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Monday, February 15th, 2010, 00:54 UTC
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[02:24:57] Captain_Murdoch: danielk221, I ran off on a few related rabbit trails while working on the qrectf/qpointf/qreal conversion. one was that it makes button positioning better but still leaves a gap at the bottom of lists at certain resolutions. I tried to fix that by resizing buttons to fill in the gap, and got sidetracked on creating a MythUIType::ReScale() so I could resize a button. there are still a few issues with that that I haven't wo
[02:24:57] Captain_Murdoch: rked out. I just updated my qrectf patch to latest trunk and am going to look through it a little more and wil put a copy up for perusal. I was probably trying to bite off too much at the same time by trying to solve all the problems. the qrectf conversion can stand alone and does solve some issues.
[02:51:26] Captain_Murdoch: there is a major tradeoff related to the gap that occurs at the bottom of the buttonlist when rescaling to resolutions that are not the theme's native resolution. best case scenario (hopefully occurring at the native theme resolution) is that the buttonlist's buttonarea is sized exactly right and exactly X buttons and (X-1) buttonspacings fit in the buttonarea. when we scale to a different resolution, we are now non-optim
[02:51:26] Captain_Murdoch: al. the worst case scenario here is that X buttons + (X-1) buttonspacings take up "buttonarea + 1" pixels, meaning that we now have to have a "buttonsize + buttonspacing – 1" pixel gap at the bottom since we can't fit in that X'th button. Now, when using the qrectf patch, keeping this gap does allow us to align items outside the buttonlist with items in the buttonlist since we know items inside and outside the list are al
[02:51:26] Captain_Murdoch: l scaled pretty much exactly the same. aesthetically is probably better than trying to fill in that gap by resizing both the buttons and the buttonspacing to fill in the gap. When we resize the buttons to fill up the gap, we throw off alignment with items outside the buttonlist that aren't scaled accordingly. A while back, I posted this URL showing how buttons inside the list alig
[02:51:33] Captain_Murdoch: n with statically placed items outside the list at a wide variety of resolutions using the qrectf patch.
[03:05:05] Captain_Murdoch: another issue is that using reals/floats for the scaled button size and spacing means that when we multiple to get button position, sometimes a button is 1 pixel further down meaning the spacing is 1 higher than other spacings. this looks bad for buttonlists having a small buttonspacing because it's more noticeable. We could fix this by reworking how we get the button position to always put in the desired spacing, but th
[03:05:05] Captain_Murdoch: at means we can't align with items outside the list as shown in my example screenshots.
[03:07:23] Captain_Murdoch: if we're always putting in the desired spacing instead of trying to always put buttons at the right position, then we may as well not even use reals since we're going to end up with the same layout we have now since we'll always be using the same ?rounded? int size and spacing and adding them up to get the current button position.
[03:09:40] Captain_Murdoch: it may be that we have to make it an option whether we want to keep the spacing exact or whether we want to allow flexible (ie, optional +1) spacing to let us align with items outside the list.
[03:24:27] Captain_Murdoch: If you want to take a look at my current patch, it's at that includes a test version of default-wide/settings-ui.xml that I used in those screenshots to test alignment with statically placed items outside the buttonlist.
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[15:36:42] ** mag0o looks at Childish on the TV for the first time in a long time...meh... **
[15:37:25] mag0o: looks better on the laptop
[16:14:57] jams: brightness /gamma problem  ?
[16:18:16] jams: i found that to be a real problem when previewing my themes
[16:21:52] jams: mag0o- where can one d/l childish?
[16:23:52] mag0o:
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[16:24:14] jams: thx
[16:24:16] mag0o: np
[16:24:30] mag0o: probably brightness and colors, crispness
[16:24:45] mag0o: the font is apparently better suited on an lcd :)
[16:24:58] jams: i'm getting tired of looking at the current themes while working on menu navigation.
[16:25:51] mag0o: heh, actually it doesn't look too bad if you *dont* have the correct font installed
[16:26:34] jams: well i probably don't have the correct font installed
[16:27:48] jams: i love the light pinkish background
[16:28:32] mag0o: it's different
[16:28:50] mag0o: i have a lot of changes i want to make to it going forward
[16:29:28] jams: i actually had a theme that never got released that used a BG very similiar
[16:29:46] jams: pink and gold
[16:30:19] mag0o: :)
[16:30:35] mag0o: the bg is one that my daughter approved from some i gathered
[16:30:48] jams: hahaha
[16:30:49] jams: nice
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[17:40:21] danielk22: gbee: I just realized I didn't really remove the themecache directory yesterday. I was using ~/.mythtv-living to connect to my production system when testing the themes, but MythUI was storing it's cache in ~/.mythtv
[17:41:55] danielk22: I had forgotten about that bug, sphery had pointed it out to me months ago, the workaround is to set some environment variable, but we didn't think the problem would affect enough people to hold back 0.22.
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[20:35:03] mag0o: TransBlue – nice use of multiple fonts and sizes
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