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Wednesday, April 7th, 2010, 00:39 UTC
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[00:43:07] mag0o: heh
[01:32:14] mag0o: ooo, i was about to ask a question, but then remembered that i now know where to find this stuff
[01:40:08] mag0o: well, maybe not so much...yet. so, are left/rightdescr in controls-ui.xml automatically filled, or are they a free text area?
[01:42:38] mag0o: free text meaning i need to set a <value> for the textareas
[02:29:32] mag0o: ex:
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[04:22:25] k-man: hello all
[04:22:41] k-man: in mythcentre, where do i find the files to adjust the width of one of the fields in the schedule recording page?
[04:29:10] Captain_Murdoch: same filename in all themes. I think it's recordings-ui.xml
[04:30:07] iamlindoro: schedule-ui.xml
[04:30:09] Captain_Murdoch: screens have to reside in a certain file because of the way we load screens. we don't want to have to maintain a dictionary of windows <-> files or search all files, so when we write the c++ behind a screen, we hardcode the xml filename.
[04:30:15] ** Captain_Murdoch knew he'd get it wrong. :) **
[04:30:22] iamlindoro: (recordings-ui.xml is the PBB etc.)
[04:30:24] Captain_Murdoch: and that would force someone to speak up.
[04:30:34] Captain_Murdoch: ah, thx
[04:30:48] iamlindoro: has all the answers :)
[04:31:11] Captain_Murdoch: the /topic is too long to fit in the topic area of my IRC client.
[04:31:17] Captain_Murdoch: so that gets hidden
[04:31:38] ** iamlindoro starts a fund to get Captain_Murdoch some proper resolution screens :) **
[04:32:04] Captain_Murdoch: has nothing to do with that. 1 line with ~80–100 chars showing. the /topic in here is huge.
[04:32:35] Captain_Murdoch: 3 URLs, welcome message, pastebin location, etc.
[04:34:35] sphery: Captain_Murdoch: /topic <Tab> (assuming irssi)
[04:34:50] Captain_Murdoch: yeah, that works here, but I'm lazy remember.
[04:35:07] k-man: thanks Captain_Murdoch and iamlindoro
[04:35:10] iamlindoro: heh, your work would indicate otherwise ;)
[04:35:27] sphery: Heh--agreed. Your code says you're not lazy.
[04:35:32] Captain_Murdoch: I pay a bunch of kids in China $2 a year to crank out code for me.
[04:35:58] Captain_Murdoch: only lazy when it comes to features I don't want right then.
[04:35:59] sphery: Wow. If we kick that to $4/yr, imagine how good the code would be.
[04:36:02] iamlindoro: I need to find me some of those kids
[04:37:03] Captain_Murdoch: in their off time, they make sneakers and Martha Stewart clothing. I neve realized you could be taught to sleep-sew (vs sleep-walk)
[04:37:08] k-man: oh – just looked at the doco – i feel faint ;)
[04:38:36] k-man: what does one use to edit these xml files?
[04:38:40] k-man: emacs?
[04:38:47] iamlindoro: anything one likes
[04:39:25] k-man: iamlindoro: what do you use?
[04:39:30] iamlindoro: nano
[04:39:45] iamlindoro: Nothing special, just ones own preference :)
[04:42:15] k-man: ok, and once you edit a file do you just quit and reload the frontend to see changes?
[04:44:07] k-man: are MythCenter and MythCenter-wide written independently somehow? or is there a common base code for them?
[04:44:10] iamlindoro: In the case of anything but changes to base.xml, leaving and re-entering the window is enough
[04:44:25] k-man: iamlindoro: oh thats very convenient, thanks
[04:44:36] iamlindoro: np
[04:44:58] k-man: who maintains MythCenter?
[04:46:14] iamlindoro: All of us
[04:46:20] k-man: ok
[04:46:26] iamlindoro: daniel has shown some interest in it lately
[04:46:34] k-man: well, if i manage to make a patch that fixes the width, ill send it in
[04:47:47] ** iamlindoro could fix all the MythCenter issues with a single command **
[04:48:55] k-man: iamlindoro: rm -rf?
[04:49:05] iamlindoro: svn del, but same idea
[04:49:09] k-man: heh
[04:49:18] k-man: iamlindoro: well, for me it works well
[04:49:34] k-man: and im sure there are lots of other ludites stuck on 4:3 screens who would like to use it
[04:49:47] k-man: perhaps even 3 or 4 people!
[04:50:04] iamlindoro: Bet many of those people would prefer to have a theme that isn't some legacy half-ported POS ;)
[04:50:31] k-man: iamlindoro: but there is no other choice currently
[04:50:35] k-man: so....
[04:51:05] iamlindoro: And just think of the praise you would get if you changed that :)
[04:51:24] k-man: oh yes, hundreds of accolaids i'm sure
[04:57:08] k-man: i still think its ok
[04:57:16] k-man: despite your misgivvings
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[12:02:48] gbee: when Geoff said "Should I submit my own 'MythCenter-wide-better' theme??" I should have replied 'Yes'
[12:03:50] gbee: that's surely the point of having a theme system in the first place, in most other applications you don't get to submit patches against the original, you just fork it and offer your own variant, and let the better theme win
[12:05:29] gbee: granted I'd much rather see some original themes, but that doesn't mean that taking a theme and changing the colour scheme etc is somehow invalid
[13:11:47] mrand: gbee: it's never too late.
[13:12:12] mrand: (re: "I should have")
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[15:39:41] ** iamlindoro snorts and murmurs, "Unlikely..." **
[15:40:09] iamlindoro: Oh there I go Quantum Leaping into other channels again
[15:40:48] mrand: *laugh*
[15:41:04] iamlindoro: mrand: ;)
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[17:43:43] mag0o: so, are the leftdescr and rightdescr automatically populated, or should i populate them like so?
[17:44:05] iamlindoro: Seems a question you could answer yourself, no?
[17:44:11] iamlindoro: remove the <value> and find out
[17:44:23] iamlindoro: I know the answer, just teaching you to fish ;)
[17:45:00] mag0o: yes, i did and nothing was there, but sometimes some positions have text while others don't. i looked @ Arclight and saw you had values, so i tried both ways. Just wanted to know for sure :)
[17:45:31] mag0o: so i guess, i could just leave my text there and if a value comes along, it would get overwritten, right?
[17:46:30] iamlindoro: Sure you named those textareas right?
[17:47:05] mag0o: yes, leftdesc and rightdesc
[17:48:18] iamlindoro: You can do what you want with the values
[17:49:43] mag0o: man...another ask then find what i'm looking for after i ask. i think yesterday at home with the kids was just wearing me out
[17:50:14] mag0o: grep -r leftdesc led me to leftcaption and leftDescription
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