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Thursday, February 4th, 2010, 00:54 UTC
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[17:14:54] iamlindoro: gbutters: ping
[17:15:31] gbutters: iamlindoro: pong
[17:16:26] iamlindoro: gbutters: Can you take a quick look at and see whether that's information you want included? Personally I prefer not to see even less of the description in favor of all that extra stuff, but I would rather you decide what goes into your own work
[17:47:06] gbutters: iamlindoro: You can go ahead and apply the patch I just attached. Made some minor tweaks to the layout.
[17:49:39] gbutters: iamlindoro: I am looking at 7918 now
[18:22:25] gbutters: iamlindoro: patch attached to 7918
[18:24:30] iamlindoro: Thanks for taking a look
[18:24:56] natanojl: iamlindoro: Any chance you can run mythfrontend -O Language=SV with Arclight and tell me what the "WATCH TV" or "UTILITIES / SETUP" texts read? Do you see any ring or umlaut diacritics?
[18:25:23] iamlindoro: no can do, not near a Myth system
[18:26:24] natanojl: Ah, ok. Anyway I believe the buttontext area is a little bit to short, cutting off the umlauts.
[18:27:24] iamlindoro: not too short for me ;)
[18:27:46] natanojl: No, I can imagine that =)
[18:28:26] iamlindoro: I'm unlikely to re-layout based on non-english, one language is trouble enough
[18:28:47] iamlindoro: also possible/probable that the font simple doesn't contain many non-english accepted characters
[18:28:56] iamlindoro: another thing I am unlikely to make changes to account for
[18:30:30] iamlindoro: er accented
[18:30:30] natanojl: Well, I adjusted the height and y coordinate and that did the trick, but wanted to know if it was just me.
[18:30:43] gbutters: iamlindoro: find any problems with LCARS.
[18:31:08] iamlindoro: gbutters: none right off the bat, but I haven't done a detailed review of any of them aside from for completeness
[18:32:10] gbutters: iamlindoro: OK looks like I got another week to work on it if I find anything I do not like
[18:32:16] iamlindoro: yep
[18:33:47] gbutters: iamlindoro: trying to cacthup with the backlog. Just got home from the hospital yesterday.
[18:33:57] iamlindoro: nothing serious I hope :(
[18:35:54] gbutters: iamlindoro: Pretty serious. Ventricular tachycardia and will being going back in about a month to get a ICD implanted
[18:36:22] iamlindoro: Yikes, I'm very sorry... hope that you are hanging in there though
[18:36:59] natanojl: iamlindoro: I understand you won't do a re-layout, but this is a one-line patch and english still looks fine for me. I can create a ticket if you feel like it. Anyway, the theme is really nice!
[18:38:33] gbutters: iamlindoro: hanging in there. just kind of weak right now will take some time to completely recover
[18:39:20] iamlindoro: natanojl: pastebin the patch
[18:39:46] natanojl: Will do
[18:40:39] natanojl: seems down
[18:42:12] natanojl:
[18:43:52] iamlindoro: That patch isn't going to be right, it will change the spacing between the button title and the description
[18:44:06] iamlindoro: which is exactly what I don't want
[18:44:37] natanojl: Hm, ok
[18:44:55] iamlindoro: I will look at it sometime
[18:51:33] natanojl: Ok, thanks!
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[20:14:29] gbee: it's probably not necessary to increase the textarea height by a full 20px
[20:19:16] iamlindoro: Would be some kinda accent if it was
[20:20:17] iamlindoro: Anyway, should be perfectly possible to leave room for accents without changing placement, but the above patch won't do the trick
[20:21:16] iamlindoro: and won't apply such a thing sight unseen anyway, I'll look at it at some point
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