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Friday, February 17th, 2012, 00:02 UTC
[00:02:26] Roklobsta: wtf do you mean stable? does osx crash?
[00:02:32] Roklobsta: in 2011/2012?
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[00:03:50] kormoc: Everything crashes sometimes
[00:04:10] ertyu-m: mine does sometimes, but I think its a hardware cause
[00:05:50] Roklobsta: i would have though a crash of OSX on the limited range apple designed hardware would be nonexistant.
[00:06:16] Roklobsta: by limite draneg the os and drivers don't have to accomodate too many strains of hardware and devies.
[00:06:35] kormoc: Developers make mistakes
[00:06:37] kormoc: it happens
[00:06:50] kormoc: it's rarer then on Windows, but it does happen
[00:07:23] ertyu-m: by hardware, I mean there is a fault in the hardware making it operate incorrectly
[00:07:43] Roklobsta: any critiques of using something like vs Xcode?
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[00:09:14] ertyu-m: I'd only consider an alternate if you had a legacy of existing code
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[00:33:00] russell5: so my firewire connection use to work awesome. Now it gives me a lot of trouble when trying to capture video. I did move and get a newer cable box could that be it.
[00:33:19] russell5: its a via chipset firewire card and heard theres a lot of trouble with those
[00:34:31] Roklobsta: how does mythtv effect a channel change in a firewire STB? a command on FW or farting about with the IRblaster and LIRC?
[00:35:12] Roklobsta: can you get more than one video stream or channel on a firewire STB?
[00:35:18] ertyu-m: command on firewire
[00:35:34] kormoc: Well, firewire supports channel changing commands, but if you wanted to, you could use a ir blaster
[00:35:46] kormoc: and no, firewire is a single stream per connection
[00:36:26] Roklobsta: that kinda sucks. i do really enjoy having 4 independant DVB tuners in my mytbox.
[00:37:48] ertyu-m: the cable box wold need the multiple tuners in the first place
[00:38:17] Roklobsta: ah, so it's not an mpeg stream, it's actual video?
[00:38:28] kormoc: it is a mpeg-2 stream
[00:38:39] kormoc: not a multiplexed stream
[00:38:43] Roklobsta: gotcha
[00:39:10] ertyu-m: I'm pretty amazed it even has a firewire port...and it works
[00:39:26] Roklobsta: i'm not familliar with STB's here in .au as paytv sucks badly.
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[01:36:06] markcerv: I think this got talked about last night, but for any of you Cable Card people, the HD Homerun Prime is on-sale at amazon for only $169.99 right now.
[01:37:19] markcerv: I bought it 11 days ago. Asked customer service via chat for a price adjustment. They wouldn't. [remember years ago when the DID do that?]. So I'm returning the $199 one, and bought the $169 one.
[01:45:10] wagnerrp: sphery: i think the canadians are actually giving you floridians a run for your money in this one....
[01:46:30] wagnerrp:
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[01:53:33] defaultro: hey folks, what's the latest on MythTV?
[01:53:49] Beirdo: time to go home and debug
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[01:54:04] wagnerrp: looks like the latest would be... 69a371859
[01:54:25] Beirdo: hehe
[01:54:26] Beirdo: nice
[01:55:39] defaultro: are there alternatives to hd-pvr?
[01:55:54] wagnerrp: depends, who is your tv provider?
[01:56:11] defaultro: Uverse
[01:56:18] wagnerrp: nooooooope
[01:56:23] defaultro: k
[01:56:51] wagnerrp: well, you could get one of the "SDPVR" IVTV cards
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[02:16:13] toad_: I can pick up 3 muxes fine, and 3 not at all. they all show up in scanning but don't tune – no EIT, can't use it manually. there is clear signal on the 3 i can get. the ones i can't get are all 1000MW and 3/4 FEC. I'm using an old hauppage USB stick. is it likely it's a signal strength issue (shouldn't be), or a driver issue, or something else?
[02:16:46] toad_: hmmm, in fact, i can rule out signal strength
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[02:18:22] toad_: i think the HD is just out of range ...
[02:18:50] wagnerrp: youve got a local TV station operating at 1000MW transmit power?
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[02:19:39] toad_: hmmm good point :)
[02:19:49] toad_: 1000W vs 2000W
[02:19:56] wagnerrp: for when you absolutely, positively, need to reach Alpha Centauri
[02:20:07] toad_: I can't get the HD mux which is 2000W and is 2/3
[02:20:18] toad_: i can't get any of the others which are 1000W and 3/4
[02:20:29] toad_: it looks suspiciously like a hardware limitation
[02:21:04] toad_: like not supporting 3/4 encoding ... maybe in the drivers ...
[02:21:35] toad_: it's since switchover so i initially thought the frequencies might be wrong, but that's not it, because it finds the muxes at the right frequency, and even gets a channel list
[02:21:58] toad_: but no EIT and can't watch it manually
[02:24:04] wagnerrp: Beirdo: is closing stdout/stderr on a running process proper?
[02:24:28] wagnerrp: seems like the next time it would try to write anything to it
[02:24:40] wagnerrp: the write would fault, and the process would terminate
[02:25:41] Beirdo: it's proper
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[02:25:57] Beirdo: that's what you do when you daemonize completely
[02:26:37] Beirdo: if we get a bug report, it will get fixed fast
[02:26:38] Beirdo: :)
[02:26:54] Beirdo: GOD I love git.
[02:27:07] Beirdo: did a periodic merge of master into gpu-commflag...
[02:27:21] Beirdo: 6 weeks of changes merged in 2s, no conflicts
[02:27:23] Beirdo: thank you!
[02:27:55] wagnerrp: well no... you usually redirect them to /dev/null
[02:28:07] wagnerrp: at least thats what ive always done
[02:28:21] clever: Beirdo: ive found it usualy merges without a problem, aslong as your changes dont occur within ~5 lines of any merged change
[02:29:23] Beirdo: wagnerrp: sure, in scripting languages
[02:29:35] Beirdo: in C, you just close them, last I checked.
[02:29:40] Beirdo: if not, I'll fix it
[02:29:55] Beirdo: but first, I gotta go home
[02:29:56] wagnerrp: well 10347 is reporting an error
[02:29:59] Beirdo: heh
[02:30:09] wagnerrp: some script is erroring out with code 1
[02:30:37] wagnerrp: im sure its fine in C as long as you never write out to the terminal
[02:30:43] Beirdo: then they can fix their script
[02:31:06] Beirdo: without at least a copy of the script there is NO way to determine the issue there
[02:31:17] wagnerrp: yeah, im about to ask him for it
[02:31:31] wagnerrp: cant seem to find anything about any script of that name on the internets
[02:31:43] Beirdo: I may need to redirect to /dev/null. I'll look back at it when I'm home, but without the script, that's not a bug in our code
[02:32:06] wagnerrp: well the script itself isnt supposed to daemonize
[02:32:21] wagnerrp: i assume its supposed to perform some checks, and return true if its possible to shut down
[02:32:22] Beirdo: yeah, but for all we know, it's trying to find a file that's not there
[02:32:39] Beirdo: it's impossible to say what's exiting with a 1 in that script
[02:33:16] Beirdo: it's likely I need to redirect, but the bug report as it stands shows nothing to indicate it :)
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[02:33:55] Beirdo: anyways, I'll look at it shortly, you are likely correct.
[02:34:00] Beirdo: Gotta go catch a bus
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[02:39:59] drac_boy: hi
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[03:03:56] ** toad_ found solution – look up the frequencies and then manually scan each frequency, specifying the FEC (but nothing else) if necessary **
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[03:10:35] Beirdo: kmcorbett: you didn't perhaps go to UW for Engineering, did ya?
[03:11:22] kmcorbett: Beirdo: not me, sorry
[03:11:50] Beirdo: dang :)
[03:12:07] Beirdo: didn't remember his middle name, but the rest fits
[03:12:34] kmcorbett: lol
[03:17:25] drac_boy: heh
[03:20:50] Beirdo: K, replied to the ticket
[03:21:10] Beirdo: nothing obvious there. Need to find out which of the if terms is failing
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[03:23:53] smoothifier: ok i have a hardware question. by mistake, i ordered quad channel ram, but my motherboard only supports dual channel. I've already had a few adventures in RMA with this build. Is this going to make a difference other than the extra 100 bucks I spent on it?
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[03:25:27] wagnerrp: there is no such thing as "quad channel ram"
[03:25:42] wagnerrp: one ram (stick) can only be connected to one channel
[03:25:57] wagnerrp: four ram sticks are nothing more than four sticks of ram
[03:26:04] Beirdo: if there is, it would be horridly expensive, I'm sure
[03:26:23] smoothifier: this was 189 for 2133 16 gB
[03:26:29] wagnerrp: oh wait, isnt that XDR2?
[03:26:39] smoothifier: the dual channel was about 90 bucks
[03:26:42] wagnerrp: 2133?
[03:26:50] wagnerrp: there are memory controllers that run that high?
[03:26:57] smoothifier: heeheh
[03:27:08] smoothifier: apparently
[03:27:16] smoothifier: that's what i'm clocked at
[03:27:23] wagnerrp: again, there is no such thing as dual channel memory
[03:27:41] smoothifier: so these have just been selected to work together
[03:27:43] wagnerrp: there are chipsets with one and two memory controllers
[03:27:47] smoothifier: as a set of 4
[03:27:54] wagnerrp: there are CPUs with one through four memory controllers
[03:27:55] smoothifier: but other than that they are just sticks of ram
[03:28:02] wagnerrp: but those are just sticks of memory
[03:28:06] Beirdo: there is dual channel SRAM, but in *DRAM? not likely
[03:28:17] wagnerrp: that may or may not have actually been "matched", regardless of how they were sold
[03:28:33] smoothifier: i'm kinda confused as to what i bought. i did my best and then found out i overspent
[03:28:49] smoothifier: but it's all running quite quickly
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[03:29:42] wagnerrp: at the moment, the only way to get four memory controllers is by buying server grade hardware
[03:30:01] smoothifier: i don't think i did that
[03:30:14] wagnerrp: dual socket Opteron or (Core 2) Xeon systems are quad channel
[03:30:32] wagnerrp: single processor magnycours and bulldozer systems are quad channel
[03:30:46] smoothifier: it's a p8z68 deluxe, gen3, if you're curious. it says it's a dual channel ram system
[03:30:54] smoothifier: (asus)
[03:31:08] wagnerrp: meaning its likely got four slots, for four sticks of memory
[03:31:24] smoothifier: right, that it does
[03:31:37] wagnerrp: however at 4GB sticks, and likely unregistered ones at that
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[03:31:53] smoothifier: i'm not sure about that
[03:31:54] wagnerrp: there is no way in hell youre going to get a sandy bridge memory bus up to 1066MHz
[03:32:13] smoothifier: i think i went overboard
[03:32:15] smoothifier: but oh well
[03:33:13] wagnerrp: Beirdo: looks like the new LGA2011 supports quad channel too
[03:33:20] wagnerrp: you know, the _real_ i7s?
[03:33:23] ** wagnerrp ducks **
[03:33:37] Beirdo: speak to the Intel logo!
[03:34:10] smoothifier: have a good night, guys. gonna go see what else i overspent on :)
[03:34:22] wagnerrp: smoothifier: hang on a bit
[03:34:31] smoothifier: sure okay
[03:34:54] wagnerrp: the sandy bridge memory controller is rated for 666MHz, double pumped (1333)
[03:35:04] wagnerrp: however, do you know what memory ranks are?
[03:35:23] smoothifier: no, i'm dangerously ignorant
[03:35:45] wagnerrp: simplistic answer, its the number of chips on the stick
[03:35:56] [R]: wagnerrp: THATS WHAT SHE SAID
[03:35:59] wagnerrp: single sided sticks might be one or two ranks, double sided might be two or four
[03:36:04] wagnerrp: or as many as eight
[03:36:22] wagnerrp: memory controllers are generally only rated at full speed for a certain number of ranks
[03:36:39] wagnerrp: stepping down in speed with higher numbers
[03:37:05] wagnerrp: so natively, your memory controller might want to run only 533MHz with what is likely 8-ranks per channel
[03:37:39] wagnerrp: you will be able to push that, but its very unlikely you will be able to double it without some radical power and cooling measures
[03:38:02] wagnerrp: but if nothing else... i would expect memory to not be the cause of any instability you might ever have
[03:38:04] smoothifier: yeah i don't have any peltier cooling in there :)
[03:38:13] wagnerrp: no, im talking cryogenics
[03:38:25] jya: sphery: are you there?
[03:38:52] wagnerrp: anyway, thats it
[03:39:04] wagnerrp: server memory is often "buffered" or "registered"
[03:39:16] wagnerrp: which helps lighten the load on the memory controller allowing faster operation
[03:39:43] wagnerrp: but in turn, adds additional chips, meaning additional cost and heat, and tends to increase latency a bit
[03:40:19] wagnerrp: thats why servers often run tens or even hundreds of GB of memory on a single channel, compared to desktops which are nearly always single digits
[03:40:20] jya: sphery: I have complete the upgrade of my mate's PC to ubuntu 10.04.. up to mythtv.. unfortunately, the schema upgrade is failing
[03:40:41] wagnerrp: mythtv... master?
[03:40:56] jya: 0.24-fixes
[03:41:19] wagnerrp: starting from a fresh database?
[03:41:27] jya: no from a 0.21 install
[03:41:27] jya: Unrecognized database schema version. Unable to upgrade database.
[03:41:32] jya: which is a worry
[03:41:35] wagnerrp: oh, i thought you were running 0.24 already
[03:41:52] jya: I installed a mythtv machine for a friend years ago
[03:42:01] jya: he dropped the machine this morning for me to upgrade it
[03:42:11] jya: he was running ubuntu 9.04 and 0.21
[03:42:26] wagnerrp: SELECT data FROM settings WHERE value LIKE "%schema%";
[03:42:32] wagnerrp: see what theyre all at currently
[03:43:02] wagnerrp: theres going to be as many as a dozen different values
[03:43:07] jya: I can see that he has done 1215, 1216, 1217
[03:43:09] wagnerrp: since all the plugins will use their own schemas
[03:43:31] jya: then now I get this unrecognised business
[03:44:04] smoothifier: thanks wagnerrp :) i have to get rolling. good luck putting out the fires :)
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[03:44:43] jya:
[03:44:56] jya: not looking good :)
[03:45:02] wagnerrp: well thats... odd...
[03:45:42] wagnerrp: oh
[03:45:52] wagnerrp: thats one of the upnp UDN
[03:45:58] wagnerrp: it gets stored in the database for some reason
[03:46:22] jya: I have made a big tar of the /var/lib/mysql folder before I upgraded linux
[03:46:40] jya: I'm just afraid to restore it as is as mysql has probable changed
[03:47:03] wagnerrp: looks like 1217 was the big UTF8 transition
[03:47:03] jya: is it okay you think to just restore the mysql as is ?
[03:47:47] wagnerrp: probably failed on some duplicate values that showed up in `people`, due to failed charset conversions
[03:48:06] wagnerrp: that was a big problem back then
[03:48:12] jya: sphery mentioned something like that, about removing something and restarting
[03:50:03] wagnerrp: ive never seen one where the schema value just disappears
[03:50:26] wagnerrp: but if 1217 was the last number stated, that would be the one it failed out
[03:50:32] wagnerrp: i wouldnt trust a binary backup
[03:51:06] wagnerrp: quick fix, set DBSchemaVer to 1216, truncate `people` and `credits`, and continue
[03:51:15] wagnerrp: but sphery will probably have a more proper solution
[03:52:11] wagnerrp: truncate `recordedcredits` as well, since that will be invalidated with no `people` to match up with
[03:52:38] jya: yeah, he said something like that
[03:52:54] wagnerrp: and then youre just stuck with no cast data for any prior recordings
[03:53:05] jya: when I upgraded mysql, it obviously started from that binary version
[03:53:24] jya: so it has known how to upgrade from the binary data
[03:53:40] wagnerrp: there is some mysql call to upgrade the database from previous versions
[03:53:44] wagnerrp: i dont know what it is off hand
[03:53:55] 16SAAQ7LU (16SAAQ7LU! has left #mythtv-users ()
[03:54:22] jya: actually, it's still the same mysql version since 9.04
[03:54:22] wagnerrp: but its only going to work if youre on the same architecture
[03:54:26] jya: mysql 5.1
[03:54:32] wagnerrp: i.e. 32-bit -> 64-bit just wont work
[03:54:34] jya: it just went from 5.1_5 to t.1_49
[03:54:45] jya: it is still a 32 bits install
[03:55:16] jya: right, I'm going to restore the mysql from the archive
[03:55:19] jya: and restart from ther
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[04:09:35] jya: I/m wondering if the issue could have happened because I upgraded three version of linux right after the other
[04:10:00] jya: so could be the case where it started to upgrade and dump the database, but in the mean time mysql was being upgraded
[04:22:03] jya: wagnerrp: yes.. that must have been it… I re-installed the whole DB, upgrading from 1216 to 1217 took a good 5 minutes, and then it went on the rest of the DB
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[05:09:57] sphery: jya: I'm back, now
[05:12:55] sphery: ah, just caught up with scrolldback and it seems it worked
[05:13:04] sphery: glad you got it figured out
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[05:51:41] k-man: in mythtv/libs/libmythui/mythrender_opengl.cpp in 24fixes it appears as though the ifdef Q_WS_MAC was left out
[05:52:15] k-man: which causes errors when compiling fixes .24 on OSX with qt 4.8.0
[05:52:32] k-man:
[05:52:39] k-man: there is my minute patch
[05:52:46] k-man: do you think i should raise a ticked for it?
[05:56:43] croppa (croppa! has joined #mythtv-users
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[08:18:25] wagnerrp: jams: i pushed a couple fixes towards smolt
[08:18:51] wagnerrp: i converted simplejson to json (i thought i already did that once), and added proper memory information grabbing in 3.x kernels
[08:19:27] wagnerrp: should be getting a lot more profiles coming through
[08:19:46] wagnerrp: i presume a lot of people running 0.25 are also running 3.x kernels, and as such were failing to update
[08:21:11] lewuerst (lewuerst! has joined #mythtv-users
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[08:28:01] wagnerrp: Beirdo: you still up?
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[08:39:01] Beirdo: yeah
[08:40:30] wagnerrp: nevermind, i just stuffed it in util.h
[08:40:45] wagnerrp: i was wondering whether this PRETTYIP() macro might belong in mythlogging.h
[08:41:09] Beirdo: util's a better spot IMHO
[08:44:05] wagnerrp: !seen bill6502
[08:44:05] MythLogBot: bill6502 was last seen 9 hours 41 minutes 49 seconds ago
[08:44:39] wagnerrp: i just realized, the whole reason for moving it was moot
[08:44:59] wagnerrp: since theres no reason to wrap an address in brackets if theres no port number to distinguish it from
[08:57:31] veehexx (veehexx!~quassel@ has joined #mythtv-users
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[09:30:11] FabriceMG: with exit option --rotate, i'ts possible to put this option in backuprc file?
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[10:25:24] EvilGuru: I use Gentoo with the MythTV overlay and the ebuild appears to be depending on "media-tv/linuxtv-dvb-headers" which nothing satisfies. What is the correct solution?
[10:27:13] toeb: check the mailinglist
[10:28:05] toeb: EvilGuru: or wait until the overlay is updated...
[10:28:28] EvilGuru: I can wait :)
[10:32:44] clever: EvilGuru: do you actualy need to use dvb?
[10:32:55] EvilGuru: Frontend only
[10:33:06] clever: might be able to turn a use flag off and skip that then
[10:33:24] clever: try USE='-dvb' emerge ...
[10:33:56] EvilGuru: There we go, thank you
[10:41:36] crak__ (crak__! has joined #mythtv-users
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[11:06:15] mike is now known as Guest48739
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[11:39:08] stuartm: does anyone know how artwork grabbing is supposed to work for recordings in the absence of season/episode data? I mean when it's a TV series but there simply isn't any season/episode information to work with? It doesn't seem to matter if I enter a tvdb id, without a season/episode the lookup always fails
[11:39:28] hipitihop (hipitihop!~denis@ has joined #mythtv-users
[11:40:40] ontae (ontae! has quit (Quit: leaving)
[11:43:56] stuartm: hmm, suspect it might just be broken for that case
[11:44:34] jya: stuartm: when I looked at the code, if 0,0 it assumed 1,1
[11:45:06] jya: the wiki does state to start with 1,1
[11:45:55] jya: did you upgrade very recently? iamlindoro fixed something related to picking in the list
[11:46:17] jya: and it also assume automatically that it is a TV series in the recording editor
[11:54:17] stuartm: lastest master, so whatever the issue it's not fixed yet
[11:56:10] stuartm: jya: even if I set it to 1,1 no matches are found (there is no season/episode data for this series on tvdb because there are no definable seasons and assiging episode numbers would be impossible because I've no idea how many episodes have aired, in what order)
[11:56:18] stuartm: I'd expect it to use the generic fanart/banner in that case, the grabber will return those if no season/episode args are used
[11:56:50] jya: stuartm: I see. that would explain why research failed several times on some once off TV show
[11:57:41] stuartm: e.g. "/usr/local/share/mythtv/metadata/Television/ -l en -D 256216" works "/usr/local/share/mythtv/metadata/Television/ -l en -D 256216 1 1" fails
[11:58:17] jya: That's something I wanted to look into. I thought of emailing iamlindoro directly, but he just doesn't answer any of my email, so it would be a waste. I'm guessing he has a special rule for all my email to go straight in the bin :P
[11:58:48] jya: stuartm: may be worth trying with 1 1 first, and if that fail try without
[11:58:51] jya: of vice-versa
[11:58:57] drac_boy (drac_boy! has joined #mythtv-users
[11:59:11] jya: if 0, 0 try without, if not found , try 1,1
[11:59:11] drac_boy: hi
[11:59:17] jya: i think this should work
[12:02:37] stuartm: for recording lookups I don't think it matters whether we grab the generic or season specific artwork, given a choice most people would want generic over nothing at all
[12:03:22] jya: that search is shared across multiple screen
[12:03:42] jya: there are times I think you want to do a search with episode #, and some you don't
[12:04:11] jya: from the wiki, I remember reading that it remembers what season you select for future recordings
[12:04:36] stuartm: yeah, that should be changed, so that you can adjust the behaviour according to whether it's a video/recording or even as I'd like to add, a DVD you've just put in the drive
[12:05:57] jya: . . . adata_Lookup
[12:06:03] jya: Make sure to set your recording rules to perform a Metadata Lookup in the postprocessing options screen. This will ensure that future recordings are all looked up, and assigned a season and episode number.
[12:06:26] jya: so this seems to me that if you set a season, future episode will use that season
[12:06:44] jya: so you can't just search with no season at all if 0,0
[12:07:20] jya: would be more like: if 0,0 and no previous recordings: search without season,episode, if not use previous season number
[12:08:00] jya: there is something particularly attracting about the girl in the screen capture :)
[12:09:52] stuartm: Yvonne Strahovski
[12:10:37] stuartm: or as Iamlindoro once said, "I remember her name by thinking of it as StaHOTski"
[12:11:16] crak__ (crak__! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[12:11:17] jya: that theme is poorly designed, the menu should be on the right :)
[12:25:33] Dave123-road (Dave123-road! has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)
[12:38:11] drindt (drindt! has joined #mythtv-users
[12:38:12] stuartm: I still think we need exceptions for series which have no seasons, the example I was refering to earlier is a weekly travel/documentary programme that's shown week in, week out, for I've no idea how long, there is very little information online about the episodes, let alone numbering them, revealing what date they started or how many there might be
[12:39:03] stuartm: the same applies to any magazine format or news show, they don't have defined seasons or a limited number of identifiable episodes
[12:39:13] emmanuelux (emmanuelux!~emmanuel@2a01:e35:2e4d:9010:21d:60ff:fe0e:b818) has joined #mythtv-users
[12:39:28] jya: I'm with you
[12:40:18] stuartm: metadata lookup can work for those, but not if we insist on having a season/episode before we request the data from tvdb – Of course, I'm not sure iamlindoro is going to agree :/
[12:40:27] emmanuelux (emmanuelux!~emmanuel@2a01:e35:2e4d:9010:21d:60ff:fe0e:b818) has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[12:41:06] jya: why would he disagree? there are plenty of TV shows where the concept of season, series make no sense
[12:41:11] jya: look at the news for example
[12:41:33] jya: image a season, say starting from the time the tv channel was created :)
[12:41:42] emmanuelux (emmanuelux!~emmanuel@2a01:e35:2e4d:9010:21d:60ff:fe0e:b818) has joined #mythtv-users
[12:41:46] jya: the longest running show ever
[12:44:34] stuartm: he thinks the whole metadata lookup thing is already pretty fragile and complicated, he's not going to like adding yet another case to handle
[12:44:47] stuartm: but he could suprise me
[12:44:51] stuartm: surprise
[12:45:28] jya: well, all I know is that with 0.24 and jamu, all my show had nice metadata.. now, of my last 15 recordings, only 3 recordings do
[12:45:50] jya: and unsurprisingly now, those are TV series.. I was wondering why they didn't.. now that make sense
[12:48:58] slysir (slysir! has joined #mythtv-users
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[12:54:28] drac_boy: btw its something I've known about for quite some time but never tried at all due to no compactible boards till now..have anyone else ever used coreboot?
[13:04:17] Dave123-road (Dave123-road! has joined #mythtv-users
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[13:06:08] stuartm: WOL is powering on my backend, but it's not booting :/
[13:06:24] stuartm: boots fine from a normal power on
[13:32:46] AndyUbuntu (AndyUbuntu! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
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[14:55:50] clever: stuartm: ive noticed that the bios on some of my systems can have a special boot-order for WOL
[14:56:38] clever: it could (for example) network boot when you use WOL, and then a server on the lan hijacks the pc and does weekly backup/re-image
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[16:28:48] stuartm: has anyone here got a Freesat TV or STB and would be able to take a photograph of ITV1 HD with subtitles enabled? I'm looking for an illustration of the rendered size because I'm convinced we're rendering them too large in MythTV
[16:30:09] kwmonroe (kwmonroe!~kwmonroe@ has quit (Quit: Coyote finally caught me)
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[16:34:57] RagingMind: font sizes in mythtv have always seemed a bit... odd
[16:42:57] hpeter (hpeter!~hpeter@ has joined #mythtv-users
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[17:56:24] FabriceMG: wagnerrp, master and slave is ok after restore db of tuesday, but now mythtv-setup don't work, open and close after 1s
[17:58:01] FabriceMG: he don't work on master and slave, I haven't time read the error in console, where is mythtv-setup log?
[18:03:54] wagnerrp: the console you ran it from
[18:05:06] davide (davide! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[18:05:27] davide (davide! has joined #mythtv-users
[18:06:26] FabriceMG: in console with mythtv-setup , he open 1 other console , and close
[18:06:48] FabriceMG: i haven't time to read on second console
[18:07:22] FabriceMG: same issue if a launch the shortcut in menu mythbuntu
[18:08:23] wagnerrp: then run mythtv-setup.real instead
[18:08:23] FabriceMG: MythTV Version : v0.25pre-4564-g1fc5ed1
[18:09:25] FabriceMG: 3 days without tv , my childrens watch in record !
[18:09:43] FabriceMG: ok, I test after
[18:10:08] kmcorbett (kmcorbett!~kmcorbett@ has joined #mythtv-users
[18:10:10] wagnerrp: i dont believe i made any changes that should prevent mythtv-setup from running
[18:10:57] wagnerrp: if your two backends are working fine, why would inability to start mythtv-setup prevent you from recording tv?
[18:12:39] kormoc (kormoc!~kormoc@mythtv/developer/kormoc) has joined #mythtv-users
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[18:12:56] spinull (spinull! has joined #mythtv-users
[18:13:03] FabriceMG: all work perfectly , recorder, record, live tv, only mythtv-setup don't work
[18:13:44] spinull: is the HDHR3–6CC-3X2 supported in mythtv, does it have any drawbacks?
[18:22:01] wagnerrp: spinull: supported in 0.24, supported much better in 0.25
[18:22:25] wagnerrp: spinull: note, the 6CC is really nothing more than 2 3CCs stuffed in a rackmount case with a shared power supply
[18:22:51] wagnerrp: having a real power supply rather than two wall warts is arguably worth it
[18:23:17] wagnerrp: but you could probably get by with a pair of 3CCs and a piece of wood for $100 less
[18:25:55] lewuerst (lewuerst!~androirc@ has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
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[19:13:51] trumee is now known as trumee_afk
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[19:19:13] spinull: wagnerrp: im trying to consolidate, i have 2 pchdtv-5500's and two hdpvr's, each requiring its own stb, and my provider uses cablecard stb's, so im debating selling the existing tuners and gettig the 6CC
[19:20:08] wagnerrp: note, you do need two cablecards and two network ports to run the 6CC
[19:20:15] wagnerrp: (it really is two 3CCs in a box)
[19:21:14] stuartm: sphery: maybe you can grok this for me – If opengl is detected as using Mesa, but DirectRender is 'yes', is it using hardware or software?
[19:22:50] spinull: wagnerrp: thats ok, they don't have hardware encoders do they?
[19:22:51] wagnerrp: 'directrender' is the DRM stuff... its pushing data directly into the graphics hardware, rather than being routed through something like AIGLX
[19:23:06] wagnerrp: spinull: no, its a digital tuner
[19:23:36] wagnerrp: stuartm: on the other hand, MESA is by definition software driven, so it doesnt make sense someone running MESA OpenGL would have directrender enabled
[19:25:33] jkfod (jkfod!~Greg_od@ has joined #mythtv-users
[19:27:06] stuartm: wagnerrp: yup, hence why I'm confused
[19:28:55] wagnerrp: oh, youre wondering in why bizarre case something can be MESA with direct rendering?
[19:29:52] justinh: jees. just took that moovida thing for a spin. holy user interface
[19:30:10] wagnerrp: bad?
[19:32:02] sphery: stuartm: some hardware implementations (Intel's, at least), have Mesa in the renderer string... what specifically are you seeing?
[19:33:35] stuartm: sphery: that will be it then – Mesa DRI Intel(r) something, something
[19:34:03] stuartm: like wagnerrp I assumed Mesa was strictly software
[19:34:14] sphery: yep... guess Mesa's implementation is the basis of Intel's drivers or something
[19:34:23] warped (warped!~piotro@ has joined #mythtv-users
[19:34:39] sphery: I was previously confused about the same, but Mark K mentioned Intel as an example of why we can't just block all Mesa
[19:35:05] warped: Hi *
[19:35:15] sphery: stuartm: FWIW, I have a fix for ... Just have to code it up.
[19:35:22] wagnerrp: fun fact, they've got vmware in the string so we cant block opengl on virtual machines either
[19:35:27] Cardoe (Cardoe!~Cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe) has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[19:35:38] sphery: (should be done today)
[19:36:02] warped: I have Q related to 0.25pre standby mode: is it possible to enter this mode on script level ?
[19:36:05] sphery: in theory, gl on VMs should be fine, assuming proper VM configuration
[19:36:27] sphery: i.e. otherwise, the rest of the OS's UI would be too slow to use
[19:37:25] wagnerrp: stuartm: shouldnt be difficult to add a hook into the services api and/or control socket for that purpose should it?
[19:37:40] sphery: warped: the plan is to eventually add a jump point for standby, which would allow you to use network control, for example
[19:37:47] sphery: when 0.25 comes out, it will likely be in there
[19:38:25] stuartm: wagnerrp: I'd guess not, but I don't know the services API at all, so I've no idea what would actually be involved
[19:39:24] sphery: I've never done anything with frontend services api, so not sure how fully featured that is
[19:39:38] sphery: but the jump point + network control would work well enough, at least for now
[19:40:11] [R] ([R]!~rbox@unaffiliated/rbox) has joined #mythtv-users
[19:40:17] stuartm: sphery: I'm upgrading my old netbook to 0.25 so I can see how well opengl performs there, unfortunately it crashes at startup so I have to fix that first but it does get as far as printing out the opengl info
[19:40:49] sphery: warped: you might be able to script it with network control and netcat by sending a jump point to main menu, then menu, then up/down/select to choose the option to standby
[19:41:34] IceD^ (IceD^!~iced@ has joined #mythtv-users
[19:41:39] sphery: stuartm: got logs of startup (at least until the crash) available?
[19:41:43] IceD^: maybe it's offtopic (as I'm not using mythtv myself), but I got pc connected via hdmi to 46" tv
[19:41:52] IceD^: and fonts there looks like sh*t
[19:42:36] IceD^: tv is bgr if that matters
[19:42:49] sphery: so this isn't mythtv?
[19:42:57] wagnerrp: bgr?
[19:43:06] sphery: I think he means Component
[19:43:12] sphery: though he said HDMI...
[19:43:13] IceD^: subpixels – bgr, not rgb
[19:44:04] wagnerrp: sounds like you need to talk to your distro and figure out how to fix your sub-pixel font rendering
[19:44:12] warped: sphery: yes – this is single idea I have currently. thx
[19:44:27] IceD^: no, not mythtv, my wife uses that to watch movies and do some work (also, she requested work environment like on laptop – with awesome, chromium, sakura etc)
[19:45:05] IceD^: wagnerrp, I know how turn them off, but they look bad. from all linux guys, I think only mythtv users/devs have enough xp with huuuge screens
[19:45:38] wagnerrp: usually were dealing with large fonts, and tvs far away
[19:45:53] wagnerrp: such that subpixel rendering becomes significantly less important
[19:46:28] warped (warped!~piotro@ has left #mythtv-users ()
[19:46:34] wagnerrp: TVs are simply not designed for anything that requires "fine detail"
[19:46:45] wagnerrp: as indicated by the fact that they _still_ perform overscan
[19:46:49] warped (warped!~piotro@ has joined #mythtv-users
[19:47:36] trumee_afk (trumee_afk! has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
[19:47:40] wagnerrp: and if youre doing overscan, such that you lose your 1:1 pixel mapping, there is not a single thing you can do in software on the computer side to improve quality
[20:02:12] trumee_afk (trumee_afk! has joined #mythtv-users
[20:02:13] trumee_afk is now known as trumee
[20:02:42] stoffel (stoffel! has joined #mythtv-users
[20:02:43] Mode for #mythtv-users by ChanServ!ChanServ@services. : +v stoffel
[20:04:47] justinh: wagnerrp: completely awful on intel video hardware ;-) But er.. as paradigms go, they've thrown the book away
[20:05:25] justinh: pity about the framework for playback being so conservative – fluendo etc
[20:05:35] justinh: so no dvd playback out of the box, etc
[20:06:04] SilverHawk (SilverHawk! has quit (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
[20:06:17] justinh: oo it's quite crashy too. lol
[20:07:22] [R]: if i have 3 shows on at the same time, myth has tried to find alternates for all 3 and faield right?
[20:07:29] [R]: (i only have 2 tuners)
[20:07:49] justinh: wow, that took some killing. heheheh. uninstall time
[20:07:51] sphery: depends on whether you told it to reschedule higher priority
[20:08:04] sphery: (and risk missing the good shows so that you get more of the less good shows)
[20:08:19] [R]: i dont think so
[20:08:20] sphery: and depends on whether you set the evil input and channel priorities
[20:08:42] sphery: if so, you may be telling it not to record the later showings but to record this one, in spite of conflict
[20:09:12] [R]: ok, i'll verify there are no alternates
[20:09:19] justinh: holy poop. it installed 200MB of stuff. what are they doing? packing it inside a VM? :-O
[20:09:23] sphery: frontend settings: Reschedule higher priorities: Move higher priority programs to other cards and showings when resolving conflicts. This can be used to record lower priority programs that would otherwise not be recorded, but risks missing a higher priority program if the schedule changes.
[20:09:45] sphery: in general recording settings
[20:09:59] [R]: yeah, thats not checked
[20:10:51] [R]: interesting, i just changed the rule for one of them from a channel to any channel
[20:10:55] [R]: and now its shifted the conflict onto that one
[20:11:01] [R]: cuz myth hates "any channel" rules
[20:11:05] justinh: soooo.. if you want 3D whizzbang UI experiences to browse all yer medias – umm... wait for mythtv to get a 3D interface I guess LOL
[20:12:42] justinh: [R]: it does? why so?
[20:12:53] sphery: this channel rules take precedence over any channel rules
[20:13:01] sphery: (given same priority)
[20:13:17] natanojl (natanojl! has joined #mythtv-users
[20:13:19] sphery: so if that's not what you want, change priority to actually, er, tell it what you want
[20:13:30] justinh: sometimes I'd give my right arm to have less options there
[20:13:35] sphery: MythReadUserMind class still needs some work
[20:13:44] [R]: no, tahts fine
[20:13:47] [R]: i understand it
[20:13:57] sphery: justinh: that's crazy talk... you can't ever remove an option
[20:13:57] [R]: its a lose-lose rightn ow
[20:14:16] justinh: sphery: gimme an option not to show them then :-)
[20:14:39] sphery: [R]: if there are 3 concurrent recordings with no other showings and only 2 tuners, then, yeah, not much you can do about it
[20:14:48] sphery: this is actually why I now have 6 physical tuners
[20:14:54] justinh: btw I totally gave up on adding a simple record button to the grid view in mythweb. I was way out of my depth there
[20:15:00] sphery: (because I got conflicts with only 4, so I got an HVR-2250)
[20:15:04] [R]: well atleast i've shifted the conflict onto the show that eventually it'll reair
[20:15:10] justinh: I hack php a little, but I mean only a little
[20:15:48] sphery: yeah, mythweb's framework is pretty nice, but requires you to come up to speed on the framework, itself, rather than just php
[20:15:50] [R]: sphery: once in a blue moon do i have a conflict like that... i need to ram up my 24/7 usage of myth, its only like 4–5 shows a day
[20:15:55] [R]: ramp*
[20:16:54] [R]: oh FFS
[20:16:57] [R]: they moved the night thsi show is on
[20:17:01] [R]: and now EVERY friday i have a conflcit
[20:17:09] [R]: why would they do that!? bastards
[20:17:25] justinh: you need... MOARTUNERZ
[20:17:35] [R]: lol
[20:18:07] justinh: that said, once in a blue moon even we run into conflicts with 3x DVB tuners set to record a max of 5 shows
[20:18:33] justinh: and that's even after the digital switchover put all the channels onto one less mux
[20:18:43] sphery: generally if they move a show to Friday, it's in preparation for their plan to cancel the show
[20:19:00] [R]: really? i thought undercover boss was good
[20:19:31] sphery: yeah, it's not bad for reality
[20:19:40] sphery: they may not cancel that one
[20:19:56] sphery: but it's definitely not one of their strongest-showing programs
[20:20:11] justinh: one day networks will realise it's all about the shows, not when they're on
[20:20:26] sphery: then again, they moved it from Sunday (which is another place networks hide shows that aren't super popular), so the move to Friday may not mean much
[20:20:30] justinh: we just need to re-program the masses to timeshift
[20:21:01] sphery: justinh: I only watch shows aired during primetime on Thursdays... Because there can't possibly be any good shows on at other times
[20:21:36] sphery: (Thursday night is the night that caused me to need more tuners--because all the networks put all their best shows on Thursday night, ever since Friends was huge on Thursday night)
[20:21:47] justinh: do the networks not answer to viewers? over here the BBC changed 'bedtime hour' on one of the kids' channels to three shows instead of two – with a newly narrated version of one of the original two. Viewers were in uproar. The NEXT NIGHT they went back to the old format
[20:22:30] sphery: "Friends was hugely popular. Friends was on Thursday night. Therefore, if I put my show on Thursday night, it will be hugely popular."
[20:22:35] justinh: by 'in uproar' I mean lots of people commented on the BBC's blog about the change
[20:22:37] sphery: can't dispute logic like that
[20:22:40] justinh: lol. simpletons
[20:23:06] justinh: Friends was four-star ****
[20:23:09] sphery: yeah, networks answer to their customers
[20:23:15] sphery: their customers are advertisers
[20:23:19] justinh: heheh
[20:23:23] sphery: we, the viewers, are the product
[20:23:37] sphery: this is TV in the USA
[20:23:38] FabriceMG: wagnerrp, mythtv-setup.real work perfectly, the bug is in mythbuntu and mythtv-setup
[20:23:41] justinh: I'm not even sure the commercial channels here are that bad
[20:28:44] jkfod (jkfod!~Greg_od@ has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:28:57] IceD^ (IceD^!~iced@ has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[20:30:18] justinh: hahaha maybe moovida looks slow as crap on everybody's system . . . =QE3eX8gJONA
[20:30:19] jkfod (jkfod!~Greg_od@ has joined #mythtv-users
[20:32:44] justinh: WHOAH
[20:34:06] devinheitmueller (devinheitmueller! has left #mythtv-users ()
[20:34:58] justinh: so basically that's a media centre app on top of a game engine
[20:36:17] justinh: 'designed to be used with a 5 button remote'. Meaning lots of long presses :-( Why can't everybody just get it right all the time? ;-)
[20:36:26] ** wagnerrp expects this commit to end badly **
[20:37:09] tank-man (tank-man! has joined #mythtv-users
[20:40:17] justinh: interesting concept anyway, that moovida UI. wouldn't fancy theming it lol
[20:55:30] k-man: what is the JSON lib that mythweather uses in master?
[20:55:37] k-man: i mean, how do i install it?
[20:55:52] wagnerrp: your distro's packages, or CPAN
[20:56:45] k-man: wagnerrp, i'm attempting to install on osx using brew, do any of these look like the one I'm after? json-c json-glib json_spirit jsonpp pdf2json qjson
[20:57:17] wagnerrp: its looking for a perl module
[20:57:23] wagnerrp: hence CPAN
[21:02:00] sphery: or some kind of perl-json module
[21:04:44] sphery: specifically, this is what you want:
[21:04:54] sphery: no clue what your distro calls it
[21:07:33] stoffel (stoffel! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[21:21:00] warped (warped!~piotro@ has quit (Quit: warped)
[21:24:31] spinull (spinull! has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[21:24:35] hpeter (hpeter! has joined #mythtv-users
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[21:25:38] devinheitmueller (devinheitmueller! has joined #mythtv-users
[21:31:12] GregL_ (GregL_! has joined #mythtv-users
[21:37:06] pmhahn (pmhahn!~pmhahn@2001:4dd0:ff00:8d31:219:dbff:fef2:e135) has joined #mythtv-users
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[21:41:59] bobgill (bobgill! has joined #mythtv-users
[21:53:28] FabriceMG (FabriceMG! has quit (Quit: Ex-Chat)
[21:54:09] k-man: wagnerrp, ah thanks
[22:05:22] trumee is now known as trumee_afk
[22:07:36] justinh: bloody evil crap. seems moovida also installed toolbars & other search engine cruft too
[22:07:47] justinh: they really can go die in a fire for that
[22:09:22] wagnerrp: why? isnt this supposed to be used on a computer hooked up to a TV? one where the user isnt likely to be using some desktop-oriented browser?
[22:10:02] wagnerrp: seems like using moovida, they wouldnt ever see those toolbars, if they even had the proper software installed in the first place
[22:13:41] [R] ([R]!~rbox@unaffiliated/rbox) has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[22:14:21] justinh: trying it on my desktop machine now. have to see that UI for myself properly
[22:15:26] justinh: lol. scanning a 'local' network share has made it very unresponsive
[22:16:12] wagnerrp: Samba or NFS?
[22:16:20] justinh: samba
[22:16:21] wagnerrp: s/Samba/CIFS/
[22:16:25] justinh: over gigabit
[22:16:27] pmhahn (pmhahn!~pmhahn@2001:4dd0:ff00:8d31:219:dbff:fef2:e135) has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[22:16:42] wagnerrp: mythtv has similar issues with CIFS
[22:16:46] wagnerrp: not sure what the cause is
[22:17:15] justinh: have to say, after restarting it, it's pretty darn quick at grabbing metadata
[22:17:39] wagnerrp: they probably have commercial contracts with someone like amazon for that content
[22:18:09] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has joined #mythtv-users
[22:18:54] wagnerrp: wow, they actually have a licensed DVD player for linux?
[22:19:00] wagnerrp: i never thought i would see the day....
[22:19:25] justinh: ugh. it still sucks ass on this machine
[22:19:39] justinh: this is a quad core AMD something or other
[22:19:46] justinh: with nvidia er.. something or other
[22:19:50] sphery: there have been licensed dvd players for GNU/Linux for years--just not available to the general public
[22:20:00] sphery: i.e. only available on closed systems
[22:20:18] sphery: justinh: you should try it on an Atom
[22:20:29] sphery: those are the perfect moovida frontend
[22:20:30] justinh: oh yeah Phenom II X4 3.2Ghz... with a Geforce 7025
[22:20:43] justinh: so it shouldn't be sucking this much
[22:21:00] justinh: man, that is AWFUL
[22:21:05] wagnerrp: except for the GF 7025
[22:21:08] sphery: that thing probably burns 95 or 125W... you need a 4W atom for real performance
[22:21:17] wagnerrp: if youre doing much in the way of OpenGL, it will be AWFUL
[22:21:23] justinh: wagnerrp: really?
[22:21:28] wagnerrp: oh yeah
[22:21:29] justinh: sucks as much as my laptop does
[22:21:34] sphery: isn't that about like a 6800?
[22:21:43] wagnerrp: 7025?
[22:21:59] wagnerrp: maybe a 6200
[22:22:20] justinh: I keep meaning to look into something better so I can do GPU rendering in my video editor
[22:22:26] justinh: wouldn
[22:22:39] justinh: wouldn't care, my backend has a 8400 doing nothing inside it
[22:22:39] sphery: that shouldn't be too bad for "simple" OpenGL (i.e. other than your gaming style GL)--unless it's using GL for video playback, in which case it will be awful
[22:22:52] zombor (zombor!~zombor_@kohana/developer/zombor) has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:23:06] wagnerrp: sphery: theyre using it for animation and image transforms
[22:23:29] justinh: yeah, I hadn't realised the onboard video was so bad lol
[22:23:37] wagnerrp: the 6200 in my parent's computer is likely ~2x as fast as that 7050
[22:23:46] wagnerrp: and trying to use Google Earth is _painful_
[22:23:48] justinh: oh well, I'll be in at home for the next 2 weeks pretty much
[22:24:02] justinh: so I can have something better delivered
[22:24:04] wagnerrp: thats barely 3d
[22:24:26] sphery: well, I was assuming more like MythTV's UI usage of GL
[22:24:38] sphery: guess they went all bling on theirs
[22:24:46] jkfod (jkfod!~Greg_od@ has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[22:25:00] wagnerrp: its a bit more complex than that, see the posted video
[22:25:09] justinh: haha the cheapest card at my local shed is now a GT210 with 1GB ram
[22:25:14] Guest48739 (Guest48739! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:25:41] justinh: sphery: the moovida UI is what I'd call the epitome of bling, so I was trying to see how useable it actually is
[22:26:02] mike|2 (mike|2! has joined #mythtv-users
[22:26:17] mike|2 (mike|2! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:26:38] sphery: fun... but since bling is way more important than functionality, I totally understand
[22:26:48] justinh: yeah, I think I'll be getting a GT210 very soon then. I'll actually be able to use my monitor with DVI then
[22:26:56] sphery: I learned that on the -users list
[22:27:21] justinh: sphery: I think it's WAY over the top.. but am interested to see how it plays
[22:27:43] justinh: the whole 'have to use a 5 button remote' thing would be a PITA
[22:27:57] justinh: 'to pull up a menu, hold down enter for a while'.. WHUT?!
[22:29:03] mike|2 (mike|2! has joined #mythtv-users
[22:29:10] justinh: hahaha. ebay... come back to planet Earth
[22:29:59] justinh: no way I'm paying more than my local PC shed prices, PLUS carriage
[22:32:13] sphery: libsamplerate really needs to be rewritten more sensibly
[22:32:21] kmcorbett (kmcorbett!~kmcorbett@ has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[22:32:26] sphery: 8MB of numeric constants is just annoying
[22:32:32] fleers (fleers! has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[22:33:36] fleers (fleers! has joined #mythtv-users
[22:36:15] justinh: heh. had to crank the resolution down & it was just about useable. it isn't really as bad as I thought it'd be
[22:36:41] justinh: totally unsuited to any scenario where you have TV to manage & watch though
[22:36:54] justinh: another one banking on everything being 'acquired'
[22:36:57] jya: the GT210 is not a very good card for mythtv purpose
[22:37:14] justinh: jya: it'd be for a windows desktop machine
[22:37:41] justinh: I do a bit of video editing & my editor can make use of CUDA/whatever
[22:37:54] sphery: jya: since 220 is getting hard to find, now, what's the preferred replacement?
[22:37:57] justinh: and I'll finally get a digital video out :)
[22:38:00] sphery: 430 or 520 or ?
[22:38:10] jya: the 430 is a better card than the 520
[22:38:18] sphery: cool, thanks
[22:38:21] jya: it does advanced 2X, the 520 doesn't
[22:38:33] sphery: I'm watching for sales and didn't know which to look for
[22:38:44] sphery: so none of the 5xx series is a good choice?
[22:38:52] jya: the 520 is more like the 210
[22:39:08] sphery: does 220 do advanced 2x?
[22:39:12] jya: sphery: no no, it's just the 520 is the low end
[22:39:15] justinh: a 430 is £45 as opposed to £34 for the 520
[22:39:30] sphery: ah, ok
[22:39:33] jya: like what the 9400 was to 9xxx, the 210 to 2xx, the 420 to 4xx etc..
[22:39:34] justinh: I dunno if I'd even appreciate 2x advanced deinterlacing anyway
[22:39:59] jya: 220 does 2x yes… but no HD audio
[22:40:01] justinh: I can't even remember which software deint I use now. seems pretty natural on my CRT display anyway
[22:40:13] jya: or more accurately, no HD audio bitstreaming
[22:40:34] justinh: that sucks. all it is, is just banging a port up & down
[22:40:40] sphery: ok, cool
[22:40:45] sphery: it's hard keeping it all straight
[22:40:45] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:40:52] jya: i'm yet to understand nvidia numbering scheme
[22:41:12] jya: so the 220 is fast enough, but the 520 isn't
[22:41:23] justinh: why doesn't everyone stick to 'bigger the number, the more betterer' ?
[22:41:47] jya: I can understand that the Nxx, N is the generation model
[22:41:52] sphery: seems newegg offers a GT520, GTX550 Ti, GTX560 (and 560 Ti with "normal" or 448 cores), GTX570, and GTX 580
[22:42:01] sphery: I'm guessing all but the 520 are expensive
[22:42:04] jya: sphery: the vdpau wiki is good there..
[22:42:10] justinh: if they're gonna do daft stuff like that they may aswell give them cute animal names instead
[22:42:12] jya: it list all the show
[22:42:19] sphery: after all, titanium sounds expensive
[22:42:32] jya: having said that, I'm using a 2010 mac mini as frontend. It has a 320M card.. no advanced 2X
[22:42:41] jya: but IMHO, this is the best frontend I've ever used
[22:42:44] cecil is now known as cesman
[22:42:49] justinh: jya: is there really *that* much of a difference?
[22:42:49] tweek__: that's what all mac users say
[22:42:54] cesman (cesman! has quit (Changing host)
[22:42:54] cesman (cesman!~cesman@pdpc/supporter/professional/cesman) has joined #mythtv-users
[22:43:05] jya: tweek__: it's running ubuntu
[22:43:39] jya: justinh: it depends on what you are watching… if you watch sports like basketball, with very fast movement.. then the difference is there…
[22:43:49] justinh: heh
[22:44:03] sphery: yeah, seems the vdpau wiki page has lots of information ( ), but I think that's the problem--I was too lazy to read it all and figure it out
[22:44:08] tweek__: and on that note
[22:44:14] jya: when a player pass the ball, with advanced 2X, the ball stays sharp as it moves.. with Temporal, it's more like a blurr
[22:44:14] sphery: (sorry for my laziness, but thanks for your quick summary :)
[22:44:20] justinh: I've only ever used a channel with a news ticker & scrolling titles to decide which deint works best for me in the past ;-)
[22:44:24] tweek__: it can be kind of difficult to find the puck in a 480i stream of a hockey game
[22:44:32] tweek__: especially if you're not sitting right up at the screen
[22:44:45] sphery: wait, you're supposed to be able to see the ball when they pass it?
[22:44:52] jya: the scrolling titles, go into one direction only, and at low speed… I can't notice the difference either way
[22:44:54] sphery: I thought they just teleported it around
[22:44:58] justinh: is a 60Hz medium even fast enough to show the puck? ;-)
[22:45:14] tweek__: depends who's handling it
[22:45:46] justinh: jya: we don't watch much sport in this house, and when we do it tends to be my wife watching THE FOOTBALL (soccer) ;-)
[22:45:59] jya: good on her
[22:46:12] jya: in which case, advanced 2X is compulsory
[22:46:17] justinh: heheheh
[22:46:29] justinh: when our telly dies & I have to buy a flat panel...
[22:46:35] jya: how else could you watch the Italians rolling on the grass in pain clearly?
[22:46:52] justinh: maybe by then most TVs won't suck at playing networked material
[22:46:55] jya: that's faster action than any basketball
[22:47:25] justinh: then again, it could even happen tomorrow – and I ain't ready for that!
[22:49:14] jya: CRT never die it seems
[22:49:26] PhilQ (PhilQ!~phil@ has joined #mythtv-users
[22:49:37] jya: I still have a Thomson 32" CRT TV 16:9 that I bought before I moved to Australia in 1997
[22:49:55] sphery: why does the vdpau wiki page's "latest (driver) version available here 32bit and 64bit" links go to the ftp page versus
[22:49:57] jya: and I still find the colours on that TV far far superior than any LCD today
[22:50:00] justinh: this was a pretty expensive set. It's no B&O masterpiece with a stupidly overrated (and regulated) HT supply but,,,
[22:50:01] sphery: er,
[22:50:11] sphery: er
[22:50:14] sphery: stupid copy/paste
[22:50:21] sphery: (or stupid user, one)
[22:50:27] jya: sphery: I've lost you
[22:50:50] justinh: jya: sets I've seen recently are pretty good contrast & colour wise
[22:51:12] jya: justinh: the last LCD are crappy LED surround backlight
[22:51:12] justinh: I could live with them. I mean I'd rather have retina burning OLED.. but...
[22:51:18] sphery: I think the vdpau wiki page should send users looking for drivers to
[22:51:19] jya: they have terrible colour rendering…
[22:51:29] jya: have you seen the colour curve on those?
[22:51:40] justinh: nope
[22:51:40] sphery: and let nvidia tell them which is current
[22:51:51] jya: sphery: that makes sense
[22:52:13] justinh: hmmm never thought about gamut much tbh
[22:52:28] jya: who has a big endian machine with an hdmi card?
[22:52:29] justinh: of course it's gonna be limited with LEDs
[22:53:12] justinh: mind, it's gonna be limited with EL strips too
[22:53:12] PhilQ (PhilQ!~phil@ has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:53:22] jya: my decoding of the ELD works fine on little endian machines, but I want to make sure I got the logic right on big endian..
[22:58:30] jya: sphery: thanks for the help yesterday on the migration… I'm pretty sure my problem occurred that mythbackend was doing a database upgrade, which took a very long time. more time that it took for upgrading from 9.10 to 10.04, so I rebooted before the mysql update got finished, leaving things in a mess
[22:58:42] justinh: oofs. I know I thought I wasn't buying gaming-level graphics hardware with this all-in-one motherboard but heck..
[22:59:39] jya: justinh: I'm still using a 3 years old gigabyte with the nvidia 9400M controller, it's the desktop equivalent to an ion machine… works great
[22:59:40] streeter (streeter!streeter@nat/redhat/x-dsyuqzogzivweyus) has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[22:59:47] sphery: jya: yeah, that's what it sounded like... I'm glad you got it figured out, too
[23:00:03] jya: sphery: I'm glad I had a backup !
[23:00:27] jya: and actually, I'm glad mysql didn't get upgrade to a different major version, as I had made a binary backup
[23:00:47] sphery: hehe, yeah
[23:01:50] justinh: wahahaha. No way I'd buy a used GT430 for more than the new price. idiots
[23:02:13] natanojl (natanojl! has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
[23:02:17] justinh: "muh, but I paid £600 for it when it was new (probbaly)
[23:02:57] justinh: when's the next gen stuff out? I might just hold off til then
[23:05:26] ** wizbit chucks justinh crt in the garbage **
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