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Saturday, February 13th, 2010, 00:04 UTC
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[17:30:59] brewmastr: how I can clear the theme cache? changes don't seem to show up when i run kill -USR1 $(pidof mythfrontend)
[17:31:44] brewmastr: i have 2 frontends running, one works as expected, the other can't seem to detect changes...
[17:34:20] gbee: rm -rf .mythtv/themecache/
[17:38:31] danielk22: gbee: my mythweather problem turned out to be some missing perl modules. I only get the 6 day forecast, but that's probably just a limitation of the scripts available. We just need some checks for the required perl module in the plugin configure so the mythweather plugin can't be enabled without the prerequisites.
[17:51:07] gbee: the problem of missing perl modules is pain, it affects so many plugins and contrib scripts
[17:51:57] gbee: hardcoding them in configure might be the only solution, however it's not elegant since the whole point of putting the functionality in scripts was to make them drop-in
[17:54:34] gbee: danielk22: the NWS grabber should include 3 day, current conditions iirc
[17:54:56] gbee: plus animated map screens and severe weather alerts
[17:55:50] danielk22: gbee: I didn't try most of those, but I did try animated map and it couldn't find one for New York..
[17:57:10] gbee: ah, hmm, well I don't use the NWS scripts and Lucien isn't around to ask questions
[17:58:31] gbee: danielk22: there is a note in the wiki for animated maps which might be relevant –
[18:00:15] gbee: " was used to crawl's map room and generate the maps.xml file" << Maybe maps.xml should be regenerated for 0.23 so it ships with a recent version
[18:01:28] gbee: danielk22: "Animated maps and most (if not all) of the static ones aren't listed by zip/city. Leave the search box blank and search for everything. You'll get a list of stuff by region of the US. Pick your region of the US from the search results." was the note I was referring to
[19:01:15] sphery: I thought we removed the map stuff because of ToS
[19:36:38] brewmastr: i'm theming my program guide, and want to use gradients for the channellist imagetypes...
[19:36:51] brewmastr: is there any way to prevent the solid black borders that show up?
[19:37:09] brewmastr: i.e., between each channel
[19:46:50] brewmastr: nm, just messed with the alpha values
[19:55:13] gbee: brewmastr: use shape gradients instead, only available with trunk/0.23 but much better and no black border
[19:55:48] gbee: imagetype gradients will probably be removed in 0.24 since shape gradients do the same thing but better
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[20:56:27] danielk22: sphery: We're using public domain weather data in the US now. I believe it is the NOAA stuff that most weather[wo]men prettify for the nightly news. That data includes animations and maps.
[20:57:22] danielk22: gbee: That worked, I just did a blank search and found several maps.
[21:03:45] gbee: I don't why the search doesn't work, I'll leave that for someone else to fix
[21:09:54] sphery: danielk22: yeah, it was the "crawl's map room and generate the maps.xml file" to regenerate maps.xml that confused me since I thought we were just using the NOAA stuff
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