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Sunday, August 31st, 2008, 00:00 UTC
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[00:10:26] justinh: wtf is up with my ISP's webspace? must use multiple servers to spread the load or something, only one or more doesn't know SVG is an image type. pffff
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[00:31:23] mzb_d800: iamlindoro: did you get a chance to see my last paste?
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[00:52:39] tjcarter: doing it involves a fork of dpkg though.. I'd really rather not maintain that. Would if I had to, but the notion of user-installed packages is possibly not a small diff..
[00:52:47] tjcarter: erf, wrong window
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[01:10:14] clever: [30 20:11:14] <+Red_X> bash: /run: No such file or directory
[01:10:30] clever: yay more idiots who think they need /run to 'run' a command:P
[01:10:57] clever: ive lost count of how many try to run a command with the 'run' or '/run' command
[01:13:55] fryfrog: i've never heard of "run" or "/run" what does it come from? irc?
[01:14:25] clever: [30 20:08:53] <@clever> then just run 'passwd yourusername'
[01:14:26] clever: [30 20:08:57] <@clever> and you can change it
[01:14:34] clever: thats where they often get it:P
[01:14:48] fryfrog: ahhh
[01:15:08] clever: they also leave the quotes in 90% of the time
[01:15:14] fryfrog: hehe
[01:15:23] clever: and dont even replace 'yourusername' :P
[01:15:33] fryfrog: i hate helping people with command line who don't know *anything* about command line :/
[01:15:46] clever: yeah
[01:16:34] clever: i got arround to 'fixing' my master backend abort()ing
[01:16:51] clever: i made a c++ program which basicaly runs mythbackend then waitpid's and repeats
[01:17:05] clever: i could have easily done it in bash but i wanted to brush up on my c++
[01:17:22] fryfrog: sounds like about a 3 line cron job :p
[01:17:30] fryfrog: well, 3 line script + cron job :p
[01:17:38] clever: the thing is, i cant afford for cron to kick in 20mins late
[01:17:48] clever: the backend often aborts when starting a recording
[01:17:52] fryfrog: in a *totally* related note... i've started programming my vex!
[01:17:55] clever: so i need it to recover asap or i miss half the show
[01:18:05] fryfrog: i run my BE check/start script every 5 min
[01:18:13] fryfrog: how would it run 20min late, i wonder?
[01:18:16] clever: i would still loose 5mins of the show
[01:18:20] fryfrog: you mean if the box is overloaded or?
[01:18:37] clever: my master server seems to abort if it trys to record 2 shows back2back
[01:18:44] fryfrog: ah
[01:18:45] clever: malloc corruption
[01:18:51] fryfrog: what happens if you kill this c++ program?
[01:18:57] fryfrog: does your be stop or just not get restarted?
[01:19:09] clever: the backend just keeps running without the safety net
[01:19:16] fryfrog: ah, thats good
[01:19:31] fryfrog: sucks when you are really trying to keep the be down and something you do keeps firing it bakc up :)
[01:19:43] clever: its also a very simple program which doesnt use new/malloc(outside libs) so it should be solid
[01:20:04] clever: yeah i planned to make something like a sigusr1 to make it stop restarting the backend
[01:20:38] clever: but when i kill the c++ prog, it just dies without bringing the backend down
[01:20:38] clever: snprintf(buffer,200,"mythbackend -l",argv[1]);
[01:20:45] clever: char *args[]={"sh","-c",buffer,NULL};
[01:20:50] clever: execve("/bin/sh",args,envp);
[01:21:17] clever: i had trouble just running the backend directly since execve wants a full path, and i forget the lib wrapper that can search PATH
[01:21:43] clever: im sharing the script between 2 diff versions of ubuntu, so they need different PATH's
[01:22:21] clever: i also run it in the same directory(nfs) on every backend, so the logs are in 1 central place
[01:22:55] justinh: clever: you're certifiably the user on the very edge of any use case
[01:23:24] mzb_d800: fryfrog: usps?
[01:23:33] fryfrog: mzb_d800: work :(
[01:23:38] mzb_d800: ah, k
[01:23:42] fryfrog: it'll prolly be tuesday
[01:23:48] mzb_d800: kk
[01:24:02] fryfrog: played around with it anymore?
[01:24:20] mzb_d800: no ... I've got nothing else up my sleeve
[01:24:31] fryfrog: yeah, nothing else i can think of either
[01:24:56] mzb_d800: it did occur to me to try testing tracks with a multimeter ... but I'm guessing that would be a painful and fruitless exercise
[01:25:12] fryfrog: and tedious :)
[01:25:17] mzb_d800: yep
[01:25:19] clever: justinh: ive tried to reproduce my abort() bug on a slave with a diff card, but it didnt react
[01:25:54] mzb_d800: so I've been making a script to do an osd menu for my music videos instead
[01:26:09] mzb_d800: (although main FE is currently in use by 3yo:|)
[01:28:02] mzb_d800: very alpha ... but works well enough at this stage to prove the concept
[01:28:32] mzb_d800: need to add more functions I guess
[01:28:44] mzb_d800: (rather than just "add a song")
[01:29:21] mzb_d800: stuff like: playlist clear, turn shuffle off, add band, add random selection ... etc
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[02:24:09] Kichigai: So I've attempted to manually configure my MythBox on configuration of KnoppMyth, except it didn't partition my recording disk, and
[02:24:35] Kichigai: I have no directory structure on the disk, and does anyone know offhand what the directory structure for /Myth is on KnoppMyth?
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[02:34:55] mzb_d800: how can I get certain recordings to playback in a specific zoom mode (rather than the default) ??
[02:34:57] iamlindoro: #knoppmyth would probably have a better idea
[02:37:11] iamlindoro: mzb_d800, I don't think there is a way, just the global setting or changing while in-playback
[02:37:42] mzb_d800: yeah ... bit painful unless I (somehow) transcode them all, I guess
[02:38:13] mzb_d800: I think the issue is for 4:3 recordings that are transmitted in 16:9
[02:38:52] mzb_d800: I'm happy not to have "auto-zoom" as long as I could manually set the playback zoom level for a particular recording group (or file)
[02:40:35] mzb_d800: grr... need use of the tv!!! (3yo still hogging!)
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[02:41:34] jeffery: does anyone know why mythtv takes a while to start operating when I use it after a long period?
[02:42:40] mzb_d800: hdd spin down?
[02:43:00] mzb_d800: debug with remote gkrellm?
[02:43:10] mofu: New backend install, does not seem to be flagging comercials
[02:43:24] mofu: this may be the problem in the logs:
[02:43:27] mofu: UPnpMedia: BuildMediaMap – no VideoStartupDir set, skipping scan.
[02:43:27] jeffery: mzb_d800, you talking to me?
[02:43:30] mzb_d800: flywheel needs more power?
[02:43:45] mzb_d800: jeffery: yep ... sorry, cold is affecting brain+humour ;)
[02:44:06] forrestv: are there any usb receivers+blasters that have an external ir receiver?
[02:44:26] jeffery: mzb_d800, what does gkrellm do?
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[02:44:41] mzb_d800: graphical meter
[02:44:50] iamlindoro: forrestv, You keep asking that question, but it doesn't make any sense-- USB receivers/blasters are by their *nature* external
[02:44:53] mzb_d800: install gkrellmd on the host you want to monitor
[02:45:09] jeffery: k cool
[02:45:13] mzb_d800: and then 'gkrellm -s mythbox' on your host
[02:45:28] mzb_d800: very handy for debugging all sorts of things
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[02:45:44] forrestv: iamlindoro, a receiver that is seperate from the usb box. like the ones that plug into pci tuner cards
[02:46:13] mzb_d800: the ones I've seen all have internal IR
[02:46:17] mzb_d800: fwiw
[02:48:20] forrestv: mzb_d800, i found one, the , but it's very expensive..
[02:51:03] mzb_d800: forrestv: ah I see what you mean ... cheapest way is to do a homebrew serial
[02:51:53] forrestv: hmm
[02:57:10] J-e-f-f-A: mzb_d800: Here's a simplified drawing of the 'homebrew' ir blaster from
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[02:57:53] mzb_d800: hmm ... good luck with that one
[02:58:36] forrestv: mzb_d800, would that one not work well?
[02:58:37] mzb_d800: you *really* want regulated power
[02:59:42] mzb_d800: and you only want transmitter?
[03:00:24] mzb_d800:
[03:00:36] mzb_d800:
[03:01:49] mzb_d800: reliable, small, cheap and sensitive
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[03:11:03] strex-work: anyone here know how to configure mythtv for use with a UpnpAV hw client?
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[03:13:36] fryfrog: isnt it "just do it"?
[03:17:29] cesman: as long as the backend is running without --no-upnp (if I remember correctly), a upnp client should see it
[03:18:39] strex-work: cesman: that was my guess, but it aint..
[03:19:19] strex-work: do you know if there is any configuration that needs to be done on the mythtv box to get it working?
[03:19:34] cesman: as long as the backend is running without --no-upnp (if I remember correctly), a upnp client should see it
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[03:20:41] cesman: only other thing I could thing of would be a firewall
[03:20:53] strex-work: tried that, it's good..
[03:20:58] strex-work: err off.
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[03:41:16] Kichigai: Someone mind giving me a hand with getting a remote front-end working? I can't seem to get the frontend to speak to the backend.
[03:41:33] Kichigai: I've disabled the "skip-external-locking" feature in MySQL
[03:43:13] fryfrog: mysql has to bind to the network interface, most of the distros i've seen lately lock it to localhost by default
[03:43:16] kdubya: is your frontend not seeing the backend or not seeing mysql?
[03:43:20] fryfrog: i dunno wtf "skip external locking" is
[03:43:25] Kichigai: Not seeing MySQL.
[03:43:35] kdubya: ^ what he said
[03:43:44] Kichigai: One second
[03:44:33] cesman: skip-external-locking isn't what you want to disable
[03:44:38] Kichigai: Oh.
[03:45:19] Kichigai: So what should I set the bind address to? The item's address on the network?
[03:45:23] Kichigai: Err, the machine's
[03:46:45] cesman: just comment it or delete and restart mysql
[03:47:06] Kichigai: Wicked
[03:47:47] Kichigai: Cool. Now the frontend just crashes
[03:48:03] cesman: local?
[03:48:12] Kichigai: No, remote.
[03:48:23] Kichigai: One sec, it's the OS X version. Let me invoke it from a proper terminal.
[03:48:29] cesman: what I usually do if I'm going to do something w/ mysql, is I stop the backend first
[03:48:36] Kichigai: That's what I did.
[03:48:55] Kichigai: Stop Backend, stop SQL, edit file, start SQL, start Backend
[03:48:56] cesman: do what i need to do, restart mysql, the backend and finally the frontend
[03:51:16] Kichigai: Oh for God's sakes, it's not the database, it can't find GANT
[03:51:53] Kichigai: It seems whoever built the app forgot to include themes.
[03:52:32] cesman: Kichigai: this isn't KnoppMyth is it?
[03:52:46] Kichigai: No, it's the Mac OS X MythFrontend
[03:52:52] Kichigai: KnoppMyth is running fine.
[03:52:56] cesman: :-)
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[03:55:39] Kichigai: See, the weird thing is that it didn't crash when it couldn't speak to the database.
[03:56:00] Kichigai: It's running fine now that I've dug up where the themes were improperly linked to, but now it's just... black
[03:56:28] Kichigai: Then it goes and does one of these: Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)
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[03:57:46] Kichigai: Good thing there's another build of MythTV
[04:01:25] ** J-e-f-f-A wonders if the OSX version is even stable yet... **
[04:01:42] J-e-f-f-A: ... or is it just the backend that's not stable on OSX yet?
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[04:02:59] mkrufky: bsg is on universal hd right now and i caught it on my hd-pvr!
[04:03:40] cesman: nice!
[04:03:55] fryfrog: reruns right?
[04:03:57] fryfrog: not new eps?
[04:03:59] mkrufky: yeah, i dont have scifi in HD
[04:04:04] mkrufky: season 4 ep 1
[04:04:14] mkrufky: i dont think we get new eps till november or so
[04:04:21] fryfrog: ah, thats what i thought
[04:04:24] cesman: shhh
[04:04:27] cesman: please say no more
[04:04:31] ** cesman needs to catch up **
[04:04:35] mkrufky: :-)
[04:04:54] Kichigai: Lucky.
[04:11:27] Kichigai: Is there any particular reason I'm running a load average of 14.3 with three instances of MythCommFlag?
[04:16:34] fryfrog: io wait pretty high?
[04:16:39] fryfrog: do you have 3 cpus?
[04:17:00] Kichigai: Nope. Just a single Celeron 600
[04:17:12] Kichigai: My load peaked at 17.6
[04:17:17] fryfrog: then why would you run 3 simultanius commflags?
[04:17:31] Kichigai: I don't know why.
[04:17:42] Kichigai: It's stock configuration of KnoppMyth
[04:17:56] fryfrog: thats... retarded :p
[04:18:08] fryfrog: mythcommflag is very cpu bound, you should really only run ~1 per cpu/core
[04:18:20] Kichigai: I don't know how/why this is configured this way.
[04:18:26] Kichigai: Weirder: I still only have ONE recording.
[04:18:27] fryfrog: fix it :)
[04:18:40] fryfrog: did you restart the be a couple times?
[04:18:48] Kichigai: ....maybe.
[04:18:53] fryfrog: ahhh
[04:18:53] Kichigai: >.> <.<
[04:18:56] fryfrog: i'd stop the be
[04:18:59] fryfrog: killall mythcommflag
[04:19:02] fryfrog: and then start it again
[04:19:18] fryfrog: i think it starts a flagging job when ever it boots up, not even realizing some were already running :/
[04:20:53] Kichigai: Smort.
[04:24:51] morecambe: does anybody know why my pvr-150, out of the blue, gives a Error: select timeout – ivtv driver has stopped responding
[04:25:57] iamlindoro: ugh, suddenly freaking Paypal has decided that all payments made to me need to go on a 21 day hold. Well thank god I wasn't selling stuff to pay my bills. Oh wait. I was.
[04:26:12] jblack: That's paypal.
[04:26:12] Kichigai: Ouch.
[04:26:57] jblack: paypal needs a competitor that can put them out of business
[04:27:17] kdubya: they sue all comers out of existance
[04:27:26] jblack: patents?
[04:27:39] Kichigai: Makes my "tuning's all wrong" problem seem unimportant
[04:27:41] kdubya: if i remember it is actually the reason ebay bought them
[04:27:50] kdubya: ebay was trying to start thier own and got sued
[04:27:53] kdubya: so they just bought them
[04:28:53] iamlindoro: Guess I should have started trying to pay bills 21 days ago, guh
[04:28:55] iamlindoro: er ugh
[04:43:30] cesman: Kichigai: the number of jobs ran on a backend is in mythtv-setup
[04:44:09] cesman: General > 5 or 6 pages in... look for Job Queue (Backend-Specific)
[04:44:27] Kichigai: cesman, Not a clue, but it's already fixed.
[04:44:34] cesman: we don't set a default amount w/ KnoppMyth
[04:44:45] cesman: whatever the default is with MythTV is what it should be
[04:46:02] Kichigai: Well, I think it was the fact that I was constantly restarting the backend.
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[05:03:15] Kichigai: Is it normal to only get eight days of listings now?
[05:03:53] opello: 13 days here
[05:04:08] Kichigai: Hmm... MythFillDatabase must not have done a full scrub then.
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[05:21:50] shahar_ (shahar_! has joined #mythtv-users
[05:23:11] shahar_: Hello, I just installed mythbuntu and bought a remote off the LIRC list. I know the remote works, but it doesn't seem to work in mythtv. Is there anything I can do to fix it?
[05:23:43] kdubya: how do you know it works?
[05:24:13] shahar_: kdubya: I killed lircd, and catted /dev/lirc0 at my console. Then I pushed buttons on the remote
[05:25:00] cesman: you need to run irw w/ the daemon running
[05:25:00] iamlindoro: Did you do all the *other* steps like setting up an appropriate lircd.conf and an lircrc for myth based on that lircd.conf?
[05:25:17] cesman: if that works, the most likely ~/.mythtv/lircrc is incorrect
[05:25:39] shahar_: iamlindoro: it looks like mythbuntu did all of that...
[05:25:40] cesman: _read_ what iamlindoro stated
[05:26:11] iamlindoro: it looks like it didn't do it right, if at all :)
[05:26:13] Steven_M (Steven_M!n=Minerva@ has joined #mythtv-users
[05:26:25] Steven_M: hi all
[05:26:29] shahar_: iamlindoro: I definitely have a lircd.conf that is correlated to my remote, and I also have a ~/.lirc/lircrc that has the mythtv programming in it
[05:26:31] cesman: hello
[05:26:31] iamlindoro: and read what cesman said, as irw is indeed your next step-- if that doesn't work, then your lircd.conf is wrong
[05:26:39] iamlindoro: if it *does* work then your lircrc is wrong or missing
[05:26:40] shahar_: should it be in ~/.mythtv?
[05:26:56] iamlindoro: That's where the lircrc would be, but that's not your next step.
[05:27:00] kdubya: doesnt mythbuntu do all the lirc stuff for you?
[05:27:02] iamlindoro: You need to do things in order
[05:27:02] shahar_: oh
[05:27:06] kdubya: mythdora does
[05:27:12] shahar_: there is a ~/.mythtv/lircrcd
[05:27:17] iamlindoro: functioning hardware -> Working lircd.conf -> working lircrc
[05:27:26] abqjp (abqjp!n=John@ has quit ("Leaving")
[05:27:29] iamlindoro: I didn't *ask* about that file
[05:27:32] iamlindoro: lircd.conf
[05:27:35] shahar_: how do I test that I have a working lircd.conf ?
[05:27:48] iamlindoro: "iamlindoro> and read what cesman said, as irw is indeed your next step-- if that doesn't work, then your lircd.conf is wrong"
[05:28:12] shahar_: lircd.conf has one line that isn't commented out. It says :include /usr/share/lirc/remotes/streamzap/lircd.conf.streamzap
[05:28:15] iamlindoro: "<cesman> you need to run irw w/ the daemon running"
[05:28:40] iamlindoro: And do oyu have a black streamzap remote?
[05:29:00] Steven_M: does mythtv have a tuning function within life tv so that you can see the picture as you tune, like a normal tv?
[05:29:21] kdubya: Steven_M, you can set it up that way, but it doesnt change real fast
[05:29:54] iamlindoro: Once again, and this will be the third time telling you, you NEED TO RUN IRW
[05:29:59] iamlindoro: and press buttons
[05:30:09] kazer_ (kazer_! has joined #mythtv-users
[05:30:10] iamlindoro: Then you will know if your lircd.conf is correct, and won't be randomly editing files
[05:30:18] shahar_: okay that's totally weird
[05:30:33] shahar_: apparently my remote responds to being low on battery by sending incorrect signals
[05:30:36] shahar_: thanks a bunch
[05:31:00] shahar_: (I found this out using irw, which worked better the closer I got to the tv, and worked great after I put in new batteries)
[05:31:08] shahar_: Good night
[05:31:10] shahar_ (shahar_! has quit ()
[05:31:23] ** iamlindoro kicks the door shut behind shahar **
[05:31:34] iamlindoro: come back when you've learned to read
[05:31:42] kdubya: haha
[05:31:54] kdubya: that's a little rude for this channel
[05:32:05] kdubya: this is like the nicest linux related channel i have ever seen
[05:32:13] kdubya: oh he left
[05:32:17] kdubya: weak
[05:32:25] Steven_M: kdubya: ok, what buttons do you press, I just need to do some fine tuning?
[05:32:48] kdubya: you need to uncheck 'always use browse mode' i believe
[05:33:07] kdubya: but be warned, it will be slow, and people will call you names for wanted it to work like that
[05:33:14] kdubya: wanting*
[05:34:00] cesman: the night is young and I only have 1 Guinness left
[05:34:23] kdubya: sittin on irc, saturday night, getting drunk
[05:34:23] iamlindoro: Wait wait... this... nicest linux channel?
[05:34:34] iamlindoro: You haven't been paying attention around here
[05:34:40] kdubya: yeah, people here are nice to people that dont know shit
[05:34:42] kdubya: relatively speaking
[05:35:04] iamlindoro: I mean, we're not #bash or #ffmpeg, but I wouldn't call this a "newbie friendly zone" either
[05:35:09] cesman: kdubya: 2 beers isn't going to get me drunk
[05:35:17] iamlindoro: #ubuntu-mythtv, now that's a nice people channel
[05:35:26] iamlindoro: too bad all but four of them have combined IQs of 7
[05:35:28] kdubya: i wasnt counting ubuntu
[05:38:06] Steven_M: kdubya: I don't see how else to do it, if you can't see the picture how do you know you're tuning in the right direction?
[05:38:56] kdubya: what do you mean?
[05:39:12] kdubya: you just go to livetv and change the channel
[05:39:52] kdubya: oooh do you mean from in the guide?
[05:40:15] kdubya: because that i dont know about
[05:41:44] Steven_M: kdubya: sorry I should explained beeter, I mean getting the freq right for analogue
[05:42:23] kdubya: no i have no idea what you are talking about\
[05:42:27] kdubya: now*
[05:43:23] Kichigai (Kichigai! has quit ("I hope you all can survive without my gracious presence.")
[05:43:25] Steven_M: freq= frequency
[05:45:59] kdubya: yeah i got that
[05:51:47] Steven_M: sorry for stating the obvious
[05:58:07] Steven_M (Steven_M!n=Minerva@ has quit ()
[06:00:40] Hoxzer (Hoxzer! has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[06:04:28] Hoxzer (Hoxzer! has joined #mythtv-users
[06:19:39] GlemSom (GlemSom! has joined #Mythtv-users
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[06:54:46] niklauz (niklauz!i=d863b241@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #mythtv-users
[06:55:12] niklauz: hiya
[07:03:12] cesman: hello
[07:08:09] kazer_ (kazer_! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[07:10:50] rooaus: cesman: Depends, ever had a Darwin Stubby? . . . ?site=darwin
[07:10:54] rooaus: ;)
[07:12:06] cesman: rooaus: I've a high tolerance
[07:12:21] cesman: it would take more than 2 beers to get me drunk ;)
[07:15:35] rooaus: cesman: Fair enough. I would shout you a Coopers Best Extra Stout with you when you finish that last Guinness if I could.
[07:16:19] KraMer (KraMer! has left #mythtv-users ("Leaving")
[07:18:02] cesman: rooaus: it is finished
[07:18:03] cesman: has been
[07:18:31] ** rooaus "stouts" cesman **
[07:20:04] cesman: thanks!
[07:29:25] clever (clever! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[07:31:41] clever (clever! has joined #mythtv-users
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[07:39:15] revilootneg (revilootneg! has joined #mythtv-users
[07:39:21] Penfold (Penfold!n=mikewh@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/Penfold) has joined #mythtv-users
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[07:50:08] yianni (yianni! has joined #mythtv-users
[07:52:59] niklauz: i think my tuner is faulty, is there a foolproof way to check?
[07:53:27] Maliuta: windows?
[07:53:40] niklauz: it is connected but only receives two channels
[07:53:54] Maliuta: generally the last test for anything suspect is windows with the vendor drivers
[07:54:13] niklauz: i'm pretty sure it's the same in windows
[07:54:23] Maliuta: unfortunately they won't consider it busted unless that acid test is used
[07:54:56] niklauz: i bought it years ago it's a hpg pvr-150, do you know how long the warranty is good for?
[07:55:02] Maliuta: niklauz: have you tried the machine on an antenna you know has enough signal to get the other chans?
[07:55:39] niklauz: it's a split cable, with a tivo on the other side of the split that works perfectly fine
[07:55:49] Maliuta: niklauz: warranty or no, it's still an acid test from brokenness
[08:02:33] niklauz: ok, i guess i can do that, if it turns out to be bad what do you recommend as a good replacement?
[08:07:15] Easy_Rider9999 (Easy_Rider9999! has joined #MythTV-users
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[08:13:37] niklauz (niklauz!i=d863b241@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #mythtv-users
[08:15:41] Floppe (Floppe! has joined #mythtv-users
[08:18:19] mzb_d800: for anyone interested in my osd playlist hack for music videos:
[08:18:39] mzb_d800: probably up to beta now (ie: not fully WAF approved yet;))
[08:20:47] mzb_d800: really needs to be faster than bash (it's cruel ;))
[08:20:54] laga: hum
[08:21:14] laga: does anyone know what values are valid for the category tag in mythtv?
[08:21:55] laga: i'm currently extending my XMLTV grabber and the categories are in german, so i guess i need to add a translation
[08:27:12] cdpuk (cdpuk!n=chris@ has joined #mythtv-users
[08:29:16] rooaus: laga: If you mouse over the mythtv *text* in the topleft of mthweb it has a popup that shows the categories and the coloour mapping. Not sure if that helps though. :)
[08:45:55] lyricnz (lyricnz!n=simonrob@conference/drupal/x-72c5a7b2e6454949) has joined #mythtv-users
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[08:53:36] EvilGuru (EvilGuru! has joined #mythtv-users
[08:55:29] laga: rooaus: sounds like a good start :)
[09:00:59] sebrock (sebrock! has joined #mythtv-users
[09:03:00] rooaus: laga: This might be more useful... . . . ors.cpp#L210
[09:04:11] laga: ah, neat
[09:04:16] laga: although it can be translated, humm
[09:06:05] EvilGuru_ (EvilGuru_! has joined #mythtv-users
[09:08:12] sebrock: _j #ubuntu
[09:08:16] sebrock: lol sry
[09:13:36] sebrock: Got a small issue with mytlcdserver just showing heartbeat and cli:1 Scr:7 here, killing it and restarting it later makes it work
[09:13:56] sebrock: Somehow its not initiated right with LCDd I guess
[09:14:29] sebrock: anyone knows of a solution? I have tried moving startup scripts etc to no avail
[09:15:36] EvilGuru (EvilGuru! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
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[09:34:50] EvilGuru_ is now known as EvilGuru
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[10:02:44] otwin_ is now known as otwin
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[11:24:33] otwin_ is now known as otwin
[11:26:04] justinh: doh! now I know why glass-wide's OSD was appearing in that odd place onscreen. the theme it's part of is 1280x720 & the osd still had a base res of 640x480. MUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Time to hit the (re)scales
[11:33:08] k-man_ (k-man_!n=jason@unaffiliated/k-man) has joined #mythtv-users
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[12:06:44] jvs (jvs! has joined #mythtv-users
[12:08:06] yianni: Hi, I have a problem with DVB-T. Xine can lock on to DVB-T but mythtv cannot. Both channels.conf were created by w_scan.
[12:08:31] k-man (k-man!n=jason@unaffiliated/k-man) has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[12:08:41] yianni: My card is a lifeview trio (Saa7134_dvb)
[12:09:17] yianni: Can anyone help?
[12:09:50] justinh: why is anybody even using a channels.conf file? you should always use mythtv's own scanner
[12:10:30] yianni: I live in Greece, and Mythtv doesn't have it listed yet.
[12:10:38] k-man (k-man!n=jason@unaffiliated/k-man) has joined #mythtv-users
[12:10:41] justinh: it should still work
[12:11:04] justinh: try a complete scan
[12:11:06] yianni: When i scan the whole europe-west range, no digital channels are found.
[12:11:19] justinh: that might be worth reporting as a bug, then
[12:11:25] justinh: until then, you're boned
[12:11:47] yianni: Only when i use the channels.conf file it find them (one transport, with 4 channels).
[12:12:01] Penfold (Penfold!n=mikewh@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/Penfold) has quit ("This computer has gone to sleep")
[12:12:46] yianni: It still can't lock on them, though. on livetv it says Channel name, signal around 70%, S/N 4.78db. (if I remember correctly).
[12:13:07] yianni: Analog tv works ok.
[12:13:24] yianni: I don't know if it
[12:13:27] yianni: sorry.
[12:13:30] cojonuo (cojonuo! has joined #mythtv-users
[12:13:34] justinh: these hybrid tuner cards are more trouble than they are worth
[12:13:55] yianni: I don't know if it's a bug, since Greece is not in the DVB-T countries yet.
[12:14:07] yianni: justinh, tell me about it.
[12:14:28] yianni: Xine works perfectly, though.
[12:14:35] justinh: so use xine
[12:14:52] yianni: Yeah, but I am in the mythtv channel!!!
[12:15:08] cesman: lol
[12:15:21] directhex: but your channel data comes from outside myth, and you refuse to post a bug with myth
[12:15:38] ** cesman thinks at a minimum yianni should investigate his logs... **
[12:15:52] directhex: channels.conf does not work with dvb. that's the short version. it doesn't contain enough data.
[12:16:21] yianni: I am not refusing anything, it's just i just started using dvb-t and I am looking for any help.
[12:16:40] yianni: I only used w_scan yesterday for the first time.
[12:16:55] k-man___ (k-man___!n=jason@unaffiliated/k-man) has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[12:17:13] yianni: Ok. so you suggest i should try full scan until mythtv locks on the channels?
[12:17:31] directhex: and if it doesn't, attach logs to a bug
[12:18:16] yianni: Ok. What bugs me, is that with the channels.conf it does find the channels and adds them to the channel list. I just can't watch them!!!
[12:18:26] yianni: So, in theory, everything is ok.
[12:18:30] yianni: lol
[12:20:55] PsychoI3oy (PsychoI3oy! has joined #mythtv-users
[12:22:00] directhex: no, in theory things are NOT okay. channels.conf does not deal with dynamic channel data, which many (if not most) dvb transmitters these days use
[12:22:26] yianni: I was just kidding.
[12:22:39] PsychoI3oy: anyone have issues with bttv cards and 2.6.25 kernels? my card isn't displaying (greenscreen) and i get audio but it's choppy
[12:23:04] k-man_ (k-man_!n=jason@unaffiliated/k-man) has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[12:23:08] justinh: I have issues with bttv cards on ALL kernels. they just suck
[12:23:12] PsychoI3oy: Then again I upgraded from 2.6.18 so this is probably really old news
[12:23:46] PsychoI3oy: justinh, thanks, I never expected to hear that here
[12:24:05] PsychoI3oy: </sarcasm>
[12:25:19] PsychoI3oy: i just ordered a pcHDTV card and finally upgraded the mythbox's kernel in anticipation
[12:26:02] directhex: green screen implies graphics driver problems to me
[12:26:13] yianni_ (yianni_! has joined #mythtv-users
[12:26:19] directhex: busted xv
[12:26:32] justinh: forgot to reinstall video drivers after the kernel upgrade perhaps?
[12:26:51] directhex: unless you can verify that a bttv recording file, migrated to another wokring machine (e.g. a windows box) has green screen in the file
[12:27:05] directhex: which is what i doubt
[12:27:15] PsychoI3oy: seperate backend and frontend, does that change things?
[12:27:45] directhex: no
[12:27:59] directhex: verify whether your recording file is good, using a known good pc (i.e. one with functional media abilities)
[12:28:05] PsychoI3oy: FWIW, i did reinstall the nvidia-drivers against the new kernel
[12:28:08] directhex: the frontend is not known good
[12:28:50] PsychoI3oy: the frontend was know good an dour before i started dicking about with the backend
[12:29:06] directhex: you're the boss then.
[12:29:12] directhex: * support session ended
[12:29:29] PsychoI3oy: gah, why the hell did i switch to dvorak again?
[12:30:11] yianni__ (yianni__! has joined #mythtv-users
[12:32:04] PsychoI3oy: directhex, working on it, just a sec
[12:35:57] PsychoI3oy: ok, two livetv .nuvs from just before I started this mess are ok on the frontend/desktop, but the one from a few minutes ago does shaw a green screen and mplayer bitches to high heaven about too many packets and the audio is choppy as hell
[12:39:34] PsychoI3oy: there's some video trying to get through the green it looks like
[12:40:24] PsychoI3oy: it's not like when the tuner is totally wrong and it's green with some static at the top
[12:43:24] yianni (yianni! has quit (Read error: 101 (Network is unreachable))
[12:43:36] yianni (yianni! has joined #mythtv-users
[12:44:28] GFoxx (GFoxx! has joined #mythtv-users
[12:45:31] yianni_ (yianni_! has quit (Read error: 101 (Network is unreachable))
[12:46:22] ** justinh wonders if his frontend can play aac audio or not... **
[12:46:32] dustybin: my frontend is smaller than your frontend :P
[12:49:22] yianni__ (yianni__! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[12:49:47] revilootneg (revilootneg! has quit ("leaving")
[12:53:05] PsychoI3oy: tvtime does work on the backend
[12:53:19] PsychoI3oy: whihc makes things interesting
[12:56:04] PsychoI3oy: directhex, guess i'm not the only one now that I know what to google for:
[12:58:05] GFoxx (GFoxx! has quit ("Leaving")
[13:00:14] justinh: ruh? added a new dir to my mythvideo share. as the user mythfrontend runs as I can see the files but video manager isn't finding em
[13:04:10] justinh: heh filetype snafu
[13:07:20] jarle (jarle! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[13:08:12] jarle (jarle! has joined #mythtv-users
[13:08:53] riddlebox (riddlebox! has joined #mythtv-users
[13:11:07] justinh: time to back up the nfsroot & rebuild mythtv with aac support
[13:12:58] k-man_ (k-man_!n=jason@unaffiliated/k-man) has joined #mythtv-users
[13:15:21] dustybin:
[13:16:00] k-man (k-man!n=jason@unaffiliated/k-man) has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[13:16:58] dustybin: evidence that linux makes you go mad
[13:17:07] justinh: dustybin: your frontend may be smaller than mine, but it's fugly :)
[13:17:28] dustybin: :{
[13:18:04] mzb_d800: justinh: I've got my osdmenu hack into a usable state if you're interested
[13:21:48] GlemSom (GlemSom! has joined #mythtv-users
[13:24:50] k-man__ (k-man__! has joined #mythtv-users
[13:26:11] cojonuo (cojonuo! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[13:27:35] justinh: does the internal player in 0.21-fixes support aac audio?
[13:27:48] laga: i think so
[13:27:52] laga: --enable-libfaad or something
[13:28:28] justinh: ahh. I don't think that was listed in the --help
[13:28:57] laga: it's what we have in TOP_SECRET_OPTS in the package ;)
[13:29:05] laga: it comes from ffmpeg
[13:30:28] justinh: having success with handbrakegtk now. seems something I uninstalled also removed a certain library I needed ;)
[13:31:15] laga: if you install zattoo, it'll install a copy of which breaks mythtv in ubuntu. yay.
[13:33:14] justinh: time to redo t'plugins
[13:33:30] k-man_ (k-man_!n=jason@unaffiliated/k-man) has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[13:34:47] justinh: eep 'TruHD' audio is up to 18Mbits/sec !
[13:35:04] justinh: mzb_d800: actually no not right now. up to my eyes in domestic mythfrontend duty
[13:35:15] mzb_d800: k
[13:35:42] justinh: gonna have to find an 'exercise' icon :)
[13:36:06] mzb_d800: don't strain your eyes ;)
[13:39:43] Mixx (Mixx! has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[13:43:42] k-man__ (k-man__! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[13:51:08] justinh: nuts. still no aac audio
[13:51:56] justinh: AFD Error: Could not find decoder for codec (AAC), ignoring.
[13:52:01] iamlindoro_ (iamlindoro_! has joined #mythtv-users
[13:52:32] iamlindoro_: justinh: AAC, even with --enable-libfaad on
[13:52:35] iamlindoro_: oops
[13:52:38] iamlindoro_: going on
[13:52:43] iamlindoro_: on Ubuntu can be really finicky
[13:53:00] iamlindoro_: I am told that installing the Interpid libfaad makes --enable-libfaad in myth work properly
[13:53:57] iamlindoro_:
[13:54:18] iamlindoro_: erm... just in case you want to read that page in hungarian, whoops
[13:54:27] justinh: heh
[13:54:43] justinh: don't wanna install an intrepid package on this.. I can't even remember which flavour it is
[13:55:01] iamlindoro_: In that case it might be worth a libfaad-from-source
[13:55:33] justinh: oh wait so this is just a case of missing an _external_ lib ?
[13:55:36] iamlindoro_: Only deps are libc, so not too bad
[13:55:59] justinh: or should it all be built into the internal player?
[13:56:05] iamlindoro_: missing, and for reasons lost on me, unexplainedly broken
[13:56:27] iamlindoro_: yes, you need libfaad-dev installed
[13:56:47] iamlindoro_: But apparently for some people even that isn't enough and it required installing the Intrepid version of said package
[13:56:52] justinh: not the crazy libfaab2-dev
[13:57:03] iamlindoro_: Which to me indicates that something is rotten in the state of Ubuntu libfaad
[13:57:06] Toxicity999 (Toxicity999!n=bryan@ has joined #mythtv-users
[13:57:25] justinh: wouldn't surprise me. why should they care? it's propriatary
[13:57:53] justinh: or rather, isn't – just has yet to be proven in court
[13:58:16] justinh: I'm royally sick of all this nonsense now
[13:58:18] yianni_ (yianni_! has joined #mythtv-users
[13:59:02] iamlindoro_: Oh yay, Paypal is now holding $700 of my money for 21 days. Yay for "protecting the buyer"
[13:59:41] justinh: ebay just yoiked up their selling charges again. this time I think they go too far
[14:01:24] iamlindoro_: It's just galling to have Paypal say "We're gonna hold onto this for you" while insisting that you ship immediately but not even releasing enough money to ship the item. Helpful.
[14:02:40] rooaus: ebay tried to make paypal the only payment option in Aus recently, was rumored to be a test for the rest of the world. evil phuker$$
[14:02:44] justinh: should I have used make distclean before rebuilding or something?
[14:03:14] kazer_ (kazer_! has joined #mythtv-users
[14:03:58] justinh: grabbing the output of configure.. see what's in there
[14:06:39] rooaus: justinh: Maybe, I am not sure what the "rule" is for distclean, but if messing with libs it might be worth a try.
[14:07:00] justinh: nothing illuminating from ./configure
[14:07:13] k-man__ (k-man__! has joined #mythtv-users
[14:08:02] rooaus: "Debugging is twice as hard as writing the code in the first place. Therefore, if you write the code as cleverly as possible, you are, by definition, not smart enough to debug it." – Brian W. Kernighan.
[14:08:11] rooaus: ^^^ sage advice
[14:09:12] squish102: is 1 gig memory good enough to run mythtv fe/be and a few other services? or should i go to 2gig? is 2 gig an overkill?
[14:11:07] cesman: 1 gig is fine
[14:11:20] justinh: squish102: depends on all kinds of things. running mythfrontend at 1920x1080 with blootube-wide as your theme.. you need MOAR RAMZ
[14:12:01] yianni (yianni! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[14:12:48] ** justinh wonders which flavour of ubuntu is actually on his frontend **
[14:12:52] rooaus: squish102: If you are building from source then a bit more memory would be useful. One of the later versions of GCC (4.3.1?) chewed up a fair chunk of ram when compiling some files.
[14:13:40] k-man (k-man!n=jason@unaffiliated/k-man) has joined #mythtv-users
[14:14:29] MasseR (MasseR! has joined #mythtv-users
[14:15:25] justinh: yay just needed a distclean :)
[14:16:04] justinh: now to find out wth the new dir isn't being shown in the gallery view
[14:22:55] rooaus: night
[14:24:58] _gunni_ (_gunni_! has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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[14:26:24] rooaus (rooaus! has left #mythtv-users ()
[14:29:13] k-man_ (k-man_!n=jason@unaffiliated/k-man) has joined #mythtv-users
[14:32:16] k-man (k-man!n=jason@unaffiliated/k-man) has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[14:33:44] justinh: damnit I added a new filetype to mythvideo (mp4), rescanned & it's still not showing in the video manager
[14:34:55] zippytech (zippytech! has joined #mythtv-users
[14:35:47] xal2 (xal2!n=administ@ has joined #mythtv-users
[14:35:48] xal2: hi
[14:36:21] laga: sphery: hmm?
[14:36:26] xal2: i'm having trouble with mythtv. the audio is ahead of the video.
[14:36:38] laga: sphery: ah. wait a second.
[14:36:45] xal2: it's not a problem with my card because it works fine in another tv viewing application.
[14:36:56] justinh: xal2: you need to read the mythtv docs about configuring audio
[14:37:35] justinh: specifically the part about muting the soundcard channel which the tuner audio is plugged into, and selecting that input to be *captured* in the linux mixer app
[14:38:17] xal2: alright
[14:38:32] xal2: I'll look into that
[14:38:36] xal2: I just thought it was a bug haha
[14:38:54] sphery: laga: Just meant that I don't know anything about the original problem. (Wasn't sure what "problem" gbee meant by, "I'm open to any solution for the problem ubuntu users have with xmltv configs.") No hurry, though--take your time talking about the other patch.
[14:40:23] avihayb: I have a problem, movies that I record useing liveTV and pressing the record button don't show up on the list of recorded shows. they appear on the info-center under automatic removal or something like that. if I see them there and press enter, a menu shows up that lets me move them into the "deafault group". when I do that, they vanish from this list and appear in the view recordings list. is that intended? did I do somthing
[14:40:23] avihayb: wrong? this is a raletively fresh install. In a previous install, even when I entered viewing liveTV, it generated files for as long as I watched, and they were imidiatly accesable via the recorded shows menu, and I didn't even know where the record button was.
[14:41:00] _gunni_ (_gunni_! has joined #mythtv-users
[14:41:06] justinh: avihayb: press M while in the 'watch recordings' screen and change the group viewing settings
[14:42:01] justinh: . . . ecordings.3F
[14:43:14] avihayb: thanks justinh
[14:43:32] justinh: right. I added mp4 as a new file type & it didn't work. renamed the files to .mpg – low & behold they are visible
[14:44:04] laga: sphery: okay, i just had some ubuntu duties :)
[14:44:16] sphery: np
[14:44:46] justinh: think I just found a bug
[14:44:49] sphery: I was just hoping that better understanding the issue would make it easier to understand the benefits/disadvantages of various approaches.
[14:45:14] laga: sphery: the issue is simple. mythtv-setups runs as the normal user. mythfilldatabase runs under the "mythtv" user. now if mythbackend runs mythfilldatabase, it tells the grabber to look in /home/mythtv/.xmltv/ for its config file which is wrong, because it's in /home/$user
[14:45:18] sphery: Though, I should say, I won't be the one taking the ticket from gbee (as I'm not a real dev :), so feel free to ignore me.
[14:45:52] justinh: yup. added mp4 as a file type & it's not been put into the videotypes table
[14:46:01] sphery: laga: Aaaaah... Makes perfect sense.
[14:48:58] sphery: laga: So, the downside of the new SG type is that it requires users to configure the directories in mythtv-setup (mandatory step in the HOWTO). Also (though this is the case with any SG stuff) when mythtv-setup verifies the directory is accessible, it will do so as the "normal" user (meaning that mythtv user may not be able to access the directory).
[14:49:02] zippytech2 (zippytech2! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[14:49:07] avihayb: will remove ghost recordings that were made when I tryed to record something, before I set up the mythTV storage directory?
[14:50:10] iamlindoro_: no, but will
[14:50:16] k-man_ (k-man_!n=jason@unaffiliated/k-man) has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[14:50:50] laga: sphery: we could patch mythtv-setup to check if the directory belongs to the mythtv group with appropriate permissions, but that's extremely ugly
[14:50:51] k-man_ (k-man_!n=jason@unaffiliated/k-man) has joined #mythtv-users
[14:53:29] sphery: laga: The configpath won't do any directory/permissions checks, either, but the path could be automatically added when the user specifies the xmltv config file. So, to get that benefit with SG's, we could just have the videosource config portion of mythtv-setup automatically insert directories into the "XMLTV Configuration" (or whatever it's called) SG--perhaps with a StorageGroup::AddDirectory(QString) function that either ...
[14:53:35] sphery: ... creates a new storage group or just adds one more directory to it, if the directory is not already in it.
[14:55:03] yianni__ (yianni__! has joined #mythtv-users
[14:59:00] laga: we could add ~/.mythtv/ into that SG
[14:59:25] laga: we just get problems if someone has two config files with the same name
[14:59:32] laga: so that's not exactly a good idea
[15:01:09] sphery: and might have access problems depending on the /home/mythtv directory permissions
[15:01:31] avihayb: oh, thanks iamlindoro_
[15:01:52] sphery: Yeah, the big problem with SG's would be having 2 files with the same name in different directories.
[15:02:21] yianni_ (yianni_! has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[15:03:14] eugen (eugen! has joined #mythtv-users
[15:03:42] eugen: will i be able to play AVCHD video with mythtv?
[15:05:45] iamlindoro_: assuming you compile in any and all necessary libraries, yes
[15:06:19] iamlindoro_: Or, if you're the packaged type, then assuming your package maintainer has done so
[15:06:59] iamlindoro_: Whether your *machine* is up to it given the state of linux h.264 playback is another matter
[15:08:20] eugen (eugen! has left #mythtv-users ("Konversation terminated!")
[15:08:37] iamlindoro_: Umm... guess that was all he needed
[15:09:04] eugen (eugen! has joined #mythtv-users
[15:09:47] eugen: i don't have hdmi-in on my TV, how can i connect mythtv-box with TV?
[15:10:03] justinh: does it have DVI?
[15:10:20] randomhtpcguy (randomhtpcguy! has joined #mythtv-users
[15:10:22] iamlindoro_: S-video, VGA, DVI, composite, component.... any of those which your video card has that your TV also has
[15:10:35] eugen: i have component on TV
[15:10:40] Goga777 (Goga777! has joined #mythtv-users
[15:10:48] iamlindoro_: So if your video card has a component out dongle, then you can use that
[15:11:12] Penfold (Penfold!n=mikewh@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/Penfold) has joined #mythtv-users
[15:11:39] eugen: can you give me an advice, what hardware do i need?
[15:11:53] eugen: do you know any video cards with component out?
[15:11:56] k-man_ (k-man_!n=jason@unaffiliated/k-man) has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[15:12:16] iamlindoro_: That would be "almost any video card made in the last four or five years"
[15:12:49] iamlindoro_: though for myth purposes your options are pretty much Intel, nVidia, or ATI
[15:13:04] iamlindoro_: With most people recommending nVidia
[15:13:05] eugen: i think current video cards have dvi ?
[15:13:14] iamlindoro_: yes, current cards also have DVI
[15:13:29] iamlindoro_: I guess you're just going to have to look at the specifications
[15:15:42] eugen: never seen 3 connectors on video cards. We are talking about this-
[15:15:45] eugen: right?
[15:16:05] iamlindoro_: That cable, but on the card it's generally done w/ a breakout cable that looks similar to s-video
[15:16:14] iamlindoro_: card->dongle->component video
[15:16:37] justinh: most cards with component outputs generally come with an adapter of some sort to bring the component signals out
[15:16:44] sphery: laga: Hmmm. Storage Groups gets more confusing because of the hostname portion...
[15:17:16] laga: sphery: hostname? the paths are not host name specific. which one might consider a problem with the current code as well
[15:18:34] sphery: storage groups are hostname-specific (though, if the hostname is specified for the master backend, its configuration be used on any backend unless overridden)
[15:19:24] laga: is that a problem?
[15:19:37] laga: right now you need to run mfdb on the same host anyways
[15:19:42] sphery: in theory, this should only apply to the master backend (since only the mbe should run mythfilldatabase), so, I guess we could just make the XMLTV config SG automatically use the mbe
[15:22:10] eugen (eugen! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[15:32:33] randomhtpcguy (randomhtpcguy! has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[15:48:16] eugen (eugen! has joined #mythtv-users
[15:48:48] eugen: can i connect this card to component-in on my TV? . . . ;modelmenu=1
[15:52:49] eugen (eugen! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[15:54:10] lyricnz (lyricnz!n=simonrob@conference/drupal/x-7aad0fc78e1532e5) has quit ()
[15:56:16] PsychoI3oy: directhex, FYI the problem had nothing to do with video playback; the patch here: fixed it
[15:59:21] revilootneg (revilootneg! has joined #mythtv-users
[15:59:47] PsychoI3oy: though I apprecate the help, cause you got me googling in the right direction
[16:01:56] PatrickDK (PatrickDK! has quit ()
[16:02:31] PsychoI3oy (PsychoI3oy! has left #mythtv-users ("what?")
[16:04:57] gnome42 (gnome42! has joined #mythtv-users
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[16:28:12] yianni__ (yianni__! has joined #mythtv-users
[16:31:51] sphery: laga: I was thinking something like: . . . _group.patch (compile-tested only). In theory, the user can manually configure an XMLTV Configuration storage group or one will be created/directories will be added when specifying an XMLTV-based videosource--which took forever since I didn't have a -fixes built.
[16:32:12] yianni__ (yianni__! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[16:32:28] yianni__ (yianni__! has joined #mythtv-users
[16:32:50] sphery: which=compile-testing (For the took forever)... put that in the wrong part.
[16:35:11] dustybin: ive had a great idea, with the use of shfs i could mount my entire music collection partition at work, and together with itunes, ill have my full music collection
[16:35:28] dustybin: is that a great idea or is that a great idea?
[16:36:19] sebrock (sebrock! has joined #mythtv-users
[16:37:48] sebrock: anyone been succesfull in adding Diggnation podcast to mythstream?
[16:38:00] sebrock: Im able to harvest but not to see anything
[16:39:02] mkrufky (mkrufky!n=mk@unaffiliated/mkrufky) has joined #mythtv-users
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[17:05:24] Hoxzer (Hoxzer! has joined #mythtv-users
[17:19:55] iamlindoro: Easily done in MythTube :)
[17:19:56] mkrufky (mkrufky!n=mk@unaffiliated/mkrufky) has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[17:20:26] mkrufky (mkrufky!n=mk@unaffiliated/mkrufky) has joined #mythtv-users
[17:20:52] iamlindoro: Which, while equally unofficial, actually works properly and doesn't look like a car crash took a dump on a morgue
[17:24:03] iamlindoro: Aaaaaaand added, downloaded, and watching... using the internal player no less ;)
[17:28:40] mkrufky (mkrufky!n=mk@unaffiliated/mkrufky) has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[17:28:56] mkrufky (mkrufky!n=mk@unaffiliated/mkrufky) has joined #mythtv-users
[17:29:43] iamlindoro: !trout mkrufky broken-internet-connection
[17:29:43] ** MythLogBot slaps mkrufky with a broken-internet-connection trout on behalf of iamlindoro... **
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[17:31:27] mkrufky (mkrufky!n=mk@unaffiliated/mkrufky) has joined #mythtv-users
[17:31:37] mkrufky: :-(
[17:32:34] iamlindoro: OK, ok, you can send it upstream to your cable co
[17:33:13] jpabq: iamlindoro, are you going to make mythtube work with internet radio? ;-)
[17:33:14] mkrufky (mkrufky!n=mk@unaffiliated/mkrufky) has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[17:33:40] iamlindoro: Just as soon as Internal doesn't hork on audio only streams, sure ;)
[17:34:45] jpabq: Hmmm, that would probably require getting daniel interested.
[17:36:21] yianni__ (yianni__! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[17:36:24] iamlindoro: OK. I'll oil up, you dim the lights
[17:41:08] yianni__ (yianni__! has joined #mythtv-users
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[17:49:23] jams: iamlindoro- your sure to end up on with comments like that
[17:49:44] iamlindoro: jams, I may be there once or twice already ;)
[17:54:22] till (till! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
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[18:20:20] briand (briand! has joined #mythtv-users
[18:21:07] mkrufky (mkrufky! has joined #mythtv-users
[18:21:38] directhex: tescos are selling a nice spec pc at the moment for £400
[18:21:38] mkrufky (mkrufky!n=mk@unaffiliated/mkrufky) has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
[18:21:50] directhex: includes a quad-core cpu, blu-ray drive, and 22" monitor
[18:22:07] directhex: a big sticker on the box warns that it can't actually output HD video to the (vga-only) monitor
[18:22:14] directhex: nice choice of components there, guys
[18:22:51] mkrufky (mkrufky!n=mk@unaffiliated/mkrufky) has joined #mythtv-users
[18:26:10] iamlindoro: Where in the world does one even *find* a 22" VGA only monitor
[18:26:10] mkrufky (mkrufky!n=mk@unaffiliated/mkrufky) has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
[18:27:11] tank-man: so that monitor has a max resolution of like 640x480?
[18:27:30] mkrufky (mkrufky!n=mk@unaffiliated/mkrufky) has joined #mythtv-users
[18:27:35] iamlindoro: I think he meant the input, but might be wrong
[18:27:44] iamlindoro: as in, You can't play Blu-ray (HDCP) via VGA
[18:28:20] tank-man: aka drm free monitor
[18:28:30] tank-man: heh
[18:28:38] iamlindoro: That's how I understood it, but directhex should set us straight :)
[18:32:11] directhex: iamlindoro is right, of course
[18:32:37] iamlindoro: Not so of course ;)
[18:33:46] mkrufky (mkrufky!n=mk@unaffiliated/mkrufky) has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
[18:34:55] mkrufky (mkrufky!n=mk@unaffiliated/mkrufky) has joined #mythtv-users
[18:37:05] justinh: w t f... announcing mythtv sidebar gadget for vista?!
[18:37:05] mkrufky (mkrufky!n=mk@unaffiliated/mkrufky) has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
[18:37:30] iamlindoro: oh sweet jesus... link?
[18:37:39] justinh:
[18:38:01] mkrufky (mkrufky!n=mk@unaffiliated/mkrufky) has joined #mythtv-users
[18:38:03] iamlindoro: So he's reimplemented the status page of mythweb as a widget?
[18:38:32] justinh: yeah so it's a bit of scraping but still...
[18:38:45] justinh: shudder
[18:39:13] justinh: let the flames commence!
[18:39:19] directhex: scraping? isn't it xml?
[18:39:24] directhex: wifey could do with that actually
[18:39:39] kdubya (kdubya! has quit ("Leaving")
[18:40:06] justinh: there's an xml feed yeah but same thing. parsing/scraping.. same diff
[18:42:13] directhex: yep, works
[18:42:16] directhex: wifey likes it
[18:45:43] sphery (sphery! has quit ("leaving")
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[18:54:49] Anusien (Anusien!n=anusien@ has joined #mythtv-users
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[18:56:02] Anusien: So my XBox 360 can play videos coming across MythTV UPnP, It sees a list of songs but they all have red circles with a line through them. When I try to play one, it says it's unplayable content that may not be supported
[18:56:28] mkrufky (mkrufky!n=mk@unaffiliated/mkrufky) has joined #mythtv-users
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[18:57:05] zippytech_ is now known as zippytech2
[18:57:39] Anusien: These are all standard mp3s that play fine on my computer
[18:58:01] mkrufky (mkrufky!n=mk@unaffiliated/mkrufky) has joined #mythtv-users
[18:58:13] kazer_ (kazer_! has joined #mythtv-users
[19:07:16] directhex: the 360 only acts as a mythvideo client, as of 0.21
[19:07:27] directhex: GreyFoxx is the expert in upnp affairs though
[19:07:45] Anusien: That's weird; since it's been a music client for other UPnP servers
[19:08:02] Iolaus (Iolaus! has quit ()
[19:08:24] directhex: nobody obeys the upnp standard 100%. workarounds and hax are pretty much required per-device
[19:08:26] iamlindoro: Anusien, Have you not updated the system software in a long time via live?
[19:08:39] Anusien: iamlindoro: I have updated it every time it asks me to.
[19:08:54] iamlindoro: ah, then that should be fine
[19:12:54] mkrufky (mkrufky!n=mk@unaffiliated/mkrufky) has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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[19:17:08] nuonguy (nuonguy! has joined #mythtv-users
[19:18:11] dustybin: just won another CRT TV for downstair on ebay £30 :-)
[19:18:12] mkrufky (mkrufky!n=mk@unaffiliated/mkrufky) has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[19:18:30] Anusien: From the wiki: "XBOX 360 At least as of trunk 17776M, this is streaming perfectly to XBOX 360 via UPnP. "
[19:18:42] mkrufky (mkrufky!n=mk@unaffiliated/mkrufky) has joined #mythtv-users
[19:19:41] andreax (andreax! has joined #mythtv-users
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[19:39:17] justinh: hrm. how big should the popup image be for the osd I wonder...
[19:40:24] sebrock: mmm anyone knows how to disable read/write cache on a sata drive... its giving me errors when doing a partimage backup
[19:40:24] mkrufky (mkrufky!n=mk@unaffiliated/mkrufky) has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[19:42:00] justinh: hdparm?
[19:42:47] ** dustybin is looking forward to another week at work **
[19:43:04] xris (xris! has joined #mythtv-users
[19:43:04] Mode for #mythtv-users by ChanServ!ChanServ@services. : +v xris
[19:43:16] justinh: dustybin: develop $stuff, then you can work all the time :D
[19:43:33] dustybin: aye good idea
[19:43:51] dustybin: ill develop a theme once .22 is out
[19:43:55] dustybin: with the new mythui
[19:46:39] andreax (andreax! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[19:46:49] iamlindoro: based on your frontend choices, you are forbidden to theme
[19:47:37] dustybin: :o
[19:48:15] dustybin: 2 things required before i can use frontend, 1) pci gfx card 2) usb remote
[19:48:26] iamlindoro: case in point
[19:48:27] dustybin: the box looks LOVELY
[19:48:32] dustybin: and is quiet
[19:48:35] laga: picture?
[19:49:10] dustybin:
[19:49:20] dustybin: its a SD frontend
[19:49:34] dustybin: its got a P4 2.8 inside it
[19:49:35] laga: well, that's not too bad
[19:49:40] laga: ugh, p4
[19:50:01] dustybin: thats ok for a frontend
[19:51:13] justinh: it's the leafers-wide of frontends ;)
[19:51:46] ** justinh ponders writing the 'how not to make a theme' guide **
[19:52:54] dustybin: i wonder if i could put a core2duo inside that box
[19:52:59] dustybin: its a Socket 478
[19:54:15] dustybin: nope
[19:55:03] dustybin: imagine h.264 hardware acceleration worked on a geforce 6200!!!!
[19:56:19] directhex: do you think before you type?
[19:56:30] directhex: core 2 duo on a p4 board?
[19:56:30] LotR (LotR! has joined #mythtv-users
[19:56:34] laga: rotfl
[19:56:35] laga: ouch
[19:56:43] laga: directhex: there are some p4 cores for s775 AFAIK
[19:56:54] directhex: laga, nope, netburst is history
[19:57:04] directhex: wait, there WAS pentium d
[19:57:11] LotR: hi. I may be missing the point here, but why does a 'backend' need X? (or is this just debian borkage?)
[19:57:13] directhex: but certainly nothing in reverse
[19:57:29] directhex: LotR, because the backend uses qt, and qt needs x libraries
[19:57:42] directhex: LotR, you don't need to run an x server, but you need all the x libraries
[19:57:55] dustybin: "you must think first before you move" – Bruce Lee
[19:58:08] LotR: directhex: but why would a backend use qt?
[19:58:43] directhex: LotR, because c++ is shit without something to abstract away some of the pain?
[19:59:27] LotR: directhex: oh. so I should be cursing Qt for not seperating gui/non-gui functionality then
[19:59:34] directhex: right
[20:00:00] directhex: qt4 does a better job, assuming there are x-less qt4 packages in debian. and assuming you build mythtv trunk, and assuming you don't mind being the first person to use it
[20:00:22] LotR: heh. no, I'm not going to compile my own stuff
[20:00:57] LotR: ... and all I wanted was a nice GUI to run the video files on my server
[20:01:20] directhex: mythtv is the wrong tool for the job
[20:01:28] justinh: yup, fer sure
[20:01:34] directhex: it's a PVR app. it's pretty crap for video collections, truth be told
[20:01:40] LotR: what is a good tool for it then?
[20:01:56] justinh: not Elisa, unless you like crashy
[20:02:14] mkrufky (mkrufky!n=mk@unaffiliated/mkrufky) has joined #mythtv-users
[20:02:16] justinh: Freevo, XBMC (the linux port), um...
[20:02:30] LotR: and I thought a pvr was something to create a video collection.. :)
[20:02:46] justinh: mythtv is more TV oriented
[20:02:46] mkrufky (mkrufky!n=mk@unaffiliated/mkrufky) has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[20:03:01] directhex: no, a pvr is something to record tv shows based on smartness rather than times. like tivo.
[20:03:07] iamlindoro: That "r" means "recorder"
[20:03:08] directhex: other functionality is secondary to a pvr app
[20:03:13] LotR: justinh: yeah, but the r means you're building a collection, no?
[20:03:24] justinh: no, it means I record stuff to watch later
[20:03:46] justinh: if it meant building a collection it'd be an 'S', as in Squirrel
[20:03:49] justinh: file hoarding
[20:04:02] LotR: how is 'stuff to watch later' not a collection?
[20:04:25] justinh: some people are on some kind of unholy mission to download every bit of ripped media & keep it for themselves. I call that crazy
[20:04:38] justinh: I'd call stuff I _keep_ a collection
[20:05:05] directhex: i'd call stuff i _keep_ a violation of the 1988 copyright, designs & patents act
[20:05:09] justinh: yeah, I'm one of those loons who deletes stuff. nothing is worth keeping, generally
[20:06:01] justinh: anyway, back to the discussion at hand.. mythtv is really about recording television. that's what it does best. other apps do the 'media player/organiser' much better
[20:06:18] dustybin: I dont bother _keeping_ much these days, only the stuff i use, otherwise its a waste of space
[20:06:22] justinh: and FWIW, myth isn't worth the effort if all you want to do is lamely watch stuff you already have
[20:07:02] dustybin: wheres clever when you need him
[20:07:03] laga: dustybin: i deleted three seasons of LOST today. i figured i'd never watch it again..
[20:07:15] laga: and if i wanted to, there's a backup on a hard disk somewhere ;)
[20:07:17] dustybin: laga: now you have extra disk space!
[20:07:25] laga: yep :)
[20:07:40] justinh: laga: I think all the redrawing is done for the OSD now. 1280x720 base :)
[20:07:50] LotR: heh. I wouldn't want to watch three seasons of a show I wouldn't want to watch more than once
[20:07:52] justinh: testing/fettling will be tomorrow
[20:07:59] laga: i've got about 800GB. too bad there is not a lot of good stuff on my hd channel :/
[20:08:06] justinh: LotR: that'd exclude all TV then
[20:08:08] laga: justinh: great. just drop me a link to the tarball :)
[20:08:28] laga: well, watching lost twice is kinda boring
[20:08:28] justinh: besides, if you're busy watching stuff you've got from years ago how would you find time to watch new things? :-O
[20:08:30] LotR: justinh: no, there's definitely series I'd watch more than once
[20:08:49] justinh: anyway, this is all beside the point
[20:09:00] justinh: if all you want is a DUMB MEDIA PLAYER, look elsewhere :)
[20:09:25] dustybin: the only stuff i _keep_ are peep show series, but i plan to buy the original DVDs as they are worth buying
[20:09:38] justinh: I consider myself quite an advocate of mythtv, and even I don't recommend it for people who are solely interested in a media player
[20:09:56] justinh: case closed
[20:10:09] laga: i wonder how much work mythtv was if i just stopped fiddling with stuff?
[20:10:18] dustybin: i recommend mythtv to asperger syndrome hermits :-)
[20:10:24] LotR: I don't want a dumb media player. I want something that serves media from my server to my desktop or whereever
[20:10:36] justinh: LotR: NFS
[20:10:37] SlicerDicer (SlicerDicer! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[20:10:39] justinh: SAMBA
[20:10:44] dustybin: SHFS!
[20:11:22] justinh: if you want served over the interwebs.. you're out of luck here for sure
[20:11:26] dustybin: think ive come over with a bit of sunday evening depression
[20:12:09] directhex: i get that
[20:12:10] directhex: a lot
[20:12:10] iamlindoro: buyer's remorse?
[20:12:15] justinh: funny, but servers serve files. no really, they do! no fancy magic or anything
[20:12:22] directhex: especially when i discover i've gained lots of weight and am officially a lardass
[20:12:34] justinh: no special 'media' software required. just server daemons
[20:12:42] iamlindoro: high energy dog breeds are excellent for that
[20:12:56] laga: iamlindoro: for gaining weight?
[20:13:07] directhex: in a small first floor flat?
[20:13:14] ** justinh goes to watch some mythtv & sets fire to anybody looking for a 'meeja server program' **
[20:13:30] laga: i've recently took up cycling. about 10–20km a day. that's.. noticable :)
[20:13:52] LotR: justinh: nfs/etc don't really help with having a central DB with what content is available
[20:13:55] iamlindoro: laga, yeah-- I'm a runner, and the pooch makes sure I get out to do it, too
[20:14:03] andreax1: Got 25km today... uff... im damaged...
[20:14:20] directhex: you want a upnp server
[20:14:25] directhex: or, technically, a daap server
[20:19:56] sebrock (sebrock! has left #mythtv-users ("Leaving")
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[20:25:24] laga: iamlindoro: what kind of CPU do you use for playback?
[20:26:39] iamlindoro: laga, Surprisingly, most of the material seems to multithread really well-- I can play all of my stuff (and this is straight off the disk) on an E4500 @ 2.2 Ghz w/ Max CPUs=2
[20:26:51] iamlindoro: *everything* plays perfectly on my Q6600
[20:27:18] laga: on linux with the internal player and ffmpeg resync? that'd be really good news.
[20:27:40] iamlindoro: laga, Those numbers are based on previous use of mplayer, but Internal is holding up really well so far
[20:27:53] iamlindoro: I can give more concrete information when I've had a better chance to test
[20:28:09] laga: that'd be great, thanks
[20:28:14] iamlindoro: sure, will let you know
[20:29:05] Penfold_ (Penfold_! has joined #mythtv-users
[20:35:04] iamlindoro: libavformat doesn't seem to know which PIDs the default tracks are in these containers, I think I'll try to fix that-- must admit that the ffmpeg patch review process is a little daunting, though
[20:38:27] mkrufky (mkrufky!n=mk@unaffiliated/mkrufky) has joined #mythtv-users
[20:38:34] Penfold (Penfold!n=mikewh@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/Penfold) has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
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[20:38:50] Penfold__ (Penfold__! has joined #mythtv-users
[20:48:13] CNLiberal (CNLiberal! has joined #mythtv-users
[20:48:53] CNLiberal: hello all...i'm having sound issues in Myth 0.21 (MythBuntu 32bit up to date)
[20:49:08] CNLiberal: i've got a Creative SoundBlaster LIVE! card
[20:49:12] CNLiberal: using digital output
[20:49:18] CNLiberal: i can get sound in LiveTV
[20:49:28] CNLiberal: but I can't get sound on recordings, or in music
[20:49:51] CNLiberal: i can switch around settings to make recordings and music work, but then I don't get 5.1 sound on LiveTV or in HD recordings
[20:50:28] CNLiberal: can anyone help me?
[20:51:48] CNLiberal: i'm not using an asound.conf
[20:51:57] LotR (LotR! has left #mythtv-users ()
[20:52:41] iamlindoro: laga, From just some basic testing, it appears that 2.2 Ghz C2D is right on the borderline of usable w/ internal and the newest sync/HD audio formats-- I would call it perfectly watchable, but with the very occasional slowdown-- skiploopfilter would be more than enough to make it perfectly smooth, but failing that I think the next fastest would probably be "just right"
[20:53:41] iamlindoro: also MLP appears "not quite there yet" as it will play, but there are some segfaults unique to myth there when the center voice channel starts. ie it will play until the first person speaks, then segfault
[20:54:04] iamlindoro: E-AC-3 is working properly, however
[20:54:45] Penfold_ (Penfold_! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[20:56:47] CNLiberal: does anyone have any experience with 5.1 and normal PCM through a Soundblaster Live! card?
[20:58:20] CNLiberal: Is there a specific card I should purchase to make this easier?
[20:58:40] Nik_Doof (Nik_Doof! has left #mythtv-users ()
[20:58:58] zippytech_ (zippytech_! has joined #mythtv-users
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[21:02:43] CNLiberal: am I even in the right room?
[21:03:26] iamlindoro: channel
[21:03:29] CNLiberal: ha
[21:03:32] CNLiberal: yes, sorry
[21:03:35] iamlindoro: and yes, here of #ubuntu-mythtv are correct
[21:03:35] revilootneg (revilootneg! has quit ("leaving")
[21:03:39] CNLiberal: cool
[21:03:41] iamlindoro: er here or
[21:03:51] CNLiberal: i'll try ubuntu as well (considering that's what i'm running)
[21:10:27] KjetilK: CNLiberal: I've also seen some weird problems with my 5.1 card, and that's a totally different card
[21:10:34] KjetilK: I never solved it though
[21:10:51] KjetilK: It worked to fall down to stereo for me
[21:11:10] CNLiberal: yeah
[21:11:12] CNLiberal: that works for me too
[21:11:15] CNLiberal: but i want 5.1
[21:11:22] CNLiberal: true bit for bit passthrough
[21:11:27] KjetilK: now, I'm slowly climbing back up, but the setup is a bit weird
[21:11:32] ** KjetilK nods **
[21:12:00] KjetilK: hmmm, there is this test utility for alsa, what was that again?
[21:12:15] justinh: aplay
[21:12:37] CNLiberal: ah yes
[21:12:43] KjetilK: ah, no, speaker-test
[21:12:50] zippytech2 (zippytech2! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[21:12:53] CNLiberal: i can get sounds to go through the digital output
[21:13:01] justinh: well who cares, not my problem :)
[21:13:05] CNLiberal: but not in their original bit format (AC3 or PCM)
[21:13:08] KjetilK: heh
[21:13:27] justinh: CNLiberal: enable passthru
[21:13:49] sphery (sphery! has joined #mythtv-users
[21:14:41] CNLiberal: i did enable passthrough, that's how I was able to get 5.1 on LiveTV HD and recorded HD...but no sound on normal stereo
[21:17:03] KjetilK: CNLiberal: so, speaker-test -Dplug:surround51 -c6 would give the expected results?
[21:17:10] CNLiberal: let me check
[21:18:08] CNLiberal: no
[21:18:20] CNLiberal: all i get is sound from the front left and front right speakers
[21:18:29] CNLiberal: nothing else, but it does try and test the other 3 channels
[21:18:35] CNLiberal: or 4 channels (LFE)
[21:19:03] iamlindoro: that's because he probably doesn't have a device called surround51, as that's a user creation
[21:19:22] xal2: how do i fix sound distortion? i followed the mythtv documentation and switched all the recording profiles to 48khz
[21:19:29] xal2: is there anywhere else i need to adjust audio
[21:19:51] CNLiberal: i can try default
[21:20:12] CNLiberal: i mean spdif
[21:20:18] CNLiberal: so i ran this command:
[21:20:24] CNLiberal: peaker-test -Dplug:spdif -c6
[21:20:36] CNLiberal: speaker-test -Dplug:spdif -c6
[21:20:44] CNLiberal: and I'm only getting sound out of front right and left
[21:20:50] CNLiberal: no center, rears or sub
[21:20:57] iamlindoro: sounds like a job for #alsa
[21:21:07] CNLiberal: i've already been to #alsa
[21:21:22] CNLiberal: we got Myth working with only stereo on all channels and all other sounds working
[21:21:30] CNLiberal: but i want 5.1...shoudl I get a different card?
[21:22:04] iamlindoro: is your ALSA device set to ALSA:default?
[21:22:08] iamlindoro: in myth
[21:23:30] CNLiberal: under General Setup...
[21:23:37] justinh: if you want analogue 5.1 output... ugh
[21:23:49] CNLiberal: Audio Output: ALSA:digital
[21:24:16] CNLiberal: Passthrough: ALSA:id\ec958:{AES0 0x02}
[21:24:28] CNLiberal: Max audio channels "Stereo"
[21:24:31] iamlindoro: I would be using ALSA:default, personally
[21:24:39] CNLiberal: Enable AC3 and DTS checked
[21:24:48] CNLiberal: if I run ALSA:default, then sounds works, but no 5.1
[21:24:48] justinh: ALSA:default for the general audio output
[21:24:49] iamlindoro: as should 90% of all people
[21:25:24] justinh: then enable passthru & set the output device for that to ALSA:$device where $device is the name of the digital channel
[21:25:53] iamlindoro: and, going off what Justin has said, the passthrough device is probably already correct (IEC958 is common)
[21:26:24] CNLiberal: digital channel?
[21:26:44] CNLiberal: ok
[21:26:46] iamlindoro: fork echidna?
[21:26:56] CNLiberal: i'm setting ALSA: default
[21:27:02] justinh: on my frontend, just ALSA:iec958 was sufficient
[21:27:15] MasseR (MasseR! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[21:27:22] CNLiberal: passthrough ALSA:iec958:{AES0 0x02}
[21:27:24] justinh: the extra stuff in the curly brackets was bullshit
[21:27:34] CNLiberal: and checked the enable AC3 and DTS
[21:27:43] CNLiberal: let's see what happens, then i'll try IEC958
[21:28:01] CNLiberal: ok
[21:28:06] CNLiberal: getting 5.1 sound on cubs game
[21:28:35] CNLiberal: no sound on analog stations
[21:29:14] CNLiberal: ok
[21:29:32] CNLiberal: let me try changing max channels to 5.1
[21:29:36] CNLiberal: instead of stereo
[21:29:38] CNLiberal: then i'll try the other
[21:29:42] Anusien (Anusien!n=anusien@ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[21:31:03] CNLiberal: ok
[21:31:06] CNLiberal: tried 5.1
[21:31:11] CNLiberal: no sound on digital stations
[21:31:49] CNLiberal: and no sound on analog stations
[21:32:15] nuonguy (nuonguy! has quit ("This computer has gone to sleep")
[21:33:30] CNLiberal: ok
[21:33:42] CNLiberal: tried ALSA:iec958 for audio device
[21:33:48] CNLiberal: i've got sound on digital staion
[21:34:14] CNLiberal: i've got sound on analog stations!!!!!!!!1
[21:34:42] sid3windr: oneoneone
[21:35:10] CNLiberal: sweeeeeet
[21:35:15] justinh: oh bum. doing this OSD is going to be a pain
[21:37:11] CNLiberal: thanks guys
[21:37:16] CNLiberal: i'm watchin Cribs now
[21:37:17] CNLiberal: haha
[21:37:37] xal2: how can i get rid of sound distortion?
[21:37:47] CNLiberal: can you explain that more?
[21:38:03] xal2: I'm not really sure how to describe the sound
[21:38:09] xal2: it's just a distortion, not an echo though
[21:38:26] CNLiberal: like the GAIN is too hight?
[21:38:36] xal2: what is gain?
[21:38:55] CNLiberal: the input sounds too
[21:39:03] xal2: let's just say yes
[21:39:18] xal2: like you now when you turn your speakers way too loud
[21:39:21] CNLiberal: if you are in the alsa sound mixer and everything is jacked all the way up, that's probably it
[21:39:22] xal2: that kind of distortion
[21:39:27] xal2: k i'll check
[21:39:40] |chiz| (|chiz|! has joined #mythtv-users
[21:39:49] dustybin: zoneminder kicks ass, ive set up a cron what makes zoneminder motion detect during the day whilst im at work and monitors in the evening when im back, if it detects motion it uploads the images via FTP to my remote shell
[21:40:16] CNLiberal: that's pretty tits
[21:40:50] iamlindoro: So that you can see if your sister comes in your room and reads your diary?
[21:40:56] xal2: yeah that fixed it
[21:40:58] xal2: the capture was too high
[21:41:47] Penfold (Penfold!n=mikewh@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/Penfold) has joined #mythtv-users
[21:42:05] CNLiberal: sweet
[21:42:08] CNLiberal: i helped someone!
[21:42:09] CNLiberal: haha
[21:45:15] dustybin: iamlindoro: aye
[21:45:38] _gunni_ (_gunni_! has quit ("KVIrc 4.0.0 Insomnia")
[21:46:21] CNLiberal: dustybin: creepy....hahhaha JK
[21:46:50] dustybin: creep?
[21:46:51] dustybin: y
[21:47:08] CNLiberal: the sister was a joke...apparently, not so funny
[21:48:05] dustybin: im really happy with my home server, it really does kick ass
[21:48:15] dustybin: Hostname: private – OS: Linux 2.6.25-2-vserver-686/i686 – CPU: 2 x Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 (3192.158 MHz) – Processes: 158 – Uptime: 5d 23h 50m – Load Average: 5.83 – Memory Usage: 439.18MB/1011.51MB (43.42%) – Disk Usage: 258.56GB/1363.24GB (18.97%)
[21:48:40] CNLiberal: 2.6.25?
[21:48:46] dustybin: aye
[21:48:47] CNLiberal: what OS are u running?
[21:48:53] dustybin: debian lenny
[21:48:55] CNLiberal: ahh
[21:49:01] CNLiberal: mythbuntu here
[21:49:06] dustybin: ok
[21:49:15] CNLiberal: it's working...i switched from mythdora
[21:49:19] CNLiberal: it's just as good
[21:49:27] dustybin: mythbuntu is pretty good
[21:49:51] CNLiberal: it was a challenge working with ubuntu since i came from fedora
[21:49:59] CNLiberal: right now, i'm trying to deal with an underpowered frontend
[21:50:11] dustybin: for sd playback?
[21:50:15] CNLiberal: HD playback
[21:50:19] CNLiberal: SD is perfectly fine
[21:50:26] dustybin: what cpu?
[21:50:32] CNLiberal: umm
[21:50:44] CNLiberal: i have to run "sudo cat /proc/sys" right?
[21:50:50] dustybin: aye
[21:51:16] dustybin: cat /proc/cpuinf
[21:51:21] CNLiberal: that's it
[21:51:23] dustybin: o
[21:51:44] CNLiberal: P4 2.0GHz
[21:51:50] dustybin: hmm no good
[21:51:52] CNLiberal: 1 GB RAM
[21:51:56] CNLiberal: yeah, way not good enough
[21:52:00] CNLiberal: but it was a free box
[21:52:16] dustybin: you will need at least a intel core2 duo 2.0 ghz upwards
[21:52:33] peman (peman! has joined #mythtv-users
[21:52:38] peman: morrn morrn
[21:52:50] CNLiberal: it'd be nice, but i just bought a house
[21:52:58] dustybin: aye ok
[21:53:00] |chiz|_ (|chiz|_! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[21:53:05] CNLiberal: friggin 32" CRT just dumped on me
[21:53:14] dustybin: tehehe
[21:53:25] CNLiberal: i lugged that bastard up the stairs to this house (split bi-level) just to find out that it croaked
[21:53:29] dustybin: i just bought another 24" CRT
[21:53:36] CNLiberal: so i grabbed a 22" LCD
[21:53:38] dustybin: eeek
[21:53:42] CNLiberal: and that was my was so small
[21:53:59] CNLiberal: so my buddy game me his 27" or 25"...somethin like that
[21:54:05] CNLiberal: it's so blurry...i think the TV has issues
[21:54:08] knighthawk (knighthawk! has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[21:54:10] dustybin: SD should be displayed with a CRT not a LCD panel
[21:54:20] peman: q: Why isn't my mythtv (minimyth) listening to my lircd ? irw+ircat shows ok, but the frontend won't responde to anyting..
[21:54:20] dustybin: HD should be displayed with a LCD/PLASMA not CRT
[21:54:42] CNLiberal: unless the CRT is a 1080p
[21:54:43] CNLiberal: ha
[21:54:45] CNLiberal: haven't found one
[21:54:50] dustybin: aye
[21:55:06] CNLiberal: CRT is the bee's knees when it comes to contrast
[21:55:14] dustybin: indeed
[21:55:23] dustybin: SD looks great on it
[21:55:25] CNLiberal: except this balls
[21:55:36] dustybin: SD on a flatpanel looks beyond terrible
[21:55:43] CNLiberal: I guess Digital has spoiled me on picture quality
[21:55:49] CNLiberal: it's not good, there's no doubt
[21:56:06] CNLiberal: cuz the rez is so high on a FP, and SD is so tiny
[21:56:17] dustybin: indeed
[21:56:32] Striker: is there a guide on the mpeg4 encoder to make my picture not look like crap?
[21:56:40] dustybin: funny, here in the UK there are just a couple of channels what are HD
[21:56:40] CNLiberal: but when i get my tax return in jan or feb, that's when i'll grab a 47" or 52" samsung LCD
[21:56:56] dustybin: even though they have sold shit loads of HD TVs
[21:57:05] dustybin: ok
[21:57:19] CNLiberal: i was talking to this woman who works with me who is from England...she was saying that you have to pay the gov't for TV over there
[21:57:20] dustybin: once every single channel is HD ill buy HDTV, but until then CRT
[21:57:31] dustybin: eeeek
[21:57:32] CNLiberal: i dunno
[21:57:44] dustybin: you have to pay BBC license fee
[21:57:50] CNLiberal: yeah that's what she was saying
[21:57:57] CNLiberal: and they come after you if you don't pay
[21:58:03] dustybin: lol yes
[21:58:10] CNLiberal: that's scary
[21:58:18] dustybin: bastards
[21:58:27] CNLiberal: but, i do love some of your TV shows
[21:58:36] CNLiberal: Doctor Who...fuckin tits...Torchwood
[21:58:36] jvs (jvs! has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[21:58:37] CNLiberal: love it
[22:02:43] stoth (stoth! has joined #mythtv-users
[22:04:15] Striker: anyone have a kworld atsc 120 card?
[22:04:58] iamlindoro: If you ask about your precise hardware you will be waiting until you are old and grey, better just to ask your question
[22:05:15] iamlindoro: and if it's about setting up the card itself in linux, that's a question for #linuxtv
[22:05:41] Striker: nah
[22:05:56] Striker: i have a 115, just wondering how different it is
[22:06:02] iamlindoro: entirely different
[22:06:20] iamlindoro: different hardware, different level of working in linux, different capabilities
[22:06:35] Striker: do you know what chipset it uses?
[22:07:15] iamlindoro: It's an xc3028 card IIRC
[22:07:23] iamlindoro: again, these are #linuxtv questions
[22:07:40] iamlindoro: the 115 can do QAM and OTA, the 120 is OTA only, etc., etc.
[22:08:41] Striker: yeah, not like QAM actually does me any good since 99% of my cable channels are encrypted
[22:08:49] CNLiberal: as is most folks
[22:08:59] CNLiberal: i was getting mojoHD a couple weeks ago
[22:09:08] CNLiberal: then it got encrypted
[22:09:10] CNLiberal: it was crap
[22:09:14] Striker: heh
[22:09:19] ** iamlindoro goes back to watching all his channels in perfect digital **
[22:09:31] dustybin: those better be HD
[22:09:38] CNLiberal: how are u doing it?
[22:09:41] CNLiberal: ditching myth?
[22:09:45] iamlindoro: no, of course not
[22:09:52] iamlindoro: and yes, HD and SD channels
[22:09:53] CNLiberal: good...cuz you shouldn't be here then
[22:09:54] CNLiberal: ahha
[22:09:57] CNLiberal: so how are u doing it?
[22:10:06] dustybin: SD on flatpanel? yuKKKK
[22:10:08] iamlindoro: I'm doing it by "living in the right place"
[22:10:15] CNLiberal: hahaha
[22:10:28] ** dustybin twitches **
[22:10:33] CNLiberal: well i just bought this house, have done 5 months in renovation, so i don't plan on moving anytime soon
[22:10:50] CNLiberal: so you're just saying that you happen to have a cable provider that's not encrypting anything
[22:11:29] CNLiberal: i'd love to find a way to make the HDHR grab all channels
[22:11:41] CNLiberal: i might be willing to pay a monthly fee for a comcast box that i can hack
[22:12:04] iamlindoro: You can't hack the boxes, and there's nothing that will allow you to decrypt US cable
[22:12:17] iamlindoro: as the boxes aren't what sets the policy
[22:12:20] iamlindoro: the headend does
[22:12:21] CNLiberal: i've heard of people who ARE hacking those boxes
[22:12:26] CNLiberal: exactly
[22:12:28] iamlindoro: You've heard from liars
[22:12:35] CNLiberal: :-(
[22:13:17] CNLiberal: so where do u live so I can plan my next move?
[22:13:17] CNLiberal: haha
[22:13:27] iamlindoro: Bay Area, California
[22:13:39] CNLiberal: comcast?
[22:13:42] iamlindoro: You actually have *two* cable providers here from which you can get all your channels via firewire off the box
[22:13:53] dustybin: iamlindoro: what is your root password and ip
[22:14:01] CNLiberal: is that how you're doing it? using a cable box with firewire out?
[22:14:17] iamlindoro: and my password is "dustybinisawoman"
[22:14:22] dustybin: :P
[22:14:25] CNLiberal: interesting
[22:14:36] CNLiberal: haha
[22:14:36] Striker: i lived in san jose last year...but my friend's cable box w/that firewire hookup was pretty much dead
[22:14:46] iamlindoro: CNLiberal, Yes, via firewire-- but again, the firewire policies are set by the headend, and having it open on all channels is almost unheard of
[22:14:56] dustybin: i wonder if a female has ever entered this channel?
[22:14:59] CNLiberal: yeah, that's kinda crazy
[22:15:16] iamlindoro: Striker, your friend was doin' it wrong then
[22:15:22] cdpuk (cdpuk!n=chris@ has quit ("Konversation terminated!")
[22:15:26] CNLiberal: how do u do it?
[22:15:37] Striker: iamlindoro: no, he was just lazy and wouldn't call comcast to get it fixed
[22:15:40] Striker:
[22:15:40] iamlindoro: It's a totally default myth firewire setup, no tricks
[22:15:45] Striker: ^ the mythbox i built for him
[22:15:58] iamlindoro: There was nothing for comcast to "fix"
[22:16:08] sid3windr: messy messy
[22:16:16] iamlindoro: Single boxes don't have their own policy, we *all* get the same operational policy pushed by the headend
[22:16:17] dustybin: LOL
[22:16:21] Striker: there was if the box couldn't even get a signal
[22:16:23] iamlindoro: He was *setting it up wrong*
[22:16:24] dustybin: ive never seen a fan that big before LOL
[22:16:25] Striker: his line was messed up
[22:16:42] iamlindoro: Well then that has nothing to do with a claim that the firewire port was "pretty much dead"
[22:16:46] dustybin: thats the kind of shit clever would do
[22:16:48] Striker: ...
[22:16:52] iamlindoro: *all the ports were dead*
[22:16:53] Striker: iamlindoro: now you're just misreading
[22:16:54] CNLiberal: yeah i've seen that case before
[22:17:12] iamlindoro: ah, I see, his box was dead
[22:17:12] Striker: i was talking about the entire box that comcast sends
[22:17:17] Striker: lol
[22:17:19] iamlindoro: well then that's not very useful information, is it?
[22:17:38] Striker: he eventually got it replaced and his line checked again
[22:17:43] Striker: but i already moved by then
[22:17:44] CNLiberal: i've heard of some cable boxes WITH firewire ports not being enabled
[22:17:46] iamlindoro: Also interested as to why someone would want to build an HTPC that looks like an outboard motor, but that's neither here nor there
[22:17:57] iamlindoro: CNLiberal, 99% of them behave that way
[22:17:59] CNLiberal: i would hope that's a backend
[22:18:05] Striker: it may look like an outboard motor
[22:18:11] Striker: but it's quiteter than your 80mm fans
[22:18:13] iamlindoro: But it sounds like a jet engine?
[22:18:16] Striker: NO
[22:18:17] Striker: ffs
[22:18:20] CNLiberal: i believ it
[22:18:24] CNLiberal: slow RPMs
[22:18:25] Striker: are you people ignorant?
[22:18:27] Striker: lol
[22:18:29] CNLiberal: lots of air movement
[22:18:29] Striker: yes
[22:18:36] Striker: it moves a LOT of air with practically no sound
[22:18:40] dustybin: Striker: you need to speak to our inhouse mythtv guru, clever
[22:18:41] Striker: much lower rpm
[22:18:47] iamlindoro: We are well aware of how fans work, partner
[22:19:08] Striker: iamlindoro: then you should know it doesnt sound like a jet engine
[22:19:08] CNLiberal: what is that a 240mm fan?
[22:19:10] dustybin: Striker: even though your case isnt my style, at least you have some love :-)
[22:19:18] iamlindoro: dustybin, if by guru you mean "incapable of running it without breaking it," then yes, he's a guru alright
[22:19:24] Striker: on the side, i think it's 240
[22:19:24] dustybin: :P
[22:19:28] Striker: the one in the front is 150mm
[22:19:30] CNLiberal: cool
[22:19:48] CNLiberal: i'm not sure if renting a box for $13 a month would be worth it
[22:20:06] CNLiberal: cuz then you have to buy the service too...and that's another $50
[22:20:35] Striker: if your passion is digital probably isn't an issue
[22:20:54] Striker: if you can live with analog...dont bother
[22:20:58] CNLiberal: haha
[22:21:01] CNLiberal: good point
[22:21:05] Striker: right now...i cant get either :(
[22:21:36] dustybin: iamlindoro: do you have any pics of your setup
[22:21:50] CNLiberal: i've always got the impression that firewire was a harsh mistress
[22:21:56] CNLiberal: that sometimes it just craps out on u
[22:22:23] Striker: that was probably true when firewire was still only used on apple products
[22:22:41] CNLiberal: i thought i've read emails on gossamer that state that even to this day
[22:22:43] Striker: but afaik, it's pretty reliable these days
[22:23:05] CNLiberal: sweet
[22:23:07] CNLiberal: good to know
[22:23:42] CNLiberal: my backend is a 2500+ Athlon XP, 1GB RAM, 120GB IDE OS drive, 5x500GB soft raid5
[22:23:45] CNLiberal: nothing special
[22:23:56] CNLiberal: just wish i had the cash to grab 5x 1TB drives
[22:24:05] CNLiberal: i'm almost full on my array now
[22:24:20] CNLiberal: all my DVDs have been imported to the backend as full ISOs
[22:24:22] Striker: my current machine isn't fully built yet, and i have a feeling i'll be rebuilding it
[22:24:28] CNLiberal: also, lots of TV shows
[22:24:30] Striker: this box only has 2 pci slots :(
[22:24:42] CNLiberal: PCI slots are only good for SW RAID
[22:24:50] Striker: well, i have pci express
[22:24:54] CNLiberal: ahh
[22:25:03] CNLiberal: don't they make PCIe SATA cards yet?
[22:25:26] Striker: i was thinking about getting a pci express sound card
[22:25:35] Striker: but i dont know anyone that has one
[22:26:13] CNLiberal: i'm really hoping that some linux guru can hack open the new ASUS soundcard that has built in Doby TrueHD and DTS MA HD
[22:26:32] CNLiberal: it'd be wonderful to have a FE that can actually play BD
[22:26:58] Striker: oh wait...
[22:27:14] Striker: when i said that side fan was 240mm...i wasnt thinking about that box
[22:27:26] Striker: the box in those images has 2x150mm
[22:27:40] Striker: my current desktop uses a newer version of that case which has a 240mm on the side
[22:27:53] niklauz (niklauz!i=d863b241@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #mythtv-users
[22:28:19] CNLiberal: my FE isn't outputting sound through XINE...
[22:28:22] CNLiberal: it was working just fine!
[22:28:23] CNLiberal: yar
[22:30:05] burly (burly! has joined #mythtv-users
[22:30:08] burly (burly! has quit (Client Quit)
[22:30:36] Penfold (Penfold!n=mikewh@pdpc/supporter/sustaining/Penfold) has quit ("This computer has gone to sleep")
[22:32:12] CNLiberal: after i changed the sound output in Myth to get it working correctly, now I don't get sound through xine in MythVideo
[22:34:16] iamlindoro: samnoble: third off, so set a unique player command for each of the ones that needs -aid 2, accessible in the video manager. Highlight video, press right, edit metadata, Unique player command
[22:35:05] the_alien__ (the_alien__! has joined #mythtv-users
[22:35:09] the_alien__: hiho all
[22:35:41] hads (hads! has joined #mythtv-users
[22:36:23] Striker: do any of you guys build mythtv from source?
[22:36:27] samnoble (samnoble! has joined #mythtv-users
[22:36:40] CNLiberal: anyone have advice on xine?
[22:37:04] iamlindoro: Striker, many of us
[22:37:12] Striker: *shrug* does mythtv have exclusive control over your audio devices or something?
[22:37:22] the_alien__: nope
[22:37:31] Striker: iamlindoro: do any of you guys use the newer versions of ffmpeg?
[22:37:43] CNLiberal: i have no would i tell?
[22:37:48] Striker: lsof
[22:37:52] CNLiberal: i just closed Myth and tried opening the video with VLC
[22:37:54] CNLiberal: no luck
[22:38:19] iamlindoro: Striker, Myth has its own imported version of ffmpeg, which is updated periodically. A new sync is in progress and will be finished hopefully-soon
[22:38:31] Striker: well, i ran into this bug:
[22:38:46] niklauz (niklauz!i=d863b241@gateway/web/ajax/ has quit (" ajax IRC Client")
[22:38:53] Striker: i have to compile mythtv with extra flags to put the include directories in the right order
[22:38:57] Striker: otherwise i get a mess
[22:38:59] iamlindoro: Myth has a medium-to-large number of specific tweaks needed, so fetching libavcodec/format/etc as an external is not feasible
[22:39:23] Striker: well that's fine, it would be nice if the include flags were in the correct order then
[22:39:27] niklauz (niklauz!i=d863b241@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #mythtv-users
[22:39:27] sid3windr: this begs the question – why does it need tweaks? do the regular libs suck so much?
[22:39:54] Striker: yeah, if they need them, changes should be sent upstream?
[22:40:06] Striker: unless they make up for mythtv's shortcommings? ;P
[22:40:07] sid3windr: depends if they're pretty specific
[22:40:09] sid3windr: but I just wonder why
[22:40:23] hads: ffmpeg likes changing a lot too
[22:40:46] iamlindoro: ffmpeg is not player software, it's encoders, decoders, and demuxers... Myth is built on libav* but it is not *just* that.. it needs tweaks specific to player software
[22:40:58] Striker: yeah...but it's quite a hassle for my distro
[22:41:15] Striker: you'd think they would just have a mini-fork or something
[22:41:21] samnoble: is there a way to set a unique player command for multiple videos? I have a hundred or so that need mplayer -aid 2.
[22:41:29] hads: Not really, your distro just build myth as myth has ffmpeg built in.
[22:41:35] iamlindoro: mv /usr/lib/libav* ~ && make && mv ~/libav* /usr/lib is a hassle?
[22:42:06] iamlindoro: anyway, fI'm sure a patch would be welcome
[22:42:10] Striker: hads: as I explained, that does not work
[22:42:18] samnoble: They're all in a coulple directories.
[22:42:34] samnoble: s/coulple/couple
[22:42:36] iamlindoro: samnoble, your answer is already in the archives from about two minutes before you entered
[22:42:44] Striker: i'm updating my distro's module for mythtv
[22:42:50] iamlindoro: and you were sent the link to them on entry, soooo
[22:42:52] Striker: which tbh, has been quite a pain ;)
[22:43:02] samnoble: I thought i was responding to that answer.
[22:43:12] iamlindoro: ah, ok
[22:43:16] iamlindoro: in that case, no :)
[22:43:24] hads: SQL?
[22:43:34] samnoble: So thank for all the help iamlindoro.
[22:43:56] iamlindoro: as hads suggests, if they are in very specific dirs then you could manage it with SQL, otherwise, it's gonna be manual
[22:44:04] Striker:
[22:44:17] Striker: ^ that's how i'm currently getting around bug #4982
[22:45:32] ** samnoble cranks nose back into shape and goes to look at phpmysql... **
[22:46:10] CNLiberal: hmmmmm
[22:46:16] CNLiberal: i can get mplayer to work
[22:46:20] CNLiberal: i'm not opposed to mplayer
[22:46:29] CNLiberal: just don't know it as well as i "thought" i knew xine
[22:46:41] Striker: i like xine over mplayer any day
[22:46:54] Striker: CNLiberal: explain exactly what the issue is?
[22:47:12] Striker: i'm confused as to if it's audio or video you dont have
[22:47:29] CNLiberal: When I change MythTV General Settings, to output sound over my Live 5.1 card, i got 5.1 working in live TV
[22:47:33] CNLiberal: sound is what i'm not getting
[22:48:00] Striker: do you have lsof installed?
[22:48:57] Striker: lsof|grep dev/snd
[22:49:09] CNLiberal: yes sound is installed and working
[22:49:09] Striker: see what actually is using your devices
[22:49:12] CNLiberal: ok myth
[22:49:19] CNLiberal: lsof?
[22:49:40] CNLiberal: hang
[22:49:41] Striker: yeah, lsof lists handles on your system
[22:50:16] CNLiberal: ok with mplayer playing...
[22:50:19] CNLiberal: i'm getting sound
[22:50:26] CNLiberal: lsof command yields this
[22:50:33] CNLiberal: joltman@HomeTheater:~/.xine$ lsof|grep dev/snd
[22:50:33] CNLiberal: xfce-mcs- 5784 joltman 6u CHR 116,0 11639 /dev/snd/controlC0
[22:50:33] CNLiberal: gmplayer 6587 joltman mem CHR 116,16 11611 /dev/snd/pcmC0D0p
[22:50:33] CNLiberal: gmplayer 6587 joltman 10u CHR 116,0 11639 /dev/snd/controlC0
[22:50:33] CNLiberal: gmplayer 6587 joltman 11r CHR 116,16 11611 /dev/snd/pcmC0D0p
[22:50:34] CNLiberal: joltman@HomeTheater:~/.xine$
[22:50:59] Striker: k, well it sounds like xine either is not opening the right device, or is not opening it properly
[22:51:07] CNLiberal: that's my guess
[22:51:16] Striker: is your Live 5.1 card 0?
[22:51:23] Striker: or do you have other cards in there?
[22:51:26] CNLiberal: that's the only card
[22:51:32] CNLiberal: this is a FE only
[22:51:48] Striker: dunno what FE means
[22:51:55] CNLiberal: FE = FrontEnd
[22:52:00] Striker: ah, k
[22:52:24] Striker: have you ever had sound in xine?
[22:52:28] CNLiberal: yep
[22:52:35] Striker: you might see if it's trying to use OSS instead of alsa
[22:52:36] CNLiberal: before i started f-in around with myth settings today
[22:52:48] CNLiberal: the default audio driver is set to auot
[22:52:51] CNLiberal: let me set it to alsa
[22:53:08] Striker: play a file in xine and see what `lsof|grep xine` shows you
[22:53:15] Striker: use pastebin this time
[22:53:31] CNLiberal: k hang
[22:53:47] samnoble: hads: iamlindoro : any pointers on how to set those custom player commands? I've got phpmyadmin pointed at the videometadata table, and mysql> prompt open but I'm all thumbs with SQL.
[22:54:51] cesman: why not just do it thru the frontend?
[22:54:54] CNLiberal: Striker:
[22:55:09] hads: cesman: He wants to do it in bulk
[22:55:31] cesman: ok
[22:55:36] cesman: have fun!
[22:55:40] hads: :)
[22:56:08] samnoble: Now I'm encouraged!
[22:56:08] hads: samnoble: Not something I've done so no. Set one by hand and then copy what it does.
[22:56:35] iamlindoro: samnoble, Bring up your video list in phpmyadminm and select the tickboxes for the ones you want to have the command.... then scroll to the very bottom of the list, and press the edit icon
[22:57:08] iamlindoro: on the resulting screen, find the field for the unique player command, and put it in, substituting %s for the filename, ie mplayer -fs -myoptions %s
[22:57:21] iamlindoro: when done, okay the changes in phpmyadmin
[22:57:24] iamlindoro: the end
[22:57:29] Octane (Octane! has quit ()
[22:57:46] samnoble: Cool I'll give it a try.
[22:58:01] cesman: "of laughter and soft lights"
[22:58:19] CNLiberal: @ striker: the pastebin shows exactly what I was getting when I was using mplayer and it was working fine
[22:58:33] Striker: CNLiberal: only thing i can think of then, is check your volume in xine
[22:58:35] Striker: yeah
[22:58:39] Striker: it should be working in that case
[22:58:45] tjcarter (tjcarter!n=tjcarter@ has quit ("new client compile")
[22:58:50] CNLiberal: should be, but not...bummer
[22:59:00] CNLiberal: i guess i can move everything over to mplayer
[22:59:09] CNLiberal: right now i'm using the mplayer gui frontend
[22:59:28] CNLiberal: i'm not sure what I should put in the command line to enable hwac3,hwdts
[22:59:41] CNLiberal: not to mention the remote commands in .lircrc/mplayer
[22:59:53] cesman: gmplayer is for the GUI
[22:59:55] samnoble: iamlindoro: which table do I start in to find my video list?
[23:00:01] cesman: mplayer won't display a GUI
[23:00:02] tjcarter (tjcarter!n=tjcarter@ has joined #MythTV-users
[23:00:12] CNLiberal: exactly my point
[23:00:21] cesman: I'd be surprised if there is no "mplayer"
[23:00:23] CNLiberal: i have made the settings changes in gmplayer, not mplayer
[23:00:30] tjcarter (tjcarter!n=tjcarter@ has quit (Client Quit)
[23:00:33] cesman: almost you should have only 1 lircrc
[23:00:42] CNLiberal: sorry, i was incorrect
[23:00:50] cesman: I'd sugggest ~/.mythtv/lircrc
[23:00:59] cesman: and ~.lircrc should be a symlink to it
[23:00:59] tjcarter (tjcarter!n=tjcarter@ has joined #MythTV-users
[23:01:02] CNLiberal: sorry
[23:01:12] CNLiberal: the path is /home/joltman/.lirc/mplayer
[23:01:24] CNLiberal: that is the lirc commands for mplayer in mythbuntu
[23:01:52] hads: cesman: If you don't use lirc for anything else on your box that makes sense.
[23:02:08] hads: Otherwise it's a little backwards.
[23:02:51] CNLiberal: i suppose i could use the internal player
[23:03:13] Striker: doesnt the internal one already use mplayer?
[23:03:19] CNLiberal: i didn't think so
[23:03:25] CNLiberal: i thought it was nuppleplayer
[23:03:29] hads: No, internal is interna
[23:03:33] Striker: oh, i know what you mean
[23:03:45] Striker: yeah, i was thinking of something else
[23:03:50] Striker: or i'm going crazy
[23:04:01] Striker: probably more likely
[23:04:23] CNLiberal: except, mplayer seems to be having difficulties with VNC
[23:04:24] CNLiberal: hehe
[23:04:26] CNLiberal: but that's ok
[23:04:53] CNLiberal: so anyone have any idea what i should use for the mplayer commands?
[23:05:30] cesman: hads: if you want to discuss using only mplayer, what are you doing in #mythtv-users?! ;)
[23:05:54] hads: cesman: :)
[23:06:08] hads: I was more referring to things like irexec etc.
[23:06:21] CNLiberal: i was more referring to the command to put into myth
[23:06:27] CNLiberal: i guess this'll be interesting figuring out
[23:07:10] Striker: man mplayer and see if you can find your hwac3 and hwdts options
[23:07:23] CNLiberal: yeah
[23:08:44] Octane (Octane! has joined #mythtv-users
[23:16:42] zlyzyr (zlyzyr! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[23:21:22] Striker: anyone know if it's possible to make mythtv pass through from the capture card with no latency, and instead record in the background?
[23:21:50] Dagmar: It's not possible.
[23:21:55] GreyFoxx: No, in the sense that there is no such code there to do that
[23:22:09] Striker: k
[23:22:16] Striker: i'll stick to tvtime then
[23:22:26] Striker: was wanting to record stuff from my Wii
[23:22:27] Striker: ;P
[23:22:53] clever: thats the 2nd time ive seen somebody wanting that this week:P
[23:22:57] Striker: it's not exactly easy to play a console with 1–2 seconds of latency
[23:23:01] CNLiberal: does mplayer support DVD menus yet?
[23:23:01] Striker: hehe
[23:23:14] Striker: it should, i think it's a command line switch
[23:23:21] clever: CNLiberal: not shure, but i know vlc handles them
[23:23:24] Striker: might require a plugin
[23:23:38] clever: but im not shure how well vlc works without a mouse
[23:23:40] GreyFoxx: CN: They do now, at least in their development code
[23:23:44] CNLiberal: ahh
[23:23:46] GreyFoxx: no idea if the releases do
[23:23:52] CNLiberal: so probably not mythbuntu
[23:23:56] GreyFoxx: but I rarely use nmplayer, and never for dvd;s
[23:24:04] clever: GreyFoxx: i can check, i have mplayer trunk
[23:25:30] clever: not shure
[23:25:37] Nutsy (Nutsy! has joined #mythtv-users
[23:25:40] clever: i did a mplayer dvd:// and it just started playing one of the titles
[23:25:52] CNLiberal: interesting
[23:25:54] Nutsy: quickly sorry anyone know how to get mth to downsample suround to stereo? im running it on my laptop but i cant find any settings for setting audio channles
[23:26:02] Nutsy: in myth or ubuntu
[23:26:44] clever: whoa
[23:26:50] clever: new profile options in mplayer
[23:26:56] clever: depending on the protocol
[23:27:00] Nutsy: ?
[23:27:12] clever: which could let me give dvd's a diff set of defaults
[23:28:51] samnoble: iamlindoro: Thanks, it's working, though %s wasn't necessary/working. Looks like the code was assuming that bit.
[23:28:59] Nutsy: does anyone know where speaker setings are ?
[23:29:06] Nutsy: settings
[23:29:15] Nutsy: setup or setup for the system
[23:30:05] iamlindoro: samnoble, you're correct, it's not necessary (but does no harm either)
[23:30:15] thetom (thetom! has joined #mythtv-users
[23:32:43] Nutsy: anyone please i really need this help ugently
[23:32:45] samnoble: iamlindoro: Buy you a <beverage> next time you're in New Mexico.
[23:33:32] iamlindoro: samnoble, ;) np
[23:33:42] thetom: I can't install mythtv on my ubuntu 7.10 can someone please help me?
[23:33:50] iamlindoro: Nutsy, take a valium
[23:34:02] iamlindoro: Utilities/Setup->Setup->General, page three or so
[23:34:17] Nutsy: i cant i have family round want to watch a film
[23:34:49] Slim-Kimbo (Slim-Kimbo! has joined #mythtv-users
[23:36:03] iamlindoro: your family wanting to watch a DVD is *not* a valid reason for going ape-shit, btw
[23:36:18] hads: Certainly not.
[23:36:25] Nutsy: im not going apeshit i just want some help m8
[23:36:58] iamlindoro: If you can't follow the straight up literal directions I gave you then you are beyond help
[23:37:08] iamlindoro: All you have to do is match those words to the words on your screen
[23:37:15] iamlindoro: from the top of your myth menus
[23:37:21] thetom (thetom! has quit ("Leaving.")
[23:37:21] ** Nutsy sighs no need to get insulting **
[23:37:24] hads: Also, the people in this channel are volunteers, they help when and if they can or feel like it.
[23:38:37] Nutsy: like i said wheres utilitys?
[23:38:49] Nutsy: its not on the myth front end nor in the nyth desktop
[23:38:55] kslater (kslater! has joined #mythtv-users
[23:38:56] Nutsy: myth
[23:39:01] iamlindoro: oh jesus tapdancing christ
[23:39:22] CNLiberal: i thought i was the only one who said that!
[23:39:24] iamlindoro: When you first run mythfrontend, read the words on your screen without touching anything and then *you* tell me where utilities/setup is
[23:39:25] CNLiberal: so nice to see someone else
[23:39:26] CNLiberal: hahaha
[23:39:40] justinh: Nutsy: put a donk on it
[23:39:41] CNLiberal: his resolution might be set REALLY low
[23:40:08] iamlindoro: Myth scales to allow for that kind of thing ;)
[23:40:17] CNLiberal: another good point
[23:40:43] Nutsy: right theres nmo menu called utilitys in the front end../
[23:40:47] Nutsy: theres setup
[23:40:50] Nutsy: i went in there
[23:40:52] justinh: utilities/setup
[23:41:00] iamlindoro: Oh well, must not exist then
[23:41:05] justinh: oh shat somebody is using the 'rubbish' menu theme
[23:41:11] iamlindoro: sounds like "DVR" to me
[23:41:25] iamlindoro: Ooooh, DVR, that sounds good, let me set Myth so that no instructions will ever make sense
[23:41:29] justinh: or the DVR theme
[23:41:39] Nutsy: its just a random one i used...
[23:42:20] iamlindoro: Oh well, on your own, as the only person ever to use that menu theme
[23:42:36] iamlindoro: and let this be a cautionary tale to the rest of you should you ever decide to start twiddling settings
[23:42:42] CNLiberal: haha
[23:42:42] justinh: run mythfrontend -O MenuTheme=Default (or maybe it should be 'default')
[23:43:10] Nutsy: right thanks.. i think i done it.
[23:44:10] Nutsy: well i did the setting its still not downsampling
[23:44:19] iamlindoro: GreyFoxx, time to take the plunge BTW, Transformers blu-ray is out on Tuesday... And just in time, the last necessary audi oformat went into libavcodec
[23:44:29] iamlindoro: (this AM)
[23:44:55] CNLiberal: ??
[23:45:01] _gunni_ (_gunni_! has joined #mythtv-users
[23:45:10] Striker: does anyone know of a guide on the mpeg2 encoder? any settings i try to use lead to severe blur and artifacts
[23:45:19] Striker: er, mpeg4?
[23:45:24] justinh: Nutsy: for setting changes to take, one must go all the way through the menu page to 'Finish'
[23:45:29] Nutsy: check doom9 forums striker
[23:45:37] justinh: Striker: check the wiki
[23:45:43] Nutsy: i did that justinh
[23:45:46] justinh: doom9 knows FA about mythtv
[23:45:50] Nutsy: does front end need restarting though?
[23:45:52] justinh: like Nutsy here
[23:45:55] niklauz: whats tuner do you recommend for a mythtv desktop pc setup
[23:46:00] Striker: i checked the forums
[23:46:02] Nutsy: he wanted to know about mpeg4 encoding not myth
[23:46:04] justinh: niklauz: one which works in linux
[23:46:05] Striker: er
[23:46:06] Striker: wiki
[23:46:21] Striker: Nutsy: i want to know about the encoding settings *in myth*
[23:46:28] Nutsy: oh right :) sorry
[23:46:31] Striker: ;P
[23:46:40] Striker: the RTjpeg encoder is great
[23:46:42] niklauz: justinh: are there any preferences here?
[23:46:52] Striker: but i cant use my myth frontend on windows with it
[23:46:55] niklauz: otherwise i'll probably just get one of the haupagges
[23:47:29] Striker: i've really liked the kworld atsc 115
[23:47:38] Striker: but this time around, i cant get it to behave :(
[23:48:14] justinh: niklauz: generally the majority of people here avoid software encoding like the plague. so that leaves mpeg2 encoders (hauppauge PVR series) & digital tuner cards. Or other, digital sources like firewire...
[23:48:24] Nutsy: oh one last thing. Anyone know if myth has anti tareing options or not
[23:48:38] justinh: Nutsy: that's up to your video drivers
[23:48:46] iamlindoro: Options to prevent one zeroing out a digital scale? I don't think so
[23:48:51] justinh: if on intel, use the opengl video renderer :)
[23:48:53] niklauz: is there a difference between analog and ditigal tuners?
[23:49:00] iamlindoro: hoooooooo boy
[23:49:07] Nutsy: im using nvidia
[23:49:11] iamlindoro: I'm not touching that question with a ten foot pole
[23:49:21] Striker: lol
[23:49:34] iamlindoro: As it would start with "Read or google you simpleton" and end with "and stay out!"
[23:49:34] justinh: iamlindoro: it's not just this channel. I see it if we go to the supermarket on a weekend too
[23:49:49] justinh: "this 'milk'.. what's it for, then?"
[23:50:14] iamlindoro: justinh, This is why I stay in with the dog and pray for nuclear strike on the weekends
[23:50:20] Nutsy: i thought the anti tareing was a video player filter/setting in MPCHC its an option to turn it on... im not sure its a driver setting in the graphics card
[23:50:22] niklauz: my question? iamlindoro?
[23:50:33] iamlindoro: Yes, your question
[23:50:37] justinh: wtf is MPCHC?
[23:50:52] iamlindoro: hell, everyone's question this afternoon
[23:50:59] niklauz: whats wrong with it?
[23:51:02] iamlindoro: tare = zero a digital scale out, tear = to rip
[23:51:06] Nutsy: media player classic home theater
[23:51:14] Nutsy: for windows
[23:51:22] Nutsy: oh sorry
[23:51:25] Nutsy: MPC HT
[23:51:25] Nutsy: :p
[23:51:46] justinh: why not just stick to windows like a good lad?
[23:51:58] Nutsy: because i dont want to?
[23:52:10] justinh: oh well. good luck then
[23:52:11] iamlindoro: I have that same emotion with answering useless questions
[23:52:12] niklauz: Nutsy wins
[23:52:17] Nutsy: Look what is it with linux users who just want to be insulting?
[23:52:25] iamlindoro: hormonal imbalance
[23:52:33] iamlindoro: it gives us huge wangs and senseless aggression
[23:52:35] iamlindoro: sorry
[23:52:40] justinh: what is it with the majority of newbies who are allergic to looking stuff up?
[23:52:43] Striker: mmm violence
[23:52:59] Striker: justinh: half the time they really dont know what to be looking for
[23:53:02] Nutsy: i dont know comming to a myth user channle is a way of looking things up
[23:53:10] Striker: and many searches just reveal other newbies looking for the same thing with no answers
[23:53:12] iamlindoro: I'm mostly just trying to end up on as jams mentioned earlier
[23:53:15] CNLiberal: alright's this for an mplayer command for myth?
[23:53:16] CNLiberal: mplayer %s -ao alsa:device=iec958 -ao hwac3,hwdts,a52
[23:53:20] iamlindoro: and you don't get there by being nice to people, nosir
[23:53:23] niklauz: most people who don't know exactly what they are looking for come here for guidance, not answers
[23:53:30] Striker: CNLiberal: looks great, test it
[23:53:35] justinh: niklauz: that's where they fail :)
[23:53:39] CNLiberal: do i need a video output standard?
[23:53:40] iamlindoro: So we guide you to google and the wiki... you're welcome!
[23:53:42] CNLiberal: what about full screen?
[23:53:49] justinh: -fs
[23:53:51] iamlindoro: CNLiberal, -vo xv -fs
[23:53:57] CNLiberal: sweet
[23:53:59] CNLiberal: thanks
[23:54:13] Striker: cant you also use opengl for video output?
[23:54:23] iamlindoro: you can, but Xv is faster
[23:54:28] CNLiberal: you can, but doesn't that only work well for compiz?
[23:54:41] Striker: that's one thing i was wondering
[23:54:48] CNLiberal: i'm not sure about that though
[23:54:50] niklauz: iamlindoro: thats fine w/ me, it's ridiculous to make it seem like i'm allergic to google
[23:54:59] Striker: the mythtv configure options have ogl toggles, but they're off by default
[23:55:00] justinh: I ended up disabling compiz. useless crap. like I love the tops of windows vanishing
[23:55:04] iamlindoro: It's ridiculous to ask questions that make us believe so
[23:55:28] iamlindoro: Striker, as they should be, there are numerous problems with it and it's very experimental
[23:55:33] CNLiberal: will that also do all my w32codec AVIs?
[23:55:42] Striker: iamlindoro: ah, thanks...that's the kinda info i was looking for
[23:55:56] iamlindoro: CNLiberal, presuming you compiled mplayer with w32codecs and you're on a 32 bit distro, yes
[23:55:58] niklauz: iamlindoro: i see, so you are the representative for the channel hah
[23:56:06] iamlindoro: yes, I'm the nice one.
[23:56:08] CNLiberal: oh hell i don't know?
[23:56:12] iamlindoro: a people person
[23:56:13] CNLiberal: mythbuntu
[23:56:13] CNLiberal: haha
[23:56:19] niklauz: iamlindoro: nice to meet you, jeez
[23:56:24] Striker: CNLiberal: safe to assume you're fine
[23:56:27] iamlindoro: CNLiberal, install the w32codecs package and you should be fine
[23:56:28] CNLiberal: sweet titties
[23:56:31] CNLiberal: i already did
[23:56:35] CNLiberal: it worked with xine
[23:56:42] iamlindoro: then you're good
[23:56:44] Striker: yeah, xine just uses mplayer's w32codecs
[23:56:47] CNLiberal: but i didn't know if it'd "just work" with mplayer like xine
[23:56:50] CNLiberal: sweet
[23:57:08] Striker: most people dont know that ;P
[23:57:36] CNLiberal: ha
[23:57:44] iamlindoro: Most people don't know most things
[23:57:48] iamlindoro: hang around, you'll see
[23:57:49] CNLiberal: now i know...and i once heard that "Knowing is half the battle"
[23:57:56] Striker: oh, i dont need to hang around for that
[23:57:56] ** justinh sets another person who sent him an unsolicited /msg to ignore **
[23:58:11] CNLiberal: i'm in the Computer Networking field...i know that "users" are dumb as fuck
[23:58:14] Striker: i help develop Lunar Linux, we get our fair share of people like that
[23:58:16] iamlindoro: justinh, did it start with "What's the deal with that iamlindoro, anyway?"  ;)
[23:58:22] niklauz: btw Nutsy, it's not linux-users, it's really more of an irc thing
[23:58:23] Nutsy: oh ffs i just wanted to know if you where talking to me...
[23:58:29] justinh: you wish
[23:58:33] Nutsy: im not new to irc thanks
[23:58:46] Nutsy: then who the hell where you talking to about opengl video rendering
[23:59:57] iamlindoro: here we see that reading has failed us once more

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