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Friday, February 19th, 2010, 00:09 UTC
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[16:09:29] mag0o: how's the theme judging coming along? any more than the 5 or so entries?
[16:11:43] iamlindoro: There are three entries, and no judging has begun
[16:18:16] mag0o: just, I hate that
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[16:19:48] iamlindoro: Yeah, being a winner by default is a pain ;)
[16:20:16] mag0o: hehe
[16:20:24] iamlindoro: Yes, I would have liked to have gotten more, but the whole thing has been such an uphill battle that I'm glad to see the end of it
[16:21:22] mag0o: well, i actually enjoy doing the themeing and seeing it all come together, so i'll probably keep on themeing
[16:21:30] iamlindoro: The sheer number of people who would rather continue to poke at old themes instead of expend the same energy on something new, as well as the total apathy on the part of some people has made me regret all the effort
[16:21:43] iamlindoro: I'm glad to ehar that
[16:21:44] iamlindoro: hear
[16:22:11] mag0o: once i put Childish on the square TV, I didn't like the font and will probably make that the biggest change plus some other annoyances/screens i didn't put much effort in to
[16:24:56] mrand: iamlindoro: has there been talk of CSS/HTML5 browser based front-end? Seems like it would make theming SO much easier, and would open up whole new levels of customizability, not to mention platform independence. troy_s was hoping this happens some day.
[16:25:56] iamlindoro: I don't see that being any more likely than any of the other proposals that we throw away the frontend and start again
[16:26:36] iamlindoro: One could expand MythWeb with a lot of that, and surely that kind of work would be welcome, but I just can't see the actual frontend becoming some HTML monstrosity
[16:31:52] gbee: heh, a frontend restricted to playing ogg video only might be a non-starter
[16:32:45] gbee: fact is that current theming is no harder than html and allows stuff that even html 5 never will
[16:37:13] gbee: themes have yet to scratch the surface of what's possible with the new UI, it's disappointing that people are already talking about replacing it 3 months after it was released and after years of hard work
[16:38:16] mag0o: about scratching the surface, i haven't tried yet, but out of curiosity, does anyone know if animated gifs are supported?
[16:40:38] iamlindoro: no, but you could break out the frames and use flipbook
[16:52:14] gbee: which is all gif animations are
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[17:02:33] mrand: gbee: it wasn't about replacing the front-end and the awesome theming abilities associated with it... it was more thinking about a way to provide a frontend to non-traditional devices (be it STB's, tablets, or even TV's with internet connectivity). This was mentioned towards the end of a discussion about attracting users (and more themes) to the myth world.
[17:07:07] iamlindoro: mrand: Why would one write a new frontend versus simply expanding MythWeb?
[17:09:37] mrand: iamlindoro: actually, I personally think of it as an version of Mythweb that is customizable (easily themable) like the frontend is now.
[17:09:57] iamlindoro: MythWeb already allows themes/skinning, though
[17:10:04] iamlindoro: using CSS/HTML
[17:28:31] iamlindoro: In fact it would probably be fairly easy-ish to take a ticket that's sitting in trac that allows on-the-fly transcode, wrap some myth protocol code around it, limit it to a couple of codecs supported in HTML5, allow it to take a bitrate and resolution and... voila, properly supported web playback
[17:30:47] mrand: iamlindoro: I was under the (mistaken?) impression that you could only skin it, but that the layout/location was fairly fixed.
[17:31:13] iamlindoro: I believe that is a mistaken impression-- take, for example, the ipod skin
[17:31:29] iamlindoro: iTouch/iPhone, that is
[18:04:56] gbee:
[18:05:33] gbee: might look something like that, might not, I never did see what kormoc went with in the end
[18:07:02] gbee:
[18:07:42] mrand: very slick.
[18:08:51] gbee: I should put that artwork to some other use
[18:10:18] mag0o: oh yeah, flipbook...i think that's what I thought of using when I wondered about the gif animation
[18:13:10] gbee: 0.24 maybe I'll finally add the xml for motion animation
[18:18:09] iamlindoro: That would probably kick up the interest in theming, I bet
[18:21:37] gbee: I'd have done it earlier, but there always seems to be something a little more important, like right now I _really_ need to write the multiline textedit code even if that's not very interesting
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[18:49:16] mag0o: very helpful > very interesting
[18:49:18] mag0o: :)
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