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Saturday, February 6th, 2010, 00:05 UTC
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[02:26:12] sphery: For anyone who's thinking of making a MythTV theme, it seems it's only a weekend project: . . . c_light.html (also available through MiroBridge and MythNetVision)
[02:30:20] wagnerrp: sphery: it is a weekend project
[02:30:24] wagnerrp: its just about 20 of them
[02:32:11] sphery: that's probably more like it
[02:54:22] Captain_Murdoch: a 'curved' buttonlist:
[02:56:25] iamlindoro: Captain_Murdoch, nice, does the themer actually get to define the path/slope/equation?
[02:56:45] Captain_Murdoch: yeah, it's not an equation, it's a set of fixed positions, so the themer decides the layout.
[02:57:03] iamlindoro: hmm, was hoping you had started to broach matrix transforms :)
[02:57:20] iamlindoro: (to give people the coverflow they so desperately desire)
[02:57:35] Captain_Murdoch: nah, just thinking curved menus, etc..
[02:57:38] iamlindoro: nice, though
[02:57:56] Captain_Murdoch: curved line across the screen with the menu buttons following it, etc..
[03:04:50] Captain_Murdoch: iamlindoro, I do have it working to resize a button including all elements within the button.
[03:05:08] Captain_Murdoch: so your divider line appears at the bottom of the button where it should be when the button is resized.
[06:15:40] mag0o: ok, i remember something simiilar to this the other day, but cant find it. Where is the 'MythBrowser Settings' text coming from?
[06:15:54] mag0o: grep shows nothing in themes/
[06:16:45] iamlindoro:
[06:17:05] iamlindoro: browserconfig window
[06:17:16] iamlindoro: It's the one that is the thign that it is :)
[06:17:19] iamlindoro: er thing
[06:19:16] mag0o:
[06:20:01] iamlindoro: ?
[06:20:23] mag0o: grr, would that be 'title'?
[06:20:33] iamlindoro: what with it being the page title and all, you mean?  ;)
[06:20:37] iamlindoro: yes
[06:20:46] mag0o: fffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
[06:20:50] mag0o: 20 minutes
[06:21:11] iamlindoro: Why do I have a feeling you're not using the docs to do it?
[06:21:28] mag0o: you're right...i have been winging it lately
[06:21:40] ** mag0o puts hands on desk for ruler slap **
[06:22:09] iamlindoro: *SMACK*
[06:22:19] iamlindoro: 50s Catholic school style
[06:22:21] mag0o: didnt hurt!
[06:22:44] ** iamlindoro wonders why he bothered with all these docs **
[06:23:02] mag0o: ok ok ok
[06:23:20] mag0o: i do check on them first...normally...sometimes..
[07:10:14] iamlindoro: gbutters, Can't you submit patches for your theme? Or better still, just get all your fixes out of the way and pastebin me a patch?
[07:10:38] iamlindoro: hunting down and making every modification manually is going to get old fast
[07:11:03] gbutters: patches should have been attached
[07:11:30] iamlindoro: k, can you please just make all your changes and either open one ticket or pastebin here?
[07:11:54] iamlindoro: otherwise I am not going to keep applying them this quickly
[07:12:32] gbutters: ok np was just doing some bug squashing. Will start holding them till I get several done
[07:12:38] iamlindoro: thanks a lot
[07:37:37] gbutters: where is preview schedule changes window defined??
[07:41:10] mag0o: ooo, schedule-ui.xml
[07:41:39] mag0o: schedulediff i think
[07:48:35] gbutters: mag0o: nope ui.xml schdiff
[07:49:37] gbutters: mag0o: looks like it has not been converted yet
[07:50:20] paul-h_: it has been in trunk
[07:50:52] gbutters: ok thanks
[07:51:13] gbutters: time to fire up to dev vbox then
[07:53:03] paul-h_: I think it was the only screen to be converted after the 0.22 release
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[14:25:36] gbee:
[15:10:24] jpabq: gbee, That is slick!
[15:11:45] gbee: I both like and dislike it, not sure which side I'm going to come down on
[15:13:36] gbee: anyway, that's what happened when I sat down to mockup the channel scanner screens last night, :oP
[15:15:59] jpabq: I am not sure how practical it is, in "real life", but I like it aesthetically.
[18:39:54] wagnerrp: gbee: looks nice, but IMHO the letters are not well spaced... just too close together
[18:41:52] ** Captain_Murdoch thinks wagnerrp needs the large print edition. :) **
[18:45:00] Captain_Murdoch: gbee, here's what I played with last night while making another stab at the buttonlist layout scaling: it's a vertical buttonlist, but the positions are user-defined, not a formula or anything. I have another mod that lets you even change the size of the buttons independently, but that doesn't scale the font unfortunately, it was just a test.
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[21:03:11] gbee: Captain_Murdoch:
[21:04:04] wagnerrp: fancy
[21:04:39] gbee: that was a formula, quadratic bézier curve, but I accidentally deleted the patch – not difficult to rewrite I just never got around to it
[21:04:53] gbee: unless anyone has a copy?
[21:05:08] gbee: can't remember if I distributed it
[21:06:52] gbee: took just on additional argument, the point representing the apex of the curve, curves didn't have to be symmetric
[21:51:29] Captain_Murdoch: gbee, nice. I thought about a formula, but wondered about the flexibity of that vs just allowing directly specifying where the buttons were placed.
[21:52:33] Captain_Murdoch: if that actually resized the middle buttons to be shorter so they didn't go offscreen then it's more than I played with with my patch.
[21:53:22] Captain_Murdoch: I need to stop playing with that stuff and continue working on MFSW though.
[21:59:01] gbee: if you want to inherit curves etc between lists with a different number of buttons the equation is better and also much easier to figure out than manual placement
[21:59:46] gbee: ww p p
[22:00:03] gbee: oops
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