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Thursday, April 22nd, 2010, 00:18 UTC
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[16:52:24] mag0o: i never have understood what all the fuss is over scheduling. I seem to have picked it up from day one, as it seems pretty obvious given the options for the basic scheduling stuff. The only custom scheduling I've had to do was for college football and nascar
[16:54:50] iamlindoro: Americans also benefit from having the most reliable guide data-- at least, those using SD. But I agree, there is a general failure to grasp or trust the scheduler to do the right thing
[16:56:13] iamlindoro: and thus, people tend to "over engineer" their recording rules by locking them into channels, dates, and times when they *really* shouldn't
[16:56:50] iamlindoro: sphery has stronger feelings on this than I do :)
[17:08:18] mag0o: hehe
[17:08:33] mag0o: Man, some weirdo just emailed me asking me for my address!
[17:08:50] iamlindoro: freak, give him my address
[17:08:57] iamlindoro: I'll let you know if anything that matters to you shows up
[17:09:30] mag0o: :)
[17:10:41] wagnerrp: give him wrigley field
[17:11:14] ** mag0o remembers when all ball fields had a name, not a sponsor **
[17:14:33] iamlindoro: Even when they change, lots of us still refuse to call them by the new name
[17:15:09] iamlindoro: Anyone who has lived in the bay area for their whole lives still thinks it's "Candlestick park," etc.
[17:17:01] wagnerrp: mag0o: our stadium is 'Great American Ball Park'
[17:17:23] wagnerrp: my sister used to work there, and one of her coworkers one day said 'isnt it great that our stadium isnt named after any company?'
[17:17:41] mag0o: around here, Fulton County Stadium was torn down to build Turner Stadium for the olympics
[17:18:09] wagnerrp: apparently he had never heard of 'Great American Insurance Co'
[17:18:31] mag0o: Used to have the Indian TeePee in there for the Braves and all, it was the coolest place I would go as a kid
[17:21:16] wagnerrp: why was he asking for your address?
[17:22:34] mag0o: wanted to come visit me in my garage and steal all of my work, then claim it as his own.
[17:22:50] mrand: all your themeing work?
[17:22:54] mrand: *giggle*
[17:23:01] mag0o: :)
[17:23:01] wagnerrp: was his name simon?
[17:23:28] wagnerrp: did he claim to have already written your theme two years previous and want a word with you?
[17:23:30] mag0o: yes, and he has mesmerizing lights that make you want to touch them in the same order
[17:23:59] wagnerrp:
[17:24:54] mag0o: for the record, and all...
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[17:54:04] Captain_Murdoch: iamlindoro, did you see daniel's comment about the theming contest?
[17:54:59] iamlindoro: Captain_Murdoch: Yes, I saw it
[17:55:34] Captain_Murdoch: ok.
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