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Wednesday, April 14th, 2010, 00:26 UTC
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[17:52:45] ** iamlindoro weeps **
[17:52:51] iamlindoro: They'll all appreciate me when I'm dead
[17:55:20] mrand: lol I was not joking when I called 0.23 the iamlinodoro release on our channel.
[17:56:54] iamlindoro: At most I've administrated it a bit, lots of people doing way more work than me
[17:57:00] iamlindoro: But a kind thing to say :)
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[17:57:12] mag0o: /nick iamlindoro rodney_dangerfield
[17:57:57] mag0o: i appreciate you iamlindoro, you helped me get some code into myth and sparked some interest beyond themeing
[17:58:19] iamlindoro: mag0o: Heh, thanks-- was just whining about yet another misunderstanding of Arclight backgrounds ;)
[17:59:19] mag0o: man, they're still bugging you about that
[17:59:55] iamlindoro: I just don't get the misunderstanding, personally
[18:00:14] iamlindoro: To be completely upfront, I saw a background shipped with some version of windows that used a similar idea and thought it looked neat
[18:00:37] mag0o: tell the haters that it looks better on the windows frontend!  :)
[18:00:45] mag0o: that'll keep them busy for a while
[18:02:06] iamlindoro: ha
[20:07:42] gbee: iamlindoro: tbh I think that people just expected to see the background(s) you used in the early screenshots
[20:08:38] iamlindoro: Yeah, I just didn't like 'em in the end
[20:10:25] iamlindoro: too glowy
[20:12:48] mag0o: INTARWEBS ARE MEN ONLY!!!1!
[20:13:23] iamlindoro: Can't say I'm not being patient
[20:13:38] Captain_Murdoch: iamlindoro, just add code to mythui to let an image filename to be a http:// reference and let the backgrounds be random images off flickr or somewhere. that'll really confuse people. "wait, you're seeing XYZ on the background of Arclight, well I'm seeing ABC!!"
[20:13:50] iamlindoro: haha
[20:14:07] iamlindoro: god, that would really ratchet up the tickets
[20:14:21] iamlindoro: "mythfrontend is unresponsive and maxing out my internet connection"
[20:14:28] iamlindoro: "mythfrontend behaves like a web browser"
[20:14:29] Captain_Murdoch: Why is there some old toothless woman on the background of Arclight?
[20:14:44] gbee: the first time it's hacked to point to a porn site ...
[20:14:45] mrand: especially when it hits a 400 Meg image.
[20:15:10] iamlindoro:*
[20:15:42] Captain_Murdoch:
[20:15:59] ** mrand files a ticket on none of these links working **
[20:16:05] mrand: :-)
[20:16:30] iamlindoro: though in truth the idea to make mythuiimage take a http:// link is kind of cool
[20:17:33] Captain_Murdoch: I've thought about it before, but didn't want to mention another idea for someone else to code up. I think it would be nice if our playback ringbuffer and image loading code supported it.
[20:18:29] iamlindoro: I have done a fair amount of work in MNV with the new Qt QNetworkManager stuffand handling redirects and all that, I think I might be able to manage it
[20:18:39] iamlindoro: which presumes that gbee were on board with it
[20:18:45] Captain_Murdoch: I've even looked into the ringbuffer side of it. so MNV could just start playback of and NVP would start playing that URL.
[20:19:07] iamlindoro: Mind you, I only meant mythuiimage, the ringbuffer scares me :)
[20:19:52] Captain_Murdoch: that's done by libav actually.
[20:20:27] Captain_Murdoch: libav uses our ringbuffer for local files. we wouldn't need to handle them directly if libav supported it which I think it does/might.
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[21:07:18] iamlindoro: Actually looks like adding http support to mythimage should be rally trivial
[21:08:04] iamlindoro: depending on how fancy you want to get, whether one wanted to use QNetworkManager (my preference) or the mythhttp stuff which is kinda ugly
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