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Tuesday, May 25th, 2010, 00:03 UTC
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[07:58:38] justinh: starting to win out in the battle of wills with base.xml :)
[08:00:25] justinh: might take a few days off so I can bosh this theme out good & proper. I don't need real work interrupting me
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[14:32:40] ** iamlindoro casually notes that you just can't help some people. **
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[16:23:40] justinh: I got theming in ma blood :-(
[16:26:45] ** wagnerrp wishes he could quote star wars, for times like this **
[16:27:07] iamlindoro: themichlorians?
[16:27:51] wagnerrp: more along the lines of turning to the dark side
[16:28:05] iamlindoro: Does anyone who won't be seen as an adversary want to tell JYA that his include syntax is wrong?
[16:28:12] wagnerrp: feel the anger flow through your veins, strike down GANT, and your transition will be complete
[16:36:51] justinh: has anybody mourned GNAT yet?
[17:06:25] stuartm: iamlindoro: don't you dare drag sacrilegious rubbish like metachorians into a discussion about Star Wars! ;)
[17:06:40] iamlindoro: heh
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[17:22:07] sphery: stuartm: speaking of include... I'm pretty sure these are all just vestiges of the old mythcontrols plugin (i.e. weren't changed when it was moved into core MythTV): . . . ntrols.patch
[17:22:18] sphery: I don't know about these, though: . . . s-misc.patch
[17:22:23] sphery: thoughts?
[17:24:17] sphery: anyway, was wondering if this might be part of the problem people see when they have old versions of myth installed and try to compile a much newer version
[17:25:03] sphery: credit goes to iamlindoro for finding the first suspicious include--which prompted my grep
[17:34:38] ** mag0o likes the new theme in the works on -themeing **
[17:35:09] iamlindoro: I'm not a big fan but more choice is always good
[17:44:16] stuartm: it's not exactly ground-breaking, I'd like to see something really different and which stretches the capabilities of the code
[17:46:34] iamlindoro: What do you consider stretching the capabilities of the code?
[17:46:44] iamlindoro: A genuinely curious question
[17:49:00] stuartm: iamlindoro: well something that uses features like statetypes, templates, or any widget in ways we've not seen etc. but to be honest, I won't know until I see it, and that's the point
[17:49:54] stuartm: I guess when I say code, you could substitute 'theming engine' or similar
[17:50:55] stuartm: iamlindoro: and don't think that Arclight/Graphite didn't, but there is still unexplored territory and I want to see a theme which takes a radical departure from what has already been done
[17:51:14] iamlindoro: Some of the limitations that I've run up against in trying to implement ideas I've thought of include, in no particular order: the assumption that each element will only appear once in a window, Lack of support for negative coordinates, lack of "adaptive" positioning (if I put a label below something and I'm at the bottom of the list, I'd like to be able to move it to the top of the button item), matrix transforms, and animations
[17:51:32] iamlindoro: stuartm: Yeah, didn't take it personally, I was just curious
[17:52:33] stuartm: not everyone will see it, but IMHO this new theme is very similar in aesthetics to arclight, and though I'm not really too familiar with it, mythbuntu has reminded me of graphite/project greyhem
[17:56:14] sphery: stuartm: any thoughts on the include stuff I mentioned above, or do you want me to ask for input in #mythtv
[17:57:06] stuartm: sphery: I was just taking a look
[17:57:45] stuartm: all looks correct
[17:58:18] sphery: so in some of them, the include is above Qt includes... should those be moved down with the other mythtv includes?
[17:58:44] sphery: like, in globalsettings and mcodecs, specifically
[18:00:50] stuartm: sphery: that's a matter of taste, there are general guidelines for the order of includes but they aren't followed by many, I'd tend to say internal includes should be grouped by location, so headers from one lib together, external headers above internal
[18:01:33] sphery: ok, I'll run a couple of compile tests and then maybe commit them grouped
[18:01:39] sphery: thanks
[18:02:50] stuartm: a strict approach would place every cpps header first, so "mythdb.h" should be the first include of "mythdb.cpp", that helps to ensure that includes are defined in the right place, but almost no-one does that in Myth code
[18:04:57] stuartm: and you shouldn't rely on indirect includes, e.g. if you need <QString> you shouldn't rely on mythcontext.h to provide it, but again, that's not really observed strictly, not until someone removes <QString> from mythcontext and it breaks compilation in a hundred other places
[18:05:51] stuartm: Daniel and I have sorted some of that out when stripping out unused includes, but ...
[18:09:17] stuartm: iamlindoro: some of the concepts I've created were meant to provoke people's imaginations, they aren't especially original in the way I was describing above, but they at least try to demonstrate a different aesthetic
[18:10:12] stuartm: sadly I think we're just going to see a lot of homages to existing themes like mythcenter, arclight etc with the rare spark of genuine originality such as Childish
[18:10:55] iamlindoro: stuartm: Sure, I was just tossing out random walls I've run up against where current flexibility has limited me-- in at least some of those cases, though, I suspect we will need a theme scripting language to achieve them
[18:10:58] stuartm: I don't really expect anyone to submit a theme like, but then again, why not?
[18:13:19] stuartm: I'm not above recycling ideas and popular colour schemes – : p
[18:43:42] iamlindoro: . . . eo-demo.html
[18:43:43] iamlindoro: yuck
[18:44:17] iamlindoro: and note all the pirate files
[18:45:38] iamlindoro: stuartm: Can we just install the captcha plugin? Nobody seems to care enough to weigh in on it
[18:45:51] iamlindoro: And hey, if you wanted to install the new skin, I wouldn't stop you ;)
[18:46:09] ** iamlindoro is sick of executing spammers **
[18:47:00] stuartm: iamlindoro: I'll see if I can find a moment in the next couple of days
[18:47:25] iamlindoro: cool
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[20:04:47] justinh: eew. and people *pay* for sagetv? :-O
[20:08:16] justinh: anyway fwiw I'm going clean & mean with 'concept'. No shiny shiny & the icons will all be simple lineart. It won't be breaking any moulds that's for sure
[20:26:19] justinh: ruh? what gives with the programfind window? Getting a buttontype I don't seem to have defined
[20:26:53] justinh: ah. basebuttonlist2, you scamp
[20:47:14] stuartm: in case it's not clear, basebuttonlist2 is just another buttonlist themed a slightly different way, but it doesn't need to exist at all, you could just use the one buttonlist style, or dozens
[20:47:39] stuartm: nothing in base.xml needs to actually exist apart from the window defs
[20:48:49] justinh: yeah I know. I've been a bit lazy & just copied & pasted loads
[20:49:06] justinh: I dunno if it's actually saved me any time.. prolly cost me more actually
[20:49:25] justinh: I'm not going to say 'next time' I'll know better. been there
[20:49:28] stuartm: ok, just worried that like the old themes that people are going to look at default/default-wide etc and assume that they _must_ work that way
[20:49:51] justinh: nah, I'm going to get rid of statetype colours & use icons instead
[20:50:22] justinh: what does purple mean anyway? ;)
[20:50:57] stuartm: "basebuttonlist" isn't a special name etc, I could stick any old widget in base.xml, call it "frumpymunchkin" and still inherit from it later on
[20:51:08] justinh: yeah I realise that
[20:51:50] justinh: I'm rigging it all up making it look how I like it, then I'm gonna go in & optimise it & use inheritance as much as I dare
[20:52:19] justinh: really loving this font I found.. Quicksand Book
[20:52:26] stuartm: justinh: aiming these nuggets of 'wisdom' (hah) at everyone present in the hope that the message gets out there eventually ;)
[20:53:15] justinh: yeah I don't think hacking up existing themes is going to get things moving far
[20:54:14] justinh: we really need a gui driven theme editor. still :)
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