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Friday, May 21st, 2010, 00:00 UTC
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[13:12:26] justinh: oh it was only a matter of time before I saw xml again
[14:03:20] iamlindoro: stuartm, How would you feel about adding topright/topleft/bottomright/bottomleft as attributes to the gradient?
[14:04:00] iamlindoro: stuartm, could do 0–100 and translate to the double of whatever it is QGradientStops expects
[14:04:08] iamlindoro: s/of/or/
[14:07:09] iamlindoro: Although from looking I guess it would be easier just to do x-start, x-finish, y-start, y-finish
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[18:16:10] stuartm: iamlindoro: what did you have in mind when you asked about gradient filled text? Filling each character or the overall textarea
[18:16:13] stuartm: ?
[18:16:49] stuartm: QT offers the latter, but not the former –
[18:18:43] justinh: arghhh damn qt painter redraw issue
[18:27:57] iamlindoro: stuartm: I guess the only case I had thought of was the characters themselves
[18:28:12] iamlindoro: stuartm: Bu easy enough to use the latter for the scenarios I had in mind
[18:28:25] iamlindoro: I could just use a <multiline>no</multiline>
[18:28:38] iamlindoro: ie, heading text/menu text/etc.
[18:29:56] stuartm: it's not working for me just yet, I'm not sure why
[18:33:52] iamlindoro: stuartm: Painter-dependent?
[18:33:59] iamlindoro: hmm, no, guess it wouldn't be
[18:36:31] stuartm: guessing it's a problem with my implementation, but I'm still trying to figure it out
[19:22:21] stuartm: well it does work with the QT painter, so I just need to see what's different about the GL painter
[19:29:44] iamlindoro: Qt painter seems to do a lot more setting of the brush than the gl painter does
[19:29:54] iamlindoro: haven't even opened the file to see where
[19:31:55] iamlindoro: bah, useless info, that's all shape filling
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[20:04:20] justinh: well, so far so good. everything works at a 4:3 aspect too :)
[20:04:31] justinh: force of habit, perhaps
[20:04:52] stuartm: patch works for qt, if someone wants to help work out why it's not working for gl then –
[20:05:28] justinh: doesn't gl painted stuff like that get drawn into a bitmap by qt anyway?
[20:05:48] stuartm: justinh: yup, hence the mystery
[20:05:52] justinh: ah
[20:06:31] stuartm: with GL you just get a solid color which seems to be the exact mid-point of the gradient, e.g. a red -> blue gradient appears as a solid purple/mauve with GL
[20:06:43] justinh: eew
[20:07:31] justinh: that is strange, cos I thought all mythimages were treated as the same bit depth throughout
[20:08:15] stuartm: I've tried removing all the differences between the QT/GL painter, at least as far as possible
[20:08:58] stuartm: the gl canvas is argb32, i.e. a full 32bit with alpha
[20:09:18] justinh: I suppose you could try making the qt painter draw to a bitmap temporarily then draw the bitmap & see what happens
[20:09:21] stuartm: needs a fresh pair of eyes
[20:09:50] justinh: unless that's what already happens that is. been yonks since I looked at any painter code, temper that with my c++ fu, or lack of... ;)
[20:10:41] stuartm: it's not, the QT painter draws once to the screen, no itermediate bitmap
[20:10:51] stuartm: intermediate
[20:11:40] justinh: worth a shot. might be a qt-ish thing
[20:12:39] justinh: come the revolution, when there is but one true painter.. ;)
[20:33:51] justinh: mmmm yeah liking the way this is going. hope I can make other screens look as pleasing to me
[20:35:18] stuartm: tase
[20:35:21] stuartm: tease
[20:35:22] stuartm: bah
[20:36:24] iamlindoro: You'll tase him is he keeps being a tease?
[20:36:58] iamlindoro: er if he
[20:41:19] justinh: has to pass the WAF test first of course.. which is the primary reason for doing this
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