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Monday, May 24th, 2010, 02:57 UTC
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[07:55:05] justinh: gah, having a fun time trying to get text to appear in front of a shape in a buttonlist
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[14:57:18] mag0o: i got tired of reading, but could that mythcenter theme font issue be because in trunk the font was included in the theme folder and myth used it from there as intended?
[14:57:35] mag0o: (if that wasn't already determined the cause)
[14:58:22] iamlindoro: no, it was because his fonts weren't getting defined at all since his version of myth didn't support <fontdef> from trunk
[14:58:34] mag0o: ah
[14:58:47] iamlindoro: So he was getting whatever last-resort fallback Qt decided to give him
[14:59:58] ** mag0o goes to find this new fontdef tag **
[15:00:19] mag0o: i was in your neck of the woods this past week iamlindoro
[15:00:23] mag0o: over in napa with the wife
[15:00:48] mag0o: then san francisco on thurs/fri
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[15:03:06] iamlindoro: mag0o: cool, it's a nice area
[15:05:02] mag0o: we enjoyed ourselves, excellent weather
[15:05:31] iamlindoro: Yeah, last week has been nice weather-- a bit weirdly cold, but okay otherwise
[15:07:15] mag0o: it's much nicer than our 90+ degree weather and 100% humidity
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[16:21:54] stuartm: mag0o: fontdef == font, exactly the same, different name
[16:42:42] mag0o: thanks stuartm
[16:45:11] stuartm: renamed because xml doesn't like reuse of names for two different purposes, in this case defining a font and then referencing that font
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[20:48:22] justinh: ahhh I've totally forgot how to do popups
[20:48:23] justinh: heh
[20:48:43] iamlindoro: -1,-1,w,h
[20:50:09] justinh: oh yeah got that but my buttons are going way outside the buttonarea
[20:52:07] stuartm: -1 isn't necessary, just a size less than fullscreen
[20:52:45] iamlindoro: true
[20:52:48] justinh: derr.. typos!
[20:55:46] stuartm: "xmllint --valid path_to_theme/*.xml" dtd should be in the same directory as the theme, not the theme dir
[20:56:06] stuartm: well you need to include the DTD line in every file ...
[20:56:08] iamlindoro: stuartm: We ought to add how to validate the theme to the docs at some point
[20:56:16] stuartm: yup
[20:57:47] stuartm: Terra doesn't validate yet, there are some single color imagetype gradients in there that I can't replace with shapes because they are masked, I'll have to replace them with images
[20:59:21] iamlindoro: Think Arclight does, minus the obvious non-MythUI bits
[20:59:30] stuartm: I'd add masking to shapes, but I think that would forever prevent shapes being directly rendered by the GL painter, plus it would be a little messy
[21:09:11] justinh: aha! gotcha you little beggar
[21:09:19] stuartm: not that I have high hopes for primitive drawing with opengl, it doesn't support rounded corners/circles
[21:09:37] justinh: all that time I wished my life away wanting to do away with qt popups.. heh
[21:10:13] iamlindoro: stuartm: Any aspirations to look at GL effects in the nearish future? Wondering if Mark might be enticed after his uPnP work
[21:10:43] stuartm: justinh: don't you dare be ungrateful, all that time I spent writing your non-QT popups! :p
[21:10:48] justinh: I saw the commit merging mythui osd.. that'll totally bugger up the stuff I did last year
[21:11:49] iamlindoro: justinh: Only the support stuff, not the OSD yet
[21:11:56] iamlindoro: That part is yet to come
[21:12:01] iamlindoro: 7–10 days probably
[21:12:02] justinh: nah the painter changes
[21:12:10] stuartm: iamlindoro: not really, I'll be forced to look at it a little because of this cross-fade stuff but that's as far as I want to go for now
[21:12:27] iamlindoro: justinh: ah, you mean your rotation/etc. stuff
[21:12:56] stuartm: I'd rather spend some time fixing bugs and usability issues before adding more new features
[21:13:05] justinh: iamlindoro: aye
[21:14:06] stuartm: I'm currently thinking over a system to abstract animations in the painters, haven't got too far
[21:15:29] justinh: the whole gl painter drawing stuff looked like it'd been rejigged, so my rotate thing would need a whole new approach
[21:17:02] justinh: it was fun to do though.. only a lack of time would put me off
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