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Tuesday, April 6th, 2010, 00:00 UTC
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[03:06:16] mag0o: doh, forgot to do the mention of my new thingy in the .h file from the .cpp file
[03:09:04] mag0o: (that's correct c++ terminology, right?)
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[04:12:41] mag0o: ok, why won't this compile?
[04:13:15] iamlindoro: The compuiler error would be more help ;)
[04:13:22] mag0o: oh yeah
[04:13:28] sphery: compilers can't read compiler errors
[04:13:44] iamlindoro: obvious thing that will prevent it working the the itemchanged isn't defined in the header
[04:13:54] mag0o:
[04:14:20] iamlindoro: and yep, that's it
[04:15:05] mag0o: aww man
[04:15:27] mag0o: so, i was close with my earlier terminology, just forgot to add that part
[04:15:37] mag0o: i added the m_preview part
[04:19:35] ** mag0o hopes this is one of the little changes gbee mentioned earlier **
[04:52:59] mag0o: ok, so is it possible to just try to compile the parts that I'm changing so I don't need to wait for it to go through everything before failing on my changes?
[04:55:37] mag0o: grr, nm
[04:55:52] mag0o: i made the changes, then forgot to rebuild the tarball for my slackbuild
[05:57:55] mag0o: so, this *should* display the icon like the previous patch, right? but this time within the import icons page
[05:58:04] mag0o: i just can't get it to show up though
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[06:41:24] ** mag0o needs a more powerful laptop **
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[12:53:38] gbee: mag0o: I don't have the code open in front of me, when we set the original image in the buttonlist there should be a SetImage() call, can you paste that here?
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[13:36:30] mag0o: gbee: is this enough?
[13:51:02] gbee: yeah, it's setting the image with the name 'icon', so to retrieve that image you need to call GetImage("icon")
[13:51:36] mag0o: ah
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[14:35:16] mag0o:  :)
[14:37:08] mag0o: so, are all of the query columns what make up the contents of the item object?
[14:37:29] mag0o: i.e. chanid, xmltvid...etc
[14:38:25] mag0o:
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[16:47:24] gbee: mag0o: no, only the bits we chose to place in item via SetText, SetImage, SetData
[16:47:52] gbee: and I'm not sure what those are without looking at the code
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[18:57:06] ** mag0o compiles again... :) **
[19:10:10] mag0o: so, back to my q from yesterday, is it possible to just recompile the parts I've changed?
[19:15:05] sphery: mag0o: make does incremental builds--meaning it only recompiles what needs to be recompiled. Couple that with ccache (for when you recompile things that don't need recompiled--such as after a make clean/make distclean), and compiling should be pretty fast.
[19:15:49] sphery: changing low-level headers, though, usually results in many things needing recompiling/relinking (which is probably what you're seeing)
[19:20:56] mag0o: does it matter if i'm doing a make clean or not?
[19:21:30] gbee: yes it matters, don't do it unless you have to
[19:22:41] mag0o: ah
[19:22:50] mag0o: so, when should i have to?
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[19:59:05] mag0o: so, i think i did this last one just to see if i could do it.
[20:00:17] mag0o: i got the icon and icon name out of the buttonlist
[20:00:44] mag0o: not sure how useful it is though
[20:04:12] mag0o: ;3~
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[21:29:54] iamlindoro: mag0o: an "if" only affects the next line unless you use brackets
[21:30:27] mag0o: for that previewtitle?
[21:30:37] iamlindoro: mag0o: specifically, "if (haveIcon) " currently affects only the next line, I think you intend for it to affect that line and the line you added
[21:30:48] mag0o: yeah
[21:30:59] iamlindoro: mag0o: If you want to have it enclose both, you need to enclose then in brackets, {}
[21:32:19] mag0o: that was my intention, and i must have overlooked it
[21:32:26] iamlindoro: NO EXCUSES
[21:32:27] iamlindoro: ;)
[21:32:45] mag0o: php does the same, if you want more than one line with the if, use curly braces...etc
[21:32:48] mag0o: :)
[21:33:27] wagnerrp: i think most languages have some sort of similar construct
[21:33:40] mag0o: want me to fix it or is that just one of those thiny things?
[21:33:50] mag0o: (that you'll take care of)  :)
[21:33:51] iamlindoro: I'd rather you fix it
[21:34:03] iamlindoro: it'll get applied faster if I don't have to fix anything ;)
[21:34:06] mag0o: ok
[21:34:23] mag0o: so, other than that, does it look good?
[21:34:52] iamlindoro: from a purely cursory look, looks fine otherwise
[21:35:00] iamlindoro: but it was literally a ~10 second look
[21:35:31] mag0o: i'd look at my QString stuff then, it works, but not sure if i did it right
[21:43:32] mag0o: whoa, compiling without make clean was *loads* quicker
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[23:46:32] iamlindoro: Jesus, what a bunch of drama queens are our users sometimes
[23:47:29] iamlindoro: create a a rectangular single color PNG and edit some text colors and lose your s**t when it doesn't get applied
[23:47:44] iamlindoro: try taking ownership of a whole theme, guy

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