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Saturday, June 26th, 2010, 03:24 UTC
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[21:53:12] justinh: hmm. just wondering.. anybody ever played with havign interchangeable group/show lists in recordings-ui.xml ?
[21:55:17] justinh: I think it might be possible but I'm not sure it's worth spending the time finding it out ;)
[21:58:10] justinh: hmm this might just work
[22:06:17] justinh: it does actually. kind of
[22:06:50] justinh: interesting. velly interlesting
[22:17:14] justinh: all it really needs is something to indicate the number of items in a group
[22:24:03] gbee: justinh: where do you want the number of items to appear, pretty sure that's available but I'd have to lookup the name of the textarea
[22:24:48] justinh: I found rec_count but don't think it's a textarea
[22:32:08] gbee: reccount within the group list
[22:32:32] justinh: ahh thanks
[22:32:34] gbee: but that's the old group list, not the recording group list, would be easy to add it to the recgroup list
[22:33:11] gbee: someone should swap rec_count for reccount (or vice versa) so it's consistent
[22:33:45] justinh: old group list? seems to be doing what I'd expect here
[22:35:00] gbee: then I'd not worry about it :)
[22:35:05] justinh: not sure I want to go with this idea.. but it seems to be more intuitive keypress-wise than a horizontal grouplist & recordings below that
[22:35:16] gbee: v. briefly, someone added a third, optional list to that screen
[22:35:38] justinh: and – as I realised a couple of minutes ago.. this is a new idea I've had – unseen as yet.. I'm astonished
[22:37:13] justinh: nothing revolutionary mind, but I'm surprised it even came to me at all
[22:37:18] gbee: reccount in action –
[22:38:15] justinh: I mean having both lists occupy the same space onscreen ;)
[22:38:31] justinh: sure there's gonna be a down side to it or somebody else woulda
[22:41:24] justinh: nice use of templates.. infact nice use of everything there
[22:43:05] justinh: heh all programmes group count is 0
[22:43:49] justinh: is that a bug? or because I've enabled showing all
[22:44:13] gbee: justinh: and I meant "reccount in action", nothing more
[22:44:39] gbee: justinh: could be a bug
[22:44:58] gbee: yeah, it is, it's present in my screenshot too
[22:45:40] justinh: all progs shows 0 but 'default' is 457
[22:46:50] gbee: open a ticket, we'll eventually get it fixed
[22:46:59] justinh: only downside I can see to this is that showing a group with only one item in it is kinda lame
[22:47:35] justinh: like you select a group with only one item inside it'd be less fussy to just get on & play it
[22:47:46] justinh: but apart from that it's tempting
[22:48:56] justinh: might not be too hard to code though.. if number of recs in group =1 just play it already
[22:49:10] gbee: justinh: you're assuming that everyone uses the same grouping, e.g. title?
[22:49:24] justinh: well any group with only one item inside
[22:49:36] justinh: you wouldn't really want to have to drill into it
[22:49:58] justinh: hmmm but then I spose that could be confusing sometimes
[22:50:21] justinh: and no, no temptation to make another setting for it
[22:50:24] justinh: ;)
[22:50:53] justinh: a lot of my non-title groups have only one show inside. pretty annoying
[22:51:17] gbee: well it would be difficult if using a theme/setting which displays the group stats when the group is selected and not the details of the first programme in that group
[22:51:37] gbee: you'd have no way of selecting the recording to see it's description etc
[22:51:49] justinh: true
[22:54:15] justinh: certainly food for future thought I think
[22:55:05] justinh: I like the horizontal group list I had originally, and my wife didn't have any issues getting to grips with it
[22:55:31] justinh: so I'll stick with that
[23:01:13] justinh: anyway, there's a ticket for the group count bug now.. best I did it before I forgot
[23:02:34] justinh: hmmm. could groups have their own banners perhaps?
[23:02:58] justinh: just shooting from the hip here, don't mind it... been drinking tonight :)
[23:04:16] gbee: conceivably, assuming you the group type is 'title', don't think any of the code is already there
[23:04:23] gbee: not difficult
[23:04:37] justinh: I mean for categories & stuff
[23:05:11] justinh: like when I'm on the group buttonlist fanart springs forth as I go between items
[23:06:16] justinh: or is that all just based on the first programme within each group?
[23:06:37] gbee: first programme AFAIK
[23:06:51] justinh: duh ignore me – think it was just the title groups I was seeing
[23:07:58] justinh: nah it doesn't seem to be the 1st programme – at least not when titles aren't shown as groups
[23:09:08] justinh: nor is it when titles are shown as groups. I'm ashamed not to have played more by now
[23:16:53] justinh: this is all a very big world away from running into so many brick walls in the old ui code :)
[23:17:30] justinh: just tweak the arrow.. just tweak the font.. doh.. look in the code.. wha? how much is hard coded? heh
[23:27:17] justinh: can't make my mind up whether to show the program list inactive or not. I'll sleep on it

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