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Sunday, April 4th, 2010, 01:17 UTC
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[17:38:48] mag0o: why doesn't the 2nd buttonlist have text? and
[17:39:41] mag0o: the top btn list has text if the 2nd one has focus, so I'm at a loss
[17:41:46] gbee: what is the second list?
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[17:43:12] mag0o: sorry, pagelist
[17:43:32] gbee: mythbrowser?
[17:43:38] mag0o: yes
[17:44:01] mag0o: wait
[17:44:02] mag0o: sorry
[17:44:25] mag0o: its bookmarklist, in bookmarkmanager
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[17:47:59] gbee: mag0o: ok, that list doesn't use buttontext, it uses two named fields – name & url
[17:48:28] gbee: so a <textarea name="name" from="buttontext" /> might do what you want
[17:48:55] mag0o: ah
[17:49:00] mag0o: lets see how that goes
[17:49:17] gbee: this sort of thing doesn't seem to be documented
[17:50:07] iamlindoro: Documenter should be taken out back and shot for his crimes
[17:50:11] iamlindoro: ;)
[17:51:17] gbee: aye :p
[17:51:30] mag0o: that did the trick, thanks gbee
[17:55:35] mag0o: . . . er.22_window that OK iamlindoro?
[17:56:36] iamlindoro: Sure-- naughty naughty buttonlist, not using buttontext
[17:56:54] iamlindoro: though in fairness it doesn't *require* the fields
[17:56:58] mag0o: true
[17:57:00] iamlindoro: they're just an awfully good idea
[18:23:51] gbee: original iteration of the button list didn't include buttontext, that was added when it was decided that it would really help with inheritance, and it works in some case but not others
[18:25:57] gbee: really falls apart when you inherit from a list containing buttontext, but want to omit whatever text would normally appear in it, you can't really get rid of something in inheritance
[18:26:23] gbee: and that's why some lists deliberately avoid using it
[18:27:51] gbee: e.g. button text contains the name, but you only want to show the url – your only choice is to define buttontext with an area of 0x0 but that's ugly and the behaviour is undefined
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[18:57:17] ** mag0o always fights with buttonchecks **
[18:59:35] mag0o: grr, i always put the check *after* the bg and text, therefore it gets 'hidden'...
[19:00:31] mag0o: no...
[19:00:43] mag0o: see, always fighting with them
[19:04:59] mag0o: actually, can my buttonchecks be shapes or do they need to be imagetypes?
[19:08:34] iamlindoro: Statetypes exist so that you aren't limited-- so within a state you can use anything you like
[19:09:04] iamlindoro: (and it's precisely why most of the multi-state base widgets are done with statetypes)
[19:09:19] iamlindoro: (at least, that's what I've always assumed)
[19:09:45] mag0o: so it seems then, that buttonchecks just outsmart me
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[19:24:24] gbee: some things just got overlooked because I had a flash of inspiration mid-way through and didn't catch every instance when I changed behaviour
[19:25:16] mag0o: ok, can anyone see why these buttonchecks won't show up?
[19:25:31] gbee: the right arrow thing in menus is a prime example, that should be a statetype not an imagetype but after seeing just how we could use statetypes for that sort of thing I simply forgot about that arrow
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[19:48:11] mag0o: well, it's something retarded i'm doing
[19:48:23] mag0o: i took Arclight's buttoncheck and it shows up on mine...
[19:48:29] mag0o: so, time to go from there
[19:49:56] gbee: mag0o: which version?
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[19:50:50] gbee: there was a bug which meant that shapes didn't show up in buttonlists, I don't know that I backported the fix
[19:51:33] gbee: mag0o: ahh, ok I see it
[19:52:33] gbee: your shapes have an area of <area>0,0,100%,100%</area> but their immediate parent, the <state> has no area defined, the code doesn't know what 100% means in that case
[19:52:57] gbee: define an area for the <state>, even <area>0,0,100%,100%</area> would be enough and it should work
[19:53:32] gbee: it knows that the overall <statetype> is 15x15, but not the <state> within that
[19:56:28] gbee: states are areas in their own right, for good or for bad
[19:57:18] gbee: maybe I can make things easier by having states inheriting the statetype size by default
[19:57:35] gbee: <statetype><area>0,0,15,15</area><state><area>0,0, 100%,100%</area><shape><area>0,0,100%,100%</area>
[19:58:11] mag0o: ahh
[19:58:15] gbee: and you can save yourself some repetition by having each state inherit from the first
[19:58:33] gbee: and therefore the shapes
[20:00:14] mag0o: i see now how that was messing me up
[20:00:30] gbee: what you have there can be written as
[20:00:58] gbee: and if you don't change the radius, you only need to change the colour each time
[20:02:17] mag0o: i think the radius change was an oversight
[20:03:34] mag0o: and, i was only changing colors to try and find them on the screen :)
[20:04:41] gbee: well there needs to be some way to distinguish between the states and if you aren't using images, I assumed you'd use colour?
[20:05:01] mag0o: yeah, just going to use white/black
[20:05:07] mag0o: or some shade thereof
[20:07:24] mag0o: getting closer :) I think I should be able to figure it out from here, thanks for the help gbee
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