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Sunday, February 7th, 2010, 00:26 UTC
[00:26:47] gregl (gregl! has joined #mythtv-theming
[00:49:39] Captain_Murdoch: yeah, makes sense in that respect. the 'much' easier is one of the things causing issues with buttonlist scaling though. I've seen a lot of places where people haven't set the buttonarea to be a multiple of the actual button size, because the code just fills in the # of buttons that fit. Then they get sloppy and put something like 97% or some seamingly random # for the Y position of the scroll indicators. then when you
[00:49:39] Captain_Murdoch: scale to different resolutions, the buttonlist ends up holding one extra button and overdrawing the scroll indicators.
[00:53:32] iamlindoro: It's not necessarily sloppy, some of us know and expect it to work that way, and just wrote buttonlists the way we did because we expected it to stay that way :)
[00:54:16] iamlindoro: heretofore there's never been any hard and fast rule that the buttonarea had to be an exact calculation of the number of buttons, just that the buttons fit within it
[00:55:03] iamlindoro: The changes you propose to make *would* make it a rule, and that's fine, but I wouldn't necessaily blame everything not being a perfect switch-over on sloppiness/laziness :)
[01:01:14] Captain_Murdoch: yeah, sloppy wasn't meant a slam, I shouldn't have used that word, but if the buttonareas were near even multiples of buttonsize + spacing, then we wouldn't see the # of buttons changing when scaled to different resolutions.
[01:01:33] iamlindoro: Yep, I see how your changes are for the best
[01:02:00] Captain_Murdoch: well, I keep running into things that would need to change to fix the issue. I see why gbee has left it untouched.
[01:03:03] Captain_Murdoch: I have code that can resize a button and most of it's children accurately, but it's running into issues with inheritance now. that issue you were seeing on the status box is related to that I think.
[01:11:44] Captain_Murdoch: I need to take my mind off that for a while, right now I don't think I'd want to force it into 0.23 anyway.
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[02:49:14] danielk22: since you guys are talking about button lists.. in MythCenter there is a bar that's blended over the selected item, but the bottom line of it is getting overwritten by the following button.. how should I fix it?
[02:50:24] danielk22: My thought right now is to make the button items larger and the spacing smaller.. but will that actually fix it or am I wasting my time?
[03:00:07] mag0o: config-ui.xml > iconimport and channeloverview – are those 2 screens in mythtv-setup?
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[03:43:45] mag0o: just wanted to say, that this whole mythui stuff is great, especially after i see what it took before (mythmusic) to create a theme. Thanks for the great work.
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[14:46:37] danielk22 (danielk22!~danielk@ has joined #mythtv-theming
[17:24:09] stuartm: danielk22: the only reason I can think of that would cause two buttons to overlap is the use of negative positioning
[18:34:10] danielk22: stuartm: There is positiive positioning of the text, but it's not the buttons overlapping. I think it may just be a bug, it looks like the selectbar is not being redrawn when the button below it is redrawn even though it's clipping area overlaps.
[18:34:34] Captain_Murdoch: what controls the scaling of the background image in a button if there is no area assigned to the image? when I was playing with the patch to allow resizing of buttons, I noticed the background images weren't being scaled. they didn't have an area assigned inthe xml.
[18:35:33] danielk22: stuartm: Is it true that MythUI themes can not install their own fonts because we use QFont to load em? I want to reply to Simon Kenyon's post in mythtv-dev
[18:39:23] ** Captain_Murdoch wonders if QFontDatabase::addApplicationFont() can be used: . . . licationFont **
[18:44:08] Captain_Murdoch: seems like it should be.
[18:44:41] abqjp (abqjp! has joined #mythtv-theming
[18:48:09] sphery: Captain_Murdoch: cool... I wonder if "Note: Adding application fonts on Unix/X11 platforms without fontconfig is currently not supported." means "Unix/X11 platforms must have fontconfig installed for this to work" or "You must configure the font normally using fontconfig on Unix/X11 and QFontDatabase::addApplicationFont() will always return -1 on Unix/X11"
[19:15:22] ** jams always assumed it was the option of "configure the font normally using fontconfig" **
[19:18:37] sphery: jams: it seems you may be right... I tried with DroidSans.ttf (which isn't installed on my system--though fontconfig is) and got a result of 0, but I've tried loading it with QFont anotherFont("DroidSans"); and QFont anotherFont("Droid Sans"); and QFont anotherFont("DroidSans.ttf"); and QFont anotherFont("/usr/local/src/mdean/QTTest/DroidSans.ttf"); and they all give Bitstream Vera Sans
[19:18:49] sphery: Installing it on another computer gives: , so the family name inside the font is "Droid Sans"
[19:20:39] mag0o: is there any way to force the dvd-rip buttons to display, without actually starting a dvdrip? I'm trying to make sure everything lines up
[19:21:00] mag0o: (cancel, next, prev)
[19:25:41] sphery: Captain_Murdoch: nvm... It works... (Copy/paste typo in my test.) Though using QStringList families = QFontDatabase::applicationFontFamilies(result); gives the list of family names to use (in this case it is "Droid Sans"--I just forgot to change the font variable name in my QFontInfo()).
[19:32:07] gregl (gregl! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[19:49:29] Captain_Murdoch: sphery, so theoretically, we can just QFontDatabase::addApplicationFont(QString("%1/%2/%3").arg(WHATEVEROURT HEMEDIRIS).arg(ThemeName).arg(ThemeFontName)); then QFont thisfont(FontsInternalName);  ?? is that all you had to do in your test?
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[22:23:38] sphery: Captain_Murdoch: yeah, that QStringList families = QFontDatabase::applicationFontFamilies(result); — so we could do QFont thisfont(families[0]); to make the font
[22:23:51] sphery: s/that/that plus/
[22:45:42] sphery: Captain_Murdoch: Was going to mention that we already have a GetFontsDir() function, but it just calls GetShareDir(). We could improve it to check the them dir, then the share dir (and, possibly the conf dir last) .
[22:46:12] sphery: and FindFont() is just GetFontsDir() + fontname + ".ttf" , so it would need some improving, too
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