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Monday, February 8th, 2010, 00:13 UTC
[00:13:21] Captain_Murdoch: would be nice to not have to have people install fonts when downloading new themes once we get the theme browser/downloader written.
[02:12:46] ** mag0o gets half way through themeing myth[archive|burn]-ui.xml, then realizes they're not required...extra credit! **
[02:36:15] wagnerrp: and youve still got a week left
[02:44:46] mag0o: :)
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[05:56:54] sphery: Captain_Murdoch: Was thinking that for the fonts, we'll probably need some rules for how to determine whether a theme font name is a font file name or a font family name (i.e. whether we need to load a ttf or not). If specified as a font file, always load the file as above. If specified as a family, try the family, then if we get a different font, look for a font file called ThemeFontName.ttf or something... It's too late ...
[05:57:00] sphery: ... for me to have come up with a good plan, but just wanted to mention before I forgot. Also, I'm happy to work the code if you're busy with other stuff--just let me know (and feel free to recommend appropriate rules for when to try loading a font file).
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[12:06:55] stuartm: sphery: face="" vs filename="" ?
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[15:05:07] Captain_Murdoch: sphery, I was thinking something similar to stuartm's comment. in the theme we probably should define our font, but also specify the filename. so if we try to load "CartoGothic Std" but get "Lucinda", then we addApplicationFont("CartoGothicStd.ttf") that was defined in the font tag, then retry loading "CartoGothic Std"
[15:05:23] Captain_Murdoch: s/also specify/also optionally specify/
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