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Saturday, April 17th, 2010, 00:25 UTC
[00:25:46] mrand: iamlindoro: pidgin
[00:26:01] mrand: oh, you're talking about google talk
[00:26:06] iamlindoro: no, *my* empathy client ;
[00:26:08] iamlindoro: ;)
[00:26:13] mrand: ahhh
[00:26:48] mrand: I've wondered for a long time if you had a camera. Your name has had an icon next to it for a long time... months and months. maybe 6 months?
[00:27:22] iamlindoro: Depends where I am, camera at work, not configured at home
[00:27:29] mrand: ah
[00:37:29] iamlindoro:
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[02:07:50] wagnerrp: 'thats probably your intention, but i think its broken'
[02:07:59] wagnerrp: 'please fix'
[03:14:35] iamlindoro: And "I only have 512 MB of RAM and am running the heaviest theme in MythDom, but rather than testing my theory that it's a problem, I'll just fire off an e-mail to the list."
[03:24:37] wagnerrp: of course he couldnt just look at 'top' and say... 'hey! look how heavily mythfrontend is swapping!'
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[21:29:10] iamlindoro:
[21:29:18] iamlindoro: "Ugly, ugly, ugly...can anything be done to fix it?"
[21:29:26] iamlindoro: "Well yes, we can do something to fix it but I think it's not supposed to be that way."
[21:29:35] iamlindoro: "Awesome theme but that background just can't be, it has to be a mistake."
[21:34:30] iamlindoro: gbee, heh, thanks, didn't mean for anyone to respond, it's more funny than anything by now
[21:35:01] iamlindoro: just funny because when I added the mosaic effect, I said to myself, "Ah, that looks much better!"

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