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Monday, December 14th, 2009, 00:00 UTC
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[00:05:37] Dabian: Hey ... whats the deal with ivtv and channel scan? ... I forgot ..
[00:06:03] Dabian: Is there a FAQ or something I forgot to check?
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[00:06:55] Dabian: WB dansushi
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[00:09:41] Dabian: Ahh .. its in the topic. Clever. :)
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[00:12:58] pyther (pyther!n=pyther@unaffiliated/pyther) has joined #mythtv-users
[00:12:59] pyther: Hi
[00:13:09] Dabian: I am guessing its "External channel change command" . unless thats for people with an actual TV-set?
[00:13:15] pyther: I have a 9400GT. How can I find out if it supports VDPAU?
[00:13:19] Dabian: Hello pyther, how are you?
[00:13:51] Dabian: pyther : Try I out, I guess, or check the hardware compability list, maybe.
[00:14:24] pyther: I take it that VDPAU isn't suppose to cause mythfrontend to segfault?
[00:15:05] Dabian: pyther : I am not deep with the design decisions of Myth .. but shooting from the hip, I would tend to agree with you.
[00:15:26] pyther: lol :D
[00:15:39] pyther: could the drivers cause issues?
[00:15:57] Dabian: Wouldn't surprise me the least if it could.
[00:16:10] Dabian: Still .. I don't think the front end is supposed to barf.
[00:16:33] pyther: So maybe the beta drivers are causing issues :-/
[00:17:14] Dabian: Triggering some lacking input sanitation sure could cause such a failure, with a poorly working driver, I guess.
[00:17:57] Dabian: pyther : I don't know the VDPAU at all though.
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[00:20:51] Dabian:
[00:21:36] Dabian: The second hit I get, seems interesting.
[00:21:57] Dabian:
[00:23:31] pyther: Dabian, ya I looked at it
[00:23:49] Dabian: THere is some good stuff in the mailinglist also.
[00:24:17] Dabian: Some guy got something working .. but apparently not all.
[00:25:44] pyther: hmm I might try some other beta drivers
[00:25:55] pyther: I don't really care much, I have a fairly beefy cpu
[00:26:30] Dabian: beefy? Don't know that one .. I'm stuck with AMD here!
[00:27:02] pyther: I got a AMD X2 250 3.0ghz/CPU
[00:27:28] Dabian: I think mine is similar to that.
[00:28:05] Dabian: Nah .. X2 1GHz apparently?
[00:28:21] Dabian: I thought the 6000+ was supposed to be faster?
[00:30:28] Dabian: "The vitals on the X2 6000+ are simply this: two cores at 3GHz with 1MB of L2 cache per core, primed for Socket AM2."
[00:30:43] Dabian: Hmm .. I wonder if I was ripped off :/
[00:31:08] Dabian: $ cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep MHz
[00:31:08] Dabian: cpu MHz: 1000.000
[00:31:08] Dabian: cpu MHz: 1000.000
[00:34:03] Dabian: Oh well .. thats a different deal .. lets focus on myth.
[00:36:36] pyther: Dabian, you might have cpu frequency running
[00:36:46] pyther: my cpu is clocked at 800Mhz when it is idle
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[00:47:51] Dabian: pyther Hmm .. how do I check?
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[00:48:17] Dabian: OK .. looked at the docs .. didn't find anything about my problem.
[00:48:25] pyther: Dabian, do you have a command called "cpufreq-info"
[00:49:42] Dabian: pyther, I do now. :)
[00:49:57] pyther: run it in terminal
[00:50:20] Dabian: cpufreq stats: 3.00 GHz:4,80%, 2.80 GHz:0,14%, 2.60 GHz:0,16%, 2.40 GHz:0,17%, 2.20 GHz:0,17%, 2.00 GHz:0,20%, 1.80 GHz:1,28%, 1000 MHz:93,08% (5027)
[00:50:45] pyther: Do you see something called hardware limits?
[00:51:07] Dagmar: That shouldn't cause a major problem
[00:51:23] Dagmar: Just set the governor to 'performance' if it does
[00:51:50] pyther: Dagmar, I think the concern was that he saw that cpuinfo reported his cpu as only supporting 1Ghz
[00:52:10] Dabian: pyther : Thats very acurate. :)
[00:52:21] Dagmar: That's _normal_ if the CPU governor modules are trying to keep you from burning power you don't need to
[00:52:49] Dagmar: It'll crank things up to full speed if you put the system under load
[00:53:00] Dabian: Cool
[00:53:22] Dagmar: The only problem it causes is that in some cases VDPAU will become starved because the memory bus is tied to that
[00:53:29] Dagmar: If VDPAU never screws up, don't worry about it
[00:53:40] pyther: what if vdpau crashes myth?
[00:53:43] MartinJT (MartinJT!n=martin@ has quit ("Leaving")
[00:53:58] Dagmar: What if a meteor crashes into your house
[00:54:10] Dagmar: What if ninjas kill your ENTIRE FAMILY?
[00:54:19] Dabian: Dagmar : Apparently pythers system triggers a segmentation violation in mythfrontend.
[00:54:48] Dagmar: Then experimentally set the cpufreq governor to 'performance' or just disable it
[00:55:11] Dagmar: Playback doesnt automatically add enough system load to make the speed governor kick things up
[00:55:18] Dagmar: ...which is _fine_
[00:55:23] pyther: Yippy
[00:55:30] pyther: mythtv-fixes makes vdpau works ;)
[00:55:47] Dagmar: What 0.22-fixes?
[00:55:50] Dabian: Dagmar : I know this is off topic, but what does the governor "evil man" do?
[00:56:03] Dagmar: Dabian: It bans gay rights
[00:56:10] Dabian: Dagmar : Cool!
[00:56:30] pyther: Dagmar, yeah 0.22-fixes
[00:56:38] Dabian: Thats the govoner I am running, apparently! :)
[00:56:48] oobe: and homosapian rights i should expecty
[00:56:48] Dagmar: pythes: Yeah that should generally be your first step if you think you're looking at a bug
[00:57:04] pyther: I'm waiting for a new qt release
[00:57:13] pyther: to fix another myth bug
[00:57:25] Dabian: oobe : That might pose a problem ... :/
[00:57:35] pyther: err... more of a qt bug that fixes a myth issue
[00:58:05] Dabian: pyther, one mans bug, another mans fix?
[00:58:32] pyther:
[01:00:09] Dabian: Dagmar : Btw. do you know if its possible to make channel scan work with an ivtv card, like PVR500? (I have the PVR500 .. one of the tuners seems to have blown though – the Samsung one)
[01:00:45] Dagmar: No. It's not.
[01:00:49] Dagmar: It's currently quite broken.
[01:01:00] Dabian: Darn
[01:01:09] Dagmar: If you're in the US there's little point.
[01:01:13] Dabian: Whats the work around? Manually entering all frequensies?
[01:01:21] Dabian: I'm in Denmark.
[01:01:36] Dagmar: Manually entering channels, I would think
[01:01:53] Dagmar: Analog broadcast stations are assigned channel numbers there, right>?
[01:02:12] Dabian: Dagmar : Thats the common way to do it, yeah.
[01:02:13] Dagmar: Once you know which frequency table is in use in that region, the rest is just simple integers
[01:02:29] Dabian: Dagmar : I am assuming europe-west
[01:02:54] Dabian: Which seems to work with ivtv-tune and mplayer /dev/video1
[01:02:56] Dagmar: That would probably be a safe assumption
[01:03:50] dserban__ (dserban__! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[01:04:01] Dabian: OK
[01:04:28] Dabian: Once I manually entered all the channels .. I want to download a program guide .. thats quite cumbersome too, right?
[01:04:43] Dagmar: That, as far as I know, is entirely in the purview of XMLTV
[01:04:52] Dagmar: least outside the US it is.
[01:05:11] Dabian: Its different in the US?
[01:05:37] Dagmar: Yes, in the US we got sick of it and some people put together SchedulesDirect to continue getting cheap listings data that someone _else_ manages and massages
[01:05:52] Dagmar: For awhile we were just getting the listings straight from Zap2it
[01:06:35] Dagmar: In the US there's little point in scanning for analog channels, since a trial SchedulesDirect account is free, and Myth can populate the channel list in one database pull
[01:06:53] Dabian: Sounds neat .. I wonder why we don't get something like that here. :/
[01:06:53] bep (bep! has joined #mythtv-users
[01:07:04] bep: if i have a backend and combined frontend machine and a recording is scheduled and the machine is suspended will it wake up to record? or is there a settings somewhere that will have it do that?
[01:07:18] Dagmar: Probably not enough demand to reach critical mass
[01:07:28] Dagmar: I imagine most people there are probably just buying TiVos or something
[01:07:44] Dabian: Dagmar : lol .. we don't have TiVo's yet.
[01:07:45] Dagmar: bep: You'll have to set up a few things
[01:08:08] Dagmar: Dabian: Then you probably have almost no demand for machine-readable listings data I suspect
[01:08:31] Dabian: Dagmar : I guess not .. also .. most areas have their own frequencies, I guess.
[01:08:41] Dagmar: Write letters to your broadcasters _now_ while there's still time to show them that they don't need to look upon that as a vehicle for added revenue
[01:08:57] Dagmar: If the station has a website, they should probably just put up an XML feed themselves
[01:09:11] Dabian: Dagmar : For instance, I live in an area of 600 homes or so ... we have our own frequency table.
[01:09:12] sphery: bep: and/or and/or
[01:09:45] Dagmar: bep: Read those and do some dry-run tests manually setting the wakeup timer and watching to see if it restarts
[01:10:40] Dabian: Dagmar: Still ..darn good idea .. who would want to pay for that stuff.
[01:11:06] achandra (achandra! has quit ("Leaving")
[01:11:08] Dagmar: No one really does.
[01:11:22] Dabian: Then again .. if I watched a lot of TV, I guess I would be willing to pay. :P
[01:11:30] Dagmar: It's more than a little pointless since someone wanting that clearly is indicating an interest in the programming
[01:11:36] Dagmar: ...and ads are how they make money
[01:12:14] Dabian: Is all your channels made from commercial revinues?
[01:12:34] Dagmar: I could put the information for the next month of programming for one of our broadcast channels in the space used by just one pull of the masthead graphic from their website
[01:12:38] shackles_ (shackles_! has joined #mythtv-users
[01:12:41] Dagmar: Dabian: Just about all of them, yes
[01:13:10] Dabian: Here we pay for some of the channels .. and they'll throw in adds anyhow. (Well, the government television doesn't throw in ordinary adds).
[01:14:05] Dabian: (They do have commercials about other shows they send though)
[01:14:10] Dagmar: Yep. Every cable channel has ads
[01:14:36] pyther (pyther!n=pyther@unaffiliated/pyther) has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[01:14:37] Dagmar: Even HBO, which is always a premium channel you pay extra for shows 'em
[01:14:46] Dagmar: They just dont' stick them in the middle of the shows
[01:14:59] Dabian: Heh
[01:15:21] Dabian: I understand why Myths add-skipper is as advanced as it is.
[01:15:25] Dagmar: Yes.
[01:15:27] Dabian: :D
[01:15:31] Dagmar: We're practically under psychological assault
[01:16:06] Dabian: It will come here also.
[01:16:24] Dabian: I noticed how everything that happens in the US, happens here with a few years delay ..
[01:16:32] Dabian: Well, most of it, anyhow.
[01:16:46] wagnerrp: well weve had those pervasive ads for decades
[01:16:53] Dagmar: Pass legislation outlawing emo kids while there's still time
[01:17:06] Dagmar: Mandatory anti-depressants.
[01:17:19] Dabian: Oh yeah ..
[01:17:39] Dabian: Thats happening now, I think ... but its still voluntarily
[01:17:49] Dabian: My cousin doped his kid with ritaline.
[01:18:01] Dabian: Doctors advice.
[01:18:09] Dagmar: I suppose it's too late to do anything about country line dancing.
[01:18:11] [R] ([R]!n=rbox@unaffiliated/rbox) has quit ("Leaving")
[01:18:17] Dabian: Heh ..
[01:18:24] Dabian: funny you should mention it .. we have line dancing here.
[01:18:50] Dagmar: Yeah and now I think you see why I mention it
[01:18:55] Dabian: A few doors from where I live, I think.
[01:19:04] Dabian: Right.
[01:19:05] Dagmar: JUST SAY NO TO CROCS
[01:19:26] Dagmar: The first time I saw a kid wearing Crocs, I felt sorry for her.
[01:19:33] Dagmar: I thought she was wearing corrective shoes
[01:19:35] Dabian: Crocs?
[01:19:42] Dabian: Is that the shoes?
[01:19:57] Dabian: Hehe right.
[01:20:02] Dagmar: . . . s%20suck.JPG
[01:20:04] shackles (shackles! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[01:20:04] Dagmar: Yes.
[01:20:14] wagnerrp: no, thats the injection molded foam people put on their feet
[01:20:34] Dagmar: They were a fad here for a very short while, until sanity prevailed and people realized the things were actually UGLY AS H*LL
[01:20:47] Dabian: Ahh .. those ..
[01:20:47] wagnerrp: i wouldnt dare demean proper shoes by lumping in crocs with them
[01:21:10] Dagmar: I wear shoes for two reasons (and I wear them all the time, even though I live in Tennessee).
[01:21:23] Dagmar: 1. They keep my feet protected from the elemements or...
[01:21:29] Dagmar: 2. They're useful for smashing things in.
[01:21:35] Dagmar: Crocs are neither.
[01:21:54] Dabian: So, since you're in Tennessee, 2. is the real reason, I suspect. ;)
[01:22:17] Dagmar: Depends on whether or not I had to go downtown on the weekend when all the hillbillies have "gone to the city" to drink and get into fights.
[01:22:54] Dabian: Heh .. hillbillies. :)
[01:23:15] Dabian: Will there bee shooting on such nights?
[01:23:20] Dagmar: My favorite nightclub used to be just up the street from the Wild Whore Saloon
[01:23:24] Dagmar: er Wild Horse Saloon.
[01:23:29] Dabian: lol
[01:23:31] Dagmar: Sadly, there generally is.
[01:23:39] Scopeuk (Scopeuk! has quit ("ZNC by prozac -")
[01:23:51] Dagmar: *WE* had a "bad reputation" because the club had a lot of gay people some nights, and a lot of leather-jacketed punk-types other nights.
[01:24:13] Dagmar: The Wild Horse management actually went to Metro Council to try to have my club shut down because of violence in the area
[01:24:29] Dabian: People using weapons in that manner, are the ones that might succeed having them banned one day.
[01:24:33] Dagmar: Some right-thinking person pointed out that the crime rate jumped by >400% after they opened up shop
[01:24:45] Dagmar: ...because we kept to ourselves and didn't bother people.
[01:24:59] Dabian: Neat
[01:25:25] Dagmar: Drunk idiots would get kicked out of the Wild Horse, then wander over to "the freak club" and either hang around and try to pick on freaks, or go in, get kicked out for doing it, and then hang around outside and try to pick on freaks
[01:25:42] wagnerrp: hey, some people just like to export their fun onto others...
[01:25:44] wagnerrp: ... by force
[01:25:49] Dagmar: I must have gotten into a half dozen scrapes just from those idiots in the first year
[01:25:53] Dabian: "Get together, and let the crime commence."
[01:26:12] Dagmar: wagnerrp: I somehow don't think many of them considered my methods to be "fun"
[01:26:29] wilberfan (wilberfan! has joined #mythtv-users
[01:26:33] Dagmar: "Crippling", perhaps. Very likely "agonizing" and often "humbling"
[01:26:40] wagnerrp: good thing you had boots instead of crocs
[01:26:52] Dagmar: Even on the ravey nights I didn't play around
[01:27:19] Dagmar: I have some 8lb paratrooper boots which are weighted, and the other shoes I had were some ankle-height mocassin boots
[01:27:27] wilberfan (wilberfan! has quit (Client Quit)
[01:27:45] Dabian: You should throw in a few nukes too, just to show you're not playing around.
[01:27:45] Dagmar: The end result being that after you've worn the former for awhile, you can move your feet like a hummingbird moves it's wings
[01:28:14] wagnerrp: heh.... 'movie pirates are ruining the industry, without them, we would have exceeded last years records by an even larger margin'
[01:28:20] Dagmar: Generally if you go straight up in the air and slap someone across the face with your foot, they get the hint that you're not playing.
[01:28:43] Dabian: Right
[01:28:47] wagnerrp: apparently theyre up by over a $1B from last year
[01:28:49] Dagmar: If you were wearing a reinforced 8lb boot, you don't have to worry if they got the hint or not
[01:28:52] Dagmar: You just have to check for a pulse.
[01:28:59] Dabian: I guess they are retricting the nukes too.
[01:29:10] wilberfan (wilberfan! has joined #mythtv-users
[01:29:13] Dagmar: Dude no one wants nukes
[01:29:22] ctmjr: damn pirates
[01:29:22] Dagmar: No one in their right mind anyway
[01:29:33] Dabian: Dagmar : I agree
[01:29:38] pete_^ (pete_^! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[01:29:50] wilberfan: hey, gang.... anyone know if ubuntu 9.10 has lirc-modules "included"...?
[01:30:04] wilberfan: i can't get my hauppauge 350 remote to work...
[01:30:07] Dagmar: The countries who have them got together to ban them because we've already got enough to blow up the planet 100x over, and we've no idea how to safely get rid of them in light of the fact that there'll probably be ONE whacko left who'll decide now's the time to make their play for control of the entire world
[01:30:07] wagnerrp: i doubt it
[01:30:08] Dabian: Dagmar : But they are effective, if the weather is right.
[01:30:19] wagnerrp: you probably have to install an lirc package to get lirc modules
[01:30:24] Dagmar: Dabian: So are air-fuel bombs
[01:30:32] wilberfan: wagnerrp, i don't see lirc-modules in synaptic...
[01:30:32] wagnerrp: thats not likely something to be installed stock
[01:30:44] Dabian: Dagmar : Napalm. :)
[01:31:00] Dagmar: Dabian: No... that's messy, and not nearly as effective.
[01:31:07] wilberfan: wagnerrp, any idea how/where to get the module(s) i need??
[01:31:15] wagnerrp: ask in #ubuntu?
[01:31:29] wilberfan: wagnerrp, seems like a reasonable idea!
[01:31:32] wilberfan: ;)
[01:31:33] Dabian: wilberfan : apt-cache search lirc
[01:31:50] Dabian: oops, sorry. :X
[01:32:05] wilberfan: Dabian, tried that...
[01:32:14] wilberfan: all i find is "lirc-modules-source"
[01:32:32] wilberfan: i can't believe you'd have to compile a lirc module in ubuntu...
[01:32:48] wilberfan: my debian myth box had modules avail from the repos...
[01:32:51] Dabian: wilberfan : I find considerable more .. maybe you haven't enabled universe and multiverse sources?
[01:33:15] wilberfan: lemme double-check... i checked that once today already...
[01:33:38] Dabian: wilberfan : Remember to run "sudo apt-get update" when you're done. :)
[01:34:16] wilberfan: "main" "universe" "restricted" "multiverse" are all checked...
[01:35:04] Dabian: Dagmar : You're right about the nukes, btw. We can't get rid of them .. because of that .. and eventually some sick coitus is going to get some, who doesn't give a darn ...
[01:35:52] Dabian: Dagmar : Chaos is ahead .. I can't see how we can avoid it.
[01:35:55] [R] ([R]!n=rbox@unaffiliated/rbox) has joined #mythtv-users
[01:36:43] Dabian: Dagmar : Unless the whole world suddenly realises magicly how stupid war is, like Lennon hoped for. Its a good dream, but I wonder if its more than a dream though.
[01:37:22] Dabian: wilberfan : Try : sudo apt-get update
[01:37:38] Dabian: wilberfan : Then check "apt-cache search lirc" again.
[01:38:39] Dabian: wilberfan : Which remote did you have again?
[01:38:41] wilberfan: Dabian, done. things like "lirc" and Lirc-modules-source... lirc-x... bunch of other stuff...
[01:38:53] wilberfan: but no lirc-modules-modules-*
[01:39:02] wilberfan: Hauppauge PVR-350
[01:39:21] wilberfan: we're talkin' ubuntu 9.10, right?
[01:40:48] Dabian: right
[01:41:16] wilberfan: and your apt-cache searches are showing available modules??
[01:41:19] Dabian: wilberfan : I don't think you would need the source for that remote ... I used it myself.
[01:41:40] Dabian: wilberfan : Which modules are you looking for?
[01:42:12] wilberfan: well in my debian experience there's usually lirc-modules that match the kernel you're running...
[01:42:24] Dabian: wilberfan : Did you try just installing "lirc" ?
[01:42:31] wilberfan: yep. hours ago!  ;-)
[01:42:53] Dabian: mythbuntu-lirc-generator ?
[01:43:19] wilberfan: i have some existing lirc config files (that work in the debian install) that I copied over...
[01:43:41] wilberfan: why would "/etc/init.d/lirc restart" FAIL on stop and fail on start?
[01:43:42] Dabian: Not sure if they work with Ubuntu.
[01:43:53] wilberfan: something fundamental is missing, right?
[01:44:00] Dabian: wilberfan: You might need to restart.
[01:44:11] wilberfan: but restart fails...
[01:44:30] wilberfan: sudo /etc/init.d/lirc restart
[01:44:30] wilberfan: * Stopping remote control daemon(s): LIRC [fail]
[01:44:30] wilberfan: * Loading LIRC modules [ OK ]
[01:44:30] wilberfan: * Starting remote control daemon(s) : LIRC [fail]
[01:44:38] Dabian: wilberfan : I mean .. as in reboot ... I know .. but .. sometimes its the easiest thing to do, if you don't know what to do.
[01:44:40] jst: Does anyone know if the local, OTA channels that FiOS rebroadcasts are NTSC or clearQAM?
[01:44:53] wilberfan: oh, i've rebooted my ass off this afternoon...
[01:44:59] Dabian: lol ok
[01:45:03] wilberfan: ;)
[01:45:15] wilberfan: I notice that says "Loading LIRC modules OK"
[01:45:29] Dabian: wilberfan : Right .. so you actually have the modules, I guess.
[01:45:33] wilberfan: but the damon fails to stop and then fails to restart...
[01:45:37] Dabian: Maybe the debian config wont do.
[01:45:39] [R] ([R]!n=rbox@unaffiliated/rbox) has quit ("Leaving")
[01:45:56] wilberfan: perhaps not...
[01:45:57] Dabian: gnome-lirc-properties might help?
[01:46:27] Dabian: I guess you still have a fresh copy of the old config, in case it doesn't help?
[01:49:39] wilberfan: hmmm...autodetect in gnome-lirc shows two choices: they both say "Linux Input Device Power Button"...
[01:50:17] Dabian: wilberfan : RIght .. but what if you simply try to use the remote?
[01:50:31] wilberfan: now it's telling me to check the configuration--because the daemon isn't running...
[01:50:34] qupada (qupada!n=qupada@ has quit ("...")
[01:50:47] Dabian: ahh .. that sucks!
[01:50:57] wilberfan: but we knew that from before...
[01:51:00] qupada (qupada!n=qupada@ has joined #mythtv-users
[01:51:06] Dabian: Exactly.
[01:52:17] wilberfan: my lircd.conf consists of 1 (non-commented) line... an include command...
[01:52:32] wagnerrp: you dont need lircd.conf
[01:52:43] wagnerrp: the hauppauge remote drivers handle all codes internally
[01:53:02] Wicked (Wicked!n=zero@unaffiliated/blazed) has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[01:53:20] wilberfan: wagnerrp, any idea what i DO need...? cuz i'm kinda out of ideas...
[01:53:45] ctmjr: wilberfan: what happens when you try sudo lircd -n
[01:53:53] pizzledizzle (pizzledizzle! has joined #mythtv-users
[01:53:57] wagnerrp: you should just load the hauppauge module, run lircd, and watch the commands with irw
[01:54:36] wilberfan: you should specify a valid gap value
[01:54:36] wilberfan: lircd-0.8.6[4113]: lircd(default) ready, using /var/run/lirc/lircd
[01:55:18] wilberfan: irw is telling me "connection refused"
[01:55:53] ctmjr: wilberfan: open another terminal and type ls -la /dev/lirc*
[01:56:33] wilberfan: "/dev/lirc0"
[01:57:46] ctmjr: wilberfan: ok now run mode2 -r -d /dev/lirc0 and press some buttons on the remote
[01:58:27] wilberfan: do i have to do that as root? cuz i got another "permission denied"
[01:58:46] ctmjr: wilberfan: thats fine do sudo
[01:58:47] bep_ (bep_! has joined #mythtv-users
[01:59:30] wilberfan: okay...i'm getting codes back...
[01:59:35] wilberfan: "ox17a5" etc...
[02:00:36] wilberfan: which is a good thing, i'm guessin'...
[02:00:38] wilberfan: ;)
[02:01:35] wilberfan: but i still have to get the daemon running, right?
[02:01:48] ctmjr: wilberfan: yes it is do you have a lircd.conf file for your remote?
[02:02:36] ctmjr: wilberfan: it is running lircd is the deamon
[02:02:49] Wicked (Wicked!n=zero@unaffiliated/blazed) has joined #mythtv-users
[02:03:07] wilberfan: my lircd.conf consists entirely of this include command: "include </etc/lirc/lircd.conf.gnome>"
[02:03:52] wilberfan: and the conf.gnome has a gazillion mappings in it that i don't think apply to my hauppauge...
[02:04:14] ablyss (ablyss!n=opera@ has joined #mythtv-users
[02:04:16] ctmjr: wilberfan: well you have 2 choices google your remote for a config file or use irrecord to map a new one
[02:04:35] wilberfan: and put it in lircd.conf, right?
[02:04:42] wilberfan: and comment out that 'include'?
[02:04:45] ctmjr: wilberfan: yes
[02:04:54] bllz: Can somebody check my logic real quick? I have a DTA and a STB and I'd ideally like to use the DTA with my capture card. There's a working LIRC config for the STB but not for the DTA, however, I've noticed that the stock comcast remote works with either of these two devices. This surely means they use the same IR codes, so the config for the STB shoudl work with the DTA, right?
[02:05:01] Led-Hed: is there a way to delete Channel Lineups individually in 0.22 rather than deleting them all at once?
[02:05:22] Led-Hed: or is there a way to export a channel list so that it can be re-imported later?
[02:05:55] pyther (pyther!n=pyther@unaffiliated/pyther) has joined #mythtv-users
[02:06:35] pyther: Stupid wireless
[02:06:48] wilberfan: ctmjr, okay...i've loaded up lircd.conf with some hauppauge mappings...
[02:06:54] ctmjr: wilberfan: and i do not use the lirc init.d file so am no help there but you have to start lircd with lircd -d /dev/lirc0 it defaults to /dev/lirc which is not there you can sym link it but it easier to fust use the lirc0
[02:07:54] wilberfan: ctmjr, "lircd: there seems to already be a lircd process with pid 4228
[02:07:54] wilberfan: lircd: otherwise delete stale lockfile /var/run/lirc/"
[02:08:17] wilberfan: maybe this is where a reboot might come in handy??
[02:08:47] ctmjr: wilberfan: sudo killall lircd then lircd -d /dev/lirc0
[02:08:57] wilberfan: gotcha...
[02:09:32] wilberfan: done...
[02:09:59] ctmjr: wilberfan: now run irw and press some buttons
[02:10:43] wilberfan: "00000000000017b6 00 Stop Hauppauge_350
[02:10:43] wilberfan: 00000000000017b6 01 Stop Hauppauge_350
[02:10:43] wilberfan: 0000000000001795 00 Down Hauppauge_350
[02:10:43] wilberfan: 0000000000001795 01 Down Hauppauge_350
[02:10:43] wilberfan: 00000000000017a5 00 OK Hauppauge_350"
[02:10:47] wilberfan: :)
[02:10:57] wagnerrp: please dont do that
[02:11:06] wilberfan: what? smile?  ;)
[02:11:12] wagnerrp: pasting
[02:11:21] wilberfan: sorry.. it was only 4 lines... thought it might be okay...
[02:11:27] wilberfan: oops 5
[02:11:34] wagnerrp: 2 line limit
[02:11:41] wilberfan: good to know...thanks...
[02:12:00] ctmjr: wilberfan: but anyway you now have a working remote have fun
[02:12:17] ** wilberfan wonders if it will still work after a reboot **
[02:13:40] wilberfan: ctmjr, dude, i appreciate the hand-holding... srsly
[02:15:21] ctmjr: wilberfan: your welcome you need to change somethings to get it to load with /dev/lirc0 but you can figure that out
[02:15:29] bep (bep! has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[02:16:04] wilberfan: well...bad news... it's not working with mythtv-frontend...
[02:16:40] ctmjr: wilberfan: you need a lircrc file for mythtv
[02:17:27] wagnerrp: that would be ~/.mythtv/lircrc, not the standard ~/.lircrc that a number of other programs use
[02:17:37] wilberfan: i was just about to ask that...
[02:18:27] sphery: though Myth now uses either ~/.mythtv/lircrc or ~/.lircrc
[02:18:42] wilberfan: i DO have a "/home/wilberfan/.lircrc file... with hauppauge stuff in it...
[02:18:50] sphery: do you have mythtv stuff in it?
[02:18:57] sphery: i.e. prog = mythtv
[02:19:00] wilberfan: yep.
[02:19:15] wilberfan: every 'begin' and 'end' has one...
[02:20:25] wilberfan: does there need to be a lircrc under ~/.mythtv/ ?
[02:20:27] sphery: do you also have a ~/.mythtv/lircrc, as it will be used if there
[02:20:41] ablyss (ablyss!n=opera@ has left #mythtv-users ()
[02:20:46] sphery: it prefers the one under the mythtv config directory, then falls back to the standard one
[02:21:28] Led-Hed: is there a way to add channels from the listing source in .22? Used to be able to in .21
[02:21:39] wilberfan: ~/.mythtv/ has a link to the other one...
[02:21:44] wilberfan: does that work?
[02:22:13] Rebecca: can mythtv be used to control other devices via IR? like... could i setup a myth tv frontend so that when it comes out of suspension it (with the aid of a connected usb/serial IR transmitter) turns on my TV and amp then sets them to the appropriate channels/inputs?
[02:22:32] sphery: wilberfan: yeah, works fine
[02:22:38] wagnerrp: Rebecca: no
[02:22:49] wilberfan: sphery, but still no joy...
[02:22:53] wagnerrp: myth only currently has external scripts for channel changing
[02:23:12] Rebecca: wagnerrp: okay
[02:23:16] sphery: wilberfan: I'm guessing you have a line in your frontend log--something about "unable to connect to device" (or socket or something like that) right where it's attempting to initialize LIRC support
[02:23:22] wagnerrp: you could set up your standby script to turn off the tv when called, and turn it back on when woken
[02:23:49] wagnerrp: or you could program in your own functionality using irexec outside of mythtv
[02:23:57] Rebecca: wagnerrp: okay. so it could be done, but would require some hacking to get working
[02:24:03] Led-Hed: NM I found it
[02:24:07] ** Rebecca nods **
[02:24:30] wilberfan: sphery, you happen to know where that log hangs out...?
[02:24:44] wilberfan: /var/log/...?
[02:24:45] wagnerrp: /var/log? /var/log/mythtv/?
[02:24:51] sphery: wilberfan: distro decides, not Myth
[02:24:56] Rebecca: i would like to have one remote to control everything..
[02:25:08] Rebecca: i guess i could get one of those fancy script/programmable remotes instead
[02:25:31] wagnerrp: then you either need to get a programmable remote, or you need to program in such capability using irexec as mentioned
[02:25:34] wilberfan: sphery, /var/log/mythtv/mythfrontend.log
[02:25:42] ctmjr: wilberfan: what sphery said and also make sure the buttons in the lircrc file match the ones in lircd.conf since you did not create them but downloaded them
[02:26:01] Rebecca: wagnerrp: cool bananas :)
[02:26:02] Rebecca: thanks :)
[02:26:17] wilberfan: ctmjr, well, technically, i copied them from my working myth... (debian testing)
[02:27:15] wilberfan: from the frontend.log:
[02:27:18] wilberfan: LIRC, Error: Failed to connect to Unix socket '/dev/lircd'
[02:27:19] wilberfan: eno: No such file or directory (2)
[02:28:15] wilberfan: and this, too: LIRC, Error: Failed to read config file '/home/wilberfan/.lircrc'
[02:29:27] ctmjr: wilberfan: in the frontend under general settings go to lirc page and change /dev/lircd to /var/run/lirc/lircd
[02:31:53] wilberfan: done...
[02:32:09] wilberfan: start the frontend again...?
[02:32:24] ctmjr: wilberfan: restart the frontend and look for errors
[02:33:50] wilberfan: LIRC, Error: Failed to connect to Unix socket '/var/run/lirc/lircd'
[02:33:50] wilberfan: eno: Connection refused (111)
[02:35:53] ctmjr: wilberfan: i need to go but it sounds like a permision issue run ls -Rla /var/run/lirc/lircd the change the permissions if it is not right
[02:36:16] ctmjr: *the/then
[02:36:45] wilberfan: srw-rw-rw-  ?
[02:37:42] wilberfan: the current owner and group is 'root'...
[02:38:00] wilberfan: should it be 'wilberfan' or 'mythtv' or...?
[02:39:54] clever (clever!n=clever@ has joined #mythtv-users
[02:40:23] clever: how do i override the timezone mythweb is using?
[02:42:08] gunni (gunni! has joined #mythtv-users
[02:44:49] Elv1313 (Elv1313! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[02:45:37] awalls (awalls! has joined #mythtv-users
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[02:48:18] mangus580 (mangus580! has joined #mythtv-users
[02:50:23] gunni_ (gunni_! has quit (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
[02:52:40] wilberfan (wilberfan! has quit ("Leaving")
[02:54:40] k_ross (k_ross! has joined #mythtv-users
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[02:55:38] k_ross (k_ross!i=47a40d7d@gateway/web/freenode/x-zanklmeogkgsogjm) has joined #mythtv-users
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[02:55:52] dansushi (dansushi!n=dan@ has joined #mythtv-users
[02:57:07] jst: I have the following line added to /etc/crontab, and restarted the cron service: */5 * * * * /usr/local/bin/ ... It is not renaming my recordings, but when I run the script manually it does. Any ideas?
[02:57:12] wilberfan (wilberfan! has joined #mythtv-users
[02:57:35] awalls (awalls! has quit ("Leaving.")
[02:57:49] k_ross: you need to put a username before "/usr/local...." to tell cron what user to run the command as
[02:58:13] Dagmar: hup crond.
[02:58:33] Dagmar: hup it hard
[02:58:36] jst: wow, you're right
[02:58:37] jst: thank you
[02:58:48] Dagmar: Or just put it in the +proper user's+ crontab
[02:59:38] mazda01 (mazda01! has joined #mythtv-users
[03:00:16] jst: Dagmar, where is that located?
[03:00:18] k_ross: that's true, but i prefer to keep everything under /etc/cron* it makes it easier to find when i go looking for stuff. i might forget to look in /var/spool/cron*
[03:00:21] jst: it worked, by the way
[03:00:26] jst: ahh
[03:00:41] Dagmar: jst: You are kinda not using cron correctly if you're restarting the "service"
[03:01:17] jst: i just wanted to make sure it was rereading /etc/crontab
[03:01:29] Dagmar: jst: `crontab -l user` to list 'em, and more importantly `crontab -e user` to edit
[03:01:47] Dagmar: The binary will handle slapping crond on the butt for you
[03:02:44] Dagmar: This assumes you can use vi.  ;)
[03:05:14] Dagmar:
[03:05:50] Dagmar: "The crontab utility is the program used to install, deinstall or list the tables used to drive the cron(8) daemon in Vixie Cron. Each user can have their own crontab, and though these are files in /var, they are not intended to be edited directly."
[03:12:25] Dagmar: On a side note:
[03:12:37] Dagmar: Seems oddly relevant for every help channel
[03:12:38] bllz: I'm looking at a lircd config file that works with my set top box except that the ZERO code doesn't work. A the bottom of the tutorial is an alternate lirc config file that supposedly works, but it's missing some of the functionality on some MCE remote buttons. Is there a way to include the IR code for 0 in the alternate config (which is in raw format) and include it in the working config?
[03:12:53] bllz: here's the link: . . . hange_Script
[03:14:00] Wicked: hmm. am i using the wrong svn or has there been no updates to 0.22-fixes in a few days?
[03:14:23] ahughes (ahughes! has joined #mythtv-users
[03:15:26] ahughes: it's so difficult to find a cheap nvidia notebook / mATX case. There are heaps of ATI and intel on-board card motherboards. Is ATI or Intel likely to be a problem?
[03:15:52] bllz: ahughes: i'd stay away from it
[03:16:05] ahughes: Im trying...
[03:16:19] Dagmar: Only if you're short on money
[03:17:38] dansushi (dansushi!n=dan@ has quit (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
[03:19:50] dashcloud (dashcloud! has joined #mythtv-users
[03:20:17] ahughes: well, I was looking at... 'ECS P43T-A2 – $77' OR 'ZOTAC NVIDIA GEFORCE 9300 MATX – $233'. But they are quite different on $$$'s...
[03:20:25] ahughes: source:
[03:21:09] ahughes: also for 1080, is gf8200 ok? or do I really need gf9300?
[03:21:25] wagnerrp: you dont have a choice
[03:22:32] wagnerrp: 8000 chips are on AMD systems, 9000 chips are on Intel systems
[03:22:39] wagnerrp: your processor decides your series
[03:22:55] pyther (pyther!n=pyther@unaffiliated/pyther) has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[03:22:59] wagnerrp: and theyre all underpowered for Advanced 2x deint at 1080i
[03:23:14] wagnerrp: but will otherwise decode video at that resolution just fine
[03:24:46] bllz: hmm disregard my previous questions, i got the alternate config to work
[03:26:30] MitchCapper (MitchCapper!n=user@unaffiliated/mitchcapper) has joined #mythtv-users
[03:26:50] k_ross: there are plenty of motherboards with nvidia on board that are no more expensive than those with amd or intel graphics on board
[03:27:26] dansushi (dansushi!n=dan@ has joined #mythtv-users
[03:28:38] k_ross: ahughes, since you posted an .au link, are you in australia?
[03:29:27] bep_ (bep_! has quit (Read error: 148 (No route to host))
[03:31:55] clever: he is using telstra, which i think is aus
[03:32:53] ahughes: k_ross, yep
[03:33:05] k_ross: Gigabyte GA-M85M-US2H mATX for AUD $93: . . . sku=28010479
[03:33:21] k_ross: excellent mATX board for a HTPC
[03:33:31] k_ross: nvidia geforce 8200 on board
[03:34:44] ahughes: kk, so that is AMD and 8200 and 9300 are about the same performance?
[03:35:10] wagnerrp: no, the 9300 is considerably more powerful
[03:35:18] wagnerrp: but theyre both underpowered when it comes to VDPAU deint
[03:35:32] k_ross: yeah that uses an AMD CPU
[03:35:34] wagnerrp: and its completely irrelevant when it comes to VDPAU decode
[03:36:10] k_ross: i have 2 boards with 8200 on board, and yeah they can't do advanced 2x at 1080i, but they are otherwise great for VDPAU
[03:40:46] iamlindoro:
[03:42:13] wagnerrp: so when exactly did firefox get the built in ogg support?
[03:42:29] ahughes: thanks k_ross and wagnerrp :)
[03:42:55] hadeees (hadeees! has joined #mythtv-users
[03:42:56] jblack: probably as part of html5
[03:43:14] iamlindoro: wagnerrp, 3.5 I think
[03:43:41] hadees (hadees! has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[03:45:43] [R] ([R]!n=rbox@unaffiliated/rbox) has joined #mythtv-users
[03:53:37] Dagmar: iamlindoro: Oh come on. If you're gonna show us Chris Brown he could at _least_ be slapping a bitch
[03:54:04] iamlindoro: ... except that wasn't Chris Brown
[03:56:12] Dagmar: Holy sheesh they look alike
[03:59:08] nighthawk_ (nighthawk_! has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[04:01:05] dashcloud (dashcloud! has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[04:03:06] Lord_Deathscythe (Lord_Deathscythe! has joined #mythtv-users
[04:12:00] erikja (erikja! has joined #mythtv-users
[04:16:32] Goga777 (Goga777! has joined #mythtv-users
[04:18:07] poodyp (poodyp! has joined #mythtv-users
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[04:25:30] [R] ([R]!n=rbox@unaffiliated/rbox) has quit ("Leaving")
[04:25:54] bllz: when defining an external channel change command in myth backend setup, do I have to specify the full path to the perlscript?
[04:26:14] bllz: the full path is /usr/bin/
[04:31:01] bllz: also, the documentation says "You will need to add the script to the 'change change script' entry in the General section of 'mythtv-setup'.", but I see no such entry in the General section.
[04:31:13] bllz: the closest thing i've seen is in the input connections section
[04:33:56] [R] ([R]! has joined #mythtv-users
[04:36:56] k_ross: if it's in /usr/bin, then i guess you don't need the full path
[04:37:14] k_ross: and yeah, the input connections is where you put it
[04:37:52] k_ross: but i use the full path anyway
[04:42:45] [R] ([R]!n=rbox@unaffiliated/rbox) has quit ("Leaving")
[04:45:09] bllz: k_ross; okay, for whatever reason it's not working lol
[04:45:17] bllz: i have the permissions set to 770
[04:45:36] bllz: and i made it executable by chmod +x /path/to/
[04:45:47] bllz: and i'm able to manually send irsend commands and they work
[04:45:53] bllz: so i'm not sure what the problem is... any ideas?
[04:46:16] k_ross: does the script work if you run it manually?
[04:46:19] clever: bllz: did you try running the script from a terminal?
[04:46:24] k_ross: for example: 123
[04:46:31] bllz: hmm i'll try that now
[04:46:48] bllz: also, I should mention that i'm determining that it's not working because when i hit "scan channels" nothing happens
[04:46:58] bllz: i'm suddenly wondering if this is an appropriate way to test it
[04:47:25] k_ross: i don't think you use "scan channels" when using an external STB
[04:47:28] k_ross: at least i didn't
[04:48:13] bllz: ooh
[04:48:17] bllz: lol maybe it's been working all along
[04:48:35] bllz: but let's try the script anyway
[04:50:00] wagnerrp: anyone know their way around regular expressions?
[04:50:12] clever: wagnerrp: ive been using them alot lately
[04:50:49] k_ross: i have two tuner cards, for which i did channels scans, and two HD-PVR's with FIOS, which uses a channel change program, which i did not scan channels. it filled in the channel list from Schedules Direct
[04:50:58] wagnerrp: im trying to parse out the response of a title search...
[04:51:08] wagnerrp: but am running up against the problem that that year is optional
[04:51:39] bllz: clever, k_ross: how do you run a python script again? what's the command?
[04:51:39] wagnerrp: so if i mark the year as optional, it gets consumed by the greedy title pattern
[04:51:41] bllz: is it sh?
[04:51:59] clever: if its a proper cgi script, you just run it directly
[04:52:02] wagnerrp: you just run the script
[04:52:08] clever: /path/to/ 123
[04:52:13] clever: or 123
[04:52:15] k_ross: make it executable, then run it
[04:52:15] bllz: hmm... that didn't work...
[04:52:21] wagnerrp: any properly written script will have a proper bang at the top to denote its interpreter
[04:52:25] bllz: it should already be executable... i did chmod +x
[04:52:32] clever: what error?
[04:53:01] clever: wagnerrp: (\(\d{4}\)|) maybe
[04:53:03] k_ross: if it's python, the first line of the script needs to be "#!/usr/bin/python"
[04:53:14] bllz: actually it just popped up... : root@server:~# /usr/bin/
[04:53:14] bllz: /usr/bin/ line 8: import: command not found
[04:53:14] bllz: /usr/bin/ line 10: syntax error near unexpected token `('
[04:53:14] bllz: /usr/bin/ line 10: `def changeChannel(channel):'
[04:53:35] wagnerrp: ah, pipe... that will probably do it
[04:53:36] k_ross: it's trying to run it as a shell script, when it's really python
[04:53:41] clever: feels like it has the wrong #! line
[04:53:54] bllz: k_ross: how do I remedy this? I didn't write the script
[04:53:57] wagnerrp: what is the first line of that script?
[04:54:10] clever: bllz: what is the 1st line of the script?
[04:54:24] clever: lol, nearly word for word
[04:54:31] bllz: clever, wagnerrp: it's # This script is for mythtv blah blah blah
[04:54:33] bllz: so a comment
[04:54:39] bllz: but the first functional line is...
[04:54:46] bllz: import os, sys, re, time
[04:55:07] wagnerrp: the first line should be '#!/usr/bin/python' or maybe '#!/usr/bin/env python'
[04:55:12] clever: the first line must be #!/usr/bin/python
[04:55:19] bllz: ah okay
[04:55:21] bllz: i'll just add that now
[04:55:31] wagnerrp: if you dont have something like that in there
[04:55:33] bllz: do i add that before the comments?
[04:55:37] wagnerrp: you need to find the author and slap them
[04:55:39] wagnerrp: yes
[04:55:42] wagnerrp: first line
[04:55:47] bllz: haha yeah sounds like a pretty big f-up on their part
[04:56:08] wagnerrp: or, you can just run the command as 'python /path/to/script'
[04:56:11] bllz: WIN!
[04:56:14] bllz: you guys are amazing
[04:56:17] k_ross: not that big, since you could still run it as "python"
[04:56:25] clever: it must be the very first line
[04:56:35] Goga777 (Goga777! has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[04:56:41] bllz: I did specify the file extension
[04:56:52] clever: file extension means almost nothing on linux
[04:56:55] wagnerrp: bllz: basic shell syntax, probably dating back to the mid '70s
[04:57:13] bllz: great. thanks so much guys
[04:57:19] bllz: i'll probably be back in like 5 minutes
[04:57:25] clever: with linux, it must be +x and a valid executable
[04:57:41] clever: which means either an ELF binary or something starting with #!/path/to/elf/binary
[04:58:13] bllz: oh great...
[04:58:21] bllz: this script doesn't work with anything above 99
[04:58:23] bllz: sigh
[04:58:25] bllz: new script time
[04:58:33] clever: that sounds like an easy fix
[04:58:45] dansushi (dansushi!n=dan@ has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[04:58:54] wagnerrp: clever, that did it
[04:59:12] bllz: clever: well i'd actually rather use this other script anyway... if possible
[04:59:24] clever: wagnerrp: your lucky, that stuff has a standard format so its not likely to break things next week
[04:59:25] wagnerrp: ([0–9]+):(.+?)( \(([0–9]{4})\)\n|\n)
[04:59:29] bllz: it's a perl script and I'm getting this error now:
[04:59:35] clever: the stuff i generaly do borders on html page scrapping
[04:59:44] bllz: root@server:~# /usr/bin/ 3
[04:59:44] bllz: /usr/bin/ line 18: use: command not found
[04:59:44] bllz: /usr/bin/ line 20: use: command not found
[04:59:44] bllz: /usr/bin/ line 23: use: command not found
[04:59:44] bllz: /usr/bin/ line 25: syntax error near unexpected token `('
[04:59:45] bllz: /usr/bin/ line 25: `my %chanmap = ReturnChanMap();'
[04:59:50] wagnerrp: oof
[04:59:50] clever: every week they make the site look better, and more stuff breaks
[05:00:04] clever: bllz: perl scripts must start with #!/usr/bin/perl
[05:00:10] wagnerrp: probably the same problem
[05:00:11] bllz: ... and again!
[05:00:13] bllz: thanks clever
[05:00:26] wagnerrp: trying to run perl code in bash is destined to fail
[05:00:44] Dagmar: I think that all falls under the header of "doing it wrong with both hands"
[05:00:50] clever: wagnerrp: python in bash is probly worse, the indenting would be fully ignored
[05:01:10] wagnerrp: well it would fail on the first import
[05:01:25] bllz: and now it works =)
[05:01:28] clever: as he paste spammed us a few minutes ago, it kept going
[05:02:02] jst: anyone here using an hdpvr? how stable is it?
[05:02:15] wagnerrp: these days? perfectly suitable for use
[05:02:33] moodboom (moodboom! has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[05:02:39] bllz: hmm... i'm still having that problem where anything above 99 fails
[05:02:44] clever: i think i'll be getting an HD upgrade here soon
[05:02:55] clever: how much should i expect over firewire?
[05:03:02] bllz: root@server:~# /usr/bin/ 303
[05:03:02] bllz: sh: /usr/bin/sleep: not found
[05:03:07] Dagmar: nothing.
[05:03:09] bllz: is this sthe same problem again?
[05:03:18] bllz: then again it's in the same script
[05:03:29] clever: bllz: sleep is at /bin/sleep on my system, might need to edit the script
[05:03:41] bllz: clever: i'll try that, thanks
[05:03:43] wagnerrp: no, its trying to call that external function from a shell
[05:03:58] wagnerrp: its sh (bourne shell) complaining that file does not exist
[05:04:01] wagnerrp: not perl
[05:04:08] clever: Dagmar: i know i have several clear QAM256 channels, the box should atleast make those available
[05:04:11] bllz: wagnerrp, clever: would it help if I linked to the script?
[05:04:17] Dabian: OK .. I need some sleep.
[05:04:24] Dabian: Nice talking to you guys.
[05:04:27] Dagmar: Suuuuure
[05:04:32] Dagmar: Good luck with that thinking
[05:04:40] Dagmar: You completely forget rule #1:
[05:04:40] wagnerrp: no, it would help if you posted the writer's email to the darker side of the internet
[05:04:50] Dagmar: You cable company doesn't want you to watch anything--they just want your money.
[05:04:51] bllz: wagnerrp: believe me, I'm thinking about it
[05:04:55] clever: Dagmar: so the dumb box wont even let me pick stuff up that i could get with a proper DVB capture card?
[05:05:03] Dabian (Dabian!n=M0RTEN@fsf/member/dabian) has quit ("later")
[05:05:05] bllz: wagnerrp: 4chan maybe?
[05:05:29] Dagmar: You *might* be able to get the stuff that's broadcast in the clear over Firewire.
[05:05:30] wagnerrp: thats not dark, just cheeky
[05:05:31] bllz: wagnerrp: so what's the solution for this issue? do i specify the full path?
[05:05:43] bllz: wagnerrp: i guess I'm not a terribly dark person then lol
[05:05:43] Dagmar: You can absolutely forget anything that's broadcast encrypted
[05:05:56] clever: Dagmar: for the encrypted stuff, id need something like the hdpvr?
[05:06:06] wagnerrp: for now, just specify the full path
[05:06:06] clever: to encode the component outputs
[05:06:12] bllz: clever: you'd need a set top box most likely, i think
[05:06:16] Dagmar: You need a cable box with component output
[05:06:23] wagnerrp: i dont know enough about perl to know how to have it do a proper path lookup on the executable
[05:06:29] clever: yeah, already looking at an STB with firewire
[05:06:33] Dagmar: wagnerrp: What script
[05:06:39] Dagmar: Where's this script at?
[05:06:39] wagnerrp: although i would be surprised if perl didnt have a 'sleep' function built in
[05:06:44] abqjp (abqjp! has joined #mythtv-users
[05:06:44] bllz: wagnerrp: i think it's a lirc command actually...
[05:06:45] Dagmar: It does.
[05:06:45] clever: wagnerrp: perl isnt doing it, its passing the command to sh
[05:06:49] clever: wagnerrp: which is why sh complained
[05:07:02] wagnerrp: clever: i know, but it passed a full path to sh
[05:07:08] wagnerrp: it probably shouldnt be doing that
[05:07:17] clever: probly the script author is expecting PATH to be buggered
[05:07:27] Dagmar: Then he's a noob
[05:07:38] wagnerrp: the script author should not work around his users' deficiencies
[05:07:48] clever: yeah, the location of sleep differs just between 2 of my systems
[05:07:50] Dagmar: So where's this perl script at?
[05:07:58] bllz: here's the script: . . . hange_Script (second one. the perl one)
[05:08:07] bllz: i can pastebin it too if that's easier
[05:08:53] wagnerrp: might as well... pastebin will give line numbers to reference against those errors
[05:08:58] bllz: okay let me do that
[05:09:02] Dagmar: Hmm... must have been someone who was a jackass and wound up in my ignore list, nevermind.
[05:09:22] defaultro: hi folks, does --prefix work in configure in myth? It's because, --help doesn't show it
[05:09:22] bllz:
[05:09:38] Dagmar: clever: When in doubt about the value of PATH, you just set it explicitly a the beginning
[05:09:40] wagnerrp: defaultro: yes
[05:09:43] defaultro: cool
[05:09:51] gandalfcome (gandalfcome! has joined #mythtv-users
[05:10:03] defaultro: i didn't want to affect my existing .21
[05:10:17] gandalfcome (gandalfcome! has quit (Client Quit)
[05:10:18] clever: Dagmar: yeah, thats always better then using the absolute path
[05:10:18] defaultro: i got the qt4 installed in /usr/local/qtsdk4
[05:10:37] Dagmar: clever: Hard coding absolute paths tends to rather instantly make a script non-portable
[05:11:03] clever: Dagmar: i just noticed, that script is on the ubuntu forum, but it would run better on my gentoo:P
[05:11:13] clever: on ubuntu, its /bin/sleep which the script doesnt like
[05:11:31] wagnerrp: sleep and irsend, he hardcoded them both
[05:11:36] clever: lol
[05:12:13] mazda01 (mazda01! has quit ("Leaving")
[05:12:30] gandalfcome (gandalfcome! has joined #mythtv-users
[05:12:39] bllz: so i'm lost... what's the fix?
[05:12:54] dansushi (dansushi!n=dan@ has joined #mythtv-users
[05:13:03] wagnerrp: just set them to the locations on your system
[05:13:20] bllz: wagnerrp: how do i determine what those locations are?
[05:13:31] clever: run 'type sleep' and 'type irsend'
[05:13:39] bllz: ah okay
[05:13:48] k_ross: which sleep and whcih irsend
[05:14:00] Dagmar: You are kidding me
[05:14:10] clever: k_ross: which is an external program and not always installed, type is a bash internal
[05:14:11] Dagmar: An adult wrote that script?
[05:14:22] bllz: i'm getting "missing opearand" and "not enough arguments", respectively
[05:14:27] Led-Hed (Led-Hed! has quit ("Leaving")
[05:14:36] bllz: Dagmar: might have been a pimply highschool kid lol... then again he got farther than I ever would
[05:14:39] k_ross: better to just remove the path entirely, and let it find it in the path
[05:14:42] clever: root@theP4:~# type sleep
[05:14:42] clever: sleep is /bin/sleep
[05:15:06] ** clever is thinking he ran 'sleep' and 'irsend' because he was told to TYPE them in:P **
[05:15:11] Dagmar: wagnerrp: Dude, seriously? THat script is insane
[05:15:18] k_ross: what is with that channel map in the script? i mean, to change to channel 106, it sends 111 plus 5 channel downs?
[05:15:21] wagnerrp: 'which' is more common, my systems dont have a 'type' executable
[05:15:35] clever: wagnerrp: thats because type is a bash INTERNAL
[05:15:43] wagnerrp: yeah, that would do it
[05:15:57] wagnerrp: Dagmar: im more amused by the big fugly single 'exec' call
[05:16:09] Dagmar: my %chanmap = ReturnChanMap();
[05:16:13] Dagmar: w.t.f
[05:16:17] clever: what the hell
[05:16:22] clever: ch+ ch+ ch+.....
[05:16:25] Dagmar: Just seeing "use constant BLAH" makes my eyes burn
[05:16:39] Dagmar: clever: Yeah I am not entirely sure what that's a workaround for
[05:16:41] Dagmar: I'm sure they meant well
[05:17:01] bllz: Dagmar: the workaround is that the 0 doesn't work in the lircd.conf file
[05:17:17] k_ross: ah that makes sense
[05:17:20] k_ross: i guess
[05:17:25] wagnerrp: you know... ive heard people say 'recursion is a high level technique which only skilled programmers can use'
[05:17:34] clever: 0 works fine on my dct2000
[05:17:37] wagnerrp: but to be honest, nearly every time ive seen recursion in code
[05:17:42] k_ross: couldn't they just figure out how to get the 0 key to work?
[05:17:47] wagnerrp: it could far more easily and cleanly be done in a loop
[05:17:58] bllz: clever: this is a dct700
[05:18:03] Dagmar: This bit kills me tho'
[05:18:07] Dagmar: my %chanmap = ReturnChanMap();
[05:18:10] Dagmar: argh'
[05:18:35] Dagmar: exec IRCMD . "ch+; " . SLEEPCMD . SLEEPCMD . SLEEPCMD . $cmd . SLEEPCMD . IRCMD . "exit";
[05:18:36] bllz: k_ross: it's been done, but then you'd need to modify the scritp.. I don't know how to script
[05:18:51] Dagmar: I know why he's doing the weird call to sleep externally tho, but it's silly
[05:19:01] wagnerrp: i dont understand that whole table at all
[05:19:13] wagnerrp: can you not type in '900' directly?
[05:19:13] Dagmar: Normally sleep() in perl only sleeps until the top of the next clock seconds.
[05:19:23] Dagmar: wagnerrp: Apparenrly not with his remote profile
[05:19:25] bllz: Dagmar: i think there was some issue where if you didn't sleep, you'd get errors if the ir codes came in too fast (or something)
[05:19:27] clever: wagnerrp: that table will also horidly break the next time they add or remove a channel
[05:19:34] bllz: wagnerrp: nope, you can't
[05:19:36] clever: and is tunned to a certain lineup
[05:19:36] wagnerrp: why ever would you have to go to '911' and keep cycling down
[05:19:48] wagnerrp: why not? thats retarded
[05:19:58] bllz: wagnerrp: you can, actually, but it would require a different config file (which i have... and it works) but then I wouldn't have a ready made channel-change scritp to use
[05:20:10] Dagmar: I think clever had it right in suspecting the guy's 0 key was broken
[05:20:13] wagnerrp: is the '0' button not programmed?
[05:20:15] wagnerrp: yeah
[05:20:29] RyeBrye (RyeBrye!n=ryebrye@ has quit ()
[05:20:33] bllz: wagnerrp: no the problem is that for whatever reason they didn't know the right IR code for 0
[05:20:38] clever: Dagmar: 14 01:17:01 < bllz> Dagmar: the workaround is that the 0 doesn't work in the lircd.conf file
[05:20:41] bllz: and i've observed this problem too
[05:20:54] bllz: clever: i think i might be on dagmar's shitlist
[05:20:58] Dagmar: This seems like a sizable crapton of work being done instead of just fixing the bloody button
[05:21:03] clever: yeah he already said so
[05:21:14] Dagmar: clever; Did you possibly have a brother who was put up for adoption?
[05:21:31] bllz: clever: tell him that I have a working lirc conf but no script to run it...
[05:21:33] clever: Dagmar: i think this is the brother that was dropped on his head:P
[05:21:42] Dagmar: Not trying to be mean, but this is the sort of herculean solution to a miniature problem I'd expect to catch you at
[05:21:49] Lord_Deathscythe (Lord_Deathscythe! has quit ("I am called onward")
[05:21:56] Dagmar: You do at least solve them thoroughly or I'd worry
[05:21:59] clever: 14 01:21:31 < bllz> clever: tell him that I have a working lirc conf but no script to run it...
[05:22:18] Dagmar: But there's no need to call exit from perl, ever really
[05:22:23] clever: Dagmar: currently, i'm working on booting my mythbackend from a tmpfs with some tftp in the mix
[05:22:25] Dagmar: That's the reason there's both exec() and system()
[05:22:32] Dagmar: One returns immediately, the other doesn't.
[05:22:34] clever: is that the kind of thing you would expect from me? :P
[05:22:47] Dagmar: ...and there's a CPAN module to get usleep so you can do 1/3 second sleeps in perl
[05:23:13] Dagmar: Likes 43–45 could be replaced with a much simpler loop
[05:23:17] wagnerrp: im looking at this code... and what was the website where the actual shape of the html code was some japanese mountain range on its side?
[05:23:20] k_ross: the easiest way to make the script work with a functional 0 key is to remove the "if(defined($chanmap{$channel}))" and everything up to and including the "else" after it, and the curly braces
[05:23:20] Dagmar: shift inside of a loop is bad
[05:23:42] clever: ive got a working and SIMPLE channel change script in BASH!
[05:24:06] clever: and its under 250 lines!
[05:24:07] bllz: clever: would it work with any old lircd.conf?
[05:24:13] wagnerrp: im thinking it was some toshiba product page
[05:24:26] clever: bllz: it should work with any lircd.conf, just rename the buttons to match
[05:24:45] bllz: oh boy... lol =)
[05:24:49] bllz: i guess i'd be up for that
[05:24:56] bllz: clever: any chance you could share it?
[05:25:13] clever:
[05:25:18] bllz: clever, thanks
[05:25:20] clever: its the standard one that comes with mythtv
[05:25:33] wagnerrp: ah... here we go....
[05:25:41] bllz: clever: hold the phone... there's a standard channel changin script in mythtv?
[05:25:54] clever: bllz: theres 20 of them
[05:26:06] ** bllz needs to lrn2myth **
[05:26:28] clever: you might find them near /usrc/share/myth* if your distro is sane
[05:26:28] k_ross: clever: ah, that's much easier on the eyes!
[05:26:34] bllz: clever: so when you say rename the commands I just use the names in lircd.conf right (sorry for the volume of stupid questions)
[05:27:00] clever: just rename the buttons in lircd.conf so you have 0 thru 9
[05:27:03] Dagmar: unless ($ARGV[0] =~ /\d+/) { print "Shoot me$/"; exit 1;}
[05:27:09] clever: and maybe add or remove the OK and EXIT commands from my example
[05:27:22] clever: OK forces it to go to the channel NOW, and then EXIT hides the OSD
[05:27:29] bllz: clever: ok thanks
[05:27:33] bllz: i'll brb with the results
[05:27:50] Dagmar: <-- this is awesomesauce
[05:28:00] oobe: if pete and repeat are on a boat and pete falls off who is still left on the boat?
[05:28:17] Dagmar: Jus' be aware that things will get weird if you use signals elsewhere in teh same code
[05:28:32] wagnerrp: bob
[05:29:01] Dagmar: oobe: "the defendant"
[05:29:08] clever: Dagmar: ok, testing tftp from an initrd
[05:29:14] oobe: damn it just say reapeat
[05:29:22] oobe: repeat
[05:29:24] oobe: if pete and repeat are on a boat and pete falls off who is still left on the boat?
[05:29:26] k_ross: reapeat
[05:29:29] oobe: if pete and repeat are on a boat and pete falls off who is still left on the boat?
[05:29:37] clever: lol
[05:29:50] bllz: clever: on that script you sent, I assume I have to change the REMOTE_NAME as well?
[05:29:52] Dagmar: my $chan = shift(); bleh. my ($chan) = @_;
[05:30:00] clever: bllz: yep
[05:30:29] clever: begin remote name DCT2000
[05:30:35] ** clever stabs irssi **
[05:30:38] Dagmar: ...and there's a thing called defined() in perl so no one ever has to use length($chan)==0
[05:30:51] bllz: clever: oh i was just going to change it in the script
[05:31:10] Dagmar: my $digit yuck
[05:31:19] clever: bllz: yeah, read the lircd.conf to see what its called, then edit the bash script
[05:31:22] Dagmar: @array = split('', $chan);
[05:32:04] Dagmar: At least the thing is documented.
[05:32:14] Dagmar: That scores almost enough points in my book to make up for the rest of it
[05:32:22] k_ross: to whomever asked if channel change scripts come with myth, yes they are in the "contrib" directory
[05:32:32] k_ross: including the one clever posted
[05:32:37] Dagmar: If it were this crazy and utterly undocumented the drive it's on should probably be shredded
[05:33:02] clever: k_ross: ive since modified mine to include OCR from a usb webcam
[05:33:20] clever: k_ross: if the script fails and winds up on the wrong channel, it beeps and tries again
[05:33:22] k_ross: keeping that mod all to yourself, eh?
[05:33:30] k_ross: :P
[05:33:43] clever: its the kind of thing Dagmar would shoot me for even thinking of using:P
[05:34:04] wagnerrp: indeed
[05:34:10] Dagmar: Using a webcam to spy on the thing to make sure it changed the channel properly is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about a minute ago
[05:34:12] Dagmar: hehe
[05:34:19] clever: see
[05:34:41] Dagmar: Like, for that much trouble surely someone could come up with a "real" solution
[05:34:43] clever: and i couldnt find any good OCR software, so i just use imagemagick to compare the old image to the new one:P
[05:34:54] wagnerrp: for that amount of effort
[05:34:55] Dagmar: Okay *whew*
[05:35:00] clever: Dagmar: ok, how do you get a serial ir blaster to stop dropping digits at random?
[05:35:05] wagnerrp: you may as well crack the thing open and add your own serial port
[05:35:05] Dagmar: I thought you'd used an _actual_ OCR library
[05:35:24] clever: wagnerrp: it has a serial port, i have the control scripts, it doesnt react to them at all
[05:35:26] Dagmar: clever: You tape the sonofagun emitter right to the front of the sensor with black electrical tape
[05:35:50] clever: Dagmar: its hasnt moved in months, but every now and then it will drop a digit
[05:36:08] Dagmar: Is the conf file the blaster is using filled with raw codes?
[05:36:08] clever: its got perfect reception, but still messes up because the carrier freq is made by the host cpu
[05:36:24] clever: HELP 0x000000000000B3F2
[05:36:24] clever: POWER 0x000000000000AFF9
[05:36:24] clever: MUTE 0x0000000000000FF7
[05:36:43] clever: those look like clearly defined and properly decoded codes
[05:36:50] Dagmar: THe chances of the device reading the sent codes properly goes up if it's not seeing the equivalent of a scratchy 8bit 4Khz sample, but instead the result of say, a tone generator
[05:36:53] clever: not ugly sampled wave forms
[05:37:04] Dagmar: Okay that's good
[05:37:17] Dagmar: I'd just go for the electrical tape then
[05:37:24] k_ross: i think i remember reading somewhere you could get them to enable the serial port by calling them up and telling them you have a "tivo" and you need it enabled to change the channels
[05:37:30] clever: its currently mounted inside an old serial mouse
[05:37:40] fhobia (fhobia! has joined #mythtv-users
[05:37:55] clever: k_ross: not much point in that now, we might be replacing the box with an HD capable version any day now
[05:38:05] k_ross: cool
[05:38:15] clever: then id have proper firewire control and maybe capture
[05:38:15] k_ross: i use firewire for channel changing myself
[05:38:27] clever: firewire is alot less likely to mess up
[05:38:28] k_ross: never missed a channel change with FW
[05:39:46] fhobia: what user do you guys run the mythbackend as ?
[05:39:53] clever: fhobia: mythtv
[05:40:09] k_ross: yep, mythtv
[05:40:18] Dagmar: I'm lazy. I use root
[05:40:18] fhobia: ah ok
[05:40:31] clever: Dagmar: the horor!!!
[05:40:40] fhobia: so the file permissions on any recordings should end up as mythtv:mythtv ?
[05:40:50] clever: fhobia: yep
[05:40:59] clop2 (clop2! has quit ("Leaving")
[05:41:02] fhobia: hmm ok
[05:41:09] fhobia: also i was able to record my first program!
[05:41:13] Dagmar: Yeah if my cable company ever figures out how to encode a buffer overflow in NTSC I am screwed
[05:41:14] Dagmar: Being that it's not actually a multi-user box it doesn't much matter
[05:41:33] fhobia: but it says "Error: GetplaybackURL: '<filename here>' should be local, but it can not be found."
[05:41:39] clever: Dagmar: until somebody taps into the wifi and finds a buffer overflow on your upnp :P
[05:41:49] Dagmar: fhobia: Your frontend and backends are on different boxes?
[05:41:50] [R] ([R]!n=rbox@unaffiliated/rbox) has joined #mythtv-users
[05:41:55] clever: Dagmar: or an angered myth dev slips rm -fr / in:P
[05:42:01] Dagmar: clever: Those packets won't cross the wifi gateway
[05:42:18] fhobia: Dagmar: nope, same machine...i have myth fe/be on same machine, but i wanted to play the video on my ps3 but the ps3 shows nothing on the media i found this log message and thought it may be a hint
[05:42:28] clever: Dagmar: ah, my wifi is setup to allow myth
[05:42:30] Dagmar: I don't have traffic over the wireless that doesn't go through a proxy service
[05:42:32] fhobia: i can play the video on same machine though
[05:43:13] Dagmar: fhobia: Weird. The PS3 should be able to play it
[05:43:21] fhobia: i just get "There are no tracks"
[05:43:31] fhobia: yeah, i don't know why nothing shows up at all
[05:43:33] k_ross: hmm, i always get those same errors, but everything works fine, so i've always ignored it
[05:43:41] Dagmar: 'tracks'?
[05:43:49] Dagmar: Are you looking at it through the _audio_ menu?
[05:44:03] Dagmar: There's a difference, although what the PS3 is going to show will be a little looney
[05:44:09] fhobia: SON OF A ...
[05:44:09] fhobia: lol
[05:44:13] fhobia: i think you are onto something, Dagmar  :-P
[05:44:13] Dagmar: Yep.
[05:44:18] Dagmar: I have a PS3.
[05:44:30] fhobia: oh there it is man
[05:44:34] pizzledizzle (pizzledizzle! has quit ()
[05:44:35] fhobia: wow
[05:44:38] Dagmar: It makes a *fine* frontend for playback, when it's not being moody
[05:44:51] fhobia: haha my playback is skipping a bit
[05:44:55] k_ross: h.264 too? like from an hd-pvr?
[05:44:57] Dagmar: It seems to not understand well about albums tho
[05:45:11] fhobia: P3 733 streaming to PS3 over wireless – i bet wired is better huh ?
[05:45:13] Dagmar: k_ross: What it supports is spitefully documented
[05:45:29] fhobia: wonder if its network or just underpowered cpu that is the issue now
[05:45:50] Dagmar: fhobia: Provided there's no old people with 2.4Ghz cordless phones around, and your content is SD quality, you should be able to watch one stream
[05:46:01] Dagmar: ...also providing no one start using the microwave oven
[05:46:53] Dagmar: Ya might wanna move the AP to channels 1 or 11.
[05:47:05] Dagmar: They are the ones that don't overlap with things like bluetooth devices and so on
[05:47:15] fhobia: i moved to channel 11
[05:47:19] fhobia: HD content here
[05:47:19] Dagmar: good.
[05:47:26] clever: i cringe when i scan for networks and find 5 of them on channel 6
[05:47:28] bllz: clever, you carry your name well
[05:47:34] bllz: your script works
[05:47:35] bllz: thanks so much
[05:47:39] Dagmar: That'll be dodgy without 802.11g, and it'll still be a bit dodgy
[05:49:56] bllz: So when i'm changing channels through an external stb, I don't need to run the scan for channels function on the myth backend setup?
[05:50:13] clever: bllz: you cant scan for channels when using an external tuner
[05:50:31] clever: scanning works by changing the tuner in the card and reading the signal levels
[05:50:37] bllz: clever: ah okay, i had assumed (falsly, apparently) that the channel changing script would take over
[05:51:10] clever: all of the channels should be added using something like
[05:51:45] jst: strange problem i'm experiencing... whenever i have mythtv running, no other programs can produce audio... flash player, vlc, etc. are all essentially mute... anyone know what could be causing this?
[05:52:09] bllz: clever: yeah i already have a subscription. so no further configuration will be necessary?
[05:52:09] Dagmar: A lack of dmix
[05:52:33] Dagmar: dmix is the ALSA facility that muxes multiple audio streams so that you can actually play sound from more than one source at a time
[05:52:53] Dagmar: It _attempts_ to take advantage of sound cards that can already do this (which are mainly SoundBlasters)
[05:53:14] Dagmar: However, it's ability to detect this correctly is on par with the average 900 line psychic
[05:53:21] jst: hahaha
[05:53:35] Dagmar: So it _frequently_ fails horribly, thinking that the card can do it fine
[05:53:47] Dagmar: It's also remarkably full of fail if you try to use OSS device names like /dev/dsp
[05:54:14] [R]: do they still have 900 psychics?
[05:54:20] [R]: miss cleo hasn't run commericals in forever
[05:54:35] Dagmar: As long as there are opinionated fat black women, there will be 900-number psychic hotlines
[05:54:39] jst: i'm not going to bother fixing it... installing a new motherboard tomorrow, so maybe that will take care of it :)
[05:54:51] Dagmar: ...because there will probably never be a shortage of people too stupid to know better.
[05:55:04] [R]: ROFL
[05:55:05] jst: a friend of mine used to call up psychics... claim that she got ripped off by other psychics and lost tens of thousands of dollars...
[05:55:06] clever: Dagmar: my phone co refuses to even let 900 numbers dial out:P
[05:55:13] jst: asked them if they were legitimate or not... of course they said yes
[05:55:21] jst: then she asked them to prove they were legit by telling her her name
[05:55:29] jst: it was f'ing hilarious
[05:55:36] clever: caller id...
[05:55:40] Dagmar: Better to ask them "Will I be caught"
[05:55:45] jst: one of them actually said "i'm sick, it's interfering with my ability"
[05:56:06] Dagmar: I mean, if you're going to mess with them, make them think you're a serial killer.
[05:56:39] Dagmar: This also works for telemarketers.
[05:56:42] clever: next time the telemarketers call, start talking about where you hid the bodies
[05:56:46] clever: see:P
[05:56:48] Dagmar: "May I speak to Mr. So-and-so?"
[05:57:15] [R]: jst: don't they know you shouldn't go to work when you are sick
[05:57:28] Dagmar: "I'm not sure... Lemme check. *sound of something heavy and irregular rolling* ... Hmm.. .That's the name in the wallet alright"
[05:57:37] Dagmar: I used to have a large bag of potatoes for that
[05:58:02] Dagmar: It was awesome until I freaked out one enough that she called the police.
[05:58:12] clever: :D
[05:58:20] bllz: clever: do I use the "fetch channels from listing source" instead?
[05:58:29] clever: bllz: yep
[06:00:53] olesalscheider (olesalscheider! has joined #mythtv-users
[06:01:18] fhobia: no more stuttering after switching to wired
[06:01:22] fhobia: awwwwessome
[06:05:06] ** fhobia ought to get more than 20 gb for this **
[06:05:07] fhobia: :-P
[06:05:29] clever: fhobia: yeah i started with 20g, now ive got ~1.5tb in use
[06:06:31] fhobia: hahah 8)
[06:09:20] defaultro: sweet, after installing the latest version of fontconfig, .22 compiled successfully on my FC6 :)
[06:09:23] lyricnz (lyricnz! has joined #mythtv-users
[06:09:34] fhobia: and this p3 733mhz cannot do commerical flaggign without croaking
[06:09:49] clever: fhobia: my 400mhz P2 can flag, but it takes a while
[06:10:19] fhobia: really? hd content ?
[06:10:25] clever: SD
[06:10:27] clever: pvr-150
[06:13:21] dansushi (dansushi!n=dan@ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[06:13:43] dansushi (dansushi!n=dan@ has joined #mythtv-users
[06:15:50] wagnerrp: fhobia: if theres no time constraint, you can do whatever you want so long as the machine has enough memory
[06:16:02] clever: or swap:P
[06:16:09] clever: but that will likely make it take 10x as long
[06:16:48] bep (bep! has joined #mythtv-users
[06:20:41] defaultro: what would be the reason my mythplugin is saying MythMusic will not be built?
[06:21:02] defaultro: oh, sorry, saw it
[06:21:04] clever: defaultro: it should say why
[06:21:04] wagnerrp: you told it not to complile mythmusic
[06:21:06] bllz: mythfilldatabase seems to be in some sort of loop... any reason why this might happen? I don't see any obvious errors...
[06:21:08] wagnerrp: or its missing a dependency
[06:21:09] defaultro: yep, saw it
[06:21:12] defaultro: taglib missing
[06:21:18] clever: bllz: it always loops alot
[06:21:21] wagnerrp: bllz: no... it just runs for a long time
[06:21:29] clever: bllz: if you look carefully, the day/hour change each time
[06:21:30] wagnerrp: its running every day for every channel
[06:21:47] bllz: clever, wagnerrp: sounds good to me =)
[06:21:50] wagnerrp: so youre going to see several hundred to several thousand 'loops'
[06:22:15] bllz: aah that makes sense
[06:22:18] bllz: okay
[06:22:27] wagnerrp: thats only the first time
[06:22:41] wagnerrp: subsequently it runs one per day, grabbing the next day and the last day
[06:22:58] wagnerrp: so down to two grabs per channel, rather than 14
[06:23:05] clever: wagnerrp: i often tell it to get today, and then i see it naming dates 5 days away...
[06:24:19] wagnerrp: well... its supposed to anyway
[06:29:34] ahughes (ahughes! has quit ("Leaving")
[06:30:04] jose (jose! has joined #mythtv-users
[06:30:12] jose is now known as Shadow__X
[06:34:45] shackles_ (shackles_! has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[06:37:06] MitchCapper (MitchCapper!n=user@unaffiliated/mitchcapper) has quit (Nick collision from services.)
[06:37:13] bllz: ok for some reason my MCE remote isn't working in lirc anymore...
[06:37:30] MitchCapper (MitchCapper!n=user@unaffiliated/mitchcapper) has joined #mythtv-users
[06:37:51] bllz: nor is livetv working...
[06:38:42] Shadow__X (Shadow__X!n=jose@unaffiliated/shadowx/x-411846) has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[06:38:51] lyricnz (lyricnz! has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[06:39:17] bllz: all I did was what is listed here: . . . hange_Script
[06:39:45] bllz: except I used a different script and I used the alternative config file at the bottom...
[06:40:51] clever: bllz: you need to include the codes for the mce remote in lircd.conf
[06:41:17] clever: and the codes that have a working 0 for the stb
[06:41:57] bllz: clever, I think I did that, but let me double check...
[06:42:14] clever: should be defined as 2 seperate remotes
[06:42:17] clever: with diff names
[06:42:23] bllz: apparently not...
[06:42:30] bllz: looks like I did overwrite it by accident
[06:42:35] bllz: do you hapen to recall the lines?
[06:42:58] clever: you should be able to find a copy of the mce codes online
[06:43:48] bllz: yeah i'll check
[06:43:49] bllz: thanks
[06:44:25] bllz: imma have to update tis wiki when i'm done lol
[06:44:53] truxartis (truxartis! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[06:45:07] clever: bllz: the ubuntu way of doing things is nice and clean
[06:45:10] clever: include /usr/share/lirc/remotes/hauppauge/lircd.conf.hauppauge
[06:45:11] clever: include /usr/share/lirc/transmitters/motorola/dctxxxx.conf
[06:45:23] clever: those are in my lircd.conf, and point to files containing the remote codes
[06:45:31] bllz: clever, thanks
[06:45:44] bllz: i'm just going to do dpkg-reconfigure lirc to be extra sure
[06:45:53] clever: backup the lircd.conf first
[06:46:01] clever: dont want to break the transmiting you just fixed
[06:46:19] bllz: yeah i'm going to back up that and the script
[06:46:26] bllz: good call, that could have been ugly =/
[06:47:20] [R] ([R]!n=rbox@unaffiliated/rbox) has quit ("Leaving")
[06:47:33] fhobia: hmm tv tuner can get far more channels than my tuner card :-/
[06:47:59] pheld (pheld!i=pmkrol@ has joined #mythtv-users
[06:50:33] defaultro: moment of truth, about to run mythtv-setup :p
[06:50:36] mangus580 (mangus580! has quit (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
[06:51:42] mangus580 (mangus580! has joined #mythtv-users
[06:53:52] fhobia: defaultro: first time ?
[06:54:22] defaultro: hey folks, it's been a while. I forgot if I should run mythbackend when I run mythtv-setup
[06:54:31] clever: nope
[06:54:32] defaultro: fhobia, nope, i'm upgrading to .22
[06:54:46] defaultro: everything went smoothly. Thanks clever
[06:55:03] fhobia: what got me is you need have the backend running to run mythfilldatabase
[06:55:16] clever: fhobia: not from what ive seen
[06:55:22] jst (jst! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[06:55:36] clever: just at the very end, it will try to poke the backend, but if its not running theres no need
[06:55:45] fhobia: maybe i have it mixed up, but if you get some QT error then try running the backend
[06:55:54] defaultro: i'm shutting down .21 mythf and b now
[06:56:15] fhobia: 8) why are you upgrading, defaultro ? some cool feature you want in .22 ?
[06:56:22] defaultro: kinda
[06:56:29] defaultro: i want to see how it looks like
[06:57:01] defaultro: last time was oct 2008
[06:57:07] defaultro: but those were just fixes
[07:00:04] defaultro: hmm, i thought mythtv-setup will upgrade the database
[07:00:37] defaultro: it's saying db object is not valid
[07:00:48] clever: scroll up more
[07:01:12] defaultro: not much
[07:01:12] clever: should be something near the top just before those errors
[07:01:25] clever: Q3MYSQL i think
[07:02:07] defaultro: i saw it but i can't scroll up. friggin screen utility
[07:02:17] clever: ctrl+a then escape
[07:02:28] clever: now you can scroll up/down all you want with page up/down
[07:02:33] defaultro: i'm on putty session
[07:02:35] MitchCapper (MitchCapper!n=user@unaffiliated/mitchcapper) has quit (Read error: 148 (No route to host))
[07:02:35] clever: escape once more to return to normal
[07:02:41] clever: that still works via putty
[07:02:49] defaultro: i tried but didn't work
[07:02:49] clever: its a screen feature, scrolling at the remote end
[07:02:57] defaultro: i'm on a screen session as well
[07:03:06] clever: what happens when you hit ctrl+a escape?
[07:03:11] defaultro: nothing
[07:03:18] clever: Copy mode – Column 19 Line 23(+1024) (80,23)
[07:03:23] clever: it should come up with that
[07:03:24] bllz: clever, instead of addig all the config lines in my lircd.config file, I can just make a separate file and add an include line, right?
[07:03:34] clever: bllz: yep
[07:03:37] bllz: ok
[07:04:08] defaultro: it's truncated :(
[07:04:21] defaultro: i'll just rerun in
[07:04:22] defaultro: it
[07:04:23] clever: log file then, mythtv-setup > log_file 2>&1
[07:05:33] defaultro: it's saying QMYSQL3 driver not loaded
[07:05:43] clever: then you dont have the mysql driver for qt installed
[07:05:47] clever: it cant access the db at all
[07:05:51] defaultro: ok
[07:06:15] clever: i think its libqt4-sql-mysql on ubuntu
[07:06:25] defaultro: k
[07:11:16] Kunalagon (Kunalagon!n=Kunalago@ has joined #mythtv-users
[07:14:51] stoffel (stoffel! has joined #mythtv-users
[07:14:51] Mode for #mythtv-users by ChanServ!ChanServ@services. : +v stoffel
[07:16:58] MitchCapper (MitchCapper!n=user@unaffiliated/mitchcapper) has joined #mythtv-users
[07:17:30] olesalscheider (olesalscheider! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[07:23:11] _Bigb_ (_Bigb_!n=Brandon@ has joined #mythtv-users
[07:24:12] clever: Dagmar: got my initrd network booting now:)
[07:25:09] _Bigb_: Using grub?
[07:25:18] wagnerrp: booting from a tmpfs copied from a tarball just sounds painful
[07:25:22] ** justinh curses grub2 **
[07:25:25] czthIII is now known as czth
[07:25:41] wagnerrp: isnt that exactly what cramfs is designed for anyway?
[07:25:50] jose (jose! has joined #mythtv-users
[07:25:57] justinh: wagnerrp: not much cop when you have little ram though
[07:25:57] clever: wagnerrp: right now, its basicaly nc 1000|bunzip2|tar -x
[07:26:10] clever: inside the initrd
[07:26:11] jose is now known as Shadow__X
[07:26:30] czth (czth! has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[07:26:40] czth (czth! has joined #mythtv-users
[07:26:43] fhobia: oh man, there needs to be a "Suggest All" option when handlling duplicate channels or whatever
[07:27:04] wagnerrp: why not from nfs? or tftp?
[07:27:05] justinh: you shouldn't be seeing duplicate channels
[07:27:11] justinh: unless you messed up ;-)
[07:27:13] clever: _Bigb_: right now, its grub on a usb stick
[07:27:20] fhobia: all i did was press "Scan for channels" :-(
[07:27:30] clever: wagnerrp: tftp doesnt like massive files, it just complained
[07:27:35] justinh: fhobia: the first time, or the second or third or fourth time?
[07:27:35] _Bigb_: Ok.
[07:27:43] clever: wagnerrp: nfs has more dependencys
[07:28:04] fhobia: probably forth time...they accumulate ?
[07:28:09] _Bigb_: how big are we talking?
[07:28:30] clever: _Bigb_: 40mb for the root, 180mb for /usr
[07:28:39] wagnerrp: RFC2347 bumped that up to 4GB
[07:28:45] justinh: fhobia: there's a bunch of tables used to store temporary scanning data
[07:29:03] justinh: fhobia: the 'duplicates' will be in there from previous scan attempts
[07:29:03] _Bigb_: ok
[07:29:32] clever: i was going to just use tftp, but nc makes it more streamlined
[07:29:41] clever: no temp files, just pipe the data directly to tar
[07:29:48] wagnerrp: except you have to run the command on the remote system somehow
[07:29:56] fhobia: justinh: even after calling mythfilldatabase ? it leaves the old stuff in there huh ?
[07:30:08] clever: wagnerrp: the server just has 2 entrys in the xinet.d config
[07:30:15] clever: which simply cat the file
[07:30:25] justinh: fhobia: no there's tables which only the scanner uses
[07:31:21] _Bigb_ (_Bigb_!n=Brandon@ has quit ("Untill next time")
[07:31:31] justinh: and if you already have a lineup & scan repeatedly of *course* the scanner will find duplicates
[07:32:40] justinh: I'm starting to think that in future whoever changes stuff like this in mythtv should be forced to document it extensively
[07:32:47] fhobia: so how do i clear out the tables ?
[07:33:13] justinh: fhobia: why did you scan multiple times anyway?
[07:33:35] fhobia: trust me i don't want to, but i only got like 10 channels while my tv got about a 100
[07:33:41] clever: justinh: he was trying to test the channel changing script
[07:33:45] justinh: meh
[07:33:47] fhobia: trynig to figuer out why i can't get more than 10 channels on the pc
[07:33:50] justinh: delete all channels
[07:33:53] fhobia: so i've just been playing around
[07:34:11] justinh: but if you expect to be able to use schedulesdirect prepare to have to do some funky stuff
[07:34:29] fhobia: no, i don't need to
[07:34:38] fhobia: i have all the channels written down on a sheet of paper
[07:34:47] fhobia: but i can't get most of them on the pc while i can get them on the tv
[07:35:11] justinh: 1. in digital TV there are no 'channels'
[07:35:28] justinh: at least not in the traditional sense where one frequency == one channel
[07:36:05] fhobia: so like 2.1, 2.2 those are not channels ?
[07:36:08] fhobia: we call them frequencies ?
[07:36:15] justinh: if one device on the coax is able to pull in more than another one it's clear you've got issues with signal strength
[07:36:32] clever: fhobia: 2.1 and 2.2 are seperate streams on the same freq
[07:36:55] justinh: having channel numbers with points in them is just plain retarded IMHO
[07:37:00] Dagmar: They're often called subchannels
[07:37:07] fhobia: signal strength is shown to be some 90% on the mythtv setup though
[07:37:21] justinh: fhobia: phooey
[07:37:22] Dagmar: justinh: When they're typically all the same broadcast company?
[07:37:29] fhobia: so how can i clear the database of frequencies ?
[07:37:30] justinh: Dagmar: IMHO yeah
[07:37:54] justinh: fhobia: there's a 'delete channels' option in mythtv-setup's channel editor
[07:37:59] Dagmar: Here, 5 is Channel 5 from analog, 5.1 is also them showing less popular content, and 5.2 is such rarified content you wonder who the hell would watch it over PBS
[07:38:17] fhobia: how dare they call it "delete channels" !!!
[07:38:40] justinh: fhobia: some devs have been battling plain English naming of things but common sense is winning ;-)
[07:39:03] fhobia: where is that option? :-P
[07:39:04] fhobia: ...
[07:39:09] justinh: like these goddamn plain English error messages people get in their logs. People are simply *dumbfounded* by them
[07:39:34] justinh: effing big DELETE button in the channel editor. Christ
[07:40:00] clever: justinh: i would rather have D just work when in the channel editor:P
[07:40:01] fhobia: i thought you were talking about a delete all
[07:40:07] justinh: or you can highlight one channel & press D
[07:40:23] justinh: I think I might as well be talking to a wall
[07:40:40] fhobia: ahhhh
[07:40:50] fhobia: yes, deleted them all
[07:41:31] justinh: anyway if it's still the case that your PC can't pull in as many 'channels' as the TV can, you probably have issues with signal strength
[07:41:59] justinh: i.e. you split the cable too many ways, or there's not enough signal for the PC's tuner card(s) but enough for the teevee.. etc
[07:42:23] justinh: .. or you selected the wrong frequency table in mythtv-setup
[07:42:53] fhobia: i think that is what happened initially
[07:43:00] fhobia: i just have it setup to default now
[07:45:11] fhobia: this time i think i got it :-)
[07:45:27] fhobia: hopefully the same "frequency" in my tv will match what i get on the pc's tuner
[07:46:10] justinh: so is this from an antenna or cable?
[07:46:19] fhobia: cable
[07:46:58] justinh: even with cable there's a limit to the amount of times you can get away with splitting it. Even one split (to two) might be too much
[07:47:16] justinh: depends ;-)
[07:48:26] fhobia: ok, i'll remove the split if i still can't get many channels to see if theres any difference
[07:48:28] k_ross: when you say your tv gets 100 channels from the cable, is this using a cable box from the cable company, or no box at all, and the tv is plugged straight into the cable coming out of the wall?
[07:49:44] fhobia: latter
[07:50:34] k_ross: and what kind of tuner card do you have? analog only? clear QAM?
[07:51:04] fhobia: clear QAM
[07:51:57] justinh: so yeah remove the split, put the PC as the only thing on the cable & see what you get
[07:52:22] KraMer (KraMer! has left #mythtv-users ("Leaving")
[07:52:23] fhobia: roger
[07:52:43] justinh: if that gets you everything you think you should get maybe your cable company will be able to give you more signal if you ask them nicely
[07:53:03] justinh: failing that, a cable amp will probably do you
[07:55:35] k_ross: i don't use a QAM tuner, so i've never done this. but isn't there a place in mythtv-setup to choose the frequency table to use, for the different cable tv "standards"?
[07:56:41] fhobia: yeah, i initially chose "us-cable"
[07:56:47] fhobia: now i just have it on "default"
[07:56:55] fhobia: oh, something i had forgotten to tell
[07:57:00] fhobia: what that i just changed the splitter
[07:57:17] fhobia: the old one which i scanned couple times was 5–900 MHz
[07:57:35] fhobia: now this new one is 5MHz – 2.3 GHz
[07:59:11] k_ross: i don't think cable goes over 900 mhz
[07:59:55] fhobia: yeah, i don't think it make a difference
[08:00:49] fhobia: guess itmust have been the frquency table then
[08:01:39] justinh: or the signal strength
[08:01:48] justinh: or lacking having an option on the tuner driver enabled
[08:05:10] k_ross (k_ross!i=47a40d7d@gateway/web/freenode/x-zanklmeogkgsogjm) has quit ("Page closed")
[08:10:09] bep (bep! has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[08:11:31] justinh: ah. Now I know who to blame for cluttering up Twitter with ****ing mythtv bots
[08:12:25] Dagmar: Make 'em change... er... ASK them to change the hash tag they use by default
[08:14:39] justinh: am doing now
[08:15:06] justinh: tried asking a few users whose tweets showed up in the feed to change the tag & most complied
[08:15:20] justinh: but nipping it in the bud at source... ;-)
[08:19:18] justinh: actually the bot tweeting mythtv-users thread titles is starting to become an annoyance too
[08:23:04] clever: just delete your twitter account:P
[08:23:44] justinh: FO
[08:25:10] bllz: does the new video manager distinguish between TV shows and movies?
[08:25:10] bllz: in other words, is there a way to separate the two when I"m browsing?
[08:25:10] bllz: or does that script to include downloaded shows as recordings still work?
[08:25:54] justinh: sigh
[08:26:19] justinh: you obviously meant public domain freely downloadable 'shows' right
[08:27:03] justinh: if you use categories etc properly it's easy to distinguish different things
[08:27:53] justinh: but tv recordings are tv recordings & shouldn't be mixed with *any* downloaded content. Scripts & hacks which do that are WRONG
[08:28:20] groogs (groogs! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[08:29:40] JenZv (JenZv! has joined #mythtv-users
[08:31:26] DarK`` (DarK``! has joined #mythtv-users
[08:33:05] justinh: bllz: you're totally welcome. sheesh
[08:36:56] flexy: justinh: some people want their cheerios and bacon mixed... :)
[08:37:18] Dibblah: Mmmm... Cheeribacon.
[08:37:36] Dibblah: That sounds almost as good as baconlube.
[08:37:44] justinh: flexy: those same people might also like acid mixed with their bathwater. I can arrange that
[08:38:00] cdpuk (cdpuk! has joined #mythtv-users
[08:38:02] Dibblah: justinh: How goes the routing?
[08:38:11] justinh: routing?
[08:38:19] Dibblah: whole house audio.
[08:38:23] justinh: given up on it
[08:38:28] fhobia: o_o
[08:38:42] Dibblah: How far did you get?
[08:38:48] justinh: gonna do it by hand with something better than Eagle
[08:38:52] justinh: which won't be hard
[08:39:05] Dibblah: Eagle is fine...?
[08:39:14] justinh: Eagle sucks donkeys
[08:39:33] Dibblah: Sure, some of it's UI choices are... Suboptimal, but...
[08:40:02] justinh: like there doesn't seem to be a way to tell it to have surface mount devices on the 'wrong' side
[08:40:04] Dibblah: ie grouping just sucks.
[08:40:16] Dibblah: They're on the "top" side.
[08:40:23] justinh: I know
[08:40:28] Dibblah: If you want them on the bottom, mirror them.
[08:40:34] justinh: ruh?
[08:41:01] justinh: pays to RTFM eh
[08:41:03] Dibblah: It's what the operation of "putting them on the other side" does.
[08:42:00] bedlore (bedlore! has joined #mythtv-users
[08:42:50] DarK``_ (DarK``_!n=d4rk@ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[08:43:43] bedlore: How do I debug mythtv-backend 0.22 ? It dies silently after about 10 seconds
[08:43:55] bedlore: logs don't indicate any problems
[08:44:00] justinh: try with -v $someoption
[08:44:10] justinh: where $someoption is an option gleaned using -v help
[08:44:11] bedlore: this started happening after upgrading to 0.22
[08:44:18] bedlore: ok thanks
[08:44:50] jvs (jvs!n=jvs@ has joined #mythtv-users
[08:45:21] bedlore: mythtv-backend doesn't appear to support verbose though
[08:45:22] bllz (bllz! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[08:45:33] bedlore: Usage: /etc/init.d/mythbackend {start|stop|restart|force-reload}
[08:45:33] octavsly (octavsly! has joined #mythtv-users
[08:45:34] justinh: oh DUCKING LAME wrapper scripts
[08:45:52] justinh: bedlore: so try running it as not the init script
[08:45:54] justinh: sheesh
[08:45:58] justinh: where is the clue today?
[08:46:07] bedlore: sorry, basic debian users
[08:46:11] justinh: or you could edit the init script of course
[08:46:15] justinh: AFTER backing it up first
[08:46:17] bedlore: yup
[08:47:49] bedlore: cool, running it directly now I can see its a segmentation fault
[08:48:12] bedlore: at least I have something to google now
[08:48:44] justinh: what's the last thing it says before the segfault?
[08:49:01] bedlore: Connected to database 'mythconverg' at host:
[08:49:08] justinh: seriously?
[08:49:11] bedlore: yup
[08:49:34] justinh: try running mythbackend as *mythbackend* from a terminal
[08:49:38] justinh: with -v database then
[08:49:41] bedlore: ok
[08:50:58] justinh: jesus effing christ. Somebody has made a script to pull google movie times down for using with mythmovies & is recommending (because google often break the scraper script) setting up a git pull as a daily cron job
[08:52:03] bedlore: justinh:
[08:52:11] justinh: yeah because T&Cs are made just for the hell of it right
[08:52:15] gandalfcome (gandalfcome! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[08:52:44] justinh: bedlore: there ARE other people in channel too
[08:52:58] bedlore: sorry
[08:53:04] bedlore: anyone: :)
[08:53:37] justinh: bedlore: ouch. try with -v all then
[08:53:48] justinh: nothing obvious is wrong so far
[08:54:36] bedlore: last line before it dies is HDHRSH(FFFFFFFF-0): Tuning channel :226500000 (was none)
[08:55:24] bedlore: should I reinstall my cards and do a new channel sweep maybe
[08:56:46] justinh: no idea – I dunno what that could possibly achieve
[08:57:18] bedlore: me either, just have no other ideas
[08:59:26] justinh: Dibblah: you know what else I hate about eagle? it puts the ****ing component values on the silkscreen. wtf?!
[09:00:07] Dibblah: Uhm... That's default in a number of other board layout programs.
[09:00:14] Dibblah: Makes stuffing much easier.
[09:00:22] justinh: stuffing?
[09:01:14] iamlindoro: laying out the components on the board before they are reflowed on
[09:01:53] justinh: I normally follow a BOM with ref. designators
[09:02:11] justinh: oo 1k res, 0805 R1, R5, R6, R11, R12 ...
[09:02:50] justinh: it defeats the object of using SMD if the text takes up more space than the component :P
[09:08:20] Dibblah: justinh: So turn off the layers – tName, tValue, bName, bValue.
[09:08:21] hpw (hpw! has joined #mythtv-users
[09:08:34] Dibblah: Are you submitting to a board house?
[09:08:53] Dibblah: (view, display/hide layers)
[09:09:35] justinh: dunno yet
[09:09:56] justinh: maybe not, with some of the prices I've seen for prototypes
[09:10:04] Dibblah: Easier to self-etch if it's only one or two boards.
[09:10:19] justinh: and fun!
[09:10:19] Dibblah: And definitely self-etch a prototype, just to make sure it works.
[09:10:31] justinh: can only do that if it's single sided
[09:10:41] justinh: SMD makes it much harder to route & place
[09:10:48] Dibblah: You can do double sided, or just fake double sided.
[09:11:15] justinh: alignment is a bitch though. I was never much good at it at college
[09:11:36] justinh: then again I was no good at metalwork at college & now customers are happy with my metal bashing
[09:11:52] justinh: if I can get by with single side I *will* :)
[09:12:00] justinh: if that means one or 2 links so be it
[09:12:01] Dibblah:
[09:12:16] Dibblah: That's how I cheat.
[09:12:52] justinh: I might totally cheat here & do away with the RJ45 connector
[09:13:20] justinh: use terminal block instead since it's really gonna be an installation thing
[09:13:23] Dibblah: For DIY boards, you probably want to set the restring value to 20mil or so – otherwise the pads will tend to be difficult to drill.
[09:14:05] Dibblah: DRC / restring
[09:14:32] bedlore (bedlore! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[09:15:19] Dibblah: (The bottom "layer" is done by just routing a wire, changing the layer to bottom when you hit a problem, then routing it back to the topside.
[09:15:30] justinh: be nice if this thing could auto gateswap for ease of placement too
[09:16:07] Dibblah: It won't do it automatically. My bugbear is that autoroute is not undoable.
[09:16:26] Dibblah: (I use the autorouter to work out if it is infact possible to route, before moving stuff around)
[09:17:42] justinh: might even resort to using through hole components
[09:18:04] Dibblah: Remember to mirror them, then, if most of the design is SMD.
[09:18:29] Dibblah: ... Otherwise, it's rather hard to solder under the body of the component ;)
[09:19:14] anenigma: anyone been able to successfully use youtube XL ( – the htpc-aimed interface to youtube) via mythbrowser with a remote? i get the page to load, the flash stuff shows up, but using my remote to "interface" doesn't seem to work, the mouse pointer keeps taking over
[09:23:54] justinh: it's not designed for use with a remote
[09:24:17] Dibblah: justinh: The other thing that helps somewhat is to split the design up into functional components, then either route them separately or route them on different boards.
[09:24:17] BjornR1989 (BjornR1989! has joined #mythtv-users
[09:24:48] justinh: Dibblah: this thing should be a piece o cake
[09:25:10] Dibblah: That's what I thought with that power meter :(
[09:25:22] justinh: this is even simpler
[09:25:24] Dibblah: Took half a day to route and didn't work.
[09:26:21] Dibblah: ... Firstly because I wired the optos the wrong way round and forgot the pull-ups on the outputs of the optos, secondly – I have no idea. It's still not working.
[09:30:18] justinh:
[09:34:34] superdump (superdump!n=rob@unaffiliated/superdump) has joined #mythtv-users
[09:37:49] aloril (aloril!n=aloril@ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[09:39:45] Dibblah: Audio is notoriously difficult to route right.
[09:40:02] justinh: nah
[09:40:58] justinh: low voltage, low frequency.. doddle
[09:41:38] justinh: keep the PSU out of the way & everything takes care of itself. Just about
[09:42:17] justinh: not too bothered about crosstalk – but at line levels it's not going to be much of an issue anyway
[09:42:58] justinh: & if it performs well on veroboard it'll damn well work on anything :D
[09:43:30] Dibblah: Indeed.
[09:43:57] justinh: my video tx/rx over cat5 is amazing
[09:44:18] ** Dibblah is surprised that your company doesn't have anything in that range. **
[09:44:23] justinh: over a full reel of cat5 (305m) it was attenuated but still got over 500 lines
[09:44:30] erikja (erikja! has quit ("Leaving")
[09:44:44] justinh: we're starting to, but it's all PoE junk
[09:44:49] Dibblah: ie surely it's something that your customers would like as £150 "add-ons"...
[09:44:51] justinh: and very very thirsty
[09:45:13] justinh: and over-fancy. Like auto-compensating :-\
[09:46:05] justinh: then at the other end of the line there's the rubbish NVT manufacture
[09:46:32] justinh: the baluns which aren't truly balanced
[09:46:55] justinh: basically an autotransformer for video
[09:48:23] aloril (aloril! has joined #mythtv-users
[09:52:56] hashbang (hashbang! has joined #mythtv-users
[09:55:25] purefusion (purefusion! has joined #mythtv-users
[09:55:58] purefusion: can anyone confirm if the Hauppauge HVR-1250 is compatible?
[09:59:05] justinh: compatible with what?
[09:59:20] ivor: heh. was just typing that
[09:59:40] purefusion: what what? mythtv
[09:59:46] purefusion: you mean version?
[09:59:56] purefusion: what version? *
[10:00:04] justinh: I mean I think you meant to ask "DOES X TUNER WORK IN LINUX?"
[10:00:22] justinh: in which case you should check the wiki at
[10:00:46] justinh: because – if it works in linux it'll more than likely work with mythtv
[10:01:06] purefusion: xtuner? I had people say my current card doesn't work: Hauppage HVR 1800
[10:01:12] Kunalagon1 (Kunalagon1!n=Kunalago@ has joined #mythtv-users
[10:01:17] justinh: sigh
[10:01:28] justinh: no tuner card is "compatible with mythtv"
[10:01:35] justinh: it either works in linux or it doesn't
[10:01:43] purefusion: ah
[10:02:13] justinh: that rule applies in the majority of cases. there are some exceptions you don't need to worry about
[10:03:17] justinh: just googled for "HVR-1250" and hey look at the fifth search result
[10:03:21] justinh: wow. amazing
[10:03:29] justinh: my internet search skills are *astounding*
[10:04:20] purefusion: heh
[10:04:48] purefusion: just as I feared... no analog
[10:04:54] flexy (flexy! has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[10:05:07] justinh: btw FWIW I wouldn't be buying a hybrid tuner with a view to using both analogue and digital
[10:05:41] purefusion: understood, but I've yet to find an analog-only PCI-Express tv card
[10:06:26] justinh: well, getting that capability might involve some research to find a decent motherboard with enough regular ole PCI slots
[10:07:28] purefusion: I'm actually debating if this mobo has a combo-pci+pcie slot: . . . 36-_-Product
[10:07:53] purefusion: don't even know if that exists, but this doesn't look like a normal pci-e slot?
[10:07:57] hpw (hpw! has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[10:08:19] purefusion: ah, it's x16
[10:12:46] Kunalagon (Kunalagon!n=Kunalago@ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[10:13:24] gandalfcome (gandalfcome! has joined #mythtv-users
[10:13:39] purefusion: er, hmmm my HVR 1800 is PCI-E too
[10:15:05] Goga777 (Goga777! has joined #mythtv-users
[10:23:38] MattyZee (MattyZee! has joined #mythtv-users
[10:24:14] hpw (hpw!i=somebody@ has joined #mythtv-users
[10:26:33] MattyZee: Is it possible to setup a Dreambox DM500C as a tuner within Mythtv?
[10:27:09] MattyZee: i have searched many dead ends on google and many say you can but none show you how
[10:30:07] henrik__: MattyZee, no, it's not possible to install mythbackend on the dreambox and therefor it can not be setup as a secondary backend.
[10:30:28] kurre (kurre! has joined #mythtv-users
[10:32:03] henrik__: MattyZee, unless you only want to use the dm500c as a tuner.
[10:32:13] GreyFoxx: You use to be able to record from one of them, but that was removed from trunk
[10:32:36] henrik__:
[10:33:08] neztiti (neztiti! has joined #mythtv-users
[10:34:14] MattyZee: i just want it as a tuner that i can put my paytv card into to use mythtv to record instead of the standard stb
[10:34:16] neztiti: guys how to move mythfrontend from the tvout to my display – high cpu with tvout
[10:35:10] MattyZee: i don't want to install a backend on the DB, just see it as a dvb-c tuner
[10:37:00] c0p3rn1c (c0p3rn1c! has joined #mythtv-users
[10:44:32] anenigma: hmm. been playing with youtube XL. seems like it'd work fine within mythbrowser, except it actually expects a remote control, and mythbrowser intercepts "up/down/left/right" presses and changes them to "move screen left" etc. i realise those can be changed via keybindings, but that'll change it for every website.
[10:49:31] bedlore (bedlore! has joined #mythtv-users
[10:50:53] bedlore: does this dmesg error mean anything to anyone? mythbackend[32104]: segfault at bf311fdc ip b62f55ff sp bf311fe0 error 6 in[b624f000+234000]
[10:53:44] jvs (jvs!n=jvs@ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[11:00:44] lyricnz (lyricnz! has joined #mythtv-users
[11:12:17] jvs (jvs!n=jvs@ has joined #mythtv-users
[11:12:59] djyox (djyox!n=djyox@ has joined #mythtv-users
[11:13:30] MattyZee (MattyZee! has quit ()
[11:35:16] Faithful (Faithful! has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[11:36:50] neztiti (neztiti! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[11:40:17] djyox: I have a question about backends. Would a dual cpu server with hyper threading make a better backend than say, a dual core PC?
[11:41:26] Makere: well depends
[11:41:45] Makere: if you do lot's of heavy after-processing and stuff
[11:43:04] ** justinh pats his single core Athlon backend **
[11:55:20] ** AndyCap will be moving up to dual-core when he gets his two new tuners **
[11:55:42] justinh: I'll be moving to C2D when I can be arsed to upgrade to 0.23
[11:57:46] fhobia (fhobia! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[12:03:10] Goga777 (Goga777! has quit (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
[12:03:47] joat (joat! has joined #mythtv-users
[12:04:18] joat (joat! has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[12:05:03] joat (joat! has joined #mythtv-users
[12:07:45] djyox: Well, here was my plan, to run a dual P4 2.4ghz sever for the backend, and then a Acer Rivo Atom N270 powered front end.
[12:08:11] djyox: Just because I can pick up a dual cpu server for around $150 or less.
[12:09:13] djyox: and the Revo (maybe thats how it's spelled?) would do nothing but play movies off of my file storage server and the backend.
[12:10:01] djyox: So the dual cpu would do anything and everything, because the data storage isn't much for power there, just space.
[12:10:36] Dave123 (Dave123! has joined #mythtv-users
[12:11:38] justinh: Revo? Nvidia Ion powered I hope.. or it's only gonna be doing SDTV
[12:12:07] djyox: Yeah, thats the one (sorry its just a N230)
[12:12:30] justinh: the GPU is *way* more important ;-)
[12:12:45] djyox: I was planning to build my own atom powered ION front end, but $200 was way too good of a deal to pass up
[12:13:11] djyox: Yeah from all the reviews on it, it seems that little guy is doing fairly well with hulu and others
[12:13:55] superdump (superdump!n=rob@unaffiliated/superdump) has quit ("Leaving")
[12:14:50] justinh: hulu isn't *real* HD though
[12:15:12] justinh: *real* HD might be what you get from bluray discs, broadcast h.264 etc
[12:17:55] Dibblah: Hulu is also traditionally nasty on ION.
[12:18:14] Dibblah: ... Since it's using flash scaling, which sucks donkey balls through a straw.
[12:19:55] justinh: ironic that it'd no doubt handle *real* HD better :-P
[12:20:13] justinh: yous gets whats yous pays for. s
[12:41:44] MaverickTech (MaverickTech! has joined #mythtv-users
[12:50:42] octavsly (octavsly! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[12:59:08] AndyCap: what does flash use for "hardware acceleration" since it has a checkbox for it
[13:00:01] AndyCap: . . . the_gpu.html magic opengl pixie dust
[13:01:20] octavsly (octavsly! has joined #mythtv-users
[13:04:19] octavsly (octavsly! has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
[13:08:19] octavsly (octavsly! has joined #mythtv-users
[13:10:48] Dibblah: ... On Windows.
[13:11:31] mike_hurley_1 (mike_hurley_1!n=mike_hur@ has quit ("Nettalk6 -")
[13:11:44] Dibblah: (This is talking about the stuff that came in 10.1, which does not include Linux accelerated support)
[13:12:49] Dibblah: I don't care what they say – Try it – it's not accelerated)
[13:14:36] inordkuo (inordkuo!n=inorkuo@ has joined #mythtv-users
[13:16:07] Dibblah: Well, not without the flash guys specifically reengineering their applications.
[13:25:27] mattwynne (mattwynne! has joined #mythtv-users
[13:26:03] JJ1 (JJ1! has left #mythtv-users ()
[13:29:12] mattwynne (mattwynne! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[13:30:13] ForsGump (ForsGump! has joined #mythtv-users
[13:35:45] gandalfcome_ (gandalfcome_!n=gandalfc@ has joined #mythtv-users
[13:36:06] AndyCap: Hahaha Lovely "Creating a GPU based context in the browser is very expensive and will drain memory and CPU resources to the point where the browser will become unresponsive."
[13:36:48] AndyCap: Ah, because moderation is every flash users strenght "It is usually best practice to limit yourself to one SWF per HTML page using these modes. "
[13:40:06] justinh: what a load of crock flash is
[13:40:21] justinh: truly platform independent though. It sucks on everything
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[13:45:39] mattwynne (mattwynne! has joined #mythtv-users
[13:47:28] AndyCap: . . . on-mean.html Pretty amazing suckage.
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[14:03:18] justinh: Dibblah: another thing about Eagle – can it ever let you create a board without a schematic?
[14:05:09] Dibblah: I think so, but I don't see the point :)
[14:05:35] gandalfcome (gandalfcome! has joined #mythtv-users
[14:05:44] Dibblah: And you miss out on lots of things – DRC etc won't work, ...
[14:06:58] justinh: I don't need that. I just want to draw the circuit I've got working on stripboard as a PCB
[14:14:40] djyox (djyox!n=djyox@ has quit ("Leaving")
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[14:20:07] AndyCap: justinh: photocopier? :P
[14:20:38] olejl (olejl!n=olejl@ has joined #mythtv-users
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[14:25:04] Dibblah: Why not just use stripboard, then? :)
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[15:42:53] mzb: ox-hair brush + tar
[15:43:22] mzb: or use the modern method ... etch-resistant pens ;)
[15:43:37] janneg (janneg! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[15:44:02] mzb: irons+photocopiers are ok .. but usually need touch up
[15:51:47] mchou (mchou! has joined #mythtv-users
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[15:57:09] mzb: drill holes, draw lines, etch board ... that's quicker than I can draw a one-off ;)
[15:58:14] mzb: if you're wealthy you can always use graph paper ;)
[16:00:07] defaultro: woohoo, finally got .22 database running. Had to brawl with QT 4.6 from source,
[16:06:13] pyther (pyther!n=pyther@unaffiliated/pyther) has quit ("Leaving")
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[16:17:24] defaultro: which is a pretty cool theme to use?
[16:19:30] Goga777 (Goga777! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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[16:34:18] mag0o: default
[16:34:24] defaultro: help please, just ran mythfrontend. It's saying there are other clients using this database
[16:34:37] defaultro: it's the first time to run mf .22
[16:34:49] defaultro: that showed after selecting the Upgrade button
[16:34:59] c0p3rn1c (c0p3rn1c! has quit ("Ex-Chat")
[16:35:13] wagnerrp: youre trying to update the various plugin schemas
[16:35:38] RyeBrye (RyeBrye!n=ryebrye@ has joined #mythtv-users
[16:35:38] wagnerrp: and its failing to lock to do so because mysql is reporting existing logins
[16:35:42] defaultro: what should be done. All I did was run mythfrontend and I was prompted with 2 selections, Exit and Upgrade
[16:35:54] wagnerrp: if youre positive nothing else is accessing, run the optimize database tools in either mythweb or contrib
[16:36:02] defaultro: ok
[16:36:39] defaultro: mythbackend is running though but I think that's needed
[16:37:37] wagnerrp: and it wont be accessing the tables that mythfrontend is complaining about
[16:38:30] defaultro: ok. I am in contrib directory. I see many directoroes
[16:38:33] defaultro: ies
[16:39:24] defaultro: is it
[16:39:34] wagnerrp: yep
[16:41:58] pac0 (pac0! has joined #mythtv-users
[16:42:38] bep (bep! has joined #mythtv-users
[16:45:22] janneg (janneg! has joined #mythtv-users
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[16:48:08] J-e-f-f-A: Upgraded my backend to 0.22-fixes Saturday – everything seems to work except my MythWeb "Recorded Programs" page – seems to be hitting a PHP memory issue, which I haven't figured out how to increase yet...
[16:52:33] gandalfcome (gandalfcome! has quit ()
[16:54:20] pac0: anyone using af9015 firmware under 2.6.31-17-generic?
[16:54:35] defaultro: what should I look for if mythvideo isn't responding?
[16:54:48] defaultro: Watch Recordings work, MythGallery, MythMusic works
[16:54:58] defaultro: but clicking on Watch Videos, nothing happens
[16:56:47] defaultro: also, how do I remove the image that contains a big number 1 right after we select a recording?
[16:57:35] wagnerrp: usually an unresponsive plugin means one that is not of the same binary revision and thus refuses to load
[16:57:51] wagnerrp: check your frontend logs
[16:57:59] defaultro: k
[16:58:02] madLyfe (madLyfe! has quit ()
[16:59:44] madLyfe (madLyfe! has joined #mythtv-users
[17:00:41] hashbang (hashbang! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[17:02:15] defaultro: yep, there is an error. I'm not sure why it's saying that it cannot upgrade video database schema
[17:02:40] defaultro: i'm wondering why the Upgrade still shows when i run mythfrontend
[17:02:41] madLyfe (madLyfe! has quit (Client Quit)
[17:03:16] defaultro: oh, videocountry doesn't exist
[17:03:26] defaultro: that's new one in .22
[17:04:28] wagnerrp: if it were, it would just create it and move on
[17:04:38] defaultro: but it didn't
[17:04:45] madLyfe (madLyfe! has joined #mythtv-users
[17:04:47] wagnerrp: because its not new
[17:04:55] wagnerrp: yours is just missing for some reason
[17:05:02] defaultro: k
[17:05:49] defaultro: can you dump your videocountry please?
[17:08:09] defaultro: looks like based from what I see on this thread, it will just recreate the table
[17:08:23] defaultro: just like what you said
[17:08:32] wagnerrp: create table 'videocountry' ( 'intid int(10) unsigned not null auto_increment, 'country' varchar(128) not null, primary key ('intid') ) default charset=utf8;
[17:08:38] defaultro: cool
[17:09:12] mattwynne (mattwynne! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[17:10:27] gregL: J-e-f-f-A, I had the same problem,awhile back..I increased the memory limit in mythweb.conf from 16 to 32M and it seemed to work for me..YMMV...
[17:16:02] tesseract_tom (tesseract_tom! has quit ()
[17:17:07] defaultro: log is showing good signs wagnerrp
[17:22:43] wagnerrp: damnit!
[17:23:07] wagnerrp: i swear, every time in the last several days ive been doing something that has prompted me to watch the backend logs for debugging purposes
[17:23:17] wagnerrp: mythbackend decides its high time to fire off mfd
[17:23:34] wagnerrp: and what im actually interested in gets lost in the noise
[17:23:59] mattwynne (mattwynne! has joined #mythtv-users
[17:29:03] Defense|Twin (Defense|Twin! has joined #mythtv-users
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[17:32:15] hpw (hpw! has joined #mythtv-users
[17:34:08] J-e-f-f-A: gregL: I'll take a look at that – I was trying the php.conf file, that didn't seem to help... ;-)
[17:38:12] J-e-f-f-A: gregL: Bingo... works great now. ;-)
[17:39:25] gregL: J-e-f-f-A, Cool! I always have a hard time getting Mythweb up and running...I love it but for me it's a bear to get going...
[17:42:14] mattwynne (mattwynne! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[17:51:47] dmz: hey, are there any non-wide screen themes with support for new fun interface look/functions?
[17:55:46] benklop (benklop! has joined #mythtv-users
[17:56:35] iamlindoro: The only current 4:3 theme in .22 is MythCenter, which isn't even really mythcenter, but falling back to default, and uses no new artwork types , etc.... so short answer, no.
[17:57:10] benklop: hello! has anyone experienced strange problems using the alsa a52encode plugin as an output for mythtv, but not in other applications?
[17:57:38] benklop: i think I've found a post that describes the reason, but i'm not sure about practical solutions
[17:57:55] benklop:
[17:57:57] dmz: :(
[17:58:19] benklop: basically it's a side effect of the way ALSA works and the fact that myth has a built in ffmpeg
[17:59:14] benklop: and it means I can't get sound out of anything myth that doesn't contain ac3
[17:59:56] benklop: so mythmusic, mythvideo (for videos without ac3) are totally silent for me
[18:03:01] benklop: anyone know of a non-processor intense way to fix this? the only thing that comes to mind is have another process actually call the ac3 plugin.. which would mean using sox or something to get audio from one place and pipe it in to another
[18:03:29] wagnerrp: or you just use 2-channel PCM
[18:04:12] benklop: wagnerrp no good, my amp seems to give me rather corrupt sounding audio unless I send it ac3.. it doesn't seem to like pcm
[18:04:17] benklop: and I can't really use analog
[18:05:55] benklop: my amp won't allow me to specify both an analog and a digital input for one device, at least not in a way that seems to work often
[18:08:35] benklop: honestly this looks like an ALSA design flaw to me
[18:08:42] benklop: or at least a design flaw of that plugin
[18:09:45] benklop: i'm not really expecing that mythtv fix it, just looking for possible workarounds that don't involve me hacking at code i'm not familiar with
[18:09:47] npm (npm! has quit ("Leaving.")
[18:10:08] npm (npm! has joined #mythtv-users
[18:12:15] defaultro: wagnerrp, everything is working well
[18:12:27] defaultro: now, I just need to find a theme :)
[18:13:34] defaultro: wow, looks like graphite is pretty cool
[18:18:13] kormoc (kormoc!n=kormoc@unaffiliated/kormoc) has joined #mythtv-users
[18:18:13] Mode for #mythtv-users by ChanServ!ChanServ@services. : +v kormoc
[18:20:52] Dubstar_04 (Dubstar_04! has joined #mythtv-users
[18:22:51] Dubstar_04: whats the status of the frontend on snow leopard?
[18:23:57] bradd_: it works
[18:25:35] superdump (superdump!n=rob@unaffiliated/superdump) has joined #mythtv-users
[18:26:17] Sound (Sound!n=Sound@unaffiliated/sound) has joined #mythtv-users
[18:26:23] defaultro: wow, graphite brought my system to crawl
[18:26:27] Dubstar_04: cool.
[18:26:29] Sound: hi all! Is there a workaround to the known issue of broken analog scan? can I scan with an external utility and feed the channel numbers to MythTV?
[18:27:30] J-e-f-f-A: defaultro: It is very memory-intensive.
[18:27:39] defaultro: ok
[18:27:55] J-e-f-f-A: defaultro: because it's mega eye-candy.
[18:28:13] defaultro: when I change selections, it takes 5 seconds
[18:28:27] J-e-f-f-A: defaultro: How much memory does your box have?
[18:28:37] defaultro: it's only 512mb. My new machine is 4g
[18:28:50] wagnerrp: sound: do you live outside north america?
[18:28:51] defaultro: but I haven't installed mythtv yet on the new machine
[18:28:53] J-e-f-f-A: defaultro: that would probably do it – it's probably causing swapping.
[18:28:58] defaultro: got it
[18:28:59] Sound: wagnerrp: yes I do
[18:29:12] mattwynne (mattwynne! has joined #mythtv-users
[18:29:14] wagnerrp: then your only simple option is just to add the channels manually
[18:29:20] defaultro: i'll have to find what memory I used
[18:29:25] defaultro: so I can upgrade the ram
[18:29:26] wagnerrp: but remember, all you actually need is a single integer for the channel number
[18:29:31] hadeees (hadeees! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[18:29:31] Sound: wagnerrp: so there's no v4l utility to scan channels?
[18:29:39] superdump (superdump!n=rob@unaffiliated/superdump) has quit (Client Quit)
[18:29:47] wagnerrp: not that i know of, ive never had the need to look
[18:29:51] defaultro: Jeffa, I only saw one screenshot. Do you know other screenshot?
[18:29:57] J-e-f-f-A: defaultro: cheapest good memory I've found in the US is
[18:30:03] defaultro: ok
[18:30:04] defaultro: cool
[18:30:14] Sound: wagnerrp: oh, that makes me sad. thank you though :)
[18:30:25] defaultro: are kahlon rams good?
[18:30:26] J-e-f-f-A: defaultro: screenshots for ?
[18:30:31] defaultro: Graphite
[18:30:39] wagnerrp: kahlon rams?
[18:30:47] defaultro: yep
[18:30:51] defaultro: or maybe, they just sell rams
[18:30:54] defaultro: :)
[18:30:55] J-e-f-f-A: defaultro: i've never had a problem with them – ordered from them a dozen or so times in the last 10 years or so.
[18:31:02] defaultro: cool
[18:32:03] nescius (nescius! has joined #mythtv-users
[18:32:12] J-e-f-f-A: defaultro: If you want a 'somewhat' lightweight UI theme, try the mythbuntu theme.
[18:32:21] nescius: anyone experienced with lirc?
[18:32:42] nescius: i am trying to get 'lircd -n --device=/dev/input/event9 --driver=dev/input' variant in configuration files
[18:32:56] mark__ (mark__!i=c3b30994@gateway/web/freenode/x-tnceketidpzgfyhr) has joined #mythtv-users
[18:33:16] nescius: because while stared that way irw outputs correct values
[18:33:48] nescius: but REMOTE_DRIVER="dev/input" REMOTE_DEVICE="/dev/input/event9" in hardware.conf wont work..
[18:34:08] nescius: irw wont return anything
[18:34:44] Dubstar_04: nescius: what remote are you trying to use?
[18:34:55] nescius: event9
[18:35:01] mark__ (mark__!i=c3b30994@gateway/web/freenode/x-tnceketidpzgfyhr) has left #mythtv-users ()
[18:35:06] hadees (hadees! has joined #mythtv-users
[18:35:19] nescius: remote is RM-KH, but it really doesn't matter here..
[18:36:50] nescius: that is AVerMedia, the saa-something, with firmware and everything
[18:40:09] defaultro: Thanks Jeffa
[18:41:25] J-e-f-f-A: defaultro: no problemo. ;-)
[18:41:27] justinh: J-e-f-f-A: and if you want something that doesn't pull your eyes out with its highly patterned background, try something else ;-)
[18:42:18] J-e-f-f-A: justinh: yeah... ;-) I hear ya. I thought I heard a rumor that somebody else was theming again... humm...
[18:43:02] justinh: meh
[18:46:01] J-e-f-f-A: I need a Delorian with a Flux Capacitor... Too many things I'd like to do, and too little time...
[18:46:18] AndyCap: J-e-f-f-A: yeah, that did wonders for his free time. :P
[18:46:45] J-e-f-f-A: I just learned last week that they're making them again with a combination of OEM and Aftermarket parts, you can buy a brand-new one for something like $45K base price...
[18:47:37] AndyCap: heh, saw one on ebay that mentioned you'd have to watch a grown man cry when you came to pick it up
[18:48:53] J-e-f-f-A: Woops, rememberd the base price wrong — try $57,500 base price + options... brand-new though...
[18:50:02] J-e-f-f-A: AndyCap: Jeepers, $5,750 option for the "High Performance Engine (197hp, normally aspirated)" <-- Gee, a whole 197hp? Yikes.
[18:50:44] AndyCap: heh, 197hp isn't too shabby over here. :)
[18:52:55] J-e-f-f-A: AndyCap: I dunno... most Hondas claim more HP than that nowadays...
[18:53:54] AndyCap: not to mention 197hp (alone) would cost you $17714 in tax.
[18:54:26] J-e-f-f-A: AndyCap: Say what?!?
[18:55:33] AndyCap: J-e-f-f-A: + the tax on weight + tax on engine displacement + 25% VAT.
[18:56:06] Defense|Twin (Defense|Twin! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[18:56:09] J-e-f-f-A: AndyCap: Jeeze... I guess there's not many Big-Block Chevelles there then, eh?
[18:56:46] AndyCap: J-e-f-f-A: not the most popular car no. the people who really love them import older ones though.
[18:57:15] AndyCap: you only pay 1/3 of the tax for a 10 year old car
[18:57:46] justinh: oof. just been googling mythtv themes & it seems there are still a few crap ones hidden away on the outer reaches. heh
[18:58:43] J-e-f-f-A: AndyCap: So for my 35-year-old car it wouldn't be too bad?  ;-) (73 Chevelle, 350 motor, ~350HP, 3800lbs)
[18:59:02] AndyCap: justinh: does knowing that make your life better, or is this some sort of mortification of your own flesh.
[18:59:40] justinh: AndyCap: makes me sad nobody else is up to speed yet
[18:59:59] justinh: let somebody else do all the work for a change
[19:00:10] AndyCap: J-e-f-f-A: ooh, more than 30 years, no tax then. :)
[19:00:23] Scopeuk (Scopeuk! has joined #mythtv-users
[19:00:37] ** J-e-f-f-A considers moving to AndyCap's neck of the woods... Somewhere in the UK I take it?  ;-) **
[19:01:11] AndyCap: J-e-f-f-A: no, further northeast. Norway.
[19:01:23] AndyCap: I don't think the UK is that taxhappy.
[19:01:38] J-e-f-f-A: AndyCap: Ah, probably more snow than we get here in Boston...
[19:02:17] AndyCap: J-e-f-f-A: it varies. winter hasn't really set in yet where I live.
[19:03:10] XLV: heh, here they imposed yearly eco taxes ( the older the vehicle and with more CC, they more they pay ) and an annual extra tax on any car over 1929cc
[19:03:44] XLV: so a 3.5L of 70s with worth 100 euro will pay something like 1.5K euro/year
[19:04:27] J-e-f-f-A: AndyCap: Suprising... we're already seeing below-freezing temps here – and a few inches of snow already...
[19:04:57] wagnerrp: i just drove to work with the coat off and windows open
[19:04:59] wagnerrp: it was nice
[19:05:13] J-e-f-f-A: XLV: So I'd be in deep *bleep* there with my 5.7L 350CI car, eh?
[19:05:53] J-e-f-f-A: wagnerrp: I was in Houston two weeks ago, and it was only in the 40s/50s until the day I left (8th), when it was at or near 70...
[19:05:58] XLV: J-e-f-f-A, yeap, you'd better paint it blue and dump it at deep sea
[19:06:04] wagnerrp: upper 50s currently
[19:06:26] wagnerrp: with displacement taxes like that, im surprised rotorys and the like arent more common
[19:06:28] AndyCap: Oh my. A new 5.7l 350hp 1500kg car? is insanely expensive
[19:06:34] wagnerrp: or do they get a different rate?
[19:06:44] J-e-f-f-A: wagnerrp: I happened to be in Houston for the record-setting snowstorm... hehehe... just a dusting really... hehehe
[19:07:56] AndyCap: assuming I got the conversion right. 134000 USD.
[19:08:09] AndyCap: that can't be.
[19:08:28] J-e-f-f-A: AndyCap: Jeeze... that would be insane...
[19:08:41] AndyCap: or I'm hallucinating the suburbans some people drive.
[19:08:56] Dagmar: Hint: You don't convert kilograms into pounds, and then pounds into USD.
[19:09:16] AndyCap: Dagmar: here we do. :)
[19:09:26] AndyCap: Dagmar: and multiply by five
[19:10:03] ** J-e-f-f-A drives a 4x4 Tahoe daily... 5.3L V8 **
[19:10:43] hpw1 (hpw1! has joined #mythtv-users
[19:11:29] XLV: J-e-f-f-A, havent the eco-nuts lynched you yet?
[19:11:55] J-e-f-f-A: On a MythTV note... I got my backend upgraded, but still have work to do on my 3 frontends... Two of which are FC8-32-bit, which doesn't seem to have a QT 4.4 rpm available... looks like I'll be re-building them from scratch...
[19:11:58] wagnerrp: no, their prius's cant keep up when he accelerates away at a normal pace
[19:12:22] J-e-f-f-A: XLV: Hehe, a couple of the folks I work with have prius's... hehehe
[19:12:37] pac0 (pac0! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[19:12:48] wagnerrp: the entire concept of a hybrid disgusts me
[19:12:50] AndyCap: wagnerrp: they just wait until he steps out of the car, then run him over with the stealth mode, I mean electric-only mode
[19:13:25] XLV: AndyCap, prius in electric mode cant do any serious damage
[19:13:43] J-e-f-f-A: wagnerrp: Kinda like the Hybrid Tahoe gets like 2MPG better than the GAS version, yet cost like $10K more... yeah, that's worth it... NOT!
[19:14:05] bep (bep! has quit (Connection timed out)
[19:14:13] pac0 (pac0! has joined #mythtv-users
[19:14:23] Dubstar_04: iamlindoro: have you made anymore progress with your netvision plugin?
[19:14:34] AndyCap: The first mention of a hybrid I saw was in a 1980 Mechanix Illustrated where some guy would sell you plans to install a lawnmover motor and an alternator in your car.
[19:14:43] iamlindoro: Dubstar_04: other than the video shown last night?
[19:14:46] wagnerrp: i just think the whole concept of having multiple heterogeneous motors attached to the drive train is an abomination of engineering
[19:15:08] Dubstar_04: iamlindoro: i missed that :(
[19:15:08] AndyCap: J-e-f-f-A: F12 isn't exactly bad. :)
[19:15:51] ** J-e-f-f-A would rather have a Tesla roadster...  ;-) Completely electric, and FAST! **
[19:16:30] Dubstar_04: i didnt realise this was the mythmotors channel!!
[19:16:30] wagnerrp: the problem with the tesla is you have a huge battery pack, and then youre done
[19:16:31] XLV: J-e-f-f-A, topgear tested it and two teslas crapped out in an 8 hour period
[19:16:36] iamlindoro: Dubstar_04:
[19:16:50] J-e-f-f-A: Dubstar_04: Hehehe... it's been a little quiet, so we got off on a tangent. ;-)
[19:17:01] AndyCap: wagnerrp: so install a lawnmower-engine in it. :)
[19:17:08] Dagmar: man every time I see that URL in a tiny font I keep thinking it says
[19:17:15] wagnerrp: swap out that entire pack for an equivalent weight of a moderate sized supercap, a little 10HP diesel generator, and a fuel tank
[19:17:22] wagnerrp: youll go 1000 miles before empty
[19:17:36] stoffel (stoffel! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[19:17:58] AndyCap: wagnerrp: wouldn't that be a little like the proverbial hare?
[19:18:13] wagnerrp: eh?
[19:18:17] Sound (Sound!n=Sound@unaffiliated/sound) has quit ()
[19:18:43] AndyCap: you'll be sprinting short distances,
[19:19:09] wagnerrp: at that car's top speed, i doubt it pulls much more than 15hp
[19:19:22] AndyCap: hehe, ok.
[19:19:41] wagnerrp: remember, its single speed, electronically limited to ~7krpm
[19:19:55] wagnerrp: that car wont do more than 85
[19:19:55] AndyCap: Achaa.
[19:20:12] Dubstar_04: iamlindoro: that really is looking fantastic!!
[19:20:18] iamlindoro: thanks :)
[19:20:28] wagnerrp: it will get their like a bat out of hell, but its not a fast car
[19:20:34] iamlindoro: writing grabbers and search scripts is dead-ass easy, too
[19:20:35] wagnerrp: s/their/there/
[19:20:43] J-e-f-f-A: iamlindoro: NICE!!!!!!!!!  ;-) A++++
[19:20:55] iamlindoro: since it's basically RSS 2.0 format with very, very, very little difference
[19:21:15] iamlindoro: in fact, the search results are pure RSS 2.0, and the tree view is rss 2.0 with <directory name="whatever"> tags
[19:21:30] mattwynne (mattwynne! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[19:22:29] Dubstar_04: iamlindoro: i have been looking in to writing an iplayer script but its so complicated!!
[19:22:46] wagnerrp: AndyCap: so maybe bump it up to a 20hp generator, and you will never run out of power in that car
[19:22:58] iamlindoro: Dubstar_04: Writing the scripts would be up to you, but anyone that can parse the info into the format will be able to use this plugin
[19:23:08] Dagmar: pNah you need bigger caps!
[19:23:45] J-e-f-f-A: Dagmar: You mean a "Flux Capacitor" ???  ;-) hehehehe
[19:23:55] Dubstar_04: iamlindoro: the bbc supply rss feeds but getting the video url for native playback is something of black magic!!
[19:23:59] Dagmar: Actually I'm just being sarcastic
[19:24:09] J-e-f-f-A: Dagmar: me too. hehehe.
[19:24:51] Dagmar: I was talking to someone about the irritating lack of DoT-compliant replacement lights for my scooter, because I needed to free up some power for the onboard computer, and they tried to tell me I "should probably just install a large buffer capacitor"
[19:25:06] Dagmar: ...and all I could think was what kind of monkey with a screwdriver is this guy
[19:25:20] javatexan (javatexan! has quit ("Leaving.")
[19:25:34] Defense|Twin (Defense|Twin! has joined #mythtv-users
[19:26:20] hpw (hpw! has quit (No route to host)
[19:26:21] Dagmar: I mean, aside from that the electrical resupply on a scooter is typically for battery charge maintenance and not running a lot of electronics, I fail to see how someone with a clue could possibly think that a capacitor would do a damn thing to help a general lack of amps
[19:26:52] J-e-f-f-A: Dagmar: Yeah, no kidding. ;-) Thinking about swapping out the light bulbs with LEDs?
[19:27:02] Dagmar: Like, great, I'll install a capacitor the size of a sport drink, and I'll have enough power to run the computer for twelve seconds until it drains
[19:27:21] ** J-e-f-f-A laughs **
[19:27:24] Dagmar: J-e-f-f-A: Yes. The bitch of it is that they _must_ be DoT-compliant in TN
[19:27:34] Dagmar: So, I actually have to find some that have been tested
[19:27:36] mattwynne (mattwynne! has joined #mythtv-users
[19:27:45] Dagmar: This is a bit like UL-compliance. It's not cheap
[19:27:55] iamlindoro: Dubstar_04: The plugin won't help you with writing the script, but it does make the format quite simple and makes it easy to add new sites... the script will still be up to you ;)
[19:27:59] justinh: Dubstar_04: maybe they don't want anybody stealing the content ;-)
[19:28:49] J-e-f-f-A: Dagmar: Are the lenses clear, or do they actually pull the socket to check the bulb?
[19:29:08] Dubstar_04: justinh: i pay my tv license!!
[19:29:09] Dagmar: J-e-f-f-A: Honesly man I doubt most cops would even know
[19:29:30] Dagmar: You might as well be equipped with a cop invisibility field when you ride a scooter in this town
[19:29:33] justinh: Dubstar_04: yeah but.. that makes no difference when there are web T&Cs
[19:29:33] AndyCap: a printer that makes ul-compliant labels is pretty cheap. :)
[19:29:35] J-e-f-f-A: Dagmar: Perhaps you could swap out the 'oem' lights with LED units for trucks...
[19:29:40] Dagmar: I'm just trying to find a solution so that I can actually recommend it to others without breaking the law
[19:30:07] Dagmar: J-e-f-f-A: Those LED light assemblies would have to be tested and compliant for the use I'd be putting them to
[19:30:17] Dagmar: I mean I could order some LED arrays that would easily fit in the same sockets
[19:30:34] Dagmar: They would not however, be DoT-compliant lights
[19:31:08] AndyCap: uhh, how did this end up in Automotive lighting? . . . Dotitlights/
[19:31:13] Dagmar: I have at least lucked out and found DoT-compliant H4's at the AutoZone that's practically at the end of my street to replace the halogen headlamp
[19:31:56] Dagmar: AndyCap: Because they're marketing those for people to just stick in the trunk or glove box
[19:32:16] skd5aner: I was wondering if someone could confirm a bug for me real quick in .22-fixes (easy to test)
[19:32:35] skd5aner: Go to a recording rule for a program that has some upcoming episodes
[19:32:46] justinh: already sounds like a broken theme
[19:32:55] Dagmar: Now, now...
[19:32:56] skd5aner: justinh: graphite
[19:33:25] justinh: or a bug which has since been fixed but isn't in your friendly local repo yet
[19:33:28] wagnerrp: theres a discussion about using cablecard tuners in mythtv by routing through an MCE box, and that it would be pointless because those recordings are encrypted, and bypassing that would be a violation of DMCA
[19:33:38] skd5aner: Manage Recordings | Pick a recording and go into the Rule for that recording, then | Schedule Info | Upcoming episodes
[19:33:39] wagnerrp: someone replied that the DMCA doesnt exist in most countries
[19:33:48] justinh: wagnerrp: not to mention a great big waste of an MCE box
[19:33:56] skd5aner: justinh: using .22-fixes from svn
[19:34:08] wagnerrp: not to mention that cable card ONLY EXISTS IN THE US, A DMCA COUNTRY!!
[19:34:09] J-e-f-f-A: Dagmar: the Truck assemblies are DOT certified.
[19:34:18] skd5aner: just wanted someone to see if they see the same thing I do...
[19:34:25] wagnerrp: god... what are these people smoking
[19:34:40] justinh: wagnerrp: also forgetting that working cablecard tuners are like the proverbial hen's teeth I heard
[19:35:07] J-e-f-f-A: Dagmar: Keep in mind, you'd replace the entire assembly – lense and all, etc, not just put an aftermarket 'bulb' in your scooter. Probably the only ones that *would* pass DOT cert would be a 3W replacement...
[19:35:17] AndyCap: Can't wait to get CI+ so we get to share in the cablecard goodness
[19:35:44] justinh: oh yeah
[19:36:16] justinh: I read about CI+ – it's gonna be even more restrictive
[19:36:22] dan4dm (dan4dm! has joined #mythtv-users
[19:36:34] justinh: abandon all hope when that lands in our lap
[19:36:57] wagnerrp: all your broadcasters are complaining because we have all that fancy drm goodness over here
[19:37:03] justinh: then again, in the land of the original cable crackers... how long would it last?
[19:37:18] Dagmar: J-e-f-f-A: Well, in part I'm looking to replace the entire assembly because I broke the stalk on one of them, but I am definitely having issues finding DoT-compliant lamps just to replace the bulbs themselvse
[19:37:24] justinh: wagnerrp: TBH if I was a content creator I'd want somebody to do something too
[19:37:31] Dagmar: That is, lamps for a _reasonable_ price
[19:37:38] AndyCap: justinh: about as long as it takes someone to say jtag I think.
[19:37:44] Dagmar: I found a set of indicators for (get this) $89 a pair
[19:38:02] skd5aner: can anyone test real fast for me? .22-fixes, Manage Recordings | Recording Rules | (Pick a recording that has upcoming episodes | Schedule Info | Upcomming Episodes
[19:38:17] justinh: skd5aner: what's sposed to happen – or not?
[19:38:32] justinh: not that my 0.22 box is up
[19:38:33] skd5aner: Nothing happens when I select Upcoming Episodes. Upcoming Recorings works however
[19:38:55] Dagmar: If I were a content creator I'd want the industry to stop fucking around
[19:39:15] Dagmar: To _actually_ allow some openness so that people would have more incentive to buy my product without being treated like a filthy thief
[19:39:18] skd5aner: justinh: It should bring up a screen showing all upcoming showings of a program, not just what is set for the recording rule
[19:39:39] skd5aner: however – what happens when I select it, is that it goes directly back to the screen without showing anything
[19:39:45] Dagmar: Why the hell would someone buy something if they had a fair use use-case in mind that becomes nearly impossible if they buy it legitimately
[19:39:52] justinh: Dagmar: Not gonna happen now. It's *way* too late
[19:40:01] justinh: bend over & pay up
[19:40:13] Dagmar: justinh: This is why I basically said "f**k buying CDs"
[19:40:22] justinh: the pirates have ruined any fair use case there might have been
[19:40:24] skd5aner: Just wanted to get some confirmation (or not) before I submit a ticket – if it was just me, I'd hold off on submitting the ticket
[19:40:33] Dagmar: I'll rent DVDs from Redbox but I won't buy them anymore
[19:40:39] Dagmar: least not new.
[19:40:45] Dagmar: I'll buy them from used DVD shops
[19:40:49] Makere: I download my movies in 1080p
[19:40:57] Dagmar: I don't pirate.
[19:41:06] Makere: would buy blurays if I could get them in under 10euros
[19:41:06] justinh: great, admit you pirate movies in a logged channel
[19:41:07] Dagmar: I'm just _not_ about to put any more money into a system that is broken
[19:41:26] Makere: justinh: not like it matters in my case anymore
[19:41:28] Dagmar: Makere: You and asses like you are the reason we're having to put up with this crap.
[19:41:30] Dagmar: THANKS
[19:41:54] Mode for #mythtv-users by ChanServ!ChanServ@services. : +o iamlindoro
[19:42:12] Makere: Dagmar: hey I used to buy alot dvd's, and still get few now and then, but hell no am I paying over 20euros for a piece of plastic called bluray
[19:42:17] Makere has been kicked from #mythtv-users by iamlindoro!n=iamlindo@unaffiliated/iamlindoro (iamlindoro)
[19:42:26] justinh: yay :)
[19:42:30] Dagmar: Seriously, the rampant piracy is what's giving these people the "excuse" they need to slam in all these incredibly draconian measures to prevent piracy
[19:42:34] iamlindoro: enough of this nonsense
[19:42:44] Dagmar: Nice distance on that one
[19:42:48] Mode for #mythtv-users by ChanServ!ChanServ@services. : -o iamlindoro
[19:42:51] benklop: wagnerrp: got a52encode working – used the alsa "file" plugin to pipe sound from pcm.mythplay into a shell script that runs aplay with the proper flags to run it through the a52encode plugin. set the buffer size on aplay to tiny and it works with unnoticable latency and about .3% cpu :)
[19:43:22] justinh: it's enough that we have to worry about blimmin software patents getting a hold without having to fear for our own right to play content we buy
[19:43:28] Makere (Makere! has joined #mythtv-users
[19:43:32] skd5aner: no one? :(
[19:43:35] Makere: wow short ban
[19:43:43] iamlindoro: kick, not a ban
[19:43:48] iamlindoro: feel free to go for it, though
[19:44:05] Makere: oh misread
[19:44:10] skd5aner: Makere: just cool it, we get it – you don't think dvd/bluray is worth the cost, leave it at that
[19:44:23] Makere: I buy alot of anime dvd boxes
[19:44:28] Makere: not hollywood movies thou
[19:44:58] justinh: if it ain't worth buyin for a few quid, it's not worth 2 hours of my time either :)
[19:45:02] skd5aner: ok – off to submit a ticket I go then
[19:45:36] Dagmar: skd5aner: Sorry man, I'd give it a shot, but 90% of my MythTV use isn't in front of the actual machine it's attached to
[19:46:00] Dagmar: Making some last-minute changes to my Qt4 build at the moment actually
[19:46:09] skd5aner: Dagmar: no problem, always like to ask before flooding trac if I can
[19:46:14] Dagmar: The binaries will almost fit on a CD now!
[19:46:15] Dagmar: :)
[19:46:21] justinh: one more ticket is hardly a flood
[19:46:37] justinh: I need a serious motivation injection :-\
[19:46:43] skd5aner: well – I don't want to be flagged as someone who submits invalid tickets is what I really mean :)
[19:47:09] wagnerrp: skd5aner: dont worry about it, there are already a handful of invalid tickets daily
[19:47:14] skd5aner: because the ones I DO submit, I really want fixed :)
[19:47:15] wagnerrp: you wont be noticed as just one more
[19:47:16] justinh: give it a good report & it'll be fine
[19:47:39] skd5aner: I know – I've read -commits daily for about 4 years now
[19:47:43] dan4dm (dan4dm! has left #mythtv-users ()
[19:47:46] skd5aner: seriously
[19:49:27] Dagmar: Man what you wrote here is at least twice as clean and concise as the average bug report
[19:49:33] Dagmar: You're good.
[19:50:05] Dagmar: It had a very specific scope, and clear instructions on how to reproduce it
[19:50:16] skd5aner: haha, yea – needless to say, I've been on the other end of "trouble ticket" and "bug reports" before – so I kind of have an expectation of what consititutes a good and bad report
[19:50:50] skd5aner: I want to make it as easy as possible, so that my problems don't get shoved to the bottom of the list simply because I don't provide good info
[19:51:15] skd5aner: tthanks Dagmar
[19:51:15] justinh: low hanging fruit tend to get attention quicker than some other problems
[19:52:02] skd5aner: yea – that's why I'm hoping this one is. Iamlindoro already fixed the other semi-related theme problem I had, so I'm thinking this might be a quick fix
[19:52:26] Dagmar: Low-hanging fruit have the most flavor.
[19:52:43] justinh: long shot but have you tried a different theme?
[19:52:44] skd5aner: however, I have a liveTV issue that I'm not sure will float to the top anytime soon, not to mention it verges between bug and feature request :(
[19:52:58] skd5aner: yea, graphite and terra – same
[19:53:19] justinh: yeah all the 'bugs' on my list are feature changes
[19:53:39] justinh: need to get one with those – not prepared to even use a newer mythtv til they're committed
[19:53:46] skd5aner: Well, let me go submit this bug – I'm eager to chat a little about the liveTV thing and get some of your opinions on it before I submit anything on it
[19:54:01] defaultro: hey folks, how do I remove that huge number 1 image once we play on a recording?
[19:55:12] wagnerrp: as in you played something, exited playback, and now that image is stuck on screen?
[19:55:35] defaultro: no
[19:55:43] defaultro: it just gets displayed before the real recording
[19:55:50] defaultro: it stays like for 5 seconds
[19:55:55] kormoc: a number 1 is displayed before the real recording?
[19:55:56] ** kormoc blinks **
[19:56:00] defaultro: yep
[19:56:04] wagnerrp: right, to say... 'im doing something, please wait'
[19:56:05] kormoc: never heard of such a thing
[19:56:08] defaultro: yep
[19:56:13] wagnerrp: its the cinema countdown thing
[19:56:14] defaultro: Playback starting
[19:56:16] defaultro: yes
[19:56:24] kormoc: when did that get in there?
[19:56:25] wagnerrp: only its not an animation currently, just a single frame
[19:56:30] defaultro: countdown but it really isn't a countdown since it's just number 1
[19:56:31] wagnerrp: early this year?
[19:56:40] kormoc: shows how long it's been sense I've watched tv
[19:56:56] defaultro: i'd rather want to see a black screen
[19:56:59] wagnerrp: its all mythtv 'Internal' playback
[19:57:05] justinh: I'd rather playback started sooner :)
[19:57:11] kormoc: so replace the image with a black one?
[19:57:11] wagnerrp: whenever the internal playback starts up, it does that
[19:57:12] defaultro: that's true too
[19:57:17] iamlindoro: kormoc: It's themed
[19:57:21] defaultro: kormoc, i didn't do that in .21
[19:57:34] defaultro: any theme I chose, it was always black
[19:57:41] justinh: yeah it always was
[19:57:49] iamlindoro: kormoc: In this case you're looking at the terra loading image, it seems
[19:57:58] justinh: and then somebody decided it'd be more friendly to show it was actually doing *something* instead
[19:58:15] defaultro: so that black that we saw before was really an image?
[19:58:20] kormoc: ahh
[19:58:24] justinh: no. it was just black screen
[19:58:33] defaultro: there you go, i wanted it that way
[19:58:53] justinh: I couldn't care less. start playing video already :)
[19:58:54] defaultro: i'm not sure whyI don't like the cinema countdown. Maybe, it's not animated
[19:59:10] defaultro: that's what I really want too. How do we do that
[19:59:21] justinh: dig in the code, find out what the holdup is
[19:59:28] defaultro: :P
[19:59:38] defaultro: maybe the buffer I put was too big
[19:59:47] wagnerrp: what buffer?
[19:59:55] defaultro: something on the setup
[19:59:59] defaultro: it's in one of the pages
[20:00:05] defaultro: ringbuffer something
[20:00:08] kormoc: why'd you modify it?
[20:00:09] justinh: that the mythical 'ring buffer' setting I have a vague memory of?
[20:00:11] wagnerrp: placebo
[20:00:15] wagnerrp: does nothing anymore
[20:00:16] defaultro: i didn't modify it in the code
[20:00:23] justinh: wagnerrp: since when?
[20:00:37] defaultro: i modified it on the gui page. I set it to 9144 something
[20:00:44] kormoc: justinh: it's been dead for awhile
[20:00:51] wagnerrp: i assumed since the ring buffer got removed in place of just recording everything
[20:00:59] kormoc: defaultro: but why? if you don't know what it does or have a reason to modify it, why did you?
[20:01:03] wagnerrp: or is that still used for playback access?
[20:01:05] defaultro: i wish it can be as fast as mplayer, when I run mplayer, the recording is displayed withing 1 or 2 seconds
[20:01:14] ** kormoc just doesn't get changing things for the sake of changing them **
[20:01:26] Dagmar: ...and this is why you don't run Gentoo.
[20:01:37] justinh: HDRingbufferSize
[20:01:38] defaultro: who is running Gentoo?
[20:01:43] defaultro: yeah, HDRingbuffersize
[20:01:48] kormoc: amusingly enough, I do run Gentoo :P
[20:02:01] kormoc: ooh, that one is used, but only for livetv iirc?
[20:02:03] defaultro: i'm running fedora core 6
[20:02:18] justinh: kormoc: dunno, I don't use livetv :)
[20:02:18] wagnerrp: thats quite ancient
[20:02:20] defaultro: and it's 12 now :)
[20:02:30] defaultro: it is but it works pretty well
[20:04:01] defaultro: so what could be the reason why it takes 4 seconds to play a recording compared to playing the same recording using mplayer?
[20:04:10] justinh: sigh
[20:04:14] justinh: wth do you think?
[20:04:26] defaultro: huh, that's why I am asking for help
[20:04:28] justinh: database accesses, buffering.. yada yada yada yada yada yada yada
[20:04:34] defaultro: oh ok
[20:04:37] justinh: font caching... etc
[20:04:40] defaultro: got it
[20:04:52] Dagmar: defaultro: Prove that it's a bug
[20:04:59] Dagmar: ...or just fix it.
[20:05:01] justinh: it's not a bug
[20:05:04] defaultro: nope, I am not saying it's a bug. LOL!!!!
[20:05:08] Dagmar: At the moemnt, it's apparently just a complaint.
[20:05:30] justinh: Dagmar: one a few of us have & some of us have even looked into it. but that buffering code is voodoo to me
[20:05:33] defaultro: i've never said anything above that it was a bug. I was seeking some guidance on how to make it fast
[20:05:59] defaultro: just wondering why my mythvideo plays really quick although it calls mplayer in playcommand
[20:06:06] justinh: the bitch is, on some systems it's lightning quick
[20:06:08] Dagmar: defaultro: Sprinkle the code with printfs or run it under GDB and find out what it's spending all it's time doing.
[20:06:14] justinh: so it's possibly lib related too
[20:06:34] defaultro: that would be a good one so I can learn how to code and debug
[20:06:51] defaultro: but need some tutorial links on how to get started
[20:07:13] cynicismic (cynicismic! has joined #mythtv-users
[20:07:15] iamlindoro: defaultro: Think of it this way. mplayer is a bicycle. Myth is a tank. They will both get you somewhere.
[20:07:16] justinh: just slap some VERBOSE(VB_IMPORTANT... in the code, compile..
[20:07:38] iamlindoro: mplayer will *always* start up faster than myth because it is doing infinitely less under the hood
[20:07:40] Dagmar: defaultro: `gdb command`
[20:07:50] defaultro: yep, I think just like justin said, disk access could be the culprit on my system
[20:08:02] justinh: when did I say disk access?
[20:08:14] defaultro: sigh :( database access
[20:08:19] defaultro: data is stored on database
[20:08:25] defaultro: which is stored on disc
[20:08:28] Dagmar: No.
[20:08:28] defaultro: disk
[20:08:34] defaultro: k
[20:08:35] justinh: there's already good evidence to show that it might be lib related since some people's (including dev) playback starts much faster
[20:08:36] Dagmar: A crappy database stores everything on a disk.
[20:08:47] Dagmar: A decently-performing database keeps as much in RAM as it can
[20:08:47] defaultro: k
[20:08:56] Dagmar: This is why it's called a database and not a wrapper gor grep
[20:08:59] defaultro: well, if it's indexed, yes
[20:09:30] defaultro: since you said memory, another culprit on my setup could be memory since it's small
[20:09:32] Dagmar: Oracle's so damn snooty it wants it's own paging file
[20:09:43] nescius: does anyone using lirc here?
[20:09:46] defaultro: i may need to upgrade ram since it's so small
[20:10:06] justinh: defaultro: dunno, seems to be nippy on smaller ram systems as well as larger ones
[20:10:08] Dagmar: There's pills for that.
[20:10:18] defaultro: k
[20:10:22] justinh: nescius: this is #mythtv-users
[20:10:47] nescius: justinh: so noone?
[20:10:47] Dagmar: Remote controls are for people too lazy to tape dowel rods together or just find a long tree branch
[20:11:31] Dagmar: nescius: It's a dumb question.
[20:11:32] nescius: well, almost everything else works, i want that last thing get working as well
[20:11:33] Dagmar: Seriously.
[20:11:39] Dagmar: Try something more specific.
[20:11:45] justinh: try asking in #lirc
[20:11:54] justinh: that's what I meant
[20:11:58] nescius: justinh: long time dead channel
[20:12:03] justinh: so?
[20:12:29] Dagmar: I'd ask in #lirc just to admire the high-quality silience they've got in there
[20:12:31] nescius: I asked two days ago, very specific, just how to set lircd -n --device=/dev/input/event9 --driver=dev/input in the configuration files
[20:12:37] justinh: I want help to fix my car, so do I ask in a cooking IRC channel just because nobody is answering in the car channel?
[20:12:38] dserban_: Dagmar: a branch. Crikey, why the hell didn't I think of that? My wife would stop droppin' the ef**n' keyboard.
[20:12:40] Dagmar: ...but I'd ask more specific questions elsewhere.
[20:12:52] bobgill_ (bobgill_! has joined #mythtv-users
[20:12:56] Dagmar: nescius: So what does two days ago have to do with it?
[20:12:57] tzanger: hmm, oddball question — is there any kind of boxee/hulu recorder so that I can schedule downloads from them and pull it into my mythtv recordings?
[20:13:06] justinh: tzanger: no
[20:13:08] nescius: justinh: who else uses lirc? noone except of the mythtv guys
[20:13:12] iamlindoro: I can't express how much better my experience in here got after I started ignoring any question with "lirc" in it
[20:13:15] Dagmar: txzanger: Not a chance in hell actually
[20:13:29] iamlindoro: nescius: Hrm? XBMC, mplayer, Xine, vlc...
[20:13:35] tzanger: damn.
[20:13:49] nescius: Dagmar: nothing, just answering justinh why i am asking here.
[20:13:55] justinh: tzanger: the whole point of *online* *streaming* is the very fact it's *on* *demand* FFS
[20:13:58] nescius: no need to be angry :)
[20:14:00] Dagmar: nescius: That would be a Linux-distribution-specific question
[20:14:14] nescius: lirc configuration files??
[20:14:19] tzanger: justinh: sure, but if your bandwidth is not great or you want to ensure no dropouts... makes sense to me
[20:14:27] Dagmar: nescius: Since where you're going to need to stick that will necessarily be a part of init, which varies from distro to distro
[20:14:47] Dagmar: Someone familiar with how init happens on your distribution would be able to give you details off the top of their head.
[20:14:51] justinh: tzanger: won't make sense to the content provider (i.e. Hulu). They'll take a pretty dim view of offline storage
[20:15:08] justinh: crap connections are your problem, not theirs
[20:15:10] skd5aner: ok – back
[20:15:13] tzanger: seems silly since it's trivial to capture the stream and record it, but yeah I guess
[20:15:22] Dagmar: tzanger: You never actually _read_ the user agreement for Hulu did you
[20:15:36] Dagmar: They kinda have a serious problem with the whole idea of someone _downloading_ their content.
[20:15:40] justinh: clicky clicky clicky yay I watchy viddies!
[20:15:42] iamlindoro: capturing the stream from hulu/iplayer/et al is *not* trivial
[20:15:43] bobgill (bobgill!n=smileyfa@ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[20:15:52] Dagmar: ...nor is it legal, strictly speaking.
[20:15:52] nescius: Dagmar: not necessarily, all what is needed are few lines in the lirc to specify the device.
[20:16:05] iamlindoro: they're flash precisely to wrap it in a layer of DRM to prevent you doing so
[20:16:05] Dagmar: nescius: Yes, necessarily.
[20:16:12] nescius: Dagmar: no
[20:16:18] Dagmar: nescius: I've been doing Unix for 20+ years. I am seldom wrong.
[20:16:22] justinh: nescius: do what most people do get lirc working. go to read the docs.
[20:16:33] tzanger: Dagmar: I tend to ignore such things. If I pay for content I expect to use it how I see fit, so long as I am not distributing/denying them the opportunity to make money
[20:16:48] Dagmar: tzanger: So how much did your Hulu account cost?
[20:17:17] tzanger: Dagmar: the fact that it's free doesn't matter. If I like it and they charge for it, I think that it'd *still* be a better means of TV than cable/sat
[20:17:19] nescius: Dagmar: nice, but you are wrong now :)
[20:17:37] Dagmar: nescius: No, I'm not. You're a noob and you don't know any better, or you would not need to ask this question.
[20:17:44] iamlindoro: tzanger: Talk of violating terms of service is a violation of channel rules, please let the topic go
[20:17:52] tzanger: fair enough
[20:18:07] iamlindoro: thanks
[20:18:12] justinh: must be something in the water today
[20:18:12] Dagmar: It's a bloody system daemon, it should be started by init because that's the proper thing to do. It should not be started by mythbackend or mythfrontend because it's not the responsibility or scope of either of those things.
[20:18:26] skd5aner: [15:16] <Dagmar> nescius: I've been doing Unix for 20+ years. I am seldom wrong. ---- HAHAHAH, sorry Dagmar, that really made me laugh
[20:18:31] skd5aner: :)
[20:18:44] Dagmar: tzanger: This is why I said "you haven't read the user agreement have you". Hulu very much doesn't want people downloading their vidoes. It's explicitly forbidden.
[20:18:47] stoffel (stoffel! has joined #mythtv-users
[20:18:47] Mode for #mythtv-users by ChanServ!ChanServ@services. : +v stoffel
[20:19:20] Dagmar: skd5aner: Yeah well there was a tiny gap after I turned 18 and was worried baout being held liable for it
[20:19:26] tzanger: Dagmar: I understand what you are saying, but then again jailbreaking iphones is forbidden, making backups is often forbidden etc. contract law does not trump my user rights.
[20:19:50] Dagmar: tzanger: And yet we here do not discuss or for sure don't help people violate user agreements or laws.
[20:19:59] skd5aner: :)
[20:20:03] Dagmar: You have no "rights" to their content.
[20:20:05] tzanger: Dagmar: I've been asked to stop commenting about this, I'd be happy to take it off chan if you would like to continue discussing it
[20:20:05] justinh: tzanger: you have no rights. There is no fair use anymore
[20:20:22] Dagmar: I am not wasting my time "discussing" this. You're delusional.
[20:20:30] k_ross (k_ross!i=cfabb465@gateway/web/freenode/x-qpqagbptibmicjww) has joined #mythtv-users
[20:20:34] tzanger: justinh: that's what they'd like. thankfully there are efforts to rein in the lawyers
[20:20:36] skd5aner: lots of confused people out there
[20:20:41] tzanger: heh if you say so
[20:20:44] Dagmar: It's against their user agreement, which actually DOES make it _illegal_ by side-effect.
[20:21:25] Dagmar: That the law makes only a tiny little snapping noise when you break it doesn't matter.
[20:21:26] skd5aner: anyone want to change subjects? Cause I got one... multirec's impact on livetv viewing
[20:21:37] iamlindoro: livteevwhatnow?
[20:21:42] tzanger: user agreement != law, and even if it were contractual, there are plenty of cases where contract law is trumped by fair use
[20:21:44] dserban_: nescius: you're better off googling your question. It is trivial as I have been there myself, it is a daemon better started by your init calls by your specific distribution. Once you figure out where the lircd call is made, you're golden. Or I'll have to lmgtfy it...
[20:21:46] benklop (benklop! has quit (No route to host)
[20:21:56] Dagmar: tzanger: Welome to the ignore list moron
[20:21:57] skd5aner: typical dev response to livetv: "whaaaaaa?" ;)
[20:22:15] Dagmar: Read the freaking Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
[20:22:39] Dagmar: Accessing any computing resource in excess of your authorization level is forbidden. This is a law, so forbidden == ILLEGAL.
[20:22:42] tzanger: ignoring me and calling me names doesn't really affect me. I'm happy to stop discussing what I was asked to take off-chan
[20:22:48] skd5aner: I kind of ran into a situation where livetv is basically unusable with multirec, or at least extremely non-user friendly at best
[20:22:51] justinh: skd5aner: I thought browsing across sources was allowed now
[20:22:51] iamlindoro: skd5aner: If it's the same thing you've been harping on for a few days, it's not a bug, it's a known limitation of multirec, but there are numerous ways to work around it
[20:22:53] Dagmar: Violation of a user agreement instantly voids any granted authorization.
[20:23:08] Dagmar: Therefore violation of a user agreement DOES constitute a violation of law in most respects.
[20:23:11] iamlindoro: justinh: it is, but off by default because it causes a serious performance hit AIUI
[20:23:16] justinh: heh
[20:23:29] justinh: you can't please anybody :)
[20:23:53] justinh: people wanted multirec. YAY. Whoah that just peed off all the livetv users. Whoops.  :P
[20:23:54] skd5aner: iamlindoro: yea, but wanted to chat about it with some other folks, just brought it up once the other night and no one was on to really chat about it
[20:24:03] iamlindoro: anyway, if you don't want to deal with the "locked into multiplex" thing, the "easy" solution is to create all of your tuners with one max recording, then to go into each in turn and increase it to 2, then to go back through and increas it to 3, etc.
[20:24:06] Dagmar: skd5aner; Have you tried diddling the nice levels?
[20:24:16] iamlindoro: then the virtual tuners will be in series
[20:24:37] justinh: interesting
[20:24:38] skd5aner: multirec benefits > Live TV, no question about that
[20:24:49] iamlindoro: ie in a three tuner system, 1 – 4 – 7, 2 – 5 – 8, 3 – 6 – 9
[20:24:53] justinh: change your viewing habits </brokenrecord>
[20:25:16] iamlindoro: then you will *never* be locked into a multiplex until you are out of tuners
[20:25:21] skd5aner: iamlindoro: yea, I think that workaround is probably the easiest for anyone who picks up the remote – which is what I'll do
[20:25:52] justinh: bbc iplayer folks are apparently looking into the possibility of doing an API :)
[20:26:00] iamlindoro: justinh: cool
[20:26:03] skd5aner: I just didn't know if this was a known limitation to the devs
[20:26:14] skd5aner: Dagmar: not sure what nice levels would have to do with it?
[20:26:19] iamlindoro: justinh: Would like to have it as a truly supported element of my baby
[20:26:39] iamlindoro: skd5aner: Well worn ground, with dozens upon dozens upon dozens of list threads about it
[20:27:16] skd5aner: iamlindoro: fair enough, I figured I probably wasn't the first to come across it
[20:27:30] justinh: holy cow. there's already a 'backstage' API .. I keep forgetting about that
[20:27:43] Dagmar: skd5aner: I assumed you were talking about choppiness due to system load
[20:27:53] iamlindoro: justinh: One of the big motivators in writing MNV has been to stop the neverending stream of hacked "plugins"
[20:28:02] Dagmar: Getting multirec to make sense to an uninformed user isn't likely to happen
[20:28:11] skd5aner: Dagmar: nah, although the HD-PVR recordings struggle, but I need to get my VDPAU card soon
[20:28:22] justinh: or you could parse, and then drill into
[20:28:48] Dagmar: justinh: Crap like that is going to make me want to move to the UK.
[20:28:53] Dagmar: Better be prepared to hide those women
[20:29:04] skd5aner: multirec is AWESOME, but what iamlindoro was explainging is the only downside right now to the way it's architected. LiveTV isn't smart enough on it's own to switch to a different physical tuner if the channel you want to watch is on a different multiplex
[20:30:30] skd5aner: iamlindoro: your new plugin, can it support youtube and similiar sites? I thought the idea of mythtube would have been kind of neat, if only for novalty.
[20:30:45] iamlindoro: There has been talk of making multirec a little more dynamic (ie only create the virtual instances when they are necessary, rather than pre-populating them)
[20:30:51] iamlindoro: skd5aner: Haven't you seen the videos?
[20:31:02] skd5aner: I noticed the other day that some bluray plays now have built in youtube support :S
[20:31:20] iamlindoro: skd5aner:
[20:31:24] skd5aner: iamlindoro: I don't believe I saw the video, just the announcement
[20:31:27] Greek-Boy: skd5aner: Yeah I notcied that too, the LG one
[20:31:38] iamlindoro: skd5aner: I haven't made any official announcement just yet
[20:31:49] skd5aner: well, I meant just the chatter :)
[20:32:02] skd5aner: cool, I'll check out the vid
[20:32:34] Slim-Kimbo (Slim-Kimbo! has joined #mythtv-users
[20:32:37] skd5aner: would be nice if I could natively download/stream it in myth </stupidjoke>
[20:32:51] dserban_: While I've read much on the subject, I have a two server setup, my main backend which is multipurposed as a file server/tftpd/dns/dhcp server as well as a secondary slave. While my main backend server runs the mysql db, I'd like the second to have a read-only replicant. Is this safe to do on a mythbackend slave server?
[20:32:58] iamlindoro: skd5aner: just watch the video...
[20:33:17] ** skd5aner is watching **
[20:33:47] dserban_: I vaguely remember reading that I should _not_ have mysql installed on a slave. But I assume that statement was made for concurrency issues (atomicity)..
[20:35:39] wagnerrp: its because mythtv only uses a single mysql database
[20:35:53] wagnerrp: running a mysql server on a slave backend will be pointless, because it will go unused
[20:36:07] wagnerrp: and if it is used, you end up with two detached mythtv systems running
[20:38:12] Greek-Boy: iamlindoro: MythNetvision looks good man
[20:38:13] Greek-Boy: :-)
[20:38:23] iamlindoro: thanks
[20:38:27] Greek-Boy: its developed by you?
[20:38:30] iamlindoro: yep
[20:38:30] Greek-Boy: np
[20:38:32] Greek-Boy: weldone
[20:38:34] Greek-Boy: awsome
[20:38:37] Greek-Boy: *awesome
[20:38:46] dserban_: wagnerrp: well I was asking if I could run a replicant in read-only mode which replicates what's on the master backend. Only for redundancy.
[20:38:53] iamlindoro: Will be better still when/if people start writing scripts for it
[20:39:11] iamlindoro: you can theoretically add any support for any site you like with a simple script
[20:39:26] pete_^ (pete_^! has joined #mythtv-users
[20:39:44] Greek-Boy: now thats what open source freedom is about :-)
[20:39:54] skd5aner: iamlindoro: looks nice, I can assure you that will instantly become *the* definitive myth plugin
[20:39:54] Greek-Boy: when will u be officaly releasing the plugin?
[20:40:57] Dagmar: can I interest you in some pre-paid legal service coupons?  ;)
[20:41:01] iamlindoro: skd5aner: heh, we'll see :)
[20:41:31] skd5aner: It's interesting, when you search youtube, it brought up the integrate browser, but when you navigated youtube (near the end), it played just the video
[20:41:36] Greek-Boy: Dagmar: Why do u say that? Do you think there will be legal issues with it?
[20:41:38] dserban_: Dagmar: if it streams much like a browser, I don't think there'd be any issue.
[20:41:41] skd5aner: what is the difference between the two?
[20:42:06] Greek-Boy: iamlindoro: I am assuming that its easy to put youtube video into fullscreen?
[20:42:29] dserban_: iamlindoro: you just opened a can of worms.  :D
[20:43:51] dserban_: wagnerrp: so I guess I shouldn't have a problem since the slave backend would complain about the db if it was misconfigured and using the local one. As long as it's read-only and replicating from the original master. I should be problem-free. \o/
[20:44:01] ** dserban_ chuckles at his famous last words **
[20:45:48] lyricnz (lyricnz! has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[20:46:50] Greek-Boy: lol
[20:47:57] MitchCapper (MitchCapper!n=user@unaffiliated/mitchcapper) has left #mythtv-users ()
[20:48:28] iamlindoro: Greek-Boy: A month or two to release
[20:48:54] iamlindoro: dserban_ et al, The plugin as distributed uses APIs 100%... there is no scraping and no violation of any terms of service ain any of the included code
[20:49:31] skd5aner: That was going to be my next question (beyond scripts), if a site releases an API, do you directly integrate with the API... I guess the answer is yes
[20:49:53] iamlindoro: Which was the whole point-- to build a plugin that gives people the access to network resources they want, make it (very) easily expandable, and do it in a way that makes respecitng ToS possible
[20:49:59] iamlindoro: skd5aner: That's all up to the grabber script
[20:50:13] iamlindoro: the script interfaces with the site/API and returns results in the plugin format
[20:50:34] Dagmar: I give it less than twenty-four hours before someone asks about Hulu support for it
[20:50:45] skd5aner: well, the alpha looks pretty cool, thanks for the preview
[20:51:24] wagnerrp: dserban_: both mythbackend and mythfrontend need read/write access to the database
[20:52:10] dserban_: iamlindoro: I meant that now you opened a can of worms of "how do you do this, and can it be run on a single core-multi-homed-dual-head-1-gig-frontend" kinda can. :)
[20:52:17] dserban_: not the legality side of things.
[20:52:25] olesalscheider (olesalscheider! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[20:52:31] iamlindoro: You mean like ?  ;)
[20:52:55] iamlindoro: (Which, for the record, is not a violation of Terms of service, I manually built that XML tree for testing)
[20:54:10] dserban_: wagnerrp: yes, on the master backend yep. The secondary slave gets pointed to the master backend, but the slave would run a read-only replicant based on the master
[20:54:29] wagnerrp: dserban_: for what purpose?
[20:54:39] dserban_: backup
[20:54:58] wagnerrp: just run a backup script nightly or something
[20:55:13] wagnerrp: what would you need an almost-live backup for?
[20:55:37] Greek-Boy: check this out
[20:55:38] Greek-Boy:
[20:55:51] Greek-Boy: just as i said before, mythtv is going into commerical scene...
[20:56:00] Greek-Boy: just like what asterisk did in the telco industry
[20:56:13] wagnerrp: that page is over two years old
[20:56:23] iamlindoro: Greek-Boy: That's just one guy in New Zealand selling mythboxes-- it's happened many times before and has failed every time
[20:56:26] wagnerrp: and there have been several companies that have come and gone trying to sell commercial mythtv units
[20:56:32] iamlindoro: literally one guy, by the way
[20:56:51] wagnerrp: yeah, that plus hes one retarded guy
[20:57:00] wagnerrp: honestly, who puts spaces in web links
[20:57:09] wagnerrp: %20 needs to burn in hell
[20:57:25] skd5aner: whatever happened to the one company that integrated the home automation stuff and sold a bunch of hardware around myth? I can't remember the name of that company
[20:57:30] mangus580 (mangus580! has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[20:57:35] wagnerrp: Pluto/linuxMCE
[20:57:50] iamlindoro: and the folks selling the linuxmce hardware were Fiire
[20:58:08] iamlindoro: and that company went belly-up
[20:58:27] skd5aner: yea, Pluto, that was it :)
[20:58:30] Greek-Boy: oh yeah I heard of linuxMCE
[20:58:49] skd5aner: plutohome I believe
[20:58:59] iamlindoro: also goners
[20:59:02] Greek-Boy: why is it that these companies are failing?
[20:59:22] iamlindoro: because the market just isn't there
[20:59:41] iamlindoro: MythTV is a very appealing idea on face, but flexibility introduces a high learning curve
[20:59:51] wagnerrp: because it takes a LOT of work to make these things stable for an end user without effort
[21:00:02] mangus580 (mangus580! has joined #mythtv-users
[21:00:03] wagnerrp: you cant afford to spend that kind of money and still manage to turn of profit
[21:00:09] iamlindoro: Most hobbyists are not at a technical level necessary to maintain a myth system, and people who buy turnkey systems don't want to
[21:00:22] skd5aner: Also, a lot of people fork and add so much customization that they can't then easily integrate into future release of myth
[21:00:48] Greek-Boy: but thats the whole business model of supporting open source software
[21:01:06] Greek-Boy: well, I guess it can't work for the home end-user / consumer
[21:01:31] skd5aner: so, they shoot themselves in the foot – "I want myth, but I want to make it do XYZ", so they drastically change the architecture and then they are hosed when they want to reintroduce all the new changes in a later version of myth
[21:01:43] Greek-Boy: but someone is bound to take the mythtv source code and use it for future video on demand, in-room hotel entertainment, etc
[21:01:51] iamlindoro: It works on a local level-- I have multiple Myth support consulting contracts... but as a turnkey system, it's just far too technical
[21:01:52] Greek-Boy: i know we've discussed this before but i'm just saying...
[21:02:05] wagnerrp: Greek-Boy: theres someone in here every couple months wanting advice on how to pull that off
[21:02:12] justinh: skd5aner: who is this 'lot' ? :-O
[21:02:17] iamlindoro: Myth is already deployed in a number of hotels and hospitals
[21:02:37] iamlindoro: It's *possible* to make it work, is you have on-site management of the hardware, and a very very minimal menu theme
[21:02:39] Greek-Boy: wagnerrp: They actually have the decency and cheek to come in here and ask u guys that?
[21:02:43] Greek-Boy: lol
[21:02:49] skd5aner: justinh: lot = most of the people who have tried to make myth something that it's not for commercial purposes
[21:02:54] skd5aner: all relative :)
[21:03:00] justinh: Greek-Boy: I've met some of them at linux shows
[21:03:05] justinh: wunchobankers
[21:03:25] skd5aner: iamlindoro: do you support any commercial ventures (hotels, small businesses) with myth deployments, or just individuals/families?
[21:03:27] skd5aner: just curious
[21:03:50] iamlindoro: wealthy individuals with large homes/estates
[21:04:00] justinh: their beady little eyes light up when they see mythtv, but the leave with tail between their legs when they have the legal situation pointed out to them
[21:04:01] wagnerrp: apparently one family who now has a bunch of spare ATVs
[21:04:03] iamlindoro: ie <= 20 units in a household
[21:04:09] skd5aner: I've seen the threads from time to time on the mailing list about hotels and other businesses looking at myth, but I think to myself "how in the world do they expect that to work"?
[21:04:38] iamlindoro: skd5aner: A couple powerful backends, a small hotel, and a menu theme with "watch TV" and "Watch movies" as the only items
[21:04:50] wagnerrp: skd5aner: if you limit yourself to a very restricted hardware set, make that work, limit the menus
[21:04:55] wagnerrp: you can get myth to be very stable
[21:05:00] justinh: unleashing livetv on hotel users? OMG!
[21:06:12] Greek-Boy: and i wonder if each guest can record in a user space just for that room?
[21:06:16] skd5aner: yea, I could see that it *could* work, I just don't see how that would win out if they were really out there comparing options.
[21:06:27] justinh: I find myth to be more reliable than my cable STB. more reliable than lots of windows apps. and plenty of linux apps
[21:06:37] iamlindoro: Greek-Boy: To the best of my knowledge, none of the hotel deployments permit the users to control recording rules
[21:06:40] wagnerrp: Greek-Boy: generally you wouldnt provide livetv, you just record everything
[21:06:57] wagnerrp: keep everything for a couple months
[21:07:08] wagnerrp: spend $10-$15K on the storage capacity to do so
[21:07:21] AndyCap: recording rules is probably not very useful for someone who's going to be there for 3.7 days.
[21:07:22] iamlindoro: skd5aner: considering what turnkey hotel VOD options cost, Myth is very attractive indeed-- and much more stable/capable
[21:07:24] ** skd5aner wants to find a mythtv enabled hotel **
[21:07:56] iamlindoro: most hotel VOD/TV options are awful and cost a (large) fortune
[21:08:06] justinh: yup
[21:08:10] skd5aner: well, cost is one thing – everyone knows that's #1 on the list of how F/OSS gets sold
[21:08:12] Greek-Boy: hmmm
[21:08:13] justinh: not just a one-off either
[21:08:15] skd5aner: but, support?
[21:08:45] justinh: skd5aner: TCO is probably low, esp compared to VOD/HotelTV maintainance contracts
[21:08:46] skd5aner: I agree – if you can get a support structure for myth, then it's feasible
[21:09:00] Greek-Boy: did they have to modify much of the code or just the themes and buttons?
[21:09:17] justinh: Greek-Boy: use your imagination
[21:09:20] wagnerrp: with ION systems, you can get by with maybe $250 in a custom box behind the tv, or maybe mounted in the wall
[21:09:23] skd5aner: that's how asterisk is able to survive as a very viable solution for companies, because Digium has a strong support model, and even has a certification program for local support techs
[21:09:28] hal9000 (hal9000! has joined #mythtv-users
[21:09:29] iamlindoro: very little code would need modification with decent IT/management
[21:09:32] iamlindoro: none, in fact
[21:09:40] hal9000: mythfrontend keeps checking for the backend server, only the machine it's on is in the 192.168 range. It refuses to go anywhere else, and if I replace the localhost entry in ~/.mythtv/config.xml, it replaces it with localhost on startup >_<
[21:09:45] Greek-Boy: hmmm
[21:09:46] wagnerrp: buying your own STBs would otherwise cost that much anyway
[21:09:47] skd5aner: I successfully deployed an asterisk system for a small business 4 years ago, running STRONG today! :)
[21:09:50] mrec_ (mrec_!n=mrec@ has joined #mythtv-users
[21:09:56] iamlindoro: But you would need to know myth very well to configure it for stability, and would need to make a lot of necessary cuts to the menu system
[21:09:59] justinh: I'm thinking about mythtv's future in my house & it's not going anywhere near a kid til there's multiuser
[21:10:42] Greek-Boy: justinh: There's parental guidance...
[21:10:45] Greek-Boy: ?
[21:11:01] justinh: Greek-Boy: no use for the vast majority of features & it's not all integrated
[21:11:07] wagnerrp: Greek-Boy: that prevents you from watching, not deleting
[21:11:18] justinh: not scheduling either
[21:11:26] justinh: nor seeing grownup shows..
[21:11:44] skd5aner: justinh: yea, now that we had a huge percentage of the core devs have kids in the last 3 months, maybe that'll become a priority for them too
[21:11:52] justinh: I mean yeah I kinda have this idea I'll be able to veto everything myself but hey let's be realistic
[21:11:54] wagnerrp: well there is that if the listings provider has the necessary information, isnt there?
[21:12:01] skd5aner: I heard that someone is working on a kid-oriented theme already, neat idea
[21:12:16] skd5aner: s/have/had
[21:12:26] wagnerrp: skd5aner: yeah, and hes considering outright disabling several sections of mythtv just for that purpose
[21:12:30] justinh: it's not what I'd have done for a kid's theme
[21:13:02] skd5aner: justinh: good thing you know a little about themeing then ;)
[21:13:12] Greek-Boy: well, that would be ok if the front end belongs to the kid right?
[21:13:17] justinh: I know FA about theming since I rm -rf'd my brain
[21:13:17] Greek-Boy: :P
[21:13:32] wagnerrp: Greek-Boy: no, because mythtv has no concept of users or security
[21:13:42] wagnerrp: each frontend has full control over the whole system
[21:13:57] kormoc (kormoc!n=kormoc@unaffiliated/kormoc) has quit ()
[21:14:31] hal9000: I have no clue why mythfrontend keeps checking the wrong IP address >_<
[21:14:50] justinh: hal9000: it probably isn't
[21:14:51] skd5aner: I haven't seen a priview of the kid theme, is there a screenshot anywhere?
[21:15:03] justinh: hal9000: 1. it looks in the database to find out where the backend lives
[21:15:09] wagnerrp: if there were #mythtv-theming logs, you could check them
[21:15:56] Greek-Boy: wagnerrp: But I can configure a kid's mythtv front end not to include a specific nfs share in MythVideo right?
[21:16:06] hal9000: Is there an easy way to set that address to localhost?
[21:16:09] Greek-Boy: and the kid wont be able to watch movies in that nfs share
[21:16:24] skd5aner: Greek-Boy: assuming you used NFS, and not Storage Groups
[21:16:25] wagnerrp: Greek-Boy: sure! in which case the frontend will see that it does not have file access, and the content will get pushed from the respective backend
[21:16:31] hal9000: This computer was NEVER >_<
[21:16:31] justinh: oh crap. now I'm in trouble. YL likes one of my ideas
[21:16:53] wagnerrp: YL?
[21:16:59] justinh: Yeechang Lee
[21:17:04] mag0o: skd5aner:
[21:17:05] wagnerrp: mailing list?
[21:17:12] skd5aner: it's scary that I knew what YL stood for :(
[21:17:27] justinh: hal9000: so where did that number come from?
[21:17:34] justinh: has to have had come from *somewhere*
[21:17:43] Dagmar: mag0o: That's awesome
[21:17:46] skd5aner: mag0o: sweet, now that's pretty creative
[21:18:04] mag0o: thanks
[21:18:23] skd5aner: the only time comic sans probably is the *right* font to use
[21:18:25] hal9000: Mind you, the distinct error message is: mythfrontend keeps checking for the backend server, only the machine it's on is in the 192.168 range. It refuses to go anywhere else, and if I replace the localhost entry in ~/.mythtv/config.xml, it replaces it with localhost on startup >_<
[21:18:34] Dagmar: skd5aner: I think you might be right
[21:18:38] hal9000: Uhg, that did NOT paste right >_<
[21:18:45] Dagmar: Cept it's _not_ Comic Sans
[21:18:55] hal9000: Sorry, : 2009-12–14 15:17:25.205 MythContext: Connecting to backend server: (try 1 of 1)
[21:18:56] Dagmar: The font there is _far_ better
[21:19:02] justinh: there is NEVER A RIGHT TIME for Comic frickin Sans
[21:19:07] justinh: NEVER!!!!!!!!!
[21:19:19] Greek-Boy: who is Yeechang Lee?
[21:19:19] hal9000: Of course there's a right time.
[21:19:29] ivor: justinh: not even in "ironic" use?
[21:19:33] justinh: ivor: no
[21:19:38] ivor: :)
[21:19:46] hal9000: At some point, a person who's never touched a computer in their lives is going to try to make a document in word, and as they run through the available fonts, that's precisely what they're going to use
[21:19:51] hal9000: ;)
[21:19:59] pizzledizzle (pizzledizzle! has joined #mythtv-users
[21:20:00] justinh: hal9000: and that's when the mob should set them on fire
[21:20:25] hal9000: Or possibly point out a better font that's easily available? =3
[21:20:29] justinh: hal9000: let's see the log for ourselves.
[21:20:30] Greek-Boy: and where is Isaac Richards?
[21:20:40] justinh: hal9000: no, fire cleanses all ills
[21:20:48] wagnerrp: hal9000: its like using a GOTO.... what harm could there be, right?
[21:20:54] justinh: Greek-Boy: hiding from users
[21:20:59] Dagmar: hal9000: It doesn't make up IP addresses on it's own, and it's not smart enough to do host resolution in a proper fashion. It got the idea for from somewhere.
[21:21:08] wagnerrp:
[21:21:58] justinh: ROFL
[21:21:59] hal9000:
[21:22:13] justinh: I am that 911 operator
[21:22:16] hal9000: It does that and mytfrontend never loads
[21:22:53] Dagmar: "never loads"?
[21:23:04] Greek-Boy: u know, i've never been able to get mythfrontend to control my main volume mixer
[21:23:09] hal9000: It essentially gets stuck at the background image
[21:23:16] wagnerrp: it should come up after a couple seconds and claim it could not connect to the backend
[21:23:17] Greek-Boy: i've tried all the combinations in the general settings
[21:23:30] justinh: hal9000: well, it's getting the backend IP out of the database
[21:23:34] wagnerrp: and then proceed to function as normal, allowing access to whatever functions you can perform without backend access
[21:23:40] justinh: run mythfrontend with -v database & you'll see
[21:23:52] wagnerrp: open 'mythtv-setup'... first group, first page
[21:23:59] Greek-Boy: Mixer device is /dev/mixer
[21:24:01] wagnerrp: it will say as the master backend ip
[21:24:09] justinh: the config.xml tells mythfrontend where to find the database
[21:24:13] Greek-Boy: Mixer Control is set to Master
[21:24:13] wagnerrp: Greek-Boy: are you using analog or digital audio?
[21:24:29] justinh: so mythfrontend goes & finds the database, finds out what the backend IP is.. and tada...
[21:24:54] Greek-Boy: wagnerrp: Digital
[21:25:12] wagnerrp: or in a real CF... when using upnp, the frontend goes out and finds the backend, which tells it where the database is, which tells it where the backend is
[21:25:24] wagnerrp: Greek-Boy: and just how do you expect to change the volume in digital audio?
[21:25:30] Dagmar: Restarting my everything for hardware replacement
[21:25:45] Dagmar: er... let's try that again. Shows how often I actually restart anything
[21:25:50] Dagmar (Dagmar!i=dagmar@unaffiliated/dagmar) has quit ("Restarting my everything for hardware replacement")
[21:26:21] Greek-Boy: wagnerrp: I thought that there is a way.
[21:26:24] wagnerrp: digital audio is pumped unaltered across the line, into your output device
[21:26:28] wagnerrp: there is no mixer
[21:26:31] wagnerrp: there is no control
[21:26:31] justinh: in theory
[21:26:47] justinh: there is no spoon either
[21:27:05] wagnerrp: there *has* been some code added in 0.22 which is supposed to add support for volume control
[21:27:09] Greek-Boy: i'm guessing this applies to SPDIF as well as HDMI?
[21:27:10] wagnerrp: but its entirely within mythtv
[21:27:18] ablyss (ablyss!n=opera@ has joined #mythtv-users
[21:27:22] wagnerrp: it applies to all forms of digital audio
[21:27:32] iamlindoro: wagnerrp: post-22
[21:27:45] iamlindoro: as in, within five commits of the thaw
[21:27:45] justinh: bad idea to control volume digital. bad for fidelity
[21:27:48] wagnerrp: you have to decode, alter the audio stream, and re-encode before transmitting to the receiver
[21:27:56] justinh: s/digital/digitally
[21:28:12] Greek-Boy: ok ok
[21:28:22] justinh: hope it's disable-able. especially frickin upmixing (SPIT!)
[21:28:26] Greek-Boy: i'll just control the volume from the amp then
[21:28:36] hal9000: Thank you, that seems to have worked =3
[21:29:08] Greek-Boy: what should upmix be set to
[21:29:14] Greek-Boy: mine is currently Active Linear
[21:29:16] justinh: in my house, NEVAH
[21:31:15] Greek-Boy: its so sad that my Acer Revo didn't come with a toslink output :-(
[21:31:21] Greek-Boy: the newer model has the toslink
[21:31:28] Dagmar (Dagmar!i=dagmar@unaffiliated/dagmar) has joined #MythTV-Users
[21:31:35] Greek-Boy: one of my other frontend, a dell studio also doesn't have a toslink output
[21:31:48] Greek-Boy: and my amp doesn't have a digital co-ax input :-(
[21:31:58] justinh: ouch. lame amp
[21:32:16] Greek-Boy: so i gotta build my own toslink and interface it to the SPDIF on the board of the dell studio
[21:32:20] Dagmar: lame dell
[21:32:42] Greek-Boy: i could have done the same with the acer revo if it had a SPDIF onboard ( but it doesn't :-( )
[21:32:49] Greek-Boy: ah well, such is life
[21:33:01] Greek-Boy: i guess i'll hunt for a usb toslink solution for the revo
[21:33:25] Greek-Boy: and if I buy anymore revo's i'll make sure it's the latest model, the one that has atom dual core
[21:34:08] Greek-Boy: revo is actually a very nice front end, u can wall mount it behind the tv or anywhere u want
[21:34:21] wagnerrp: Greek-Boy: why do you need toslink?
[21:34:25] Greek-Boy: but u gotta use VDPAU or else playback stutters
[21:34:39] wagnerrp: oh, no spdif on the amp
[21:34:46] wagnerrp: why kind of amp has toslink and no coax?
[21:34:46] Greek-Boy: wagnerrp: Its the only way to get a digital signal into my amp
[21:35:01] justinh: a toy one :P
[21:35:19] Greek-Boy: it's a LG complete home theater
[21:35:32] wagnerrp: hell, you can probably crack open the amp, spend 3 minutes soldering on a connector, and have spdif
[21:35:44] Greek-Boy: it sucks because it has HDMI output but can only play DVD's. hahaha
[21:35:55] Greek-Boy: but the sound clarity is very good on it
[21:35:59] justinh: Lame's Good ?
[21:36:09] wagnerrp: since it almost certainly runs the toslink input through a transceiver, resulting in a standard spdif signal
[21:36:10] Greek-Boy: in fact, most ppl that hear my system think it rocks
[21:36:34] Essobi is now known as EssobiDontCare
[21:36:37] justinh: hmmm that it might, but not if it's bereft of useful inputs
[21:36:52] EssobiDontCare is now known as Essobi
[21:36:56] Greek-Boy: wagnerrp: You mean if I open up my amp I could probably solder the coax signal somehere?
[21:37:00] ** Greek-Boy wonders..... **
[21:37:13] wagnerrp: i mean toslink and spdif send exactly the same signal
[21:37:19] wagnerrp: one is optical, one is electrical
[21:37:26] Greek-Boy: yeah
[21:37:30] wagnerrp: or perhaps rf, i dont know
[21:37:43] Greek-Boy: so I gotta get behding the tranceiver
[21:37:47] justinh: wagnerrp: right the first time
[21:37:54] wagnerrp: but somewhere on that board, its going to run through a transceiver, and output standard spdif
[21:38:03] Dagmar: 'cept one uses cheap-ass consumer-level LEDs in it
[21:38:05] wagnerrp: which it will then decode and use as normal
[21:38:14] Goga777 (Goga777! has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[21:38:28] Greek-Boy: well in this case its input
[21:38:39] wagnerrp: you should be able to solder onto those contacts, drill and install a RCA jack on the back of the case
[21:38:44] wagnerrp: and wire it all up in a couple minutes
[21:38:56] wagnerrp: easier than wiring together something to go the other directrion
[21:39:08] Greek-Boy: this looks interesting
[21:39:08] Greek-Boy:
[21:39:48] wagnerrp: hah... eye damage
[21:39:53] wagnerrp: not likely
[21:40:13] ablyss: that link needs pictures
[21:40:39] ablyss: me thinks
[21:41:35] Greek-Boy: well here is another interesting one
[21:41:37] Greek-Boy:
[21:41:47] npm (npm! has quit ("Leaving.")
[21:42:03] Greek-Boy: i hope i can do what wagnerrp says I should without needing to read the schematics of that amp
[21:42:04] Greek-Boy: :P
[21:42:23] wagnerrp: yeah, that transmitter listed on that page is just a LED, not a diode laser
[21:42:27] Greek-Boy: will attempt it tomorrow
[21:42:28] wagnerrp: no vision risk
[21:43:11] wagnerrp: well... unless you decide to jam the fiber into your eye
[21:43:12] skd5aner: iamlindoro: I was sure your alternating tuner idea would work, but it didn't
[21:43:28] iamlindoro: skd5aner: It's not an idea, it's a fact ;)
[21:43:36] iamlindoro: skd5aner: IF it's not working, you mangled the setup
[21:43:40] wagnerrp: skd5aner: you add each digital tuner, each with one virtual tuner
[21:43:50] skd5aner: iamlindoro: just did exactly as you said, add each physical tuner, with only 1...
[21:43:54] wagnerrp: once youve added all of those, you go back and add additional virtual tuner
[21:44:04] skd5aner: then go back through the list, in the same order, and increase it to too
[21:44:08] skd5aner: s/too/two
[21:44:16] skd5aner: even in the database, it looks correct
[21:44:24] skd5aner: eactly as you said
[21:44:24] wagnerrp: so with four tuners and four virtuals each, they would be ordered in mythtv as 1234111222333444
[21:44:28] iamlindoro: skd5aner: Now go UNDO all the changes you made in the tv watching settings to try to get it to respect live TV
[21:44:47] skd5aner: iamlindoro: k, let me go re-check those settings
[21:45:04] wagnerrp: if you have mythtv set up to use the last tuner (avoid scheduling conflicts or something)
[21:45:21] wagnerrp: it will go from 1, to 4, and then get stuck on 4 again
[21:45:26] dorgan (dorgan! has joined #mythtv-users
[21:45:39] dorgan: is anyone using the HVR-1600?
[21:46:06] ablyss: me
[21:46:18] skd5aner: "Avoid Conflicts between live TV and scheduled shows" and "Allow live TV to move scheduled shows" are both checked
[21:46:29] wagnerrp: uncheck the former
[21:47:12] benklop (benklop! has joined #mythtv-users
[21:47:23] skd5aner: wagnerrp: here's my order (per the database): 1234123412341234
[21:47:23] dorgan: whats the best card to use for HD capturing? pci-e interface
[21:47:26] inordkuo1 (inordkuo1!n=inorkuo@ has joined #mythtv-users
[21:47:49] wagnerrp: skd5aner: it only works for the first run through of each of the tuners
[21:48:07] wagnerrp: it just makes sure the next use of livetv grabs a tuner not being used
[21:48:14] skd5aner: wagnerrp: yes, I suppose that's the only way it'd work :)
[21:48:17] wagnerrp: but if youre already using all four, then the whole thing is shot
[21:48:24] wagnerrp: and theres no reason to do any special ordering past that
[21:48:33] skd5aner: yup – makes sense
[21:48:45] skd5aner: what I've done is set 1 of my tuners to record
[21:48:51] wagnerrp: dorgan: there are no cards for HD capture
[21:49:00] skd5aner: and then went into live TV, and it won't let me tune to a different multiplex
[21:49:13] wagnerrp: only the HDPVR, which is an external USB-attached box
[21:49:16] skd5aner: trying now with that setting disabled
[21:49:45] dorgan: wagnerrp: so then how would I capture HD coming from my cablebox?
[21:49:47] wagnerrp: if you mean digital capture, then thats subject to debate, but generally anything relatively cheap with good linux support as per
[21:50:01] ablyss: whats the standard number of pci-e slots these days
[21:50:08] wagnerrp: if you want to capture HD being output from your cablebox, you must but an HDPVR
[21:50:15] wagnerrp: and capture the video over component
[21:50:18] wagnerrp: its the only option
[21:50:49] ablyss: qam doesn't require that
[21:50:59] wagnerrp: alternates are digital capture (not HD, just digital) from your cable box
[21:51:24] wagnerrp: or digital tuning (again digital, not hd) of QAM or ATSC
[21:51:25] skd5aner: Ok – unchecking "Avoid Conflicts between live TV and scheduled shows" seems to have helped, but why would having that checked cause the issue?
[21:51:35] wagnerrp: but understand that mythtv can only handle unencrypted content
[21:51:56] dorgan: ok so I have to buy an HDPVR which is USB? in order to capture HD from cablebox?
[21:52:06] wagnerrp: you cannot digitally capture encrypted QAM channels through a tuner, nor channels marked copy-once/copy-never over firewire
[21:52:14] benklop: has anybody here managed to get mythstream working with a recent .22-fixes?
[21:52:26] dorgan: event if its outputing from the cablebox?
[21:52:31] Led-Hed (Led-Hed! has joined #mythtv-users
[21:52:44] k_ross: has anyone tried one of those HDMI capture devices, like the blackmajic intensity pro? they are about the same price as an hd-pvr. they have linux drivers, according to their website
[21:53:13] wagnerrp: k_ross: they have linux drivers, but its using their own proprietary API rather than the standard V4L one
[21:53:19] iamlindoro: k_ross: they have a linux SDK, but no v4l compatible drivers
[21:53:19] inordkuo (inordkuo!n=inorkuo@ has quit (Success)
[21:53:27] wagnerrp: and it doesnt matter because they will not handle HDCP streams anyway
[21:53:44] iamlindoro: dorgan: the cable box doesn't output QAM, so yes, you'd need an HD-PVR
[21:53:54] stoffel (stoffel! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[21:53:59] wagnerrp: meaning there is likely no content you would both want and be able to capture through it
[21:54:14] iamlindoro: benklop: mythstream is built on a ton of code that no longer exists in myth, there's no hope of it working in .22 short of a rewrite
[21:54:23] k_ross: i thought there was a way to remove HDCP, like with an HDFury or some such device. but with no v4l drivers, it doesn't matter.
[21:54:29] dorgan: iamlindoro: ok but once I have the HD-PVR i will be able to capture HD from the cablebox?
[21:54:35] wagnerrp: and its being superseded by work in progress currently
[21:54:38] iamlindoro: k_ross: the hdfury outputs in analog
[21:55:00] iamlindoro: ie component... meaning get an HD-PVR :)
[21:55:10] wagnerrp: k_ross: there are 'HDCP strippers', but they violate HDMI licensing, and get disabled after a not long period of time
[21:55:17] skd5aner: iamlindoro: is the method of altenating the physical tuners only effective when unchecking " Conflicts between live TV and scheduled shows" and if so, why is that?
[21:55:34] k_ross: i already have 2 hd-pvr's. was just wondering about other options
[21:55:38] ablyss: by law the cable co. has to stream unencrypted QAM signals, though they don't have to tell you that.. you don't need a cable box to receive the the QAM signals provided by the cable co.
[21:55:52] wagnerrp: ablyss: you absolutely do
[21:55:56] iamlindoro: skd5aner: Yes. The checkbox causes liveTV sessions to jump later in the order ,nothing more
[21:56:14] wagnerrp: they are required by law to stream the local 'must carry' channels over unencrypted QAM
[21:56:23] wagnerrp: stuff you can already get over ATSC anyway
[21:56:30] wagnerrp: everything else, theyre free to do with as they please
[21:56:31] ablyss: wagnerrp: the box is definitely notneeded
[21:56:48] ablyss: a subscription is only required
[21:56:51] wagnerrp: ablyss: youre flat out wrong
[21:56:56] iamlindoro: ablyss: You are wrong
[21:57:06] iamlindoro: only *clearQam* can be tuner without the box
[21:57:13] wagnerrp: a box is needed for anything encrypted
[21:57:27] wagnerrp: which is generally everything not labeled 'must carry'
[21:57:33] mrec_: Hi, I'm trying to set up analog TV with mythtv but for some reason I'm not able to get the channel scan button, it's always grayed out and I'm only able to select "fetch channels from listing source"
[21:57:33] iamlindoro: by contrast, *all* cable channels are QAM, and recording *all* of them, regardless of their encryption status, requires a box
[21:57:38] mrec_: any idea what's wrong?
[21:57:42] wagnerrp: in other words, almost everything not already being broadcast locally
[21:57:55] ablyss: clearqam?
[21:57:59] iamlindoro: mrec_: our channel scanner rewrite doesn't include an analog scanner just yet
[21:58:04] wagnerrp: clear, as in not-encrypted
[21:58:39] mrec_: iamlindoro: uhm.. but this worked with earlier versions?
[21:58:47] ablyss: okay clearQAM is till provided by the cable co. though right?
[21:58:54] wagnerrp: mrec_: yes, the channel scanner got rewritten for 0.22
[21:58:55] iamlindoro: mrec_: Yup, channel scanner was ripped out and rewritten for .22
[21:59:01] Dagmar: ablyss: Maybe
[21:59:02] iamlindoro: minus analog scanning so far ;)
[21:59:12] Dagmar: ablyss: Never forget, the cable company only wants your money
[21:59:22] Dagmar: Whether or not you can watch anything isn't their problem.
[21:59:25] wagnerrp: ablyss: the local broadcast channels (must carry channels) must be transmitted over qam unencrypted
[21:59:31] iamlindoro: ablyss: The only things they are obliged to provide are those which are available with an antenna
[21:59:32] wagnerrp: everything else is generally encrypted
[21:59:39] mrec_: iamlindoro: do you know how someone can use analog TV then?
[21:59:40] skd5aner: iamlindoro: well, the box also ignores local tuners for live tv, which is something I'm trying to do because this FE is also a SBE with an HDPVR connected...
[21:59:46] ablyss: obliged is t he key word
[21:59:46] iamlindoro: ablyss: Getting more is possible, but it is by far the exception
[21:59:48] skd5aner: great post here from bjm explaining:
[21:59:51] Dagmar: mrec_: They can't.
[21:59:56] dorgan: iamlindoro: the HD-PVR dont have HDMI in?
[21:59:59] wagnerrp: you often get things like cspan, qvc, public access.... but anything beyond basic cable is encrypted
[22:00:01] iamlindoro: dorgan: no
[22:00:14] justinh: oh jesus. Michelle Ryan is still working
[22:00:14] wagnerrp: and thats real basic cable, not what most people think of as basic cable
[22:00:16] skd5aner: "If the avoid conflict with the scheduler is checked, it ignores
[22:00:17] skd5aner: hostnames and chooses the highest numbered card available. "Y" still
[22:00:17] skd5aner: counts up and wraps.
[22:00:22] iamlindoro: mrec_: Not currently, I'm afraid, at least if you're outside of the US
[22:00:26] skd5aner: oops, sorry – copy and paste error :(
[22:00:35] justinh: in a new ITV 'comedy' vehicle about (wait for it) a maths genius. FFS
[22:01:06] inordkuo1 (inordkuo1!n=inorkuo@ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[22:01:34] skd5aner: oh well, I'll try and figure out something – thx for the alternating idea
[22:01:48] skd5aner: I'm not sure it's going to work for my use case
[22:02:12] iamlindoro: skd5aner: that is pretty much a FRWOP
[22:02:14] dorgan: iamlindoro: so what gets recorded if I dont use an HD-PVR and have say the HVR-1850 record off a cable box that is set to a HD channel?
[22:02:26] skd5aner: iamlindoro: that's what I was afraid of
[22:02:37] iamlindoro: dorgan: nothing
[22:02:43] Dagmar: "Whatever the HVR-1850 records"
[22:02:46] skd5aner: it's a gap, but I'm sure not one that's specific enough for the devs to worry about right now
[22:03:03] iamlindoro: dorgan: Since the 18xx series are digital + (SD) analog, and the analog side will not currently work with myth
[22:03:10] justinh: skd5aner: when all the devs are replaced by live tv using pod people..
[22:03:25] iamlindoro: dorgan: The only side of that card that is useful in myth presently is the digital side, which will give you nothing when connected to a cable box
[22:03:55] iamlindoro: and even if the analog side would work in myth, you'd just get SD
[22:04:00] dorgan: hmm really what I am trying to do is replace my cable provider HD-DVR with a mythbox
[22:04:13] skd5aner: justinh: I'm sure they're more likely to be replaced with other kinds of pod people a few times before then :)
[22:04:22] iamlindoro: If you want to retain all your channels, and in their proper resolution, the only option is a STB + HD-PVR
[22:04:22] dorgan: and it looks like other than the $250 Hauppauge HD-PVR there is no other way?
[22:04:26] iamlindoro: correct
[22:04:32] inordkuo (inordkuo!n=inorkuo@ has joined #mythtv-users
[22:04:38] skd5aner: dorgan: I like my HD-PVR – don't fight it, embrace it ;)
[22:04:47] dorgan: wow ok cuts down on the number of PCI-e slots needed lol
[22:05:03] cdpuk (cdpuk! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[22:05:17] skd5aner: in fact, I have 2 (but only have one hooked up because I'm only using one STB right now)
[22:05:20] dorgan: iamlindoro: what about cable card?
[22:05:27] iamlindoro: dorgan: nonexistent in linux
[22:05:32] Dagmar: Cable card is unsupported for any use
[22:05:35] skd5aner: cablecard nonexistent in linux
[22:05:41] skd5aner: doh – slow typer tonight
[22:06:02] wagnerrp: cablecard is nonexistent outside of V/7MC
[22:06:09] ablyss: dorgan: i told my cable co. they could have their lousy cable box
[22:06:11] dorgan: it really stinks that cable company HD-DVR can support multiple streams IN HD but no cards are available for linux, which is what i believe most of the cable company boxes run on
[22:06:22] justinh: muh muh muh
[22:06:26] wagnerrp: that is the ONLY computer-based solution that supports cablecard
[22:06:32] Dagmar: dorgan: That's the point
[22:06:47] Dagmar: dorgen: They take away your ability to do things with the media, and then sell it back to you piece by piece
[22:07:02] dorgan: Dagmar: yeah but you would think Hauppuage would be all over this
[22:07:04] justinh: and if they want they can stop you recording some shows, expire recordings whenever.. stop you skipping ads.. whatever they want. Muhahahaha
[22:07:09] Dagmar: dorgen: Nothing they can do
[22:07:16] iamlindoro: dorgan: All over it with what? The HD-PVR is the best one can legally do
[22:07:21] skd5aner: I did appreciate the news that the FCC did agree that cablecard was an absolute failure, but that and $.05 will buy me nothing
[22:07:26] devinheitmueller: Wasn't it nice when you could buy a VCR in any electronics shop for $35.00?
[22:07:32] Dagmar: Only if one doesn't think often would one think Hauppauge would be all over that
[22:07:38] dorgan: iamlindoro: true but they should make a pci-e card with HDMI support
[22:07:39] devinheitmueller: And if you wanted to record two things at once, you spent $70?
[22:07:46] ablyss: personally i would not buy an hd-pvr
[22:07:51] iamlindoro: It would be illegal to break HDCP, so HDMI is out
[22:07:55] Greek-Boy: can mythtv only do 5.1 surround?
[22:07:56] Dagmar: dorgan: You need to read the web a bit more before making these kinds of statements
[22:07:57] iamlindoro: dorgan: ^^
[22:08:00] dorgan: devinheitmueller: no it would be $500 2 HD-PVR's
[22:08:04] skd5aner: Greek-Boy: yes
[22:08:08] Dagmar: Greek-Boy: Why wouldn't it be able to
[22:08:21] wagnerrp: dorgan: if they support cablecard, they are only allowed to do so in a manner that provides encryption all the way from the source to the display
[22:08:27] wagnerrp: same thing with supporting HDCP in HDMI
[22:08:28] Greek-Boy: Dagmar: I know it can do 5.1. I was wondering if it can do higher
[22:08:34] Greek-Boy: like 7.1
[22:08:36] wagnerrp: there is nothing anyone can do within the limits of the law
[22:08:38] AndyCap: can you even build a windows cablecard machine on your own.
[22:08:39] Dagmar: Greek-Boy: It can do whatever the codecs can do
[22:08:43] dorgan: Dagmar: making what kind of statements?
[22:08:46] Dagmar: ...within the limitations of ALSA.
[22:08:53] wagnerrp: AndyCap: only *very* recently
[22:08:59] Dagmar: dorgan: Blanket silliness about an HDMI PCI card
[22:09:10] AndyCap: wagnerrp: whee, "progress"
[22:09:12] Dagmar: dorgab: Go google "HDCP"
[22:09:36] dorgan: Dagmar: no i meant a HDMI HD-PVR PCI-e card
[22:09:37] wagnerrp: yeah, even a pci-e x1 HDMI capture card is of limited use
[22:09:47] Dagmar: dorgan: So AGAIN, go google "HDCP
[22:09:48] iamlindoro: dorgan: Which would require breaking HDCP... which would be illegal
[22:09:49] dorgan: wagnerrp: why?
[22:09:55] justinh: the whole *point* of all this digital 'goodness' is so they can stop the 'rot' – i.e. customers having it their own way
[22:09:58] wagnerrp: it doesnt have the bandwidth
[22:10:07] dorgan: and usb 2.0 does?
[22:10:10] wagnerrp: 1080p60 is 375mbps
[22:10:34] iamlindoro: dorgan: HDMI is uncompressed, thus you would need to deal with wagnerrps data rates
[22:10:41] dorgan: ahhh
[22:10:47] iamlindoro: dorgan: teh HD-PVR takes and compresses component into a nice H.264 stream
[22:10:48] Greek-Boy: do most bluray discs output Dolby TrueHD?
[22:10:52] AndyCap: you could recompress it like hd-pvr does, but then you're back to where we are now
[22:10:52] wagnerrp: either that, or have an on-board encoder like the HDPVR
[22:10:59] AndyCap: Greek-Boy: do any? :P
[22:11:00] dorgan: ok so HD-PVR it is
[22:11:01] dorgan: ok
[22:11:12] Dagmar: Pretty sure blue-ray discs don't output anything much
[22:11:15] dorgan: what about over the AIR HD?
[22:11:24] Dagmar: What about it
[22:11:26] justinh: dunno wtf the point in > 5.1 audio is
[22:11:28] wagnerrp: its all unencrypted
[22:11:30] iamlindoro: dorgan: If all you need is you rlocal and network channels, it's a great option
[22:11:33] dorgan: most of the HD I record is from the standard broadcasters
[22:11:34] wagnerrp: get an ATSC tuner, and youre done
[22:11:45] AndyCap: justinh: sell moar speakers
[22:11:45] dorgan: ATSC does over the air HD?
[22:12:01] dorgan: sorry I am still learning what each things supports as I go along here
[22:12:02] Dagmar: Can't you be bothered to do ANY research on your own?
[22:12:29] dorgan: Dagmar: if you dont want to respond then dont...i am talking with people doing my reasearch
[22:12:31] dorgan: *research
[22:12:36] Led-Hed: anyone else have a slugish Program Guide since moving to 0.22?
[22:12:54] justinh: irc is not a substitute for using google yourself
[22:13:13] justinh: especially when it feels like talking to a brick wall
[22:13:27] Led-Hed: lol
[22:13:34] Dagmar: An especially uninformed and but nontheless extremely opinionated brick wal
[22:14:02] dorgan: i dont mind the strongly opinionated brick walls
[22:14:03] dorgan: lol
[22:14:04] dorgan: :D
[22:15:24] pete_^ (pete_^! has quit ("No Ping reply in 180 seconds.")
[22:15:44] pete_^ (pete_^! has joined #mythtv-users
[22:18:34] squidly (squidly!n=squidly@HoodLUG/member/squidly) has quit ("leaving")
[22:18:47] squidly (squidly!n=squidly@HoodLUG/member/squidly) has joined #mythtv-users
[22:19:01] mbamford (mbamford!n=mbamford@ has quit ("Coyote finally caught me")
[22:19:38] cocoa117 (cocoa117! has joined #mythtv-users
[22:20:17] mbamford (mbamford! has joined #mythtv-users
[22:22:35] AndyCap: opinionated brick wall:
[22:23:19] wagnerrp: i think thats more than a broken ankle
[22:23:27] wagnerrp: id be surprised if that didnt get amputated
[22:23:35] wagnerrp: i mean the bone had to be pulverized
[22:24:09] justinh: ahh the chav kicking the concrete section wall I gather? without watching it
[22:24:17] wagnerrp: yep
[22:24:27] justinh: om nom nom, I was heard to comment
[22:24:33] AndyCap: justinh: the strong anti-vandal fencing
[22:24:33] inordkuo (inordkuo!n=inorkuo@ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[22:24:41] wagnerrp: you kick the wall, youre going to lose a limb
[22:25:04] wagnerrp: although now he can be one of those fancy cyborg runners!
[22:26:24] justinh:
[22:26:54] wagnerrp: i imagine a broken neck out of this one
[22:27:33] AndyCap: this cant miss
[22:28:29] AndyCap: ah, with sound in the related section
[22:29:35] iamlindoro: I can watch the above links in fullscreen glory in myth on my mythbox ;)
[22:30:26] wagnerrp: that is one funky ass graphics card... . . . 09_rd555.jpg
[22:32:07] AndyCap: whee, full-window
[22:32:12] ablyss (ablyss!n=opera@ has quit (Success)
[22:32:21] iamlindoro: AndyCap: Not the point
[22:32:31] gandalfcome (gandalfcome! has joined #mythtv-users
[22:32:37] mrec_: iamlindoro: do you know does this full DVB-C scan use QAM-Auto?
[22:32:43] wagnerrp: iamlindoro: now you just need to add an IRC client to scrape links through
[22:32:59] wagnerrp: DVB-C and QAM do not mix
[22:33:01] iamlindoro: Point is, I can search the term, browse the results, and jump directly to playback without navigating the web site
[22:33:11] AndyCap: wagnerrp: umm, yes they do. :)
[22:33:14] mrec_: wagnerrp: dvb-c also uses QAM-64/256
[22:33:15] wagnerrp: (technically DVB uses QAM)
[22:33:22] iamlindoro: mrec_: I don't, I'm sorry
[22:33:34] dorgan (dorgan! has left #mythtv-users ()
[22:33:42] mrec_: I'll check the source, because my device cannot do QAM auto
[22:33:44] wagnerrp: ah, nevermind... the channel tables are 'us-cable', not 'qam'
[22:34:07] mrec_: well still it requires the QAM information
[22:35:00] mrec_: hmm.. seems like the only way to get it work is to use w_scan and feed the channels.conf to mythtv
[22:35:02] dashcloud (dashcloud! has joined #mythtv-users
[22:35:35] wagnerrp: last i heard, the channels.conf import in mythtv did not work properly
[22:35:37] iamlindoro: Hahaha, the BusyBox GPL violation suit is filed in the southern district of New York.... the Judge? Judge Scheindlin
[22:36:27] iamlindoro: Who is a very well known judge, but makes one think of Judge Judy
[22:36:36] ** iamlindoro imagines a GPL case being heard before Judge Judy **
[22:36:55] Dagmar: Who are they suing?
[22:37:11] Dagmar: ...and it's a damn shame that doesn't work against the Chinese
[22:37:26] iamlindoro: Dagmar: a whole list of companies
[22:37:33] Dagmar: Ah found it
[22:37:34] iamlindoro: Best Buy, Western Digital, etc., etc.
[22:37:47] iamlindoro: Samsung, westinghouse, JVC...
[22:37:51] Dagmar: I wonder if they can be convinved to go after some jackasses in China who make the fingerprint scanner we use
[22:37:55] wagnerrp: wow... a big 'um
[22:37:58] wagnerrp: un
[22:38:00] iamlindoro: Bosch, humax, etc.
[22:38:00] Dagmar: In part because it's a complete piece of crap
[22:39:12] Dagmar: I know it's using the Linux kernel, as well as PAM, and possibly the fingerprint libraries from Linux as wel
[22:39:28] Dagmar: The manual and associated documentation mention nothing about this
[22:41:53] wagnerrp: they seem to have quite a few lawsuits under their belt
[22:42:02] cynicismic: Anyone know much about jamu in 0.22?
[22:42:08] wagnerrp: is that just because theres such rampant use of it, theyre an easy side to back?
[22:42:18] wagnerrp: cynicismic: what do you want to know
[22:42:30] Dagmar: wagnerrp: I think it's a matter of the violations being flagrant
[22:42:35] cynicismic: I upgraded to karmic couple of weeks ago and cron is dumping loads of errors from the hourly cron job that runs jamu
[22:42:50] wagnerrp: what errors, specifically
[22:42:56] cynicismic: getting "Error: There must be a directory for Videos and each graphic type. The (fanartdir) directory is missing."
[22:42:57] AndyCap: I don't think they care that much about GPL violations in the land of 'NOKLA' phones
[22:43:02] RDV_Linux: cynicismic: pastbin and example
[22:43:09] wagnerrp: well theres your answer
[22:43:18] wagnerrp: you need to set up mythvideo for jamu to work properly
[22:43:29] cynicismic: I've set those up in mythtvfrontend and in jamu.conf in myth users homedir
[22:43:42] cynicismic: directories exist and have correct permissions
[22:43:43] Dagmar: rofl
[22:43:47] Dagmar: Operating System: Proprietory
[22:43:51] iamlindoro: cynicismic: you need to have mythvideo installed on the abckend running jamu, and have in configured there too
[22:44:02] iamlindoro: not just a remote frontend
[22:44:19] RDV_Linux: cynicismic: I will PM you and we will get this resolved.
[22:44:27] cynicismic: awesome :)
[22:44:28] skd5aner: was just reading that story iamlindoro
[22:44:51] skd5aner: thought the same thing about the judge, was kinda surprised I knew the name
[22:45:16] benklop (benklop! has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[22:50:32] mzb: hehe: "... any additional profits of each Defendant incurred as a result of the infringement ..."
[22:50:34] mzb: wow
[22:50:51] programmerq: mythtv is a upnp server... is that for recordings? mythvideo? both?
[22:51:39] J-e-f-f-A: programmerq: Recordings, Videos and Music.
[22:51:53] programmerq: sweet
[22:52:18] J-e-f-f-A: programmerq: But it doesn't 'transcode', so your upnp player has to be 'compatible' with the video/audio format.
[22:53:14] programmerq: but I could transcode ahead of time if needed I'm sure.
[22:53:55] J-e-f-f-A: programmerq: Yeah. What were you thinking of using as a player? BTW: The upnp interface is very basic – basically a file browser.
[22:54:32] J-e-f-f-A: You get a choice of "Recordings" "Videos" "Music", then By Date, By Title, etc...
[22:54:39] wagnerrp: well upnp in general is very basic, its up to the client device to provide the interface
[22:55:44] programmerq: xbox360. I'd feel rather silly paying for a new box for running mythfrontend if I can basically watch all the content I'll have in mythtv on what I already have.
[22:55:50] AndyCap: I really should try the ps3 again now that I've upgraded to 0.22
[22:55:52] wagnerrp: yeah... no good
[22:56:00] J-e-f-f-A: wagnerrp: yes and no – You can do html presentation to *most* upnp devices.
[22:56:12] programmerq: I'm not sure that the 360 can do h.264 at 1080p
[22:56:12] wagnerrp: the xbox360 runs its own blend of upnp
[22:56:38] Dagmar: ...because clearly, that mechanism isn't yet fucked up enough for Microsoft's tastes
[22:56:51] wagnerrp: after helping design the upnp standard, microsoft decided it should burn and make the 360 a media center extender instead
[22:56:55] J-e-f-f-A: Dagmar: lol – agreed!
[22:57:15] wagnerrp: and no myth dev has decided to write up the necessary changes to the protocol to allow the 360 to detect and connect
[22:57:40] programmerq: oh, so I'm not even going to be able to use the 360 for the myth upnp? hmmm.
[22:57:47] wagnerrp: no
[22:57:56] wagnerrp: technically, you cannot use the 360 for anything upnp
[22:57:59] Dagmar: "Damnit! We designed this new protocol with no security mechanisms whatsoever, but we forgot to make it vague and self-contradictory! Quick! Bring in the patching team!"
[22:58:11] mangus580 (mangus580! has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[22:58:29] programmerq: I have been able to get another upnp server working, as long as I tell it to be xbox360 compatible.
[22:58:47] Slim-Kimbo (Slim-Kimbo! has left #mythtv-users ()
[22:58:55] wagnerrp: thats right, you have been able to get a former upnp server to work, after you switched it into media center mode
[22:59:04] J-e-f-f-A: programmerq: Perhaps, but the fact remains that such 'xbox360 compatibility' doesn't exist within Myth's upnp server.
[22:59:10] wagnerrp: at which point it is no longer a upnp compliant device
[22:59:18] wagnerrp: but rather a media center compliant device
[22:59:21] Dagmar: ...and wow, I like how they sidestepped home security in Windows 7.
[22:59:28] programmerq: so mayble I'll just run the mythtv upnp on one interface, and then xbox360 pseudo-upnp on another network interface.
[22:59:29] Dagmar: There doesn't appear to be _any_ facility for a read-only guest share
[22:59:51] mangus580 (mangus580! has joined #mythtv-users
[23:00:03] wagnerrp: programmerq: probably a better option just to only use the other server for everything
[23:00:12] programmerq: possibly
[23:00:55] J-e-f-f-A: programmerq: and use '' to generate meaningful symlinks for use with that server.
[23:01:08] mattwynne (mattwynne! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[23:01:30] programmerq: okay-- this is just weird. My name is Jeff A as well, so I've been doing double takes this whole time.
[23:01:36] Lt_Dan (Lt_Dan! has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[23:01:42] programmerq: I'll keep the mythrename in mind-- that'd be super helpful I'm sure.
[23:01:47] J-e-f-f-A: programmerq: no kidding, eh?  ;-) hehehe
[23:02:13] Lt_Dan (Lt_Dan! has joined #mythtv-users
[23:02:19] ForsGump (ForsGump! has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
[23:02:30] J-e-f-f-A: programmerq: This is what I use to generate symlinks in a directory named /mythtv/showcenter --link /mythtv/showcenter --format %T/%T-%S
[23:02:43] ForsGump (ForsGump! has joined #mythtv-users
[23:03:12] J-e-f-f-A: programmerq: (I ran a server named 'showcenter' for a Pinnacle not-quite upnp network media player a few years ago...)
[23:04:52] programmerq: What's everyone's preference for using multiple drives for recordings/music/video?
[23:05:15] programmerq: can I add seperate paths to mythtv? or is it just better to do LVM or similar?
[23:05:20] skd5aner: Use them with storage groups for video/recordings
[23:05:21] J-e-f-f-A: programmerq: I use 6 drives with Storage Groups – everyone is different – it's just TV IMHO.
[23:06:20] programmerq: I don't recall the storage groups option, but the last time I set up myth was about two years ago.
[23:06:30] programmerq: so I've probably forgotten.
[23:08:06] J-e-f-f-A: programmerq: They were new in 0.21 – I like them better than using LVM – because if you have a drive fail, at least you only lose the data on that ONE drive, not the whole LVM.
[23:08:14] programmerq: right
[23:08:25] programmerq: still has a few limitations from the looks of it (reading up on the wiki)
[23:08:34] programmerq: but it definitely looks like a good way to go.
[23:08:58] programmerq: I'd like to put my whole DVD collection into myth videos-- especially the kid stuff.
[23:09:01] J-e-f-f-A: programmerq: The only one I'm aware of is ISOs – but the good news is you can run a combination of storage groups and 'conventional' list of directories with mythvideo.
[23:09:19] programmerq: ISOs and not being able to use an external player.
[23:09:38] programmerq: not sure that not being able to use the external player is too much of a disadvantage though-- the internal has always served me well.
[23:09:54] J-e-f-f-A: programmerq: Right, but IIRC, you can still use an external player if the video is not in a storage group dir.
[23:10:01] programmerq: right
[23:10:14] J-e-f-f-A: programmerq: yes, the internal player has come a LONG way. ;-) They've done a great job with it.
[23:11:10] programmerq: I definitely want to go and get my acer revo tonight. I'd like to plop mythbuntu on that and another machine for a backend and call it good.
[23:12:52] programmerq: I'm 90% confident that the acer revo with the nvidia ion LE will still be able to play back h.264 1080p video in mythtv, but I haven't found a specific confirmation of that fact.
[23:12:54] Dagmar: Alright
[23:12:56] Dagmar: Who do you work for
[23:12:59] Dagmar: You're not a real user
[23:13:01] Dagmar: We know thta now
[23:13:21] Dagmar: Real users do not do their own planning or research, and they are simply _not_ this reasonable.
[23:13:27] programmerq: lol
[23:13:39] Dagmar: The jig is up!
[23:13:44] programmerq: I have a nasty habbit of doing my own research.
[23:13:57] programmerq: that's half the fun of using linux.
[23:13:58] Dagmar: Seriously, big props to you
[23:14:24] programmerq: I've been using it since I was a kid. before Google (was known) I think.
[23:14:33] programmerq: about the same timeframe
[23:14:35] ** programmerq shrugs **
[23:14:58] Dagmar: I've been using it since before internet color porno was known
[23:15:44] Dagmar: Yes there was a time when there was not high-resolution pornography on the internet.
[23:16:14] JJ1 (JJ1! has joined #mythtv-users
[23:16:19] devinheitmueller: Dagmar: remember ASCII art porn?
[23:16:25] Dagmar: Yes.
[23:16:26] devinheitmueller: ;-)
[23:16:39] Dagmar: I had one printed out and stuck inside of my locker
[23:16:50] Dagmar: Cuz lets face it. No one's really _that_ hard up
[23:17:22] skd5aner: ahh – continous feed dot-matrix printers ZEEEEEEEEEEEP, BERRRRRRRRRRRRRP, ZEEEEEEEEEEEEP, BERRRRRRRRRRP
[23:19:48] AndyCap: there were better charsets for pr0n.
[23:25:35] Dagmar: AndyCap: That's not really a charset
[23:26:05] Dagmar: Quadrant blocks are just crude pixels
[23:26:58] orb_rox (orb_rox! has quit (Client Quit)
[23:27:24] Dagmar: The one I had printed out was retro for even then. It was that plain ASCII bikini girl that spanned three pages
[23:28:09] davidm2 (davidm2!n=David@nat/ti/x-nhflwfujkulkjfjo) has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[23:29:20] devinheitmueller (devinheitmueller!n=dheitmue@ has left #mythtv-users ()
[23:34:19] cynicismic (cynicismic! has quit (""back to work tomorrow - early night.."")
[23:34:49] inordkuo (inordkuo!n=inorkuo@ has joined #mythtv-users
[23:40:16] wagnerrp: does anyone else see the irony in the boxee beta getting leaked onto thepiratebay
[23:42:22] inordkuo (inordkuo!n=inorkuo@ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[23:42:25] Dagmar: Exactly how does one "leak" an open-source project?
[23:42:43] wagnerrp: boxee isnt open source
[23:42:55] Metoer (Metoer!i=metoer@ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[23:43:06] wagnerrp: hmm... it is
[23:43:10] Dagmar: wagnerrp: Go go Google. Type "Boxee" in the little box.
[23:43:17] wagnerrp: for some reason i thought it wasnt
[23:43:22] Dagmar: Read the first four words in the summary of the first hit.
[23:43:27] wagnerrp: heh, yesh
[23:43:47] Dagmar: ...although the amusement value of PirateBay carrying it is not lessened.
[23:44:14] wagnerrp: a suppose the development repository is closed access
[23:44:22] wagnerrp: s/a/i/
[23:44:22] k_ross: makes it funnier, i think
[23:51:31] michthom (michthom!n=michthom@ has joined #mythtv-users
[23:53:53] michthom: Seems rather quiet here tonight?
[23:57:24] adante_ (adante_!n=adante@ has joined #mythtv-users
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