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Friday, April 9th, 2010, 03:20 UTC
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[03:37:56] iamlindoro: paul-h, It looks like the new css parsing code for the browser widget overrides the style information in the HTML itself
[03:38:14] iamlindoro: (the progdetails style information for Arclight is being ignored)
[04:12:36] mag0o: hmm, interesting. i didn't know that <area>10,20,30,30%</area> the 30% == (total screen area – 20) * .3
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[06:27:51] paul-h: iamlindoro: that's what user style sheets do they allow you to override some of the styling in the original html. The default one just changes the background of the focused item to make it easier to see on a TV screen
[06:29:55] paul-h: I have heard that they are broken in all Qt4.6.x versions and user style sheets don't work at all but that's unconfirmed
[06:30:25] paul-h: working fine in Qt 4.5
[06:34:00] paul-h: iamlindoro: thank's for reverting that change set :) I must have missed your message asking for comments, tbh I'm not really paying much attention to Myth at the moment and wont till the end of the month at the eariest so if I don't reply I'm not ignoring you it's just I'm busy with other things at the moment
[06:38:31] paul-h: mag0o: I believe it would always be 30% of the parent, don't know where the -20 comes from though, The parent of a widget placed directly on a window would be the window itself
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[09:32:36] stuartm: mag0o: I don't really remember and so I'd have to check, but that doesn't sound implausible
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[12:58:07] mag0o: yeah, i'm pretty sure the w,h percentages come from total available screenspace, after factoring out what you've already used up. Nothing big, I just thought it was interesting. See for xml examples and* for examples if you care to see it in action. Like I said, nothing big, just an interesting tidbit to keep in mind when making a theme.
[13:03:28] mag0o: guess my screenshot link should have been and referenced the MythLite_buttonlist* links
[13:44:26] iamlindoro: paul-h, Ah, then take that as a confirmation that it's broken in Qt 4.6, I also made that change recently
[13:58:24] iamlindoro: I just misinterpreted the cause
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