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Thursday, April 1st, 2010, 00:18 UTC
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[03:11:47] mag0o: and, for tonight, where can i go to cause MythSearchDialog to display?
[03:12:11] iamlindoro: press ctrl-s in mythvideo
[03:12:47] mag0o: :)
[03:12:58] mag0o: you're still the best, even if you do hide information
[03:13:19] iamlindoro: I'm a benevolent overlord
[03:39:56] iamlindoro:
[03:40:08] iamlindoro: Could probably do some fun things in the OSD with this ;)
[03:46:52] mag0o: oh boy, now I get to do MythFileBrowser
[03:46:59] mag0o: i seem to remember that one for some reason
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[08:24:58] justinh: well, running a custom command on my nxviewer seems to be ok. xeyes works so it must be a gnome problem. arghhh
[08:25:33] justinh: rm .gnome2? heheheheh
[08:31:30] justinh: I SO need to sack gnome
[08:38:33] justinh: sigh. trying nx with kde then
[08:38:48] justinh: I *hate* KDE
[08:39:10] gbee: you love it really
[08:39:48] justinh: it's not so much the environment it's the arrangement of menus. and the file browser. ugh
[08:41:15] gbee: which one are you using? konq or dolphin?
[08:41:33] justinh: konq
[08:41:43] justinh: not a huge fan of dolphin either
[08:43:56] gbee: dolphin was a bit of a regression from konq, although better in some areas, I'm used to dolphin now though, it's at least usable in the latest Mandriva
[08:44:34] justinh: I only ever run 3 apps on my linux desktop generally
[08:44:40] justinh: firefox, tweetdeck & terminal
[08:45:05] justinh: sometimes a file browser or filezilla
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[19:51:08] ** mag0o does some themeing while waiting on firefox to compile **
[20:08:06] mag0o: hebrew transloation commit logs could have asked for coffee after you finnish the translation updates
[21:25:35] iamlindoro: nobody would have gotten it ;)
[21:29:17] Beirdo: compiling firefox? ouch
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