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Tuesday, February 9th, 2010, 02:52 UTC
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[04:49:57] ** mag0o just tried to inherit one <div> from another (using from=) on a web site im building...doh! **
[04:58:02] wagnerrp: stop being so childish.... :P
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[05:07:41] mag0o: :)
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[06:45:16] Captain_Murdoch: web 3.0
[06:53:05] wagnerrp: Captain_Murdoch: sending mixed signals there on the mailing list
[06:54:11] Captain_Murdoch: ?
[06:54:17] Captain_Murdoch: MM SG's?
[06:54:37] wagnerrp: 'As far as I know, MythMusic has been modified to work with Storage Groups'
[06:54:45] Captain_Murdoch: fixed
[06:54:46] Captain_Murdoch: yeah
[06:54:56] wagnerrp: heh
[06:55:24] Captain_Murdoch: well, replied to myself. I'm not under the same illusion as Outlook users are that they can recall messages they sent in error.
[06:56:05] wagnerrp: oh? ive not heard of that 'feature'
[06:56:18] wagnerrp: i presume it only works on exchange servers
[06:59:24] Captain_Murdoch: I think so.
[07:00:13] Captain_Murdoch: it's hillarious when someone at work sends a 'recall' out for one of their emails. those of us popping our email into Linux clients just laugh at them.
[07:00:26] Captain_Murdoch: well, not all are hillarious, some are. :)
[07:00:50] ** Captain_Murdoch has been trying to debug an issue with the MFSW code too long and needs sleep **
[07:03:18] wagnerrp: could be worse.... i was debugging some regex for two hours only to find i misplaced one character
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[14:22:47] Beirdo: wonder why it didn't join properly...
[14:22:59] Beirdo: Meh :) it's back anyways
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