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Thursday, February 11th, 2010, 00:07 UTC
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[15:08:20] mag0o: i think i actually themed all of mythburn/archive
[15:14:32] mag0o: scratch that
[16:14:38] justinh: all nine screens of it? heh
[16:15:53] mag0o: i *think* i have almost all, just haven't done the 'add recording' or 'add file'
[16:16:57] justinh: prolly makes 11 features that
[16:17:15] justinh: I still have nightmares about it
[16:17:39] mag0o: the biggest roadblock is that it's spread out among 3-ui files (that I've found)
[16:18:15] justinh: the biggest roadblock I found was that there was no way to get to some of the screens directly
[16:19:17] justinh: initially I thought "oo, just copy the format across" since there's so much in common. Wah-wah
[16:19:47] mag0o: yeah, didn't work, huh
[16:20:20] mrand: I think I'm glad I decided not to try to tackle a theme at this point in time.
[16:20:43] mrand: It would have been interesting and educational, but I don't think I would have gotten as far as you guys have.
[16:21:13] mrand: And then I'd be a bit frustrated that I wasn't getting it completed.
[16:21:14] justinh: heh the two words I'd use most advisedly when referring to the subject of theming
[16:23:16] mag0o: frustrated and complicated? :)
[16:23:47] justinh: interesting and educational
[16:24:17] mrand: But I thank you guys profusely for pushing through the pain.
[16:24:22] mag0o: :)
[16:27:09] justinh: don't thank me. I've done nuffink
[16:28:28] mrand: ok, mag0o, iamlindoro, gbutters, and the others :-p
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[19:14:50] mag0o: according to the wiki, news -> imagetype -> thumbnail is required, but I don't have it in my news-ui.xml, and I don't see the fe complaining
[19:14:58] mag0o: is it correct that it is required?
[19:16:39] iamlindoro: some random things have become not required since the docs were written, that may well be one of them
[19:16:50] iamlindoro: This is what you get when one guy has to do all the updating
[19:17:13] iamlindoro: Would be nice if people would modify the docs when they changed mythUI stuff, but that seems like a fantasy at this point
[19:17:54] iamlindoro: . . . ins/mythnews
[19:23:59] mag0o: I've been trying to help you out there, so I add/change when I come across
[19:27:54] iamlindoro: I appreciate the help
[19:27:58] iamlindoro: Was more referring to code changes
[19:38:25] mag0o: :)
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[20:09:51] mag0o: *now* i think i'm done with Childish as far as the competition is concerned
[20:20:45] mrand: Congrat's mag0o!
[20:26:39] mag0o: one question i have, on screen setup wizard, after pressing enter to go to the bottom right alignment image, it doesn't show the first time, but if i exit and go back in, it shows after pressing enter. qt bug?
[20:37:00] mag0o: ooo, import cd != import dvd
[20:44:04] iamlindoro: mag0o: echo somefile-ui.xml |grep "window name="
[20:44:08] iamlindoro: compare list to each wiki page
[20:44:15] iamlindoro: then there will be no more surprises
[20:49:59] mag0o: :)
[20:59:02] mag0o: i like surprises
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[23:24:42] stuartm: mag0o: might be non-qt bug, I don't use the wizard on a daily basis
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