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Thursday, April 29th, 2010, 00:42 UTC
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[15:12:09] ** iamlindoro trouts gbee for sending the wrong message about ticket bitching **
[15:13:22] gbee: heh
[15:15:04] gbee: sometimes making that point means shooting yourself in the foot, in this case it was preferable to fix an obvious and simple bug
[15:18:14] iamlindoro: I had been under the impression that the one you committed was going to be fixed by applying #8075, but I suppose an intermediate fix isn't a big problem
[15:18:58] iamlindoro: s/a big/a/
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[20:30:26] gbee: ok, Liberation Sans is an exact metric match for Arial, confirmed that with Terra, but I'm not sure whether it looks good, I'm so used to Arial that maybe it will just take a while to get used to it
[20:31:39] gbee: I really do like the idea of using a widely available and license compatible font instead and I don't care that strongly about Terra anymore, so maybe I just hold my nose?
[20:56:29] sphery: gbee: +1... A license-compatible font (that we can put in the theme dir to allow the font auto-loading to work) would be nice for the default theme at least. Besides, it might encourage you to create another one that you can mold however you like.
[20:57:01] iamlindoro: one with license codes and digital watermarking to prevent copies
[20:57:03] sphery: of course, I admit to having absolutely no artistic talent and not having even looked at the result of the change
[20:57:05] iamlindoro: and phone home
[20:57:54] sphery: <+gbee> Announcing my new MythTV theme: RootKit
[21:00:47] gbee: ... I like it
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