
[15:14:58] justinh: nope, never made it there
[15:16:24] justinh: if I ever come out of my own sabatical proper maybe I can pester somebody to get on it
[15:18:49] paul-h: basically he's threatened to leave MythTV if we don't buck our ideas up so there's going to be a lot of changes coming just to keep him happy it seems
[15:23:15] justinh: ah open source politics
[15:31:00] paul-h: is the changes set that added the map so should work if you are using trunk
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[16:22:31] justinh: ta :)
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