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Saturday, January 25th, 2014, 00:06 UTC
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[00:23:24] Hydr0p0nX: w00t
[00:23:47] Hydr0p0nX: my myth box is fully functioning xD
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[00:25:06] Korny: nice now If I could get ubuntu to spin down an completely empty drive
[00:27:36] Korny: just forced it to sleep
[00:27:41] Korny: see how long it stays that way
[00:35:05] Korny: Is there a way to see what is accessing the HD?
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[00:47:18] bill6502: Korny: sudo lsof <mount-point> will show who's using it. Works great if you have something like /srv/mythtv-0 for example.
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[00:51:10] Korny: Thanks, so I'm using that as a watch command to see whats causing my harddrive to spin up even though there's nothing on it
[00:56:08] bill6502: You use something like: sudo /sbin/hdparm -C /dev/sdc /dev/sdd /dev/sde to see if they're spinning?
[00:57:04] Korny: yeah I'm trying to see whats wakign it up
[00:57:26] Korny: the drive is completly empty and nothing is setup to access it, I put it to sleep hdparm -y /dev/sdd
[00:57:48] Korny: sigh now its active again
[01:00:21] Korny: hmmm various solutions, one says to add noatime to fstab
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[01:04:29] sleezio: hello, i've beat google to death trying to figure this out, but i can't find an answer, how can i delete the current epg data and have it repopulate the database with EPG?
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[01:06:46] Korny: delete teh source
[01:07:01] Korny: or wait
[01:07:34] sleezio: the 'video source'?
[01:08:08] bill6502: Korny: I use: /sbin/hdparm -S240 /dev/sdc /dev/sdd /dev/sde. Never tried the -y method
[01:08:21] Korny: bill6502: -y puts the drive to sleep isntantly
[01:08:29] Korny: I'm trying to see why its waking up
[01:16:04] bill6502: I understand your goal (and problem.) Is the empty drive mounted, and if so, how 'bout unmounting it.
[01:17:07] kjj: so, I copied one of my files over and ran it through VLC. plays fine. delay only shows up in mythfrontend
[01:19:21] kjj: happens both over HDMI and through line out
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[02:03:57] Korny: bill6502: I'm using it as a test drive for spin downs for when I migrate my 7 other data drives over
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[02:47:31] kjj: so, does myth not like it when you have multiple channels in your database with the same xmltvid?
[02:47:48] skd5aner: kjj: no, it doesn't care
[02:48:47] skd5aner: kjj: it depends if you have the same callsign with the same xmltvid or not
[02:49:08] kjj: is there a page that describes how the two interact?
[02:49:29] skd5aner: ummm, I don't think so... there might be somewhere on the wiki, and probably somewhere in the mailing list archive
[02:49:36] kjj: I had two channels with the same callsign and xmltvid, and neither one would record
[02:49:56] kjj: I changed one callsign, and now they both want to record when I record from either
[02:53:43] skd5aner: if I remember correctly, mythtv looks at callsign first, then xmltvid...
[02:54:24] skd5aner: so, if you had an HD and SD channel that used the same XMLTVID (usually, they would actually be different, but lets pretend) – then you'd want to ensure they had different callsigns
[02:54:33] skd5aner: channel number, I don't believe, ever really matters
[02:55:50] skd5aner: kjj: actually, that happens to me sometimes, but infrequently...
[02:56:12] skd5aner: not exactly sure why
[02:57:01] kjj: is there a way to get the scheduler to spit out verbose logging of one scheduling pass?
[02:58:05] skd5aner: kjj:
[02:59:01] skd5aner: kjj: mythbackend --printsched will print the schedule
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[03:16:12] kjj: looks like schedules direct finally fixed my listing. redoing that and rerunning mythfilldatabase seems to have cleared most of my listings problems
[03:17:08] sleezio: i just found an article(and link) for an API that titantv provides to grab epg, but the link won't load for me(still waiting for the page to either load or timeout) does anyone else use this or have they stopped letting people pull epg from them?
[03:17:40] sleezio: link:
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[03:23:48] |PSU|: is anyone using the USB Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro in myth?
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[03:36:29] skd5aner: |PSU|: who knows, but if ALSA supports it, it'll work in mythtv
[03:37:24] |PSU|: thanks...i'm not getting any sound, but have seen a post or two online with people who are successful
[03:38:01] skd5aner: |PSU|: what version of mythtv?
[03:38:47] |PSU|: brand new install of mythbuntu and upgraded to 0.27
[03:38:59] skd5aner: |PSU|: also, make sure the user you are running mythtv with is in the audio group. Also, try running the setup wizard to get the audio working. and make sure the alsamixer volumes aren't muted – those are the biggest issues with getting audio working the first time
[03:39:22] skd5aner: mythbuntu should set up most of that for you, but you still might need to do the audio setup wizard yourself
[03:39:27] skd5aner: (within mythtv)
[03:42:30] |PSU|: ok that was the one issue i saw
[03:42:50] |PSU|: in alsamixer "This sound device does not have any controls."
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[04:10:47] skd5aner: you have to select the right device
[04:11:03] skd5aner: often times, there are several devices that ALSA will discover
[04:11:08] skd5aner: good luck
[04:11:55] |PSU|: yeah ok...time for bed. thanks
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[04:32:26] sleezio: i'm sure most of you know, but i just downloaded/ran mc2xml to fill epg database, works like a champ, all my channels for the next 2 weeks, full
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[04:33:50] [R]: mc2xml is highly illegal
[04:33:52] [R]: and offtopci here
[04:34:03] sleezio: it is?
[04:34:08] [R]: very much so
[04:34:26] sleezio: sorry, i'm new to all this, why is it illegal?
[04:35:16] [R]: because that data is licensed for use with windows media center only
[04:35:42] sleezio: aaaah, so this script is pinging MS for the data?
[04:36:12] [R]: yup
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[04:36:51] sleezio: oh well, i guess i'll just go back to OTA epg
[04:37:02] [R]: lol
[04:37:36] sheptard: schedules direct is pretty awesome
[04:38:55] sleezio: i saw schedulesdirect on a few forums...i'm just now setting up this mythtv for the first time, not sure if i'll stick with it or just put my antenna back on the tv itself, if i decide to use my pc as a tv, i'll most definately look into it, i read it was only like $20 a year?
[04:39:09] sheptard: $14 I think
[04:39:14] sleezio: even better
[04:39:30] kjj: according to the website, $25/year or $6 for 2 months
[04:39:42] sheptard: oh my bad
[04:39:46] sheptard: either way, well priced
[04:43:08] sleezio: yea, .50 cents a week isn't bad at all
[04:43:44] [R]: its like that sally struthers commercial from the 90s
[04:44:06] sleezio: i prefer the south park version of struthers
[04:51:13] sleezio: ok, going back to OTA EPG...hows does it update the database? each time you tune to a channel it updates that channel or does it just update each channel at the time you set in the backend setup?...if you have auto update at a specific time disabled...i'm guessing it updates each time you view a channel....?
[04:53:56] [R]: passive eit will update when you are on the channel
[04:54:03] [R]: active eit will tune channels while its idle
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[04:54:17] [R]: but ota epg in the us is pure garbage
[04:54:51] sleezio: unfortunately it's all i have atm for testing
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[04:55:17] sleezio: it gives show name and brief description, i can live with that
[04:55:45] sleezio: but most channels only give you about 12hrs worth of epg at a time
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[04:58:50] afpup: if that, I've seen several channels that only give current & next show data
[04:59:40] sleezio: i think my local PBS channel gives 6hours
[05:02:17] sleezio: i bought one of those lava2605 hd antennas..they claim it'll pickup towers from 150 miles...furthest i can get is 80 miles away, but that could be due to terrain
[05:03:06] sleezio: but most of the extra(out of state) stations i can get are just dupes of ABC, CBS...etc, so i'm not really gaining anything
[05:11:50] afpup: I'm currently running a CM-2018 antenna, and I guess it works ok, but I'm in the middle of nowhere, and the terrain is *really* not in my favor. Only get 3 good digital channels, have to rely on satelite for most of my channels.
[05:12:23] kjj: most of the ATSC finder websites say I can't get any stations at all
[05:13:35] kjj: I was trying to figure out the signal strength specs for it to see if I could pull a few in with a yagi and an amp.
[05:13:36] sleezio: well, i'm in the sticks of mobile county alabama, we have a few local channels and i'm close to pensacola, biloxi, new orleans, so i can get them good, i get 27 channels OTAsome are dupes like PBS(al and fl)
[05:13:41] kjj: don't think it'd be worth the work
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[05:14:47] kjj: I'm in Minnesota, very rural area, and deep in the Mississippi valley. all of the antennas are 4–500 feet higher in elevation than me, with miles of limestone bluffs
[05:14:56] sleezio: aaah, bummer
[05:15:05] afpup: don't forget, the signal amps, only amplify what you can already get... and introduce noise as well, so if you have a really weak signal to begin, the amp might loose it.
[05:15:24] sleezio: kinda like me, mobile county is a flood plains, everywhere you go is uphill, but not drastic
[05:15:43] kjj: afpup: one website shows several towers ~50 miles out, with really dubious predicted signal strengths
[05:15:57] sleezio: is a cool antenna site
[05:16:03] sleezio: *i think it's
[05:16:15] afpup: northern Ontario in my case.. I do have one antenna not too bad, just nothing I want to watch :-)
[05:17:15] afpup: s/antenna/transmission tower/g
[05:17:43] afpup: and yes, its
[05:18:56] sleezio: i usually keep the tv on one station...MeTV(retro tv)
[05:18:57] afpup: been thinking about looking into free-to-air satelite, just haven't had time to invest in another project at this point.
[05:19:06] sleezio: everything else is brain numbing
[05:20:53] kjj: FTAsat looks interesting. very much on my "Add to my todo list" list
[05:21:22] sleezio: link?
[05:21:59] kjj:
[05:23:11] sleezio: cool, so you'd pretty much have to aim at all the different sats to get multiple channels?
[05:24:50] afpup: AFAIK, you can get a linear motor to shift the dish on one axis and get most sats, but I was thinking of finding one bird with most of the channels I want and just leaving it there.
[05:25:16] afpup: Not sure how myth would handle the re-aim, re-acquire time on channel changes.
[05:25:26] kjj: should be simple to have your channel changer script aim the dish too
[05:27:38] afpup: My concern is scheduling the extra time for channel changes, or loosing parts of shows which are airing back-to-back.
[05:28:11] kjj: simple. just add a second dish.  :)
[05:29:01] afpup: and reciever, and capture device (if receiver doesn't do firewire, or isn't a pci(e) card.
[05:29:04] sleezio: interesting, looking at some youtube vids on ftasat, they appear to be using small dishes like directv
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[05:30:03] afpup: in Canada at least, the recommendation appears to be closer to the 1.2 meter size... so, a little bigger... which should mean a stronger signal, at least so the logic goes.
[05:30:05] kjj: well, with 18" parabolic dishes, at least your yard won't look like SETI
[05:30:37] afpup: lol.... antenna farm on the roof... make the neighbours really wonder about me :-)
[05:32:54] sleezio: this is sweet, this dude has a simple setup and gets a buttload of channels
[05:33:03] afpup: link?
[05:33:10] sleezio:
[05:34:11] afpup: can you use a dvb-s card instead of typical receiver?
[05:34:29] sleezio: no idea, this is new to me
[05:34:40] sleezio: but i like it already
[05:35:13] [R]: fta in america is garbage
[05:35:30] sleezio: this guy is only pointing at 1 sat and gets the majority of the cable stations
[05:35:36] sleezio: is it?
[05:35:43] kjj: he's also got OTA
[05:35:50] sleezio: yea
[05:36:43] afpup: as I said, something I might look into another day... too much on the go right now. In any case gents, g'night
[05:37:11] kjj: I really would like to have some better news sources
[05:37:53] kjj: "some kind of weird health channel with Jesus"
[05:38:00] sleezio: hehe, i saw that
[05:38:21] sleezio: well, seems like it would work well with mythtv keeping the dish stationary
[05:40:33] sleezio: i can't believe this is the first i've heard about this with as much research i've been doing recently since i cut the cord
[05:40:46] [R]: because fta in the us is garbage...
[05:41:33] kjj: the youtube dude is in the US.
[05:41:49] sleezio: yuh, appeared to get roughly 40+ stations i saw
[05:42:39] [R]: 40+ stations of garbage...
[05:42:41] [R]: lol
[05:43:01] sleezio: he did show a lot of news channels(propaganda)
[05:43:08] kjj: looked mostly like stations for foreigners living in the US
[05:43:37] sleezio: but that was just a single sat he was tapping
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[05:46:56] kjj: we took out an 8 foot dish at my office a few years ago. I should have held on to it
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[05:48:17] sleezio: this guy was using a 36", i'll definately research this more tomorrow and see what others have setup and what they get
[05:50:07] kjj:
[05:50:18] kjj: you'll want to watch that, even though it is a bit old
[06:00:25] sleezio: i'll be pricing stuff tomorrow, looks good
[06:12:12] sleezio: well, i'm out, thanks for the info
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[14:10:33] Myth_noob (Myth_noob! has joined #mythtv-users
[14:10:52] Myth_noob: hello all. I'm having problems with getting specific keys on my hauppauge td-500 to work on mythbuntu. they are showing up as responses in ir-keytable but not in irw. i've followed a couple of guides but am still having no luck. anyone been through this before who can help?
[14:16:08] devinheitmueller (devinheitmueller! has quit (Quit: devinheitmueller)
[14:28:52] stuartm: heh, big storm just broke here, blinding lightning and thunder that is shaking the house
[14:31:26] stuartm: Myth_noob: "echo lirc > /sys/class/rc/rc0/protocols"
[14:31:45] stuartm: most distros have broken lirc packages, and are being very slow to fix them
[14:32:10] stuartm: may also be "echo lirc > /sys/class/rc/rc1/protocols"
[14:32:26] stuartm: just change the rc node number until it works
[14:34:01] Myth_noob: stuartm: sorry, i'm not with you on the echo command
[14:34:52] stuartm: run it
[14:35:03] Myth_noob: mp sicj fo;e pr dorectpru
[14:35:10] Myth_noob: no such file or directory
[14:35:10] stuartm: switches the remote from keyboard to lirc mode
[14:35:45] stuartm: ls /sys/class/rc
[14:35:57] Myth_noob: rc0
[14:36:08] stuartm: ls /sys/class/rc/rc0
[14:36:30] Myth_noob: device input10 power protocols subsystem uevent
[14:36:45] stuartm: so this _should_ work – "echo lirc > /sys/class/rc/rc0/protocols"
[14:37:07] Myth_noob: "echo lirc > /sys/class/rc/rc0/protocols"
[14:37:08] Myth_noob: bash: echo lirc > /sys/class/rc/rc0/protocols: No such file or directory
[14:37:22] stuartm: Myth_noob: sorry, needs to be run as root
[14:37:37] Myth_noob: i did sudo su some time ago. i have # at the end of the command prompt
[14:37:52] stuartm: cat /sys/class/rc/rc0/protocols
[14:38:18] Myth_noob: Myth:/home# cat/sys/class/rc/rc0/protocols
[14:38:18] Myth_noob: bash: cat/sys/class/rc/rc0/protocols: No such file or directory
[14:38:36] Jay2k1: err
[14:38:40] Jay2k1: you forgot a space there
[14:40:31] Myth_noob: i was trying to show that i was root. i still get the same thing :s
[14:40:44] stuartm: that's one strange problem you've got there
[14:40:50] devinheitmueller (devinheitmueller! has joined #mythtv-users
[14:40:54] stuartm: ls shows it does exist
[14:40:57] Myth_noob: straight after the prompt i'm typing cat/sys/class/rc/rc0/protocols
[14:41:08] Jay2k1: with a space after cat?
[14:41:08] kjj: space between cat and /
[14:41:13] Myth_noob: no
[14:41:24] Jay2k1: that explains
[14:41:45] Myth_noob: sorry – clue's in the name!
[14:41:47] Myth_noob: [rc-5] nec rc-6
[14:42:05] stuartm: hmm, would seem you're not running lirc?
[14:42:20] Jay2k1: i changed the motherboard of my htpc yesterday to an asus E35M1-M pro. it appears to be quite recent, it has UEFI and USB3. i have two PCI DVB cards. this new board doesn't have wake on LAN in the bios settings but does have wake on PME instead
[14:42:23] Myth_noob: i may have disabled it when trying to get it running using ir-keytable
[14:42:36] Myth_noob: how do i restart lirc?
[14:42:48] stuartm: which distro?
[14:42:54] Myth_noob: mythbuntu
[14:43:02] stuartm: service lircd restart
[14:43:12] Jay2k1: problem is, apparently something, i guess one of the tv cards, are doing something that causes the board to power on immediately after powering off the machine when the PME wake is enabled – but when it is disabled, wake on lan does not work anymore
[14:43:16] Jay2k1: anything i can do?
[14:43:35] Myth_noob: lircd: unrecognized service
[14:43:59] stuartm: anyone using ubuntu want to help out here?
[14:44:16] Myth_noob: sorry guys. and thanks for your efforts so far stuartm
[14:44:18] kjj: maybe try: apt-get install lirc ?
[14:44:37] Myth_noob: lirc is already the newest version.
[14:44:37] Myth_noob: The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:
[14:44:37] Myth_noob: linux-headers-3.2.0-52-generic linux-headers-3.2.0–52
[14:44:37] Myth_noob: Use 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them.
[14:44:58] kjj: sec, let me turn my mythbuntu box on
[14:45:03] Myth_noob: thank you kjj
[14:45:43] Easy_Rider9999 (Easy_Rider9999! has joined #mythtv-users
[14:48:04] kjj: service lirc start
[14:48:30] Myth_noob: * Starting remote control daemon(s) : LIRC [ OK ]
[14:48:30] Myth_noob: lircd: there seems to already be a lircd process with pid 6599
[14:48:30] Myth_noob: lircd: otherwise delete stale lockfile /var/run/lirc/
[14:48:50] stuartm: rm /var/run/lirc/
[14:48:56] stuartm: then try again
[14:49:10] Myth_noob: * Starting remote control daemon(s) : LIRC [ OK ]
[14:49:21] stuartm: cat /sys/class/rc/rc0/protocols
[14:49:37] Myth_noob: [rc-5] nec rc-6
[14:49:59] stuartm: hmm, guess lirc isn't configured to load the right driver
[14:50:25] Myth_noob: here was me thinking it was the flux capacitor :s
[14:51:33] stuartm: I don't know which lirc driver is required for that card :/
[14:51:44] Myth_noob: how would i find out?
[14:52:03] stuartm: mythbuntu-control-center should set up most cards without too much trouble iirc
[14:52:10] gregL (gregL! has joined #mythtv-users
[14:52:50] Myth_noob: some of the buttons on the remote work. up, down, numbers etc
[14:53:00] Myth_noob: they show in ir-keytable but not in iwr
[14:53:03] Myth_noob: or is it irw
[14:53:31] brfransen (brfransen!~brfransen@ has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[14:53:32] Myth_noob: crucially the OK button doesn't
[14:53:37] stuartm: yeah, that's because it's currently operating in native input aka 'keyboard' mode, but X11 only handles half the keys in native mode
[14:53:50] stuartm: that's why you need to get lirc working instead
[14:54:48] Myth_noob: i've read (and not understood) guides that let you change what the buttons are "signalled" as?
[14:54:53] stuartm: you could blame X11 but it is 22 years old, it wasn't designed for the modern computer
[14:55:20] Myth_noob: i'd rather blame Canada
[14:55:29] stuartm: Myth_noob: have you tried the remote configuration wizard in mythbuntu-control-center?
[14:55:41] brfransen (brfransen!~brfransen@ has joined #mythtv-users
[14:55:41] Myth_noob: no, how does one go about doing so?
[14:55:52] stuartm: run 'mythbuntu-control-center'
[14:56:01] Myth_noob: yup
[14:56:31] stuartm: one of the tabs, can't recall which, has the option to setup your remote control
[14:56:39] Myth_noob: infrared. amm on that
[14:56:54] Myth_noob: enable remote is selected
[14:57:15] stuartm: tgm4883: ^^
[14:57:16] Myth_noob: under that there is two tick boxes – generate dynamic button mapping and generate frontend restart mapping (power followed by clear)
[14:57:50] Myth_noob: enable an IR transmitter is ticked with transmitter: command IR: Direct tv receiver selected.
[14:58:21] stuartm: superm1: ^^
[15:03:02] kjj: my audio sync problems continue, if anyone has insight into sync
[15:04:48] kjj: for those of you following my saga, playback is perfect in vlc, eliminating downstream (the TV) as a possible problem
[15:04:58] stuartm: kjj: during playback press Menu, Select 'Audio', 'Adjust Audio Sync' – make sure it's at "0ms"
[15:05:22] kjj: stuartm: on some programs, it works at zero. in others, I need to crank it up to about 2300
[15:05:40] kjj: and by programs, I mean recordings
[15:06:12] kjj: only seems to happen when the recording has AC3, but not all AC3 does it
[15:06:45] stuartm: well, that sounds like a bug then, file a report and provide a sample, a couple of minutes worth should be enough
[15:06:58] stuartm: what's the source?
[15:07:03] kjj: the recording itself is fine. plays fine in VLC, plays fine streamed to windows
[15:07:08] kjj: the problem is in playback only
[15:08:42] stuartm: kjj: as I said, it sounds like a bug, but it can only be fixed if we have a sample so it can be reproduced
[15:09:25] stuartm: knowing the source is also important since it we've had no other reports of this issue
[15:09:48] kjj: it happens on recording from both my HDPVR and my 2250
[15:10:29] kjj: sec, going to mount my archive on the frontend, see if it happens on recordings archived from my old PVR
[15:10:30] stuartm: ok, that's less likely to be a bug then ...
[15:10:46] stuartm: is pulseaudio enabled?
[15:11:55] kjj: yes on one, no on the other
[15:12:10] kjj: sec, let me power up the slackware box to make sure it doesn't have pulse on
[15:12:38] stuartm: pulseaudio is a steaming pile, it's been known to cause these sorts of issues
[15:13:44] kjj: the slackware box doesn't have pulse installed
[15:15:08] stuartm: you see the same problem on both machines?
[15:15:32] kjj: yup
[15:15:46] stuartm: ok, that should be impossible
[15:15:53] kjj: one thing they have in common is the Nvidia 610
[15:16:05] stuartm: hdmi audio?
[15:16:09] kjj: happens on both hdmi out and regular stereo out
[15:16:28] stuartm: the 2250 recordings, ATSC?
[15:16:37] kjj: clear QAM
[15:16:56] stuartm: which version of MythTV?
[15:17:08] kjj: 0.27
[15:17:26] stuartm: latest fixes?
[15:17:38] kjj: on the slackware boxes, built from the slackbuild which grabs 0.27-fixes, yes
[15:17:52] kjj: presumably the mythbuntu box is also current-ish
[15:19:15] stuartm: the problem you're describing is beyond explanation, thousands of users have the HD-PVR or the 2250 including several developers, none have reported issues with audio sync
[15:19:46] kjj: I know, right? I was hoping there was some simple setup step in the frontend that I was missing
[15:19:51] stuartm: besides which recordings from each are entirely different, different codecs, one is encoded locally and the other at source
[15:20:43] stuartm: the only configuration issues I can think of which might cause something like that are the ones I've already mentioned – the audio sync setting and the use of pulseaudio
[15:21:35] stuartm: there is an option (disabled by default) to enable additional audio buffering, that has caused some problems in the past if it's enabled where it wasn't required
[15:21:41] devinheitmueller: It's really hard for recordings themselves to have A/V sync issues with those devices, since it's all done in hardware. Make a recording, save it off to a ts file and try playing it in VLC.
[15:22:03] devinheitmueller: This is almost certainly a playback issue, not a recording issue.
[15:22:52] stuartm: devinheitmueller: exactly, could have been a pts/dts issue but not for two completely different sources (encoder vs tuner)
[15:23:43] devinheitmueller: Highly unlikely, especially with ClearQAM on the 2250 where the stream originates from the MSO unmodified.
[15:23:47] stuartm: and I don't think it's a bug in MythTV, so that leaves some local configuration issue
[15:25:19] stuartm: devinheitmueller: happens though, there are enough broadcasters, especially cable in the US who have faulty or mis-configured equipment
[15:25:35] devinheitmueller: Yeah, that's why I suggested playing it back in VLC or mplayer. If the A/V sync problem still happens, then you know definitively it's not MythTV. That said, you cannot guarantee the converse – if it does play back correctly then it could be a system issue, but it could also be a Myth issue.
[15:25:36] stuartm: but as I said, unlikely to be the case here anyway
[15:25:57] stuartm: devinheitmueller: he's said that they play back fine in vlc
[15:25:58] kjj: they play fine in vlc
[15:26:07] devinheitmueller: Ah, ok.
[15:26:26] devinheitmueller: Then I'm glad I put in the disclaimer that it could still be a system issue even if they play back fine in VLC.
[15:26:27] stuartm: but that wouldn't have ruled out MythTV improperly handling a specific timestamp issue
[15:26:28] devinheitmueller: :-)
[15:27:16] stuartm: except that the output of the HD-PVR should be consistent for all HD-PVR users and no-one else is experiencing the issue, hence it's configuration/system related somehow
[15:27:17] kjj: I'm going to mark a couple of QAM shows for recording. so far almost all of my recording has been HDPVR, but it shows up watching live TV too
[15:27:21] devinheitmueller: Could also be some sort of VDPAU issue – given the hoops you have to jump through to get VLC to use VDPAU.
[15:27:45] stuartm: devinheitmueller: didn't think of that
[15:27:56] kjj: I switched myth to different decoders and overlays, none seemed to have fixed the problem
[15:28:10] devinheitmueller: stuartm: unfortunately, that is not true – the HD-PVR output could be inconsistent depending on the source plugged into the HD-PVR. In fact there is a history of problems when using optical audio.
[15:29:00] stuartm: devinheitmueller: thought I was making a pretty safe assumption :) Interesting ...
[15:29:13] devinheitmueller: if somebody actually wanted to investigate, it might make sense to throw a recording up on dropbox for somebody else to try. That would tell you whether it's a MythTV issue or some environmental issue (based on whether it plays back fine in somebody else's environment)
[15:29:29] stuartm: yeah, I suggested that earlier
[15:29:43] kjj: can I just use dd to truncate a recording?
[15:29:53] devinheitmueller: stuartm: unfortunately, the internal encoder on the HD-PVR is garbage. It handles very poorly cases such as audio dropout or resolution changes.
[15:30:54] devinheitmueller: The encoder chip was designed for digital cameras, so because it would normally be tied directly to a CCD, you would never have edge cases like signal dropout or resolution changes.
[15:31:01] kjj: I have a pretty fast connection. I'd be willing to give you guys a link if you'd like to try it
[15:31:31] devinheitmueller: kjj: Are the recordings out of sync even from the very beginning, or does it drift out of sync over time?
[15:31:39] kjj: right from the start
[15:31:56] devinheitmueller: How far is it out of sync? Half a second? Ten seconds?
[15:32:17] kjj: ~2.3 seconds
[15:32:32] stuartm: kjj: dd will work just fine, recordings use an mpeg-ts container, can chop as much as you like from the start/end without affecting it
[15:32:35] devinheitmueller: What is the audio and video output type? HDMI? Optical? L/R stereo?
[15:32:35] kjj: audio ahead of video
[15:32:57] stuartm: audio ahead?, as in you hear things before seeing them?
[15:33:07] kjj: what's a good sample size? 200 MB?
[15:34:24] stuartm: that should be ok
[15:37:02] kjj: ok. who wants the link?
[15:38:32] devinheitmueller: Not me. I don't even run MythTV.  ;-)
[15:38:45] devinheitmueller: I just lurk for the entertainment value.
[15:41:34] stuartm: kjj: downloading
[15:42:06] kjj: there is dialog a couple of seconds into that clip
[15:42:31] superm1: Myth_noob: did you get it working with MCC>
[15:45:29] Korny: kjj: do you have upconversion enabled in mthtv for audio?
[15:46:23] kjj: I want to say I've tried it both ways. on the slackware box right now, it is not on
[15:47:04] zombor (zombor!~zombor__@kohana/developer/zombor) has joined #mythtv-users
[15:49:39] kjj: on the 'buntu box, it IS on. same thing on both of them
[15:58:36] stuartm: kjj: sync is off here too, I wasn't expecting that
[16:00:11] kjj: hmm.
[16:00:18] stuartm: kjj: can you open a ticket at ?
[16:00:35] kjj: does it play right in vlc on your end?
[16:00:39] stuartm: I'll speak to some other devs and we'll see if we can figure out what's going wrong
[16:00:55] stuartm: yeah, vlc plays it fine, except there's a period at the beginning with no video
[16:01:22] kjj: that may be the channel changing. I might not have enough pause in my script
[16:01:58] kjj: wait, I wonder if that might be it
[16:03:27] kjj: hmm, that wouldn't explain the QAM though
[16:04:49] stuartm: nope
[16:05:09] stuartm: fwiw, it's proper name is 256QAM – QAM is something different
[16:05:20] stuartm: although that mistake is widely repeated
[16:05:58] kjj: hmm. I changed my script to sleep for 10 seconds instead of just 5, and started recording a program already in progress. same problem, so that's not it
[16:06:27] stuartm: and 256QAM is not the same as QAM 256 ... darn US cable engineers, confusing people with their terminology
[16:08:18] kjj: do you know a good place where I can stash that sample? I don't want to be handing out a link to my home box on a public ticket system
[16:10:59] Korny: drop box?
[16:11:10] stuartm: ?
[16:11:28] gregg4567 (gregg4567! has left #mythtv-users ()
[16:12:18] kjj: heh. how big of an attachment will the system take?
[16:12:31] stuartm: 5MB iirc :)
[16:12:43] Korny: dropbox
[16:13:36] Korny:
[16:14:35] kjj: I just hate signing up for stuff
[16:14:41] ikevin (ikevin! has joined #mythtv-users
[16:14:48] ikevin: hi
[16:15:13] FabriceMG (FabriceMG! has joined #mythtv-users
[16:16:22] stuartm: kjj: so do I, but sometimes it's inevitable – but when I can I use a throwaway email address and don't give my real details
[16:16:28] ikevin: i've upgraded myth from 0.26 to 0.27, and i've a problem with video, they are very very speed, with livetv, video is paused for ~5s and play speed, the sound is ok
[16:17:19] stuartm: fast is the word you are looking for
[16:19:36] kjj: ok, dropbox is out. wants to install some crap on my computer
[16:21:24] [R] ([R]!~rbox@unaffiliated/rbox) has joined #mythtv-users
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[16:23:38] ikevin: lol stuartm, thx :)
[16:24:24] kjj: found the web interface
[16:24:34] ikevin: after an upgrade, do i need to reset the sql database?
[16:25:33] Easy_Rider9999 (Easy_Rider9999! has joined #mythtv-users
[16:25:41] kisak: ikevin: I never have
[16:26:15] NightMonkey (NightMonkey! has joined #mythtv-users
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[16:26:22] kisak: unless you mean a mysql upgrade
[16:26:31] ikevin: i've lot of issue while i've upgraded
[16:26:57] ikevin: i've made the database upgrade while myth asked me
[16:49:55] kjj: stuartm:
[17:00:18] devinheitmueller (devinheitmueller! has quit (Quit: devinheitmueller)
[17:02:26] stuartm: thanks
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[17:51:59] croccydile: Is this normal? 2.5 GiB + 626.5 KiB = 2.5 GiB mythbackend [updated]
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[19:46:21] lautriv: i installed a new frontend with 0.27 and the normal play-speed is faster than normal, sound is normal (behind the picture ) what can i do ?
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[20:14:53] lautriv: nobody ?
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[20:37:10] afpup: lautriv: nouveau driver?
[20:38:01] lautriv: afpup, indeed but only affects live-streams. seems the recordings are normal (so far)
[20:39:14] afpup: Don't know what to suggest, have you looked at
[20:43:19] devinheitmueller (devinheitmueller! has joined #mythtv-users
[20:46:54] lautriv: afpup, will check that but still strange on a new install.
[20:54:13] [R] ([R]!~rbox@unaffiliated/rbox) has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[21:01:12] sheptard: 06+'~+;
[21:01:21] sheptard: œž5~žœ5~k›okAHH6~ ┌──────&ac irc;”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â ;”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â” €â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€& acirc;”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€&aci rc;”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â ”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â” ───────&a circ;”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€â”€&acir c;”€â”€â”€â
[21:03:37] AndyCap: O_o
[21:03:50] Jinxor (Jinxor!~Jinx@ has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[21:05:42] lautriv: hmmm, cat ate keyboard ?
[21:13:08] sheptard: sorry, baby at the keyboard
[21:18:18] ** croccydile was working on repairing keyboards here **
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[21:44:19] NightMonkey (NightMonkey!~NightrMon@pdpc/supporter/professional/nightmonkey) has joined #mythtv-users
[21:49:56] afpup: @sheptard: lol, been there... had one send an email to *all* my contacts once back in the 80's
[21:56:17] B34N (B34N! has joined #mythtv-users
[22:04:40] B34N: I was successfully using an HDHR Prime with cable card to get encrypted limited basic "copy freely" channels for the last month. I got it because Comcast encryped 1/2 of my limited basic channels.
[22:05:27] B34N: Now comcast has encrypted the rest and I have no channels. Can anyone advise if I need to do something on the HDHR or SD?
[22:06:44] Korny: do you have a cablecard?
[22:07:28] B34N: Korny: yes, it is activated and was decrypting channels previously.
[22:09:01] Jinxor (Jinxor!~Jinx@ has joined #mythtv-users
[22:09:47] Korny: if they are truely copy once or never flagged you are out of luck. But are you sure its activated? Because my cablecard even when not activated i still got some channels
[22:10:23] Korny: what happens when you use hd homerun software?
[22:11:49] B34N: Korny: Yes, I am sure it was activated. I only got the unencrypted using the HDHR Prime before cable card activation, but got encrypted after activation. I'll try the HDHR software again. I suspect that I need to do a channel detection again.
[22:13:12] Korny: Is it all your channels?
[22:13:30] DavidBrooke (DavidBrooke! has joined #mythtv-users
[22:13:39] Korny: I heard comcast was moving some channels around
[22:14:01] Korny: mines been stable as can be
[22:14:50] B34N: Korny: yes, and now after doing detect channels I have nothing. I guess it's a comcast issue. Maybe they need me to reactivate it again. Thanks for your time
[22:15:02] devinheitmueller (devinheitmueller! has joined #mythtv-users
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[22:16:20] jr3us: Greetings! If a channel loses lock on HDHR3US, how long will the recorder go with out a signal before it stops trying to record?
[22:33:09] justinh: Oh. In the north east I should be able to get BBC FOUR HD
[22:35:26] justinh: should be able to here in Mankyland too. heh
[22:36:00] [R] ([R]!~rbox@unaffiliated/rbox) has joined #mythtv-users
[22:38:20] MartinT: can anyone think of a phone model that might be cheap to pick up on eBay... restrictions are... Dual/Quad core, <£60, preferably android but would consider Windows, reputable make (LG, Samsung, Nokia, etc.)
[22:47:52] zombor (zombor!~zombor__@kohana/developer/zombor) has joined #mythtv-users
[22:50:00] doev (doev! has quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
[22:50:15] B34N: Korny: Looks like Comcast removed all of the channels from my cable card tuner. With luck it'll work after redetecting the channels.
[22:56:31] Steve-Goodey (Steve-Goodey! has joined #mythtv-users
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