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Sunday, February 14th, 2010, 01:00 UTC
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[01:34:48] danielk22: gbee: is cornerradius not scaled when the UI is scaled? The rounding looks much more pronounced at 860x480 than 1920x1080.
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[09:52:49] gbee: apparently not, paul-h ^^
[09:55:18] gbee: danielk22: it's an easy fix, I'll do it when I get back, but I'm off out
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[10:52:31] paul-h: gbee: thought I'd fixed that ages ago, just need to normalise both the line width and radius using NormX()
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[14:42:45] gbee: paul-h: yeah, as I noted it's a very easy fix, I'll do it in 20 minutes after I've warmed up, frozen after being outside for the past three hours
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[21:07:20] danielk22: gbee: In an attempt to get better placement in the MythCenter-wide theme I increased the screen size to 128000x72000, but it looks like some of the preview images get turned into gradients instead of scaling properly. Have you seen this bug before? (
[21:11:16] gbee: no, I haven't
[21:12:29] danielk22: any idea where it might be? MythUIImage?
[21:14:10] gbee: have you cleared the theme cache?
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[21:15:41] gbee: I doubt that scaling up the base res is going to fix any rounding issues, the first thing we do is scale everything to the screen res which is where those rounding errors are introduced, we're not rendering at the base res then scaling down
[21:16:09] danielk22: yeah, i also tried clearing the image cache
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[21:17:20] gbee: the best way to avoid rounding errors is to change the base res to match the screen res, but that only fixes your setup and not those with other resolutions
[21:17:22] danielk22: gbee: sure it will the scale between 1280x720 and 1920x1080 is 1.5 so you always get the wrong result when scaling between the, any other resolution will work better.
[21:18:09] danielk22: gbee: I don't want the theme to only look good at one resolution, that is the massive fail I'm trying to avoid...
[21:18:21] gbee: danielk22: which is my point
[21:18:42] danielk22: ?
[21:18:44] gbee: a few of the newer themes use 1920x1080 fwiw
[21:19:22] danielk22: which will look bad on 1280x720 because of the 1.5 ratio (unless you make sure everything is a multiple of 3)
[21:19:35] gbee: danielk22: if it works for you I'm not going to argue, but it's going to make the initial images rather large
[21:20:22] danielk22: why? they are scaled to the theme resolution before being scaled to the display resolution?
[21:22:08] gbee: images used in the theme are assumed to match the theme res, e.g. a background image of a theme with a base res of 128000x72000 would be 128000x72000, a 1280x720 image is going to be scaled to a hundreth the size it should be
[21:23:03] danielk22: Heh, that explains the flash of ugly when first loading.. that should be easily fixed.
[21:24:02] danielk22: BTW Does that have any relation to the micro layout used when MythTV fails to load when the libraries are out of date? It looks like the characters are two pixels high.
[21:24:32] danielk22: (Without my scale patch)
[21:24:32] gbee: doubt it, but I've not seen that
[21:25:53] gbee: I'd be curious how you'd solve the issue with images being based on a different scale, I'd prefer not to have to include <area> for every image to force the correct sizes
[21:27:54] danielk22: gbee: I'm not doing it for this release, but I think we need to make the adjustment automatic anyway as right now any default loaded stuff will look bad on a 1920x1080 theme, since the default loaded things are not adjusted to the theme resolution.
[21:31:39] gbee: the intention never was for themes to intentionally fall back to the defaults, they exist as a last resort because displaying something is better than refusing to load, even when scaled correctly the defaults are going to look wrong in any theme
[21:32:07] danielk22: Another option is allowing fractional positioning.
[21:33:02] danielk22: gbee: Well the default should look as good as possible since all themes will pretty much always be out of date in trunk.
[21:33:29] gbee: Captain_Murdoch was working on fixing the rounding errors, one of the fixes and the one I liked best was switching to the floating point versions of QRect/QPoint etc which does help, Captain_Murdoch wasn't entirely happy with the results
[21:34:25] danielk22: Captain_Murdoch: ^^^ what is the status of this?
[21:36:38] danielk22: It's never going to be exactly the same at different resolutions since we need to snap to actual pixels for some things, but I'm sure we can do better, right now it's practically impossible to get things to look right for something like MythCenter-wide at even two resolutions, much less a range of resolutions.
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