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Tuesday, April 20th, 2010, 01:43 UTC
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[19:47:26] iamlindoro: Who wants to try happy funtime who-knows-what-will-happen patch?
[19:48:27] iamlindoro:
[19:49:00] iamlindoro: No idea whatsoever if it'll work properly, but in theory, compile with that and try an http:// address to a usable image as an imagetype
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[20:00:07] iamlindoro: stuartm: ^^ No idea if this is even anything you want
[20:00:11] iamlindoro: but could be fun
[20:01:02] stuartm: I've nothing against it, can't try it tonight though
[20:01:15] iamlindoro: No rush, It's compiled, I can test when I get home
[20:01:21] iamlindoro: just figured someone might have fun testing it
[20:01:37] iamlindoro: (assuming it worked)
[20:02:11] iamlindoro: Not sure if that redirect code will work quite right, and not sure how it will affect UI responsiveness
[20:03:07] iamlindoro: Anyway, will check it tonight
[20:03:56] stuartm: on a (un)related note, I assume the code I added to fix the tvdb redirect actually worked?
[20:05:01] iamlindoro: To be honest I'm not sure if they've gone back to using image mirrors, but I have never seen any indication that it doesn't work
[20:10:10] iamlindoro: Hmm, including QUrl breaks compilation of MythUIHelper, that's... weird
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[20:21:18] mag0o: oh, just read that last line you wrote iamlindoro
[20:21:22] mag0o: it broke here too
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[20:31:28] Captain_Murdoch: iamlindoro, that code could come in handy for the theme downloader. browsing available themes online could just Load(" . . . .jpg"); with that URL auto-generated from the info in the xml downloaded.
[20:32:20] iamlindoro: yeah
[20:32:28] iamlindoro: among probably a few other clever uses of it
[20:33:07] stuartm: nah, we don't want to encourage Clever
[20:33:26] wagnerrp: oh how hes ruined that word...
[20:33:29] iamlindoro: I have a few concerns about it from not having tested it (and indeed, it prevents mythuihelper.cpp from compiling at all), namely that it will block the UI (not sure if it will or won't), and not sure how QNetworkAccessManager handles timeouts
[20:33:56] iamlindoro: Real committable code may need to address those two things if they don't behave as expected
[20:35:21] mag0o: i was gonna try it were it not for the broken compile :)
[20:38:43] iamlindoro: I am not sure why in the world it's failing, seems to be related to including <QUrl> in mythimage.h
[20:40:11] iamlindoro: I mean, I suppose I could easily "cheat" it by returning a QString, but...
[20:42:35] Captain_Murdoch: iamlindoro, if it's a background MythUIImage::Load then it won't matter. perhaps we should force background loading on remote URLs
[20:42:45] iamlindoro: Captain_Murdoch: I was thinking that same thing
[20:42:55] iamlindoro: And trying to conjure up a reason that wouldn't be okay
[20:42:57] iamlindoro: but can't
[20:43:24] Captain_Murdoch: same might hold true for myth:// URLs as well.
[20:44:51] ** Captain_Murdoch wonders if he can take out the DISABLETHREADEDMYTHUIIMAGE env variable hack that was put in for regression/bug testing after the threaded loading patch went in. **
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[21:11:15] iamlindoro: mag0o:
[21:11:45] iamlindoro: (hack to work around the namespace collision suggest by sphery, I was too dumb to solve the issue)
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[21:32:52] sphery: iamlindoro: and your next trick will be to use that for channel icons, right? :)
[21:33:00] iamlindoro: ha
[21:33:19] iamlindoro: There are a *lot* of places we handle image download and display with one-off implementations
[21:33:24] iamlindoro: a central one would be really nice
[21:33:34] iamlindoro: MythNews, MythNetvision, etc.
[21:34:26] iamlindoro: That said, I don't think this little bit here is probably as robust as the event driven version in mythnetvision
[21:36:12] iamlindoro: And possibly/probably ugly things could happen if a get were in progress and one were to navigate away, etc.
[22:20:10] iamlindoro: Captain_Murdoch, the more that I look at this, the more it feels like it would be "correct" to build http handling into remotefile
[22:21:02] iamlindoro: Since that's how the myth:// images are handled right now and could just add "http" as a recognized prefix
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