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Sunday, August 13th, 2006, 00:00 UTC
[00:00:04] Juski: IIRC the gentoo init script was changed recently-ish to make mythbackend run as the mythtv user
[00:00:34] Chicago: Hmm... well when I did it just now... I did it as root
[00:00:37] word: Chicago: for me it's mythtv-backend :-/
[00:01:00] Chicago: word: it's not mythbackend anymore?
[00:01:02] word: Ediehow: for that you'll have to call the companies and ask about the boxes they offer in your area
[00:01:13] Ediehow: k
[00:01:34] Juski: different distros (annoyingly) call the myth components different things
[00:01:39] word: yah.
[00:01:40] Juski: or rather, different packagers
[00:01:46] Juski: mythtv-setup
[00:01:48] Chicago: eh... I don't have that mythtv-backend as fr as I can tell.
[00:01:49] Juski: mythfrontend
[00:02:01] Juski: mythbackend.. anyone who makes em anything else should be shot IMHO
[00:02:05] fiXXXerMet (fiXXXerMet! has left #mythtv-users ()
[00:02:26] word: i always have to do sudo mythbackend when i start up my computer..the /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend one always has problems with ./qt
[00:02:30] Juski: Chicago: see my comment above about different packagers
[00:02:59] sphing (sphing! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[00:03:17] sphery: word: export HOME=/home/mythtv
[00:03:28] sphery: or whatever as appropriate
[00:03:57] word: what would that do? i supposed to add that to /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend?
[00:04:03] sphery: yep
[00:04:14] Chicago: Juski: Well, if myth starts working again tonight on the gentoo ebuild, I'll be happy. But then I've got to make the svn version work too... and add back in support for mythstream and all that.
[00:04:15] Saviq: found a bug in mythvideo... when importing metadata and the window that allows you to choose from different found items is up, right-arrow picks up the menu again instead of choosing the id
[00:04:23] Chicago: I kinda don't know if I messed up my /etc/mythtv directory or not.
[00:04:35] Juski: why oh why oh why have they called it mythtv-backend? it's not called that in the _official_ docs
[00:04:38] Chicago: I'm wondering what all is possible for me to have to delete to have it re-install completely fresh?
[00:04:57] sphery: Saviq: where?
[00:05:17] Saviq: when fetching data from imdb or whatever
[00:05:24] sphery: one sec...
[00:05:25] Saviq: if found more than one item
[00:05:39] word: thanks sphery :D
[00:05:46] sphery: did it work?
[00:06:04] gardengnome: Chicago: you working on svn ebuilds for gentoo?
[00:06:37] Chicago: gardengonme: eh... kinda
[00:06:55] Chicago: gardengnome: Just for my own uses lately... with the extra mythstream stuff built in.
[00:07:08] Chicago: gardengnome: I'm not a good ebuild maker
[00:07:15] Chicago: gardengnome: haven't learned to do itproper
[00:07:16] gardengnome: 02:06 < Falballa> gardengnome: 'gentoo' could be Gentoo-SVN-Ebuilds:
[00:07:26] gardengnome: maybe that's of some use for ya.
[00:08:07] Saviq: sphery: found it?
[00:08:10] sphery: Saviq: yep
[00:08:14] sphery: I see it, too.
[00:08:27] bilbravo (bilbravo! has joined #mythtv-users
[00:08:29] sphery: There's a major re-write of MythVideo in the works, and I wanted to verify it still exists.
[00:08:34] Saviq: it should choose the highlighted item
[00:08:41] Saviq: sure
[00:08:43] sphery: I'll check it out for you and see about getting a patch in.
[00:08:49] sphery: thanks for the report
[00:08:54] Saviq: n/p
[00:08:58] word: sphery: that's the error it shows when i startup..but when i run /etc/init.d/ after startup i get this -
[00:08:59] Saviq: glad I could be of use :)
[00:09:02] word: Session management error: Could not open network socket
[00:09:07] ru (ru!n=ru@ has joined #mythtv-users
[00:09:09] Chicago: gardengnome: nice certificate setup there... is sending out certs for or something
[00:09:22] ru: Saviq: sos I had to fix something quickly, u still there?
[00:09:31] ru: I cant figure out this DISPLAY
[00:09:41] Saviq: uep
[00:09:49] sphery: Saviq: BTW, you do realize that Enter selects without problem, right.
[00:09:59] Saviq: yeah of course ;]
[00:10:05] sphery: Just making sure.
[00:10:10] sphery: :)
[00:10:20] Zider (Zider!n=zider@ has quit ("Leaving")
[00:10:24] ru:
[00:10:26] Saviq: ru: the errors you've had don't have nothing with the display thing
[00:10:31] ru: oh
[00:10:34] sphery: Didn't want to leave you thinking it was completely nonfunctional.
[00:10:50] ru: It works if I run DISPLAY=:0.0 mycmd
[00:10:53] Saviq: does 'DISPLAY=:0.1 xterm &' work ?
[00:10:54] word: sphery any idea why /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend would show this error – Session management error: Could not open network socket but sudo mythbackend wouldn't?
[00:10:57] Chicago: I must have really screwed myself up... I can only tune in channels 11,12 & 13
[00:11:41] Chicago: rebooting
[00:11:48] Chicago (Chicago! has quit ("Leaving")
[00:12:03] ru: Saviq: Nope – it says cant open display 0.1
[00:12:25] ru: if I run xdpyinfo it only shows me one display
[00:13:01] ru: i think my multihead is just one continuous desktop
[00:13:14] ru: so what i have to figure out how to do is make is spawn in a certain position
[00:13:43] Saviq: looks like you don't have xinerama properly configured
[00:13:58] ru: should I pastebin my xorg.conf?
[00:14:28] Saviq: not sure I'll be able to help
[00:14:37] Saviq: and not sure it's the place for it
[00:15:11] Saviq: sphery: there's one more issue
[00:15:13] word: sphery: you there?
[00:15:34] Saviq: the aforementioned list does not display utf chars properly
[00:17:01] sphery: here now
[00:17:23] Ediehow (Ediehow! has quit ("Sho Ryu Ken")
[00:18:31] word: sphery any idea why /etc/init.d/mythtv-backend would show this error – Session management error: Could not open network socket but sudo mythbackend wouldn't?
[00:19:06] Saviq: have the same here
[00:19:08] Juski: word: mythtv-backend (sic) is running mythbackend as a different user, I expect
[00:19:30] Saviq: ot does not change anything, though...
[00:21:29] sphery: Hmmm...
[00:21:48] sphery: That's coming from QT.
[00:22:16] Saviq: yep
[00:22:33] a1fa|64 (a1fa|64!n=x86@ has joined #mythtv-users
[00:22:40] a1fa|64: anybody know of jpeg stream replicator
[00:22:58] Saviq: Session management error: Authentication Rejected, reason : None of the authentication protocols specified are supported and host-based authentication failed
[00:23:28] Saviq: QSettings: error creating /.qt
[00:23:29] Saviq: QSettings::sync: filename is null/empty
[00:23:35] Saviq: that's the according from logs
[00:23:49] Juski: is google down?
[00:23:59] a1fa|64: i got this ip video server streaming jpeg.. i want to send that stream to server X, so i can webproxy through server X, so clients YZBCBD dont have to download from the original server due to bandwidth issues
[00:24:05] Saviq: Juski: works here
[00:24:13] Juski: really?
[00:24:13] a1fa|64: msg me
[00:24:15] a1fa|64: if you have an idde
[00:24:16] a1fa|64: idea
[00:24:20] a1fa|64: i gotta go feed my pussy
[00:24:22] sphery: OK, thanks, Saviq.
[00:24:23] Saviq: though I don't think it's the same machine :]
[00:24:53] sphery: word: it means the user running myth doesn't have write permission to the HOME directory you specified (or to its .qt directory)
[00:25:18] word: yah i changed the user and now it works :D thanks.
[00:25:28] sphery: Saviq: you should be able to fix the problem by setting the HOME directory, too: export HOME=/home/mythtv
[00:25:30] Saviq: sphery: all files are mythtv's
[00:25:37] Saviq: ah
[00:26:38] sphery: Saviq: re: UTF chars, what theme are you using?
[00:26:49] linagee (linagee! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[00:27:12] Saviq: hmm... ProjectGrayhem... it's theme-specific, isn't it?
[00:27:20] Saviq: but all the others look ok
[00:27:25] ** Juski runs away **
[00:27:31] sphery: Saviq: the theme specifies the font
[00:27:38] sphery: If the font doesn't support the chars...
[00:27:48] sphery: I don't have Grayhem...
[00:27:57] Saviq: yeah but it's one font throughout the theme
[00:27:59] sphery: One sec. I'll needc more info.
[00:27:59] Juski: Saviq: you can easily change the font in my theme
[00:28:03] Saviq: and only there I have problems
[00:28:07] Juski: I used bitstream vera
[00:28:20] Saviq: don't think that's the issue...
[00:28:20] word: sphery: um..any idea why i would have to reinstall lirc everytime i restart to get it to work correctly?
[00:28:22] Saviq: wait a sec
[00:28:35] Juski: Saviq: IIRC Vera doesn't support UTF chars
[00:28:50] sphery: word: while re-installing you're doing something that doesn't get done when you restart.  ;)
[00:29:00] sphery: (i.e. like creating devices?)
[00:29:08] word: yes
[00:29:10] Saviq: Juski: but I have 'em everywhere else
[00:29:16] sphery: (or the devices that are created on restart have different names/permissions)
[00:29:22] sphery: If so, udev...
[00:29:24] Saviq: just in this list they don't appear correctly
[00:29:39] sphery:
[00:29:42] word: i know the devices aren't being created...oo different names...i don't think so..
[00:29:51] Juski: Saviq with bitstream Vera? I doubt it
[00:30:06] GE85 (GE85! has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
[00:30:06] Saviq: not sure if it's bitstream
[00:30:32] Saviq: Tahoma
[00:30:43] Juski: ah you're using the 4:3 theme
[00:30:51] Saviq: yep
[00:30:55] Juski: I never got round to changing the font
[00:31:04] Saviq: :]
[00:31:09] word: hmm i suppose i would have to restart again to find out if the devices are created under seperate names sphery..umm yah i'll restart quick brb
[00:31:20] Juski: change it to a font you like.. any that supports UTF chars properly...
[00:31:47] word (word! has quit ("Konversation terminated!")
[00:32:09] ** sphery likes that Juski does the hard work of helping **
[00:32:13] Juski: Saviq: but if you change the font be aware you might get strange effects like some of the text being cut off on screen (tweaking the font sizes will fix that)
[00:32:28] sphery: I mention an idea and Juski walks through the diagnosis and fix.  :)
[00:32:51] Juski: sphery: I'm not maintaining the 4:3 theme if I can avoid it
[00:33:06] sphery: And, Saviq, afterwards, you can send Juski a patch.  :)
[00:33:26] Saviq: changed the theme – no change
[00:33:41] Saviq: the list is still not displaying them properly
[00:33:45] Juski: Saviq: try a theme which doesn't use an MS (spit!) font
[00:34:14] Saviq: I only have GANT, blue and Project atm
[00:34:19] Juski: ah
[00:34:35] Saviq: will try changing the font
[00:34:53] sphery: Does MS Arial support the UTF chars?
[00:34:57] Saviq: Do You know which should handle unicode well?
[00:35:05] sphery: If so, you can just install the mscorefonts
[00:35:21] sphery: (for G.A.N.T./blue)
[00:36:06] Juski: aye cos if myth can't find the font specified it substitutes one...
[00:36:42] Juski: blue depends on MS corefonts too
[00:36:46] word (word! has joined #mythtv-users
[00:36:47] Saviq: yeah but all's well
[00:36:48] sphery: Yeah. Which makes diagnosis a pain because the user thinks he/she is using one, but...
[00:36:53] Saviq: I have all the chars
[00:36:57] Saviq: except for the list
[00:36:58] Chicago (Chicago! has joined #mythtv-users
[00:37:00] sphery: Yeah. G.A.N.T. and blue both use the default video-ui
[00:37:07] sphery: Saviq: My recommendation is to edit /usr/local/share/mythtv/themes/default/video-ui.xml
[00:37:26] Juski: well I think I should get my cornflakes now
[00:37:37] Saviq: cornflakes...
[00:37:45] Saviq: damn it's 2:37 am here :]
[00:37:56] Saviq: I should get my sleep now ;]
[00:38:06] sphery: and replace all occurrences of "Arial" with "Bitstream Vera Sans"
[00:38:21] evilDagmar: F**k.
[00:38:23] sphery: Not going to do a quick search/replace for us?
[00:38:25] sphery: :)
[00:38:46] evilDagmar: Apparently there's a "known problem" with several ASUS boards and the PLX bridge used in the Hauppage PVR500MCE
[00:40:33] Saviq: will the font change without killing mythfrontend?
[00:41:05] Juski: Saviq: you need to restart it
[00:41:15] Saviq: just the video part :]
[00:41:24] Saviq: now I've got a looot of squares :]
[00:41:29] Juski: yeah that should work
[00:41:44] Saviq: but it's different
[00:41:53] Saviq: in the list I get a question mark
[00:41:55] sphery: squares for the UTF chars?
[00:42:02] Saviq: as if some converting didn't work
[00:42:14] Saviq: everywhere else they're squares
[00:42:16] Saviq: yep
[00:42:23] sphery: Do you have Bitstream Vera fonts installed?
[00:42:33] sphery: Sounds like an X font substitution
[00:42:43] Saviq: yes it's here
[00:43:01] Saviq: will try serif
[00:43:02] Juski: is the name right?
[00:43:05] Saviq: just to be sure
[00:43:09] sphery: and fc-list | grep Vera
[00:43:12] Saviq: yeah it even looks right
[00:43:12] sphery: shows it?
[00:43:34] word: sphery: you were right it's being created as lirc0 :D
[00:43:41] Saviq: Bitstream Vera Sans Mono:style=Bold
[00:43:43] Saviq: Bitstream Vera Sans:style=Oblique
[00:43:43] Saviq: Bitstream Vera Sans:style=Roman
[00:43:43] Saviq: Bitstream Vera Sans Mono:style=Oblique
[00:43:43] Saviq: Bitstream Vera Sans:style=Bold
[00:43:43] Saviq: Bitstream Vera Serif:style=Roman
[00:43:44] Saviq: Bitstream Vera Sans Mono:style=Bold Oblique
[00:43:46] Saviq: Bitstream Vera Sans:style=Bold Oblique
[00:43:48] Saviq: Bitstream Vera Sans Mono:style=Roman
[00:43:50] Saviq: Bitstream Vera Serif:style=Bold
[00:43:52] Saviq: sorry for the flood...
[00:43:59] sphery: word:
[00:44:16] sphery: One sec for a more mythtv-specific post...
[00:44:16] Saviq: ok trying serif
[00:44:28] Saviq: same here
[00:44:33] Saviq: a lot of squares
[00:45:07] Saviq: and a question mark in the found-movie list
[00:45:24] Juski: oh hell.. video-ui uses Verdana
[00:45:31] Juski: sorry!
[00:45:34] Saviq: yes
[00:45:35] sphery: word:
[00:45:43] Saviq: and with Verdana all was well
[00:45:52] sphery: word:
[00:45:53] Saviq: apart from the found-movie list
[00:46:02] Juski: ahhh...
[00:46:45] Saviq: so imo it's not imported properly from the script
[00:46:47] sphery: So, Juski are we finding out that Verdana is the one we want?
[00:47:14] Saviq: back with verdana and all's ok – except for the list
[00:47:36] sphery: Juski: do you know the window name of the list of IMDB search results?
[00:48:10] word: sphery: it looks like i can just edit /etc/sysconfig/lircd to use lirc0 instead.. do you think that would solve this?
[00:48:20] Juski: sphery: I'm looking for that
[00:48:24] Sebulba02 (Sebulba02!n=Sebulba0@pdpc/supporter/active/Darth-Sebulba04) has joined #mythtv-users
[00:48:50] Saviq: not sure about the imdb script if it spits out utf at all
[00:48:53] word: sphery: distro doesn't have that file lol..
[00:48:58] Saviq: ofdb goes with latin1
[00:49:16] Saviq: but I've written myself one to import from my own db
[00:49:23] Saviq: and it's all utf
[00:49:49] sphery: word: that works if it's consistently called lirc0
[00:51:25] Juski: seems I have a font type used which isn't defined... :-/ 'display'
[00:52:04] word: sphery: yes it seems to be you know what file configs that?
[00:53:01] word: oh nevermind i got it
[00:53:03] word: thanks :D
[00:54:21] newevmsuser (newevmsuser! has joined #mythtv-users
[00:55:02] Juski: damn MTV showing the same south park episodes time & again
[00:55:41] Saviq: heh
[00:55:56] John1 (John1! has joined #mythtv-users
[00:56:52] Juski: it's like 2am here so I'm way too tired to be looking at my themes. at some point in the near future I'll be re-jigging em
[00:57:03] linagee (linagee! has joined #mythtv-users
[00:57:26] Juski: like when I've got windows dual-booting – I can't abide GIMP for editing graphics
[00:57:37] briand (briand! has joined #mythtv-users
[00:57:44] briand: greetings, all.
[00:57:53] gardengnome: Juski: what about gimpshop?
[00:57:59] Juski: gimpshop?
[00:58:02] Saviq: You know vmware-server's free now?
[00:58:11] Sebulba02: gimpshop, heh
[00:58:46] Juski: Saviq: running XP on vmware is as lame as running XP natively, so I may aswell not bother with vmware
[00:59:14] sphery: Juski: I'm thinking it's moviesel
[00:59:35] Juski: oh I just saw the gimpshop freshmeat page. it's still GIMP underneath – teh suck
[01:00:02] dscoular` (dscoular`! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[01:00:02] dscoular (dscoular! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[01:00:09] dscoular (dscoular! has joined #mythtv-users
[01:00:15] Juski: not that I use photoshop for anything other than making buttons either...
[01:00:56] Juski: I tried inkscape.. how the hell anybody makes good looking icons in that is beyond my comprehension
[01:02:10] Saviq: whoa.... I'm at "H" with my movielist :]
[01:02:26] Saviq: good myth can't hold the data for movies on cds
[01:03:29] majesty (majesty! has quit (" HydraIRC -> <- The dawn of a new IRC era")
[01:04:00] sphery: Saviq: what do you mean, "can't" ;)
[01:04:04] sphery:
[01:04:07] sphery:
[01:04:26] Saviq: ok "is not supposed to" ;]
[01:04:41] majesty (majesty! has joined #mythtv-users
[01:04:47] sphery: I set it up on mine and a friend's.
[01:04:51] sphery: I have like 10 DVD's.
[01:05:05] Saviq: hehe nice
[01:05:06] sphery: He's has well over 500....
[01:05:22] sphery: His MythVideo is pretty impressive looking.
[01:05:26] KyleAnderson (KyleAnderson!n=Solar@ has joined #mythtv-users
[01:05:56] Saviq: yah...
[01:06:07] Saviq:
[01:06:16] Gumby (Gumby!n=gumby@unaffiliated/gumby) has quit (Connection timed out)
[01:06:21] Saviq: I'm getting close on 1k :]
[01:06:36] sphery: nice
[01:06:36] word: how much storage do you guys have?
[01:06:52] Saviq: most of those i have on cds
[01:06:54] sphery: I have 360GB in my SDTV system. Will have >1TB in my HDTV system.
[01:07:07] Saviq: I have 380GB here
[01:07:13] sphery: You should go out an buy 23 movies, just to get to 1000.
[01:07:16] Saviq: and some more at my pop's :]
[01:07:21] Saviq: buy?
[01:07:31] sphery: of course
[01:07:32] Saviq: sorry but I can't achieve buying movies...
[01:07:42] electrichamster (electrichamster! has quit (Client Quit)
[01:07:43] Saviq: I'm in Poland, you know...
[01:07:47] word: do you all have user jobs / auto run commands to transcode the videos?
[01:07:55] sphery: Nope
[01:08:04] Saviq: a dvd costs 1/10 of a standard month's salary
[01:08:05] sphery: I don't generally transcode
[01:09:30] word: hmm..nuvexport seems to work good but i can't figure out if it has command line options to automatically run
[01:09:52] word: make it run without having to select which shows etc.
[01:10:33] word: is there another command line app to do that?
[01:10:47] ** sphery --looking at the clock--gives up plan to cook steaks and goes to throw a frozen pizza in the oven, instead **
[01:11:20] ru: Damnit I cant figure out how to make things launch in different xinerama screens
[01:11:27] ru: there must be a way to do it, because mythfrontend can
[01:12:12] Saviq: yeah but it asks the xserver directly I think...
[01:12:30] sapbeast (sapbeast! has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
[01:12:37] nosatalian (nosatalian! has joined #mythtv-users
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[01:15:11] Gumby (Gumby!n=gumby@unaffiliated/gumby) has joined #mythtv-users
[01:15:37] Juski: damn. 2:15am. time for bed
[01:15:45] Juski (Juski! has quit ("My village called. They want their idiot back")
[01:15:57] Saviq: yep... 3:15 here
[01:16:24] Saviq: sleep well
[01:17:48] gardengnome: sleep is overrated.
[01:19:49] Saviq: yeah and showers are for the weak
[01:20:49] word: not when you have long hair
[01:21:15] word: after a couple of days..your scalp starts to hurt everytime your hair moves
[01:21:32] Sebulba02: keep it short..
[01:21:33] word: and the itching ><
[01:21:45] Sebulba02: or shave it off
[01:21:57] word: i'm doing it for charity ;p
[01:22:16] ** gardengnome is doing it because he's too lazy to get it cut. **
[01:22:17] Saviq: yeah... I have dreadlocks ;]
[01:22:37] hashbang (hashbang! has quit ("Client exiting")
[01:22:39] ** gardengnome arrests Saviq for being a potential cause of civil unrest **
[01:23:00] ** Saviq runs away and hides behind the bush **
[01:23:26] gardengnome: heh
[01:23:39] Sebulba02: hey, is that bush singing?
[01:23:58] Saviq: yeah... sleeep
[01:24:11] linagee (linagee! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[01:25:16] Saviq: ok... that's it..
[01:25:30] Saviq: I'm going to have a sleep
[01:25:36] Saviq: take kare
[01:25:38] Saviq: *care
[01:26:05] gardengnome: bye Saviq
[01:26:14] Saviq is now known as SAFiK
[01:26:27] SAFiK is now known as sAFiK
[01:26:57] evilDagmar: I think I may take up woodcarving if this next attempted fix doesn't do it.
[01:27:11] evilDagmar: I'm actually about to go to CompUSA and pay too much for a PCI version of the 5200
[01:27:29] evilDagmar: Apparently you can't use the AGP port and a PVR-500MCE on pretty much any ASUS A8V board
[01:27:47] gardengnome: complain to ASUS?
[01:28:01] evilDagmar: I am seeing threads reporting the problem going back to this time LAST YEAR
[01:28:20] evilDagmar: There's apparently a BIOS for the A8V Deluxe that is supposed to fix it, but not for the A8V
[01:28:37] evilDagmar: I think ASUS has pretty much written it off
[01:29:05] gardengnome: that's bad :/
[01:29:42] evilDagmar: If this doesn't work, I'm ordering another goddamn 939dual-SATA2
[01:30:08] evilDagmar: It's just embarassing that the "economy" board I have from ASRock is working better than two different models ASUS makes
[01:30:31] evilDagmar: I am having such a complete lack of problems from the ASRock board
[01:32:05] gr00ve_ (gr00ve_! has joined #mythtv-users
[01:36:37] gardengnome: heh
[01:36:45] gardengnome: my elitegroup board works surprisingly well, too
[01:37:09] gr00ve_: does anyone have an nvidia card working with xorg at 720x480 ?
[01:39:25] word: 720x480?
[01:40:51] gr00ve_: ntsc-m tvout via svideo
[01:40:57] Sebulba02: widescreen
[01:44:46] word: oh..i'm running 640x480 for my tv out :-/
[01:44:49] gr00ve_: GreyFoxx was saying the other night that 720x480 with 100% overscan results in a much better picture
[01:45:08] gr00ve_: i'm at 640x480 also, but i wanted to give it a try to see if it made any difference
[01:46:11] word: you thinking about it or did you try and it mess up on you?
[01:46:26] gr00ve_: thinking about it
[01:46:32] gr00ve_: i have to wait a while before i have a window
[01:46:36] gr00ve_: the box is busy at the moment
[01:46:53] word: ah
[01:47:10] gr00ve_: but i see in my xorg log that 720x480 is outside my defined vert refresh so i may either not be able to do it with my set, or my vrefresh setting may be incorrect for a tv
[01:47:53] word: i would make a seperate box to run mythbackend on..but the only processor i have extra of is a 450 mhz pent 3 ><
[01:48:40] gr00ve_: i don't really fret much about screwing things up – i have enough slack space on the data drive to support a full backup of the os disk, so i just create a full system backup prior to mucking around and i roll it right back to where i started if it doesn't work out
[01:49:02] gr00ve_: a 450 p3 is okay for recording with a hauppauge card
[01:49:15] gr00ve_: it's not gonna do spit for running jobs though
[01:49:38] word: heh yah..
[01:49:48] word: how much memory would it need?
[01:49:48] gr00ve_: i first set up myth about a year ago on a 550 p3 and it ran the db, back and frontends
[01:50:09] gr00ve_: i'm not gonna tell you it was a high performance system, but i didn't transcode back then and it was liveable
[01:50:18] gr00ve_: i had 384megs in that box and it was fine at the time
[01:50:26] varsendaggr (varsendaggr! has joined #mythtv-users
[01:50:36] varsendaggr: yes
[01:50:39] gr00ve_: i have a similar box now( everything on one ) – it's got a gig, but i believe 512 would be plenty
[01:51:00] gr00ve_: i'm also a little bit confused about mpeg2 decoding with my system
[01:51:26] gr00ve_: i was under the impression that the nvidia cards do mpeg2 decoding, but i don't know if that's automagic or if i have to somehow set up driver support for it or whatever
[01:51:31] word: ah..another problem..the big hd i got is sata and i don't have any extra boards with sata.. :(
[01:51:40] gr00ve_: oh
[01:52:00] varsendaggr: hey i have a quick question, i run ubuntu and i want to get a video card that i can use to hookup my xbox to my machine and also use mythtv what card should i get? will just any do?
[01:52:09] gr00ve_: yeah i'm in a similar boat here... i have some pata drives and no great place to put them, and i'd rather get new sata drives but i'm out of ports for 'em
[01:52:38] gr00ve_: vidcard to hook up your xbox to your pc in what way?
[01:53:07] word: if you want just one card... and you're talking about getting video from your xbox and sending video to a tv or something.. a card with vivo
[01:53:18] word: vivo = video in video out
[01:53:33] word: i don't know if you can use both functions at the same time..or if there's a way to do it on linux though..
[01:54:10] linagee (linagee! has joined #mythtv-users
[01:54:25] gr00ve_: i think the ati all-in-wonder cards are a bit of a hassle in linux (those are vivo's)
[01:55:00] varsendaggr: i have a nice video card that i would like to keep as video in
[01:55:01] LLyric (LLyric! has joined #mythtv-users
[01:55:12] varsendaggr: rather video out
[01:55:30] gr00ve_: varsendaggr – do you want to record the xbox output or view it in a PIP type window?
[01:55:49] gr00ve_: or you just want to display the xbox on a pc monitor instead of a tv ??
[01:56:13] varsendaggr: yes view the displat on the pc monitor
[01:56:38] varsendaggr: but idealy i'd like to have a media center type of a setup
[01:56:43] gr00ve_: if may be as cheap/easy to get a box to convert svideo or composite out on your xbox to vga for you monitor and use a switcher if your monitor has only one input
[01:57:17] gr00ve_: the media center thing is a bit easier to do going in the other direction (ie displaying xbox / pc output on a tv screen )
[01:57:31] varsendaggr: hmmm
[01:57:56] varsendaggr: sot the svideo is proabably output on my video card...
[01:58:04] gr00ve_: what's the card?
[01:58:16] varsendaggr: gforce 5600
[01:58:18] gr00ve_: that's usually the case if there's just one svid port and a vga or dvi out
[01:58:30] varsendaggr: i think so
[01:58:33] gr00ve_: yeah i believe that's an svid out for playing video to the tv
[01:58:42] varsendaggr: yeah
[01:58:44] varsendaggr: ...
[01:59:10] gr00ve_: you'd need a capture card, setup the video4linux kernel drivers for that capture card, and then some sort of software to play it back on the pc
[01:59:51] gr00ve_: which can be as simple as running mplayer directly from the video stream from the capture card( you can actually do mplayer /dev/video0 for example, if /dev/video0 is what v4l driver creates as a capture device node)
[02:00:03] gr00ve_: but be advised if you're going that route, there's usually a bit of a latency in what you see
[02:00:19] gr00ve_: the capture card is digitizing an analog signal from your xbox so you'll see your video lagging a bit
[02:00:24] gr00ve_: that's not really practical for the xbox
[02:00:31] varsendaggr: my wife tricked me. she told me i could get a new tv if i sell my two tvs now i sold them no dice on the new tv
[02:00:36] varsendaggr: yeah
[02:01:03] gr00ve_: varsendaggr – you mean you no longer have a tv that's "local" to your xbox?
[02:01:09] varsendaggr: yeah
[02:01:14] varsendaggr: none
[02:01:32] gr00ve_: varsendaggr – wow. you have to hide all her makeup or something, now.  ;o
[02:01:40] varsendaggr: i know
[02:01:43] varsendaggr: i will
[02:01:45] gr00ve_: haha
[02:01:50] varsendaggr: she tricked me bad
[02:02:16] gr00ve_: varsendaggr – that's a drag... i'm thinking...
[02:02:34] gr00ve_: varsendaggr – yeah i believe you can get a converter that'll be relatively cheap and go svid -> vga
[02:02:47] gr00ve_: you're still plug swapping unless your monitor can do 2 inputs and switch or you happen to have a kvm around
[02:03:23] varsendaggr: hmm
[02:03:45] varsendaggr: i kinda thought that the "media center idea was easier
[02:03:55] varsendaggr: or less TV intensive
[02:04:19] gr00ve_: well – you can look around the web and maybe find a forum where people are discussing the ati vivo-type cards to see
[02:04:22] varsendaggr: ha ha ha
[02:04:28] gr00ve_: i think in windows way back i had an ati 9600 or similar
[02:04:40] gr00ve_: and it was doing a vga display in a window from the svid input
[02:04:51] varsendaggr: gr00ve_, what do you run now?
[02:04:55] varsendaggr: OS
[02:04:57] gr00ve_: i think that was relatively realtime. the trick would be achieving that in linux... not sure how difficult it'd be to be honest
[02:05:20] gr00ve_: varsendaggr – i have windows machines to this day, but i'm not messing with svid or capture cards on them anymore
[02:05:24] varsendaggr: yeah ATI is a horendous bizzach
[02:05:34] gr00ve_: varsendaggr – these days i'm running mythtv on an nvidia geforce mx440
[02:05:40] varsendaggr: co9ol
[02:05:42] varsendaggr: cool
[02:06:04] gr00ve_: varsendaggr – and that's running more or less fine. i'm still trying to get a little better image quality out of it – that's a constant evolution, but everything works well
[02:06:29] gr00ve_: i use the xbox, myth, timewarner cable box through one set with an svid/composite 4-way switchbox
[02:06:40] gr00ve_: that works really well, but i have a few too many remotes!
[02:07:04] varsendaggr: you should get one of those 70 remotes at Radio shack
[02:07:13] gr00ve_: eventually i hope to get around to figuring that end of things out – i'd like one master remote that can work with myth/tv/cablebox/etc
[02:07:30] varsendaggr: yeah that one will do it and it is cool
[02:07:35] gr00ve_: varsendaggr – which remote at the shack? and do you know how to get myth to use it?
[02:07:43] gr00ve_: oh is it called a "70"
[02:07:59] ** LLyric swears at this ATI card. Crappy drivers, uugh **
[02:08:17] varsendaggr: oooo i don't know about myth tv but it is $70
[02:08:36] gr00ve_: LLyric – don't despair – spend $30 on ebay for a geforce mx-440 card and save yourself the grief
[02:08:46] LLyric: gr00ve_: can't, laptop
[02:08:48] gr00ve_: they're cheap and they work great and there's tons of people using htem that can help
[02:08:55] gr00ve_: oh. in that case, go fish. bummer
[02:09:46] gr00ve_: varsendaggr – yeah that's one stumbling block – i want it to be a true universal. i know there's another( not lirc ) IR remote software package that works with more remotes... i need to dig around to find out what works best and see if any is compatible with everything i have
[02:10:22] gr00ve_: varsendaggr – that's kind of low on my list now, because it feels like it's gonna be a drawn out pain of a process to find one and get everything programmed and working. i have bigger fish to fry
[02:10:45] gr00ve_: varsendaggr – if i were smarter, i'd buy stock in duracell. i'm sure helping them to stay in business
[02:10:52] varsendaggr: good
[02:12:32] varsendaggr: gr00ve_, should i be looking for a tuner card or a capture card?
[02:12:46] gr00ve_: varsendaggr – did you mean one of these?
[02:12:48] gr00ve_: . . . tPage=search
[02:13:13] gr00ve_: varsendaggr – eh – probably a capture card, but with the caveats i mentioned
[02:13:44] varsendaggr: what is dvb?
[02:13:45] gr00ve_: varsendaggr – a tuner card will usually be a coax input and it's trying to demodulate channel information – the svideo signal isn't a coax modulated signal so that's not useful for you
[02:13:52] gr00ve_: digital video board
[02:14:03] varsendaggr: nop taht isn't it
[02:14:06] gr00ve_: you'd use that to interface with digital cable
[02:14:20] gr00ve_: hmmm – that's the one that was $70 – there's a few others around that range though
[02:14:29] gr00ve_: do you remember what it was called or the brand or anything?
[02:14:51] gr00ve_: there's a one-for-all kameleon 6-dev control for $60
[02:15:01] John1: how do I compile saa7115 in 2.6.17 r4, it doesn't seem to be listed in menuconfig, and CONFIG_VIDEO_SAA7115 and SAA711X=m both raise errors in the .config file
[02:15:22] gr00ve_: that rings a bell
[02:15:32] varsendaggr: yeah the kameleon is killer
[02:16:04] gr00ve_: okay cool, thanks, i'll see what i can find out about using it with myth
[02:16:26] gr00ve_: John1 – i seem to recall reading something just recently about that module and the new kernels – i think something may have broken
[02:16:36] John1: heh
[02:16:50] gr00ve_: John1 – do you _have_ to have 2.6.17? they've been changing some things lately and stuff's a bit broken
[02:17:33] John1: I don't, but it's what I've got working right now
[02:17:41] John1: I wanted to go with ivtv 0.7.0
[02:17:52] gr00ve_: yeah – that's bleeding edge, i'm not sure how well it's working for everyone yet
[02:18:25] gr00ve_: let me see if i can dig up whatever i'd seen about that module to see if it was 2.6.17 and 0.7.0 problems or not
[02:18:28] gr00ve_: give me a minute
[02:18:35] John1: thanks
[02:18:46] gr00ve_: btw – what sort of errors are you getting?
[02:19:27] John1: ivtv says it couldn't load the saa7115 module, I get zero-length output from cat /dev/video0, and dmesg shows i2c addr 0x21 not found for command.. errors
[02:20:24] gr00ve_: when you modprobe ivtv
[02:20:35] gr00ve_: what do you see in messages or dmesg output for the ivtv section?
[02:20:37] gr00ve_: does it report problems?
[02:21:00] gr00ve_: you might use the pastebot to post the ivtv driver init messages from /var/log/messages
[02:21:05] gr00ve_: and the output of lsmod
[02:21:07] linagee (linagee! has quit (Connection timed out)
[02:21:32] John1: it gives one i2c addr not found, and failed to load module saa7115 – but everythign else looks good
[02:22:15] John1: running this on different computers, pastebot might be difficult to use right now
[02:23:04] gr00ve_: ok
[02:23:15] KyleAnderson (KyleAnderson!n=Solar@ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[02:23:21] varsendaggr: . . . p;CatId=1425
[02:23:22] notwoohoo (notwoohoo! has left #mythtv-users ()
[02:23:32] Tobin (Tobin! has quit (Client Quit)
[02:23:38] varsendaggr: hey grove wouldn't that do it? ^^^^^
[02:24:18] gr00ve_: that looks promising – so long as it has linux support for watching the input w/o delay
[02:24:51] varsendaggr: ahhh
[02:24:59] gr00ve_: John1 – getting there one sec
[02:25:30] gr00ve_: John1 – here's what i'd seen, and this describes the problem you'll face
[02:25:32] gr00ve_: > > The other problem was that ivtv 0.7.0 no longer supplies the
[02:25:38] majesty (majesty! has quit (" HydraIRC -> <- The dawn of a new IRC era")
[02:25:39] gr00ve_: > > saa7115 driver because they are removing modules in favour of the
[02:25:39] gr00ve_: > > Linux kernel v4l modules, but the kernel now considers the
[02:25:39] gr00ve_: > > existing saa7115 driver to be obsolete because it doesn't conform
[02:25:39] gr00ve_: > > with the v4l2 spec.
[02:25:39] gr00ve_: > This were a mistake. The trouble is that we had 3 different modules for
[02:25:40] gr00ve_: > saa711x family. This should be corrected at 2.6.18-git trees.
[02:25:40] varsendaggr: i have a buddy that ran his game cube through the monitor on a gentoo box so i think he may help me
[02:25:53] John1: heh
[02:26:09] gr00ve_: varsendaggr – yeah that's best if you know someone who's got it working already, that way the config's all ironed out for you
[02:26:09] John1: fun stuff :)
[02:26:23] majesty (majesty! has joined #mythtv-users
[02:26:30] varsendaggr (varsendaggr! has quit ("Leaving")
[02:26:31] gr00ve_: John1 – yeah – my impression of the kernel is that 2.6 is not very stable at the moment
[02:26:40] gr00ve_: John1 – to be more fair – 2.6.16+ is not so stable
[02:27:22] John1: I guess I'll just drop back to 2.6.15, then
[02:27:41] gr00ve_: tons of changes going on and it's causing ripples of instability and incompatibility. this will be ironed out in another rev or two, but i think in 6 months from now you'll see people avoiding 2.6.16 – 2.6.17 or so and using <= 2.6.15 or >= 2.6.18ish
[02:28:03] gr00ve_: this happened in 2.4 also right around 2.4.9/2.4.10 when they swapped in a new VMM and it f'd everything up for a short time
[02:28:09] inthemedium (inthemedium! has quit ("leaving")
[02:28:34] gr00ve_: if you stay back a few rev's you'll have less technical bushwacking to do
[02:29:06] GreyFoxx: The real problem is that unlike they use to there is no dev branch. No 2.7.x for development to go on
[02:29:17] gr00ve_: yeah brilliant plan...
[02:29:24] GreyFoxx: so now development crap is going into 2.6
[02:29:28] John1: so all new stuff gets dumped right into 'production' type versions
[02:29:32] gr00ve_: we'll let the "vendors" do the stabilization for themselves... way to go kernel folk
[02:29:46] John1: so, port mythtv to freebsd? :P
[02:29:49] gr00ve_: GreyFoxx – i predict that linus will revert to the old model at some point
[02:29:51] John1: I suppose v4l would have issues there
[02:30:00] GreyFoxx: John1: It already compiles there
[02:30:14] GreyFoxx: and there was support for the pvr cards on it
[02:30:20] John1: oh, cool
[02:30:25] GreyFoxx: no idea if it still works currently
[02:30:33] bsdfox: John1, there is a freebsd port for pvr-250 cards
[02:30:41] gr00ve_: linux works fine provided you stay in tested waters
[02:30:50] majesty (majesty! has quit (Client Quit)
[02:30:53] gr00ve_: ivtv-0.4.6 on kernel 2.6.15 or earlier works fine for most
[02:31:23] CyberKnet (CyberKnet! has joined #MythTV-Users
[02:31:28] gr00ve_: as far as i know there's no real advantage to 0.6.x or 0.7.x, it's mostly just moving some drivers from ivtv to the kernel, and trying to adjust to kernel interface adjustments...
[02:31:39] gr00ve_: all the bugfixes and improvements are backported to 0.4.x
[02:31:47] GreyFoxx: heh I still use 0.2.0rcj + on my master backend :)
[02:32:20] gr00ve_: more power to ya, i bet that's very stable, too
[02:32:27] GreyFoxx: solid as a rock
[02:32:48] gr00ve_: i think some people with very new hauppauge cards may have reason to go to the 0.4 series for better card support/detection
[02:33:06] gr00ve_: but for anyone with an older card the stable series worked great. i always ran 0.3 until recently and had no problems
[02:33:07] GreyFoxx: All my PVR's are 250's
[02:33:19] gr00ve_: i heard those do mpeg2 decoding
[02:33:49] John1: hmm.. I've also got a BT787, some sort of Win-TV card, should I do anything special to avoid conflicts?
[02:33:52] GreyFoxx: The PVR FreeStyle (250) has the same chip as the 350 and is capable of decoding
[02:34:04] GreyFoxx: but there isn't anything connected to it';s output
[02:34:27] Beirdo: GreyFoxx, some numbers for ya
[02:34:31] gr00ve_: GregF – weird, so how do you get decoding from it? does it actually work?
[02:34:44] Beirdo: the 6600:
[02:34:49] gr00ve_: GregF... ugh.. GreyFoxx i mean
[02:34:56] Beirdo: 2006-Aug-12 22:34:33.059412 [13820] <0> 483 frames in 15.022089 (32.15 FPS)
[02:35:03] GreyFoxx: gr00ve_: You can't use it for decoding really. Well the chip can do it, there just isn't anything connected for you to see the output :)
[02:35:04] Beirdo: the FX5500 PCI
[02:35:11] gr00ve_: John1 – eh not sure in your case – it'll depend on what you obtain
[02:35:12] Beirdo: 2006-Aug-12 22:34:33.061112 [13821] <1> 138 frames in 14.870070 (9.28 FPS
[02:35:27] Beirdo: and that was taking YUV420P into the GPU and back out.
[02:35:31] GreyFoxx: Beirdo: Whatsort of operations?
[02:35:32] GreyFoxx: ahhh
[02:35:40] Beirdo: most of that will be the PCI or AGP bus
[02:35:45] gr00ve_: John1 – if it's another BT787 based card, you can usually pass driver options for both cards as a comma separated list, for example, something like
[02:35:55] gr00ve_: options ivtv ivtv_debug=1,0
[02:36:34] Beirdo: 624x464 frame size
[02:37:40] sphery: heh. I use ivtv 0.2.0-rc3j--same as GreyFoxx
[02:37:47] gr00ve_: John1 – you may not even need to pass any options depending on your card/driver – but if you do, that's how you can differentiate between two instances of the same type of card in one system. you can always pop in here and ask, and someone will be able to help
[02:38:33] majesty (majesty! has joined #mythtv-users
[02:38:42] GreyFoxx: Beirdo: If you can spread the frames/operations over several cards simultaneously that might be nifty
[02:38:50] GreyFoxx: without saturating the bus that is
[02:39:10] Beirdo: yeah, that was feeding both cards
[02:39:23] Beirdo: so an aggregate of 40ish FPS
[02:39:45] gr00ve_: beirdo – is that SLI or something?
[02:39:50] Beirdo: no
[02:40:17] Beirdo: I'm feeding the frames to the cards with my own software :)
[02:40:22] KaZeR (KaZeR! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[02:40:28] Beirdo: now I just need to get the GPUs to DO something with em
[02:40:44] gr00ve_: beirdo – woah, nilly. playback / opengl ?
[02:40:52] KaZeR (KaZeR! has joined #mythtv-users
[02:41:05] Beirdo: using OpenGL, yes, but for transcoding, not playback
[02:41:10] gr00ve_: that's like software sli, almost...
[02:41:28] Beirdo: I'm decoding the frames in software (ffmpeg libs) at this point
[02:41:56] Beirdo: the 8x AGP is WAY faster than the PCI though
[02:41:59] Beirdo: as expected
[02:42:08] Beirdo: I bet readback is almost the same though
[02:42:12] gr00ve_: beirdo – that's awesome. trying ot get the gpu's to do the transcode.... they don't have algorithms built in for that sort of thing do they?
[02:42:34] [1]majesty ([1]majesty! has joined #mythtv-users
[02:42:40] Beirdo: no they don't (that I've heard of)
[02:42:49] Beirdo: to start, I want to put denoising in there
[02:43:07] gr00ve_: beirdo – so you want the gpu to do the transcode? or did i misunderstand
[02:43:08] Beirdo: and that will be a mindfuck for a bit, denoising algorithms are nasty
[02:43:22] Beirdo: yeah, I want the GPU to do it eventually if possible
[02:43:28] gr00ve_: beirdo – can you send your own code to the gpu that it will execute?
[02:43:34] Beirdo: yes
[02:43:39] Beirdo: precisely
[02:44:00] gr00ve_: beirdo – that's really interesting. i thought they just provided standard function that were built into the rom on the cards.. didn't realize they had a memory segment for code that you could send to them
[02:44:29] Beirdo: there are two programmable units in the current GPUs
[02:44:36] gr00ve_: beirdo – how friggin' cool. given the power of gpu's these days, and the speed of their ddr3 memory... that could be a huge performance boost, not to mention that the cpu can do other things
[02:44:40] Beirdo: one for vertices, one for fragments.
[02:44:53] gr00ve_: beirdo – do you need a special compiler for the gpu?
[02:44:58] Beirdo: yeah, but the PCI bus will get nicely slammed
[02:44:58] Beirdo: hehe
[02:45:07] Beirdo: yeah, nvidia provides one
[02:45:19] Beirdo: there are others too
[02:45:45] gr00ve_: beirdo – that's great.. is it c/c++  ? i wonder if you can more or less just recompile ffmpeg onto the gpu. i understand it'll never be that simple, but...
[02:46:18] Beirdo: oh good god, that would never work
[02:46:23] gr00ve_: beirdo – or whatever contains the algo for the transcode, if it's not in ffmpeg
[02:46:37] Beirdo: it's C-like, but not C
[02:46:56] Beirdo: and is seriously limited as to number of instructions, etc
[02:46:59] gr00ve_: beirdo – oh great. you're into it, then. you'll be rewriting the transcode and denoise algo's by hand, sounds like
[02:47:08] Beirdo: pretty much
[02:47:19] Beirdo: tis fun, but hurts the brain
[02:47:27] gr00ve_: hope you're a mathematician
[02:47:29] gr00ve_: ;o
[02:47:40] Beirdo: electrical engineering degree
[02:47:43] Beirdo: I should do fine
[02:47:53] gr00ve_: that's in the right direction, for sure
[02:49:01] gr00ve_: assuming you get that working – will it work across the whole nvidia card series supported by their current drivers?
[02:49:12] Beirdo: no
[02:49:16] gr00ve_: like the mx, 5200/6200 series, etc
[02:49:21] Beirdo: just FX5200 and up
[02:49:22] gr00ve_: it's for a specific card?
[02:49:24] gr00ve_: ah okay
[02:49:40] Beirdo: as before that they didn't have a programmable fragment processor
[02:49:41] gr00ve_: that's not so bad... how much mem is in those modern cards, anyway? are the all 256 and 512 now?
[02:49:52] Beirdo: I might be able to get older ones to do SOMETHING though
[02:50:11] Beirdo: 64M -> 256M are the usual ones
[02:50:19] gr00ve_: i don't know a ton about mpeg processing – are the data sets that it has to examine( i'd assume a few adjacent frames ) small enough to easily fit in the card memory?
[02:50:21] Beirdo: I don't think I've seen a 512
[02:50:32] Beirdo: should be
[02:50:46] gr00ve_: such a great idea. i hope you get that working
[02:50:56] Beirdo: I'll certainly try
[02:50:58] gr00ve_: so you had two cards – is one agp and one pci
[02:51:03] Beirdo: I'm over the biggest hurdle
[02:51:05] linagee (linagee! has joined #mythtv-users
[02:51:06] gr00ve_: the framerates were really disparate...
[02:51:09] Beirdo: yeah
[02:51:16] gr00ve_: okay, that makes sense
[02:51:24] Beirdo: the AGP 8x is much faster
[02:51:31] gr00ve_: how do you decide which frames to send to which card?
[02:51:35] Beirdo: and PCIe should smoke that pretty well
[02:51:46] Beirdo: I just feed the next frame available
[02:51:51] gr00ve_: mpeg would want to see adjacent frames right? i'd assume those frames would need to be on the same card
[02:52:04] Beirdo: eventually, yeah
[02:52:21] Beirdo: for now, I want to do denoising which just requires 2 adjacent frames
[02:52:33] Beirdo: so I will be loading in 2 frames every time
[02:52:33] John1: gr00ve_, thanks for the help, btw .. working on it now
[02:52:42] gr00ve_: is that a well-know / published algo for it or are you designing your own?
[02:52:56] regicide666 (regicide666! has joined #mythtv-users
[02:53:00] Beirdo: unless I make it smart to realize it already HAS one of the frames
[02:53:10] word: where does mythmusic keep its files?
[02:53:11] gr00ve_: John1 – cool – give a hollar if you get tripped up
[02:53:27] Beirdo: I haven't decided on the denoising algorithm yet, but I will likely try the yuvdenoise one first
[02:53:32] gr00ve_: word – that's probably a config setting
[02:54:03] gr00ve_: word – try looking in the settings table
[02:54:14] gr00ve_: there's a setting "MusicLocation" that'll point to the filestore for mythmusic
[02:54:53] gr00ve_: i don't use mythmusic, but if that's compiled into your setup – i'm sure there's a screen in the frontend setup menus that allows you to change the location or check it
[02:55:04] Beirdo: anyways, bed time
[02:55:16] gr00ve_: beirdo – thanks for taking the time to explain
[02:55:26] gr00ve_: beirdo – good luck!
[02:55:42] word: gr00ve_: yup theres a config setting for it thanks
[02:55:43] Beirdo: thanks. It should be fun
[02:56:27] gr00ve_: word – np.
[02:56:43] gr00ve_: word – how's your setup working? i recall you were having some troubles a few days ago, right?
[02:57:09] Beirdo: so... loading the frames into the GPU ain't the bottleneck
[02:57:26] Beirdo: I just commented that part out, and gained only 2% more FPS
[02:58:02] word: gr00ve_: great now finally got all but one of the quirks worked out
[02:58:04] Beirdo: removed the unload....
[02:58:19] majesty (majesty! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[02:58:20] [1]majesty is now known as majesty
[02:58:22] Beirdo: the AGP card is 57.91FPS, the PCI 33.58FPS
[02:58:29] word: apparently the via chipset has some problems with a lot of dma traffic :-/ or something like ivtv messes occasionally.
[02:58:33] Beirdo: well, I know what I need to tweak as much as I can :)
[02:58:40] jepeltw (jepeltw! has quit ("Leaving")
[02:58:42] Beirdo: tomorrow, of course
[02:58:49] gr00ve_: word – what's troubling you now – oh the dma stuff?
[02:59:09] gr00ve_: do you have an old via like the kt266?
[02:59:43] gr00ve_: did you try the ivtv suggestions at
[02:59:46] gr00ve_:
[02:59:50] Beirdo: heh, and without touching the GPU... 122FPS on one card, 65FPS for the other.
[02:59:53] Beirdo: hmmmm
[03:00:07] Beirdo: I think my code needs a tweak :)
[03:00:29] Beirdo: but sleep first
[03:00:35] gr00ve_: you could always do all your work on the slower card
[03:00:51] gr00ve_: and then trumpet the performance improvement by benchmarking on the faster one
[03:00:56] gr00ve_: ;)
[03:00:58] Beirdo: nah
[03:01:04] gr00ve_: only kidding...
[03:01:15] word: gr00ve_: i don't have an old via.. kt880..but the problems look similar
[03:01:32] word: gr00ve_: those are the errors i get when ivtv flips out
[03:01:49] gr00ve_: that's interesting
[03:02:24] gr00ve_: your machine's not doing acpi or anything like that, is it?
[03:04:11] gr00ve_: word – see:
[03:04:12] gr00ve_: . . . -0x0000000b/
[03:05:36] [1]majesty ([1]majesty! has joined #mythtv-users
[03:06:30] John1: heh, I love gentoo .. just wish I could tie kernel version into automatic rebuilding of modules :)
[03:07:00] gr00ve_: word – looks like you may be aided by getting the latest firmware if you don't have already, and also mucking with the pci-latency setting in your bios. anyway there seem to be some good suggestions at that link
[03:07:27] gr00ve_: John1 – what do you mean by that, exactly? I think you can do that...
[03:07:51] gr00ve_: John1 – do you mean to "lock" gentoo into an exact kernel version so update world or update system doesn't upgrade to a different version?
[03:09:14] gr00ve_: John1 – if that's what you're trying to do – see the file /etc/make.profile/packages
[03:10:06] gr00ve_: John1 – you can set <= >= versions for packages, or a specific version like =sys-devel/gcc-3.4.6-r1, for example, and that'll be respected unless you change profiles
[03:10:12] word: gr00ve_: thanks i'll look into those
[03:10:42] gr00ve_: word – good luck. is the video freezing on you or otherwise misbehaving or are you just seeing those in the logs?
[03:10:58] word: gr00ve_: yah the tuner fails ><
[03:11:07] word: as long as i don't view livetv i think it stays up...not sure
[03:11:16] ** gr00ve_ whips out a trumpet and plays taps **
[03:11:21] word: lol
[03:11:32] John1: well, for ivtv as an exmaple.. each different revision number requires a different kernel version. It checks when you build it, but not when looking for the right version to emerge
[03:11:56] John1: just makes me manually chose the version, and I felt like being lazy )
[03:12:01] gr00ve_: word – eh... if livetv is using a higher bitrate than the recordings that work fine... it may be dma conflicts between drive and capture card or capture card and vidcard actually...
[03:12:10] gr00ve_: word – pci latency may help out, there...
[03:13:17] gr00ve_: John1 – yeah, i get that. it's a hassle to a point. however, a few lines in make.profile/packages will fix that for you... ideally you'll pick a kernel/ivtv version that works and stick with it, so you'd just add lines for both ivtv and kernel
[03:14:27] gr00ve_: like <sys-kernel/gentoo-sources-2.6.16 (locking you to 2.6.15 latest) and <media-tv/ivtv-0.6.0 which'd lock you to ivtv-0.4.x latest... then things will behave until and unless you get upgrade fever
[03:15:10] word: pci that a bios setting?
[03:15:32] gr00ve_: in general i try to keep the kernel and kernel modules locked to an exact rev and i never change them unless i'm bumping into bugs or problems... the kernel's just not something i care to muck with lately. it's changing all the time and you have to be aware of that or things just start breaking or acting up and it's confusing as heck
[03:16:06] gr00ve_: word – it's a bios setting... it's also configurable with some utility in the os, but i'd recommend the bios setting route if your bios has that setting present...
[03:16:14] gr00ve_: try 64 or 128...
[03:16:41] gr00ve_: if you lspci -v now – you'll see latency settings that apply to various devices
[03:16:53] word: when ivtv starts it says 'unreasonably low latency timer '32' changing to '64'
[03:17:01] gr00ve_: you can trap that output and rerun it after you change the bios setting to see what's changed
[03:17:14] linagee (linagee! has quit (Connection timed out)
[03:17:18] gr00ve_: yep – so try 64 or even 128 in the bios. my bios defaulted to 32 and i got those messages too, at first
[03:17:29] dougl (dougl! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[03:17:36] word: could 128 have any ill effects?
[03:17:46] gr00ve_: in particular, video cards like to set values like 248 which is ridiculous in my opinion
[03:17:57] gr00ve_: so if livetv's causing glitches, the vidcard may be hogging
[03:18:15] dougl (dougl! has joined #mythtv-users
[03:18:20] gr00ve_: word – sure it could. you already have ill effects, though. it won't reformat your hard drive or anything, but you may get a lockup
[03:18:22] John1: hmm.. I have a computer with a seperate pci bus.. it's very odd
[03:18:33] John1: not pci-e, just 2 pci busses, only one slot on the second
[03:18:53] gr00ve_: word – if that happens, just revert and reboot again
[03:19:03] word: aight sounds like a plan lol..
[03:19:17] gr00ve_: John1 – is that a server board? maybe one's 66mhz and one's 33 or 32/64bit or something
[03:19:28] John1: not server, nforce2, I think
[03:19:34] gr00ve_: John1 – or it just has 2 pci busses. personally i think that's cool – pci's not that fast and it can get saturated
[03:19:38] John1: it's labeled as a "wireless expansion slot"
[03:19:41] gr00ve_: John1 – what's the mobo make and model
[03:20:01] John1: but I know I booted linux once on it, and it showed the PCI address with a second bus
[03:20:04] gr00ve_: John1 – oh... that may not be a regular pci slot then... maybe they're using a pci style connector for a mini-pci wan card or something
[03:20:32] linagee (linagee! has joined #mythtv-users
[03:20:42] gr00ve_: John1 – could be for a dedicated/special card that they make just for that motherboard...
[03:20:49] John1: not sure about make/model
[03:21:00] John1: and it's a regular pci, I've put in tv cards in there
[03:21:09] gr00ve_: that is odd
[03:21:21] John1: cant' find the make/model info, sorry
[03:21:21] gr00ve_: when you lspci it's a different bus id than the other pci slot/cards?
[03:21:23] John1: I know MSI makes it
[03:21:27] gr00ve_: oh...
[03:21:29] John1: and it's one of their nforce boards
[03:21:41] John1: but yea, it was a different bus id
[03:21:43] gr00ve_: msi – i have one of those in my mythbox now. to be honest it's okay but i'm not crazy about it
[03:21:56] gr00ve_: it's some darn board that J&R sells but it's not listed on MSI's site for support
[03:21:58] John1: it's not great, but it works
[03:22:08] gr00ve_: it's like a rogue model or something, so i can't seem to find bios updates or anything for it. pain in the neck
[03:22:12] word (word! has quit ("Konversation terminated!")
[03:22:14] John1: heh.. ouch
[03:22:29] majesty (majesty! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[03:22:30] [1]majesty is now known as majesty
[03:22:37] gr00ve_: and the model number only shows up that i can see on the original box
[03:22:57] gr00ve_: nforce2 is a nice chipset though. what cpu do you have in there?
[03:24:14] jcsmith (jcsmith! has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[03:24:32] John1: amd 2800+
[03:24:49] John1: don't remember the specifics on that.. it's all at least a year old
[03:24:51] majesty (majesty! has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[03:24:55] John1: or about a year
[03:24:59] gr00ve_: that's terrible marketing on msi's part, heh
[03:25:02] John1: I think I can upgrade it to the 3200 or higher
[03:25:06] gr00ve_: they've sold their pci port short...
[03:25:13] John1: possibly, yea
[03:25:22] ** John1 looks for the manual for it **
[03:25:24] majesty (majesty! has joined #mythtv-users
[03:25:28] gr00ve_: i just meant that calling it a "wireless expansion slot" is kind of underselling it's usefulness
[03:25:52] gr00ve_: if it is a full-on regular pci slot
[03:25:54] John1: here we go .. nvidia nforce 2 ultra 400 k7n2 delta2
[03:26:15] gr00ve_: yeah not familiar with that one
[03:27:16] John1: I wish nforce2 hadn't taken out soundstorm (sandstorm?)
[03:27:21] John1: they had on-board dolby encoding
[03:27:31] John1: great for gaming with surround sound
[03:27:43] gr00ve_: didn't know that
[03:27:56] gr00ve_: surround as in true 5.1?
[03:28:20] ** gr00ve_ wishes he had some way to put 5.1 speakers where they would be in the way **
[03:28:28] John1: yea
[03:28:29] word (word! has joined #mythtv-users
[03:28:40] John1: the same that they used in the xbox, I think
[03:28:40] gr00ve_: i'm still using plain old stereo. i feel like i'm using 8-tracks
[03:29:08] gr00ve_: word... read some more while you were gone – what kernel did you settle into?
[03:29:10] John1: it was realtime 5.1 encoding .. I can't find it anywhere now
[03:29:34] gr00ve_: that makes me wonder if the licensing terms changed or something
[03:29:42] gr00ve_: it's odd that it's disappear like that...
[03:30:11] CyberKnet2 (CyberKnet2! has joined #MythTV-Users
[03:30:26] word: 2.6.15–26
[03:30:34] word: on kubuntu
[03:30:35] John1: there's a software version, ac3-jack
[03:30:39] John1: not sure how good it is
[03:31:07] [1]majesty ([1]majesty! has joined #mythtv-users
[03:32:00] gr00ve_: some people also had luck passing "pci=routeirq" to their kernel via grub.conf but the more i read it sounds like in general a few things are helping this person and that person but nobody seems to have really found a solid cause for it or a solid solution that works universally
[03:33:01] gr00ve_: John1 – that's probably just implementing it in software... it probably works but may take a small performance hit
[03:33:05] word: Aye. I'll run livetv for awhile see if anything happens
[03:33:34] gr00ve_: word – yep. is the box hanging also or just that the tuner fails?
[03:33:36] John1: big performance hit, I'd think .. ac3/dolby digital does some pretty interesting encodings, but I don't knwo the full details
[03:33:54] gr00ve_: word – also – after you reset bios settings – did you shut down before booting? ivtv/cold boot...
[03:33:56] word: gr00ve_: box is fine just the tuner no longer works
[03:34:16] gr00ve_: word – k. did you go 64 or 128?
[03:34:21] word: i didn't cold boot..but i restarted twice on accident
[03:34:24] word: 128
[03:34:28] gr00ve_: k
[03:34:43] gr00ve_: you can pull back down a bit from there to 96 or 64 if it still fails before you give up on that approach
[03:35:34] word: ok
[03:35:49] word: lircd it seems is defaulting to the wrong device..any idea where i change that?
[03:35:55] gr00ve_: word – how long do you usually make it before it conks out on you?
[03:36:15] gr00ve_: lircd... – what's complaining and what's it saying?
[03:36:17] word: when i had it recording a show and i was watching the in progress recording..hour and a half
[03:36:41] word: i have to start it with lircd -d /dev/lirc0 i think it's defaulting to /dev/lirc and messing up
[03:36:57] gr00ve_: hmm
[03:37:04] gr00ve_: you can check the startup script
[03:37:21] word: /etc/init.d/lirc?
[03:37:29] gr00ve_: probably one in /etc/init.d/  – sorry i'm not really familiar with ubuntu – don't even know what it's closest to like redhat/gentoo/debian, etc
[03:37:33] gr00ve_: yep that's the init script for it
[03:37:41] word: i'm pretty sure it's using the right device..but lircd..isn'
[03:38:01] gr00ve_: you can pass the -d /dev/lirc0 in that script, most likely
[03:38:58] majesty (majesty! has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[03:38:59] [1]majesty is now known as majesty
[03:39:22] word: ah i got it..a tutorial had told me to delete $ARGS for my remote..but now that i look at it...its what chooses the device...stupid outdated tutorial
[03:39:41] gr00ve_: heh
[03:40:07] gr00ve_: has anyone else noticed that Joe Lieberman looks way too much like Senator Palpetine from Star Wars?
[03:40:10] defaultro (defaultro! has joined #mythtv-users
[03:40:16] defaultro: good evening guys
[03:40:18] gr00ve_: i can't believe i didn't notice that before
[03:40:20] gr00ve_: night
[03:40:31] word: he does lol
[03:40:44] defaultro: are there any nice HD set top box from comcast other than the DCT6200s?
[03:41:26] gr00ve_: that's friggin' hilarious, especially because Dick Cheney was just defending him the other day – and Dick Cheney's often been compared to Darth Vader... haha
[03:41:39] John1: lol
[03:41:49] word: bush = old luke
[03:42:23] word: not really........
[03:42:54] gr00ve_: hehe
[03:43:15] gr00ve_: this is crossing a dangerous sci-fi loyalist line, but condi rice could probably do a passable Uhuru
[03:43:22] gr00ve_: or was it Uhura
[03:44:21] evilDagmar: Okay. I give up.
[03:44:48] gr00ve_: defaultro – dunno much about hd yet, sorry
[03:45:00] gr00ve_: evilDagmar – come again? were you waiting for a response?
[03:45:05] hads|home: More motherboard problems evilDagmar?
[03:45:24] evilDagmar: Man I went to CompUSA specifically to give in and buy a PCI version of the 5200, and at the last minute had a brain fart and bought the freaking AGP version
[03:45:28] evilDagmar: Screw this and screw ASUS
[03:45:41] hads|home: Ug
[03:45:50] evilDagmar: I'm ordering a damn ASRock 939dual-SATA2 like I should have from the get-go and to hell with the flashy BIOS splash
[03:46:25] gr00ve_: lesson learned, then...
[03:46:57] evilDagmar: I'm just astonished ASUS has known about this problem for over a year and hasn't bothered to fix it for the plain A8V board
[03:47:10] gr00ve_: what's wrong with agp on that board?
[03:47:22] evilDagmar: It's *all* the A8V's for one thing
[03:47:40] CyberKnet (CyberKnet! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[03:47:46] evilDagmar: Oh, and in case you didn't know, originally I ordered an A8V-MX from Zip Zoom Fly. THAT board is just D.O.A. Doesn't even bother to POST beep.
[03:48:11] evilDagmar: Anyway, the problem is apparently since the PVR-500MCE has it's own PLX PCI bridge, that makes two PCI bridges
[03:48:19] evilDagmar: The BIOS is just too stupid to be able to tell them apart
[03:48:35] threat2 (threat2! has joined #mythtv-users
[03:48:59] evilDagmar: At the point where it would normally hook things and start the bootstrap from a disk, the thing just *hangs*. Won't even respond to the power or reset buttons anymore
[03:49:07] gr00ve_: that led you to (attempt to) buy a pci vidcard over agp? i don't follow yet...
[03:49:13] evilDagmar: Use a PCI card and apparently you're fine
[03:49:18] gr00ve_: woah
[03:49:25] evilDagmar: Yeah, if you use a PCI card the AGP bus doesn't even figure in
[03:49:38] evilDagmar: I found three different confirmations online of this
[03:49:48] gr00ve_: i meant that it sounds like pci is the _problem_  – so i'm surprised that going to a pci vidcard would help
[03:49:50] evilDagmar: One guy with an A8V and two guys with A8V Deluxes
[03:50:08] evilDagmar: No, it's the fact that the PVR500MCE has a PCI bridge in it just to be fancy
[03:50:10] gr00ve_: that's so weird. no bios fix from 'em, huh
[03:50:16] evilDagmar: Do you have a 500?
[03:50:18] [1]majesty ([1]majesty! has joined #mythtv-users
[03:50:22] gr00ve_: nope i have a 150 and a 350
[03:50:27] evilDagmar: I noticed right off that it was on it's own set of numbers
[03:50:41] gr00ve_: i think i'd rather have a 250 and a 350 or 2x250's though
[03:50:46] evilDagmar: Yeah, the 500 has it's tuners on the far side of a PCI bridge
[03:50:54] evilDagmar: This is the first "real" problem I've had with it
[03:51:00] evilDagmar: I dont' have to split the coax or anything
[03:51:09] gr00ve_: cool
[03:51:25] gr00ve_: wow – well, i hope your next mobo pick is less problematic...
[03:51:35] gr00ve_: it's one thing to have a finicky config that takes a while to sort out
[03:51:45] evilDagmar: So like, other than the entire line of ASUS A8V boards (and possibly most VIA 82x7 chipset boards, I saw other complaints of instability) the card works great
[03:51:48] gr00ve_: it's another thing when hardware prevents you from being able to fix anything
[03:52:16] evilDagmar: Until the CPU died in my MSI-6712 with the Pro1800+, the card worked like a charm
[03:52:55] gr00ve_: if it's any consolation... there a lots of these little problems out there. like the Silicon Image sata controllers have problems with nforce2 boards and ruining people's digital audio workstation pc's
[03:53:16] word: [17181218.084000] ivtv0 warning: ENC: (0) DMA Error 0x0000000b gr00ve_ 2 so far :(
[03:53:24] gr00ve_: ah – you used that as an excuse to upgrade and now you're having problems with the new gear...
[03:53:29] gr00ve_: that's depressing
[03:53:38] gr00ve_: word – still playing?
[03:54:00] word: yup
[03:54:11] gr00ve_: word – i'd try routeirq next – but setup a new grub entry for it in case it doesn't boot – that way you can just default back to the setup you have now
[03:54:12] word: been palying for about 45 minutes now i think
[03:54:31] word: routirq?
[03:54:35] gr00ve_: on the other hand – if it doesn't stop working you can just ignore the warnings...
[03:54:49] gr00ve_: "pci=routeirq" as a kernel boot option
[03:54:51] word: yah that's what that one blog post said he did
[03:55:10] word: i have the boot loader that comes with suse and i think it lets you put in boot options on startup
[03:55:28] gr00ve_: yeah with mixed results, but it's worth a try. you don't by any chance run cool-n-quiet or cpufreq or something like that do you?
[03:55:45] word: not on purpose
[03:55:49] gr00ve_: you can also try things like "noapic" and "pci=noacpi" to see if they help
[03:56:00] word: ok
[03:56:11] gr00ve_: word – okay. just suspicious of anything that may reduce clockspeed if you're having timeouts
[03:56:53] gr00ve_: word – i've never been completely sure what happens when the cpufreq is reduced and the bus isn't – i'd imagine it has to have some side-effects with respect to latencies and irq/dma timing
[03:57:30] evilDagmar: DMA errors?
[03:57:32] evilDagmar: VIA chipset?
[03:57:44] gr00ve_: word's having some issues. kt880 chipset
[03:57:54] evilDagmar: Which tuner?
[03:57:59] word: happauge 150
[03:58:11] evilDagmar: Lemme Google on that real quick
[03:58:39] evilDagmar: I saw some stuff about DMA errors and that chipset while I was searching about my problem
[03:58:39] word: ok o.O
[03:58:53] word: kt880 in particular?
[03:58:59] gr00ve_: great resource, this channel... gotta love how people jump in and help out
[03:59:15] evilDagmar: word: Yep
[03:59:28] word: heh yah... interesting :-/
[04:00:08] word: 2 more ><
[04:00:16] gr00ve_: word what's you mobo make/model?
[04:00:34] word: asrock...k7v8 kt880..i think it's k7v8
[04:01:32] evilDagmar: Here's a link about the nightmarish issue I had
[04:01:54] gr00ve_: word – i see k7upgrade-880 – is that it?
[04:03:36] word: no...looks like they finally took it off their site
[04:04:30] evilDagmar: word: I hate to do this, but it's somewhere in . . . EWTMP=Linear that I saw mention of a DMA issue and possible fix
[04:04:41] evilDagmar: It's only 7 pages of stuff to go through but my eyes are fried
[04:04:48] gr00ve_: word – can you grep though your "dmesg" output and look for /pio/i and /dma/i  ?
[04:04:48] word: lol
[04:04:53] gr00ve_: (case insensitive)
[04:05:43] riksta (riksta! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[04:05:52] John1: nice, the card works :)
[04:05:58] John1: now I just have to convince mythtv to use it
[04:06:09] gr00ve_: John1 – went back to prior kernel release and ivtv?
[04:06:12] John1: yea
[04:06:32] John1: captured to a test file, sent through mplayer, and it showed a channel :)
[04:06:33] gr00ve_: John1 – you might want to delete your cards and reconfig 'em in mythtv-setup
[04:07:00] gr00ve_: i think they may have flipflopped the input assignments on them between 0.4/0.6/0.7 somewhere – this may not affect you, though
[04:07:05] majesty (majesty! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[04:07:05] [1]majesty is now known as majesty
[04:07:09] John1: 'k.. this is the error I got, if it means anything, "EntryToProgram(0@Wed Dec 31 1900:00 1969) failed to get pginfo
[04:07:23] gr00ve_: John1 – congrats – now DON'T emerge -u system or world!! haha
[04:07:44] gr00ve_: have you run mythfilldatabase already?
[04:07:46] John1: I've already decided never to dot aht
[04:07:47] John1: and yes
[04:07:54] gr00ve_: huh
[04:08:06] KaZeR (KaZeR! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[04:08:08] gr00ve_: that channel's in your suscribed channels list, right?
[04:08:13] John1: it should be
[04:08:32] gr00ve_: you might want to delete the channels and card config in mythtv-setup then and redo 'em and re-run the "initial" mythfilldatabase
[04:08:43] John1: k
[04:08:45] gr00ve_: something may have gotten out of whack
[04:09:17] gr00ve_: John1 – do you have multiple tuners?
[04:09:30] John1: I do
[04:09:40] John1: a pvr350, and an analog v4l device
[04:09:48] evilDagmar: people should jsut buy
[04:09:56] evilDagmar: I know I'm regretting not just buying a second one
[04:10:04] gr00ve_: John1 – okay. yeah i'd redo the cards and channels for 'em. i've redone ivtv once or twice and wound up with that sort of thing
[04:10:14] John1: nice price
[04:10:38] John1: I'm not sure if I'm ready for 64 bit computing, yet :)
[04:11:00] evilDagmar: John1: It's hard to justify buying a 32-bit CPU now that the prices are even
[04:11:11] gr00ve_: John1 – that's no biggie... you can run 32bit to your heart's content
[04:11:13] John1: I haven't even looked at prices.. but, that's true
[04:11:25] KaZeR (KaZeR! has joined #mythtv-users
[04:11:36] John1: I heard they had some processor technology that's supposed to be 200–500 times faster.. I want to wait to upgrade till that hits the market
[04:11:38] evilDagmar: I had to quickly redo my replacement order this weekend because of the massive price drop
[04:11:47] evilDagmar: Single core CPU prices seem to have stabilized again
[04:12:25] evilDagmar: Even the Athlon 64 4000+ is under $150 now
[04:12:34] gr00ve_: John1 – 64bit's probably a bit finicky still, but you do get some extra registers in the cpu. if your code's compiled for it, it will generally see a small( ~0–20% ) speed boost because of less copying and jumping around. the cpu can see a bit more data at a time
[04:12:39] [1]majesty ([1]majesty! has joined #mythtv-users
[04:12:44] evilDagmar: The 3200+ I was using in my desktop is now going for a little over $80 most places
[04:13:10] evilDagmar: I'd say the big thing is dual-channel RAM configurations
[04:13:15] gr00ve_: you're probably an amd fan/supporter – but have you considered the conroe?
[04:13:22] John1: I have that on the msi motherboard :)
[04:13:29] John1: haven't heard of conroe
[04:13:43] gr00ve_: supposedly it's quite fast and uses a bit less power. it has the achilles heal of pci-e and ddr2 which i'm not into right now
[04:13:46] evilDagmar: Yeah I have and I'd rather not even have the massive headache of trying to figure out what the hell kind of CPU I'm looking at
[04:13:55] John1: heh
[04:14:04] wireddd (wireddd! has joined #mythtv-users
[04:14:04] evilDagmar: Intel is numbering them all crazy now
[04:14:07] gr00ve_: conroe is the "next-gen" intel dual-core. they're out already, and supposedly a fair share faster than the amd64's
[04:14:10] gr00ve_: yeah, bastards.
[04:14:23] John1: yea, I've heard intel's going to get a bit faster than amd
[04:14:33] evilDagmar: THankfully they're also a fair share more expensive still
[04:14:36] gr00ve_: Intel drives me nuts. if it weren't for AMD, i'm sure we'd have $500 p3–1.4ghz's right now
[04:14:46] John1: definitely
[04:14:53] evilDagmar: ...and for our purposes I suspect the AMD comes out ahead since the few libs that are tuned to that level are mainly tuned for AMD
[04:14:55] gr00ve_: if only microsoft had some competition...
[04:15:18] John1: they do, really, for people that care :)
[04:15:32] gr00ve_: evilDagmar – that's an interesting point... you mean things like the mpeg libs?
[04:15:55] evilDagmar: I'd have put together some detailed benchmarks for the higher end optimizations just to shut some of the Dropline detractors (the fsck) up, but it takes almost a day just to properly set up the test harness
[04:15:55] gr00ve_: John1 – no they don't... i totally get what you're saying, but there's no _real_ competition for them
[04:16:08] evilDagmar: gr00ve_: Particularly that and the FFT libs
[04:16:25] evilDagmar: Apple is getting there
[04:16:31] gr00ve_: John1 – there's a few small niche markets and there's osx for macs and there's linux for people who can learn and adapt
[04:17:06] gr00ve_: John1 – but there's no solid gui-desktop os out there with wide ranging hardware support and a giant software base
[04:17:12] John1: true
[04:17:22] evilDagmar: Umm... We have wide-ranging hardware support
[04:17:30] John1: eh.. not all that wde
[04:17:33] John1: though, it's not bad
[04:17:34] gr00ve_: John1 – i wish it weren't the case, but they really are a giant slowly-progressing monopoly, and they don't ever seem to learn from their mistakes...
[04:17:50] gr00ve_: John1 – no it's not, and to their credit they're getting
[04:17:55] evilDagmar: Linux supports just about everything that's been on the market for six months
[04:18:15] evilDagmar: Hey they learned a little bit
[04:18:19] gr00ve_: John1 – arguably better since win98se... with a few exceptions (windows millenium or media center ahem)
[04:18:25] evilDagmar: NTFS now at least attempts to be fragmentation resistant
[04:18:35] John1: heh
[04:18:44] wireddd: every time I run mythfrontend on this computer, it hard locks my computer
[04:18:59] wireddd: when I goto watch tv
[04:19:00] evilDagmar: You pretty much have to operate for awhile with your drive at below 20% free space before your drive will get noisy
[04:19:27] evilDagmar: wireddd: That's nice. What card and what kernel are you using?
[04:19:30] gr00ve_: John1 – but linux is fragmented heavily, the desktop's not quite there yet, the software base isn't quite there yet... i love linux to death but when it comes down to it, most people can be more productive faster on a windows box, and there's nothing that's come along yet that can really replace windows for more than a fraction of it's userbase
[04:19:35] John1: ok, cards readded.. tryng now
[04:19:45] gr00ve_: of course, i understand i'm basically describing something like AOL OS (GOD forbid!!)
[04:19:55] wireddd: it isn't running on the backend, its connected via the network
[04:20:03] gr00ve_: [00:18] evilDagmar: NTFS now at least attempts to be fragmentation resistant
[04:20:03] wireddd: every other computer I have works fine
[04:20:09] gr00ve_: haha – that's hilarious
[04:20:13] John1: watch tv.. works, nifty )
[04:20:24] gr00ve_: John1 – all better, then?
[04:20:26] John1: great.. it seems like it's working
[04:20:32] John1: I still have lirc and alsa to configure, but yea
[04:20:36] defaultro: john, what capture card?
[04:20:39] gr00ve_: John1 – that wasn't so bad, after all – only took you a little while
[04:20:41] John1: PVR 350
[04:20:45] John1: *nod*
[04:20:51] defaultro: oh, 350 is working now, that's cool
[04:21:03] evilDagmar: gr00ve_: Hey man, when they first deployed it it was just as brain dead as DOS's FAT driver about it
[04:21:04] John1: let me try the other card.. which should only get static
[04:21:13] defaultro: back when i started with mythtv, 350 wasn't supported yet
[04:21:47] gr00ve_: evilDagmar – yeah it's come along nicely, i suppose. i was laughing at your accurate wording "at least _attempts_"
[04:21:48] John1: so, how long till PVR 350 gets closed captioning?
[04:21:53] defaultro: do you have a cable source to your mythtv?
[04:22:00] John1: I do
[04:22:09] defaultro: do you recording digital or all analog?
[04:22:20] defaultro: i mean, record :)
[04:22:21] John1: erm, analog? I guess
[04:22:28] John1: the card can't tune digitally
[04:22:28] gr00ve_: evilDagmar – I think diskeeper's gonna sell some more copies before they get ntfs to not need defragging, and the windows defrag isn't so great
[04:22:30] defaultro: yep, it's RCA out right
[04:22:46] John1: I don't quite get what you're asking
[04:22:53] defaultro: i mean, how is cable tv connected to your tuner?
[04:23:00] John1: oh .. regular cable coax
[04:23:06] defaultro: gotcha
[04:23:07] John1: right from the wall to the computer
[04:23:22] gr00ve_: about that cablebox->tuner card – has anyone tried the composite outs yet instead of the coax?
[04:23:29] defaultro: i think, 350, 150 and 250 are analog
[04:23:40] gr00ve_: i'm thinking the quality will be better as it's avoiding a mod/demod cycle in there between cablebox and pvr card
[04:23:48] gr00ve_: defaultro: yes
[04:23:53] defaultro: yep
[04:23:58] John1: I don't have an ir-blaster or a free cable box, or I'd try s-video/component out so I could record hd :)
[04:24:10] defaultro: that's what am planning to do
[04:24:12] John1: but, I don't use a cable box at all
[04:24:15] gr00ve_: oh someone school me about hd
[04:24:24] gr00ve_: hd can transmit over composite or svid?
[04:24:26] evilDagmar: No argument about it needing defragging occasionally
[04:24:26] John1: depends on what source you want
[04:24:27] defaultro: i was able to record local hd from my comcast 6200 but not the premium ones
[04:24:38] John1: and how capable the hdtv receiver (or cable box) is
[04:24:49] defaultro: i did it via firewire
[04:24:56] John1: ah, nice
[04:25:07] gr00ve_: defaultro – really? i thought firewire was copy protected and not usable by linux
[04:25:07] John1: I only have dvi, component, svideo, and rca
[04:25:18] evilDagmar: Huh>
[04:25:25] evilDagmar: Firewire isn't copy protected
[04:25:43] evilDagmar: It's a matter of whether or not the box will allow video to be exported over firewire
[04:25:50] levander (levander! has joined #mythtv-users
[04:25:55] John1: anyhwo.. the hd receiver tunes to the channel and (if desired) up/downconverts the signal to a desired resolution
[04:26:02] gr00ve_: huh. so you're going digital hd from a coax line into a hd cablebox out via firewire into a linux pc and getting digital hd content?
[04:26:04] evilDagmar: Soem franchises are configuring their systems to disallow anything but the unencrypted channels to be sent over firewire
[04:26:16] evilDagmar: gr00ve_
[04:26:22] levander: I'm looking for a video card for a myth box I want to build, know I need hardware mpeg decoding, any other features I should look for?
[04:26:24] John1: gr00ve_, yea .. it works like that
[04:26:24] evilDagmar: gr00ve_ : Yeah there's a couple of people here locally doing it in fact
[04:26:40] John1: firewire.. component inputs, etc
[04:26:42] gr00ve_: evilDagmar – okay, i guess that's more or less what i'm referring to, then. i thought most of htese boxes are crippled so that a pc can't be a firewire endpoint from the cablebox
[04:27:03] John1: the hd component cards aren't too bad in those cases.. probably a little expensive
[04:27:05] defaultro: so yeah, i think the reason I wasn't able to capture the DiscoveryHD, ESPNHD, TNTHD is because I'm not subscribed to it
[04:27:09] John1: not quite the same qualty either
[04:27:10] gr00ve_: wow... i had no idea it could still work like that. what cable company is that and what STB is it?
[04:27:46] John1: lol.. I have no idea what keys do anything on mythtv anymore
[04:27:46] defaultro: so, i'm going to try again next month and subscribe to those HD channels
[04:28:04] defaultro: stb is dct 6200
[04:28:09] gr00ve_: defaultro – who's the cable company?
[04:28:12] defaultro: comcast
[04:28:19] gr00ve_: oh... you're not in nyc are you?
[04:28:27] defaultro: i'm in IL
[04:28:35] gr00ve_: ok
[04:28:47] defaultro: currently, am on basic service and can only capture HD that is local
[04:28:58] defaultro: channels 197–202 something
[04:29:08] gr00ve_: i'll be interested to see what happens when you're subscribed
[04:29:12] majesty (majesty! has quit (Connection timed out)
[04:29:12] [1]majesty is now known as majesty
[04:29:14] defaultro: yep, me too
[04:29:25] gr00ve_: i'm positive a while back i'd read several people saying the cable companies are closing the boxes down somehow
[04:29:29] John1: I have brighthouse with a pace dc550p
[04:29:29] defaultro: if it doesn't work, I'll return the stb within the week :)
[04:29:59] John1: they include discovery and tnt here, which is nice
[04:30:05] John1: maybe even espn .. they were charging for that for a while
[04:30:08] defaultro: i'll just keep my firewire card to record videos from camcorder
[04:30:16] John1: then they offer 4 other hd channels
[04:30:22] gr00ve_: i think the hd digi outputs have the capability to enable encryption, and since the linux firewire stack can't do that(there's a legal problem with the algo being proprietary/licensed) linux firewire won't be able to receive unencrypted hd content from those boxes anymore
[04:30:43] John1: gr00ve_, for some outputs that's true.. I think hdmi has that ability
[04:31:07] defaultro: gr00ve, you said that linux cannot capture unencrypted hd content?
[04:31:22] gr00ve_: John1 – nod. i'm pretty sure i'd read this about firewire outs on them, too, because i recall that the linux firewire stack can't decode the content
[04:31:32] defaultro: however, FFC is mandating that all providers should not encrypt LOCAL HD :)
[04:31:40] gr00ve_: yeah the gist of it was a buncha companies in the telcom industry designed the protocol for hd over firewire
[04:31:53] gr00ve_: and they license the encryption. all the companies that make tv's for example license it
[04:32:00] GreyFoxx: it CAN capture it. But that's not the same as being abnle to decrypt it :)
[04:32:10] gr00ve_: since linux can't include that code because they can't license it... there's no way to decode it at present
[04:32:19] defaultro: hey GreyFoxx, what's up? How are you?
[04:32:29] gr00ve_: you can see the stream, but you wouldn't be able to scale it, or transcode, or commercial flag... because you can't "see" the content
[04:32:40] gr00ve_: you can just store it as is and replay it to an eligible decoder(like a tv)
[04:32:46] defaultro: gr00ve, are you talking about non-broadcast HD that providers are sending via cable?
[04:32:57] gr00ve_: defaultro – yes.
[04:32:59] word: gr00ve_: back
[04:33:00] John1: gr00ve_, my cable box doesn't even have a firewire port.. so I haven't gotton to play with it
[04:33:22] John1: defaultro.. it could also apply to blue-ray and dvd-hd
[04:33:23] gr00ve_: defaultro – it's only an issue for firewire from a hd cable box into a firewire port on a linux box
[04:33:25] defaultro: gr00ve, well, what about FCC's mandate then?
[04:33:48] gr00ve_: to what are you referring? which mandate?
[04:34:04] defaultro: I'm talking about HD broadcast by local companies that cable providers are sending through their wire to us
[04:34:17] defaultro: like NBC, ABC, WGN, CBS high defs
[04:34:20] gr00ve_: is that wire firewire or coax?
[04:34:22] defaultro: not DiscoveryHD
[04:34:26] defaultro: fireiwre
[04:34:29] levander: i wish somebody would write down all this stuff about HDTV and put it on the web
[04:34:35] gr00ve_: not sure, exactly
[04:34:46] gr00ve_: i recall in the forum i was reading some people going ot timewarner
[04:34:49] gr00ve_: getting the box w/o firewire
[04:34:54] gr00ve_: requesting the box w/ firewire
[04:35:03] defaultro: FCC has required that cable providers like Comcast should not encrypted HD signals from NBC, ABC, CBS, etc
[04:35:11] gr00ve_: time warner telling them to go scratch, and then the people citing hte fcc mandate you're mentioning
[04:35:14] defaultro: not only that
[04:35:19] gr00ve_: a few phone calls later, they got their firewire-enabled box
[04:35:19] GreyFoxx: They must provide you unencrypted firewire if you request it. BUT that doesnot mean that it has to be free, nor does it mean it has to be at HD resolutions. some are downsizing it before sending itout the firewire port
[04:35:28] defaultro: FCC also requires the company to have a working firewire port
[04:35:57] defaultro: is their a newer stb that has firewire too?
[04:35:59] gr00ve_: yeah, i think you can ask for it, it's just a hassle. i expect this to change in the future however. just like the DMCA and DRM pushers... you can't win against a conglomeration of industry leaders lobbying congress / fcc / whoever
[04:36:13] GreyFoxx: Sure you can
[04:36:24] word: gr00ve_: i'm not sure how to use grep :-/ how woudl i look through dmesg for /pio/i and /dma/i ?
[04:36:25] GreyFoxx: remove yourself from their direct influsence
[04:36:31] GreyFoxx: Move :)
[04:36:52] gr00ve_: GreyFoxx – that's exactly right, i remember now. the deal was they were finally getting the content but it was being degraded and it wasn't proper hdtv content, so it wound up being basically useless
[04:37:13] GreyFoxx: Most that enable firewire are however bnot downsizing
[04:37:15] gr00ve_: word – dmesg | grep -i pio
[04:37:21] gr00ve_: word – dmesg | grep -i dma
[04:37:39] GreyFoxx: happily for some friends onf mine here my local cable co does have tfirewire enabled and at full resolution
[04:37:53] defaultro: like Slicer and xris :D
[04:37:58] word: should i pastebin results of both?
[04:37:59] defaultro: I will check mine in September
[04:38:08] gr00ve_: GreyFoxx – good to know. All i know is after i read that i was in NO rush to go out and buy hardware, hdtv, and subscribe to hdtv and all that... i'm staying sdtv
[04:38:13] gr00ve_: word – please
[04:38:17] defaultro: I didn't not subscribe to DiscoveryHD, TNTHD and other HD
[04:38:29] gr00ve_: word – so did it finally break down?
[04:38:34] levander: anybody using an hdtv hardware decoding video card? wondering if i should bother looking for one
[04:38:44] wireddd: yeah I signed up for those for a month, but it wasn't worth it
[04:38:45] word: no not yet plenty of those dma errors though
[04:38:59] word: i've got a couple problems with my main hd that you can see on this pastebin lol..
[04:39:01] gr00ve_: error schmerror – does it work? j/k
[04:39:09] word:
[04:40:12] gr00ve_: word – you have dma issues, that for sure
[04:40:19] John1: ughh, noisy signals
[04:40:20] John1: +
[04:40:25] gr00ve_: word – did you compile your kernel or use a package?
[04:40:26] John1: not bad noisy, though
[04:40:33] word: package
[04:41:05] defaultro: i'm just wondering guys, what tool does those SageTV or BeyondTV folks use to create skins? My beyondtv friend told me that there's always new skin he sees
[04:41:10] gr00ve_: word – okay. you may need to compile your own. one of the things i came across is that you need to remove the support for generic ide in the kernel or the via uses pio mode
[04:41:14] word: i think those drive errors are just physical hd problems...i think i can add them to the badblocks file so they aren't touched by kubuntu anymore..
[04:41:33] gr00ve_: word – it's possible, but they can be caused by dma timeouts
[04:41:47] gr00ve_: your drive may be fine but not interfacing properly because of dma problems
[04:42:02] word: they occur during the startup of "Enterprise volume manager system" durring startup as well as at random times during use
[04:42:18] John1: btw.. if you're having to use a badblocks file – the hard drive is pretty severely damaged, recent (within the past 5 years) drives keep track of bad blocks internally
[04:42:21] defaultro: word, ouch!
[04:42:22] gr00ve_: you could try using hdparm to disable dma on that drive – you don't really want to run like that, but if there are no more errors, then it's a clue
[04:43:07] word: what would disabling dma do? :-/
[04:43:15] gr00ve_: use pio mode
[04:43:23] CyberKnet2: it would disable dma
[04:43:25] gr00ve_: which is slower and not really acceptable for you use in the longrun
[04:43:27] CyberKnet2: ;)
[04:43:31] defaultro: word, this is a weird one but I couldn't believe how and why it happened
[04:43:40] gr00ve_: but if the drive errors go away... your drive is okay and there's more likely just a problem with dma access mode
[04:43:49] defaultro: word, it's the same UncorrectableError that you see
[04:44:06] defaultro: I added a firewire pci card then I started seeing those messages
[04:44:16] defaultro: it's so terrible that i can't type in the prompt
[04:44:27] defaultro: it just keeps on scrolling
[04:44:39] word: they started occurring when i booted up windows once :P
[04:44:51] gr00ve_: word – on the same hardware
[04:44:56] defaultro: i've seen this error 3 yrs ago and found it was a bad track, however
[04:45:18] defaultro: i told myself that it isnt a bad track since it's new drive
[04:45:22] word: i have a 2nd hd now and a new tv tuner card
[04:45:26] defaultro: then
[04:45:43] defaultro: i transferred the firewire card to a new pci slot and all the issues went away
[04:45:45] KaZeR (KaZeR! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[04:45:47] word: heh
[04:45:54] gr00ve_: there you go.
[04:45:57] defaultro: i really couldn't believe why it suddenly went away
[04:45:59] ** CyberKnet2 's 250GB doesn't seem so vast lately as it did when he first bought it **
[04:45:59] gr00ve_: start slot swapping word....
[04:46:04] KaZeR (KaZeR! has joined #mythtv-users
[04:46:11] gr00ve_: how fun. i hate problems like these
[04:46:16] CyberKnet2 is now known as CyberKnet
[04:46:17] defaultro: yeah
[04:46:23] word: but my case has pop out slots...
[04:46:29] word: and i don't have the screw in blank ones..
[04:46:29] John1: what mininum reqs should I have for a pvr350 and 2 analog v4l cards?
[04:46:34] defaultro: and I have been into computers since 95 and when I saw that issue, that change my thinking
[04:46:37] word: and the pop out slots are STEEL
[04:46:44] defaultro: still wonders me
[04:46:47] ** CyberKnet will probably add another 250 GB soon and get 500GB striped instead of 250Gb mirrored **
[04:46:51] defaultro: word
[04:46:52] word: when i messed with em to put in my tv tuner card I sliced my finger
[04:46:54] defaultro: not the slots
[04:47:01] defaultro: the pci cards is what you transfer
[04:47:12] word: >.>
[04:47:23] defaultro: you're not suppose to play with the slots, LOL
[04:47:26] word: >.>
[04:47:27] defaultro: they're soldered
[04:47:33] word: >.>
[04:47:44] defaultro: what's that >.> thingie
[04:47:48] word: >_>
[04:47:54] John1: looks like a fish
[04:48:02] defaultro: i only know smiley
[04:48:02] word: >_<
[04:48:08] defaultro: that one is like angry
[04:48:09] gr00ve_: talk like an egyptian...
[04:48:17] word: >:O <- angry
[04:48:21] defaultro: oh
[04:48:36] gr00ve_: he said: "eyeball, guy-going left, guy-going left, boat, eyeball, sphynx"
[04:48:37] defaultro: what about i+i
[04:48:56] word: exactly gr00ve_
[04:49:28] gr00ve_: word – well... i understand not wanting to pop the cutouts out and slice yourself
[04:49:52] wireddd (wireddd! has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[04:49:53] gr00ve_: word – you can pick up some of those little slots online or at a pc repair shop if you have one around
[04:50:22] word: i saw one the other day uniquely named "computers"
[04:50:45] gr00ve_: word – it is starting to look more like the pci slot could be an issue though
[04:51:04] John1: g'night everyone, thanks for help.. hopefully I'll get sound working sometime tomorrow :)
[04:51:10] gr00ve_: word – do you have many other pci cards in that box?
[04:51:10] John1: should just need to configure alsa, hopefully
[04:51:17] word: no none
[04:51:18] gr00ve_: John1 night – good luck
[04:51:30] word: i think when i booted up in was to try out the tv tuner software...........
[04:51:41] word: which of course would have been after installing it in the pci slot......
[04:51:55] gr00ve_: word – yep. is this a dual-boot?
[04:52:01] word: tri-boot
[04:52:12] word: i wanted to take a look at suse to lol
[04:52:18] word: suse+kubuntu+windows xp
[04:52:40] John1: dual-booting has its benefits
[04:52:45] gr00ve_: word – ok. can you try windows again and make a note in device manager( view resources by type ) of the dma and interrupts of the tuner card and other devices that share irq/dma channels withthe tuner card? that may be helpful in identifying any potential problems
[04:53:02] gr00ve_: it also means that a kernel compilation may fix it, as might boot options passed ot the kernel
[04:53:14] word: but..
[04:53:26] word: but....but..but...but..but....but..buuttttt
[04:54:02] gr00ve_: if you haven't already, try booting with "noapic" or "pci=routeirq" or "pci=noacpi" etc, to see if any of them can help
[04:54:45] word: should those stop those seek errors? if so i can see if these different things fix them rather quickly
[04:54:55] gr00ve_: i'd actually regroup and google around more with what you've found and see if you can turn anything else up... i can't imagine you're the only one with this type of problem and your board/chipset
[04:55:03] wireddd (wireddd! has joined #mythtv-users
[04:55:18] gr00ve_: well – in theory the boot options could help
[04:55:21] word: i've seen other people with the evms problems no solutions though
[04:55:25] gr00ve_: but it's still not at all clear to me what's happening
[04:55:35] gr00ve_: i've seen the drive errors on a drive that is fine
[04:55:48] gr00ve_: it was caused by some sort of conflict if i recall and i was able to mess around until i resolved it
[04:56:06] word: ima try the boot options ..maybe the pci slot switch..and come back
[04:56:09] gr00ve_: can't remember if i swapped a card to another slot, changed kernels, params, etc
[04:56:12] defaultro: yeah, i second groove
[04:56:48] word: brb
[04:56:50] gr00ve_: k
[04:56:52] defaultro: it's possible that addresses are being used by two devices
[04:56:55] word (word! has quit ("Konversation terminated!")
[04:56:55] gr00ve_: yeah
[04:57:05] gr00ve_: that's why i was hoping he could boot into windows to see what _that_ sees
[04:57:11] defaultro: yep
[04:57:25] gr00ve_: but i guess i coulda thought to have mentioned looking at /proc/interrupts, etc
[04:57:46] defaultro: that's what it really made me so confused
[04:57:55] ** gr00ve_ slaps his forehead **
[04:57:59] defaultro: there was no conflict before
[04:58:00] gr00ve_: i didn't even ask him what /proc/dma looked like
[04:58:05] gr00ve_: yeah
[04:58:10] defaultro: all i did was to transfer the firewire accidentally
[04:58:11] gr00ve_: you did say you popped in a new card though right?
[04:58:15] defaultro: yes
[04:58:16] gr00ve_: oh you moved it
[04:58:21] [1]majesty ([1]majesty! has joined #mythtv-users
[04:58:25] defaultro: yeah, that's what ive been telling him
[04:58:37] defaultro: it might help
[04:58:42] gr00ve_: yeah... with dma i don't quite know how it works, but with irq routing... the dirty little secret is that there are really only 4 hardware interrupt lines
[04:58:45] defaultro: does he have a new card though
[04:58:59] gr00ve_: so all the devices are being mapped to those and they're often fixed with respect to what's on them
[04:59:35] defaultro: so assuming he removes the newly installed card and problem doesn't go away, I can say that it's bad sectors
[04:59:48] gr00ve_: yeah he had the card working in windows, too, which is weird but windows could handle irq routing differently than linux (that's likely in fact) ... and so forth
[04:59:58] defaultro: yes, your right
[05:00:18] gr00ve_: yeah i'd imagine that's the case with the drive, except he's got one of those problem motherboards that has notorious dma problems
[05:00:27] defaultro: oh
[05:00:33] gr00ve_: so i wouldn't conclude the drive's definitely bad until he got it into another box
[05:00:36] defaultro: that's beyond my experience then
[05:00:53] gr00ve_: he's in an aggravating situation, really... i feel for him
[05:00:57] defaultro: i was lucky with my gigabyte
[05:01:01] defaultro: oh
[05:01:20] defaultro: did someone suggest what type of mobo to get?
[05:01:27] gr00ve_: because the dang via chipset/board has problems that so far i've yet to understand ...
[05:01:28] defaultro: mobo is actually hard to decide
[05:01:38] gr00ve_: yeah some guy before recommended this asrock 939 board
[05:01:42] ** gr00ve_ looks for the reference **
[05:01:45] defaultro: pci/agp cards are easy
[05:01:53] defaultro: ok
[05:02:13] gr00ve_: asrock 939dual-sata2
[05:02:15] gr00ve_:
[05:02:20] defaultro: k
[05:02:44] defaultro: i don't even know who ASRock is, LOL
[05:03:17] evilDagmar: The press statements were to the effect that they were spun off of ASUS as the home computing line
[05:03:28] gr00ve_: if i had to guess, word's gonna either solve it with a new kernel and/or some kern boot options and/or bios settings or he'll get frustrated and punt for a new board
[05:03:29] defaultro: oh
[05:03:32] evilDagmar: From what I'm seeing of it it seems more like they *escaped* from ASUS
[05:03:44] defaultro: yes, new kernel i guess is the best since it's a 939
[05:03:59] defaultro: i mean, new mobo
[05:04:03] evilDagmar: I know I've had zero problems with this board, and I mean zero
[05:04:15] wireddd (wireddd! has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
[05:04:16] gr00ve_: it's not cool for him(i just realized i'm assuming he's a he) because the forums have lotsa people talking about it, and nobody really pinning it down or posting a fix that seems to work for anyone
[05:04:29] gr00ve_: escaped, haha
[05:04:31] defaultro: hmmm, don't know how stable pci express is in linux
[05:04:32] evilDagmar: The ONLY thing that ever gave me an issue was that I had to flash it when I first got it because both it and the core version of the 3200+ CPU I'd gotten were new
[05:04:46] gr00ve_: was asus that bad? i always thought they had a good rep
[05:04:51] evilDagmar: defaultro: "STable enough"
[05:04:55] defaultro: ok
[05:05:01] defaultro: asus were good back in the days
[05:05:09] defaultro: don't know what happened to them
[05:05:11] evilDagmar: gr00ve_: Here's the problem. They *used* to be. I used to swear by them for more expensive setups
[05:05:19] defaultro: they were called the high end clones
[05:05:33] evilDagmar: ...yet if you read the reviews in NewEgg you will find LOTS of mentions of DOA boards, not to mention they're really tied up in VIA
[05:05:45] defaultro: k
[05:05:53] gr00ve_: wow
[05:05:54] evilDagmar: ...and their problems from flaky VIA chipsets go back to before 2000
[05:06:02] gr00ve_: management foulups, it'd seem
[05:06:08] evilDagmar: So apparently ASUS has slid downhill
[05:06:19] gr00ve_: yeah... too bad
[05:06:21] defaultro: these are my hardware and it never gave me any headache,
[05:06:25] defaultro: :D
[05:06:29] JohnQ (JohnQ! has joined #mythtv-users
[05:06:47] JohnQ: Is there a debian package maintained anywhere of the ivtv drivers?
[05:07:02] gr00ve_: nice page
[05:07:10] defaultro: :D
[05:07:15] defaultro: there is another parent page to that
[05:07:18] defaultro: let me find it
[05:07:31] gr00ve_: may point to packages for distributions
[05:07:41] JohnQ: thanks
[05:07:45] defaultro: here it is ->
[05:08:27] gr00ve_: yep sure is
[05:08:28] gr00ve_: JohnQ
[05:08:34] gr00ve_:
[05:08:44] defaultro: i really hate it when I see SeekError on my screen
[05:09:00] gr00ve_: uh did that url just get munged?
[05:09:11] defaultro: what does munged mean?
[05:09:12] gr00ve_: defaultro – are you still having drive issues?
[05:09:16] defaultro: nope
[05:09:17] gr00ve_: defaultro – corrupted
[05:09:19] defaultro: no issues
[05:09:24] defaultro: really?
[05:09:26] defaultro: hmmm
[05:09:32] defaultro: can you refreshed
[05:09:36] defaultro: i mean, refresh
[05:09:37] gr00ve_: defaultro – i meant munged = corrupted
[05:09:44] defaultro: i will try too
[05:09:56] defaultro: it's fine here
[05:09:59] gr00ve_: i was asking if the URL i pasted got messed up because in my irc client it swapped some thing to emoticons
[05:10:01] defaultro: it's just a regular html
[05:10:05] gr00ve_: and i'm not sure what it transmits when it does that
[05:10:06] defaultro: oh
[05:10:10] defaultro: let me check your url
[05:10:10] gr00ve_: hopefully just hte original characters
[05:10:29] gr00ve_: oh i see it was a colon D  – the colon-D is a smiley of some sort
[05:10:31] defaultro: it worked,
[05:10:41] defaultro: LOL
[05:10:49] gr00ve_: so if it said Howto : Debian with no spaces...
[05:10:53] gr00ve_: nm it's my client
[05:10:54] defaultro: yes
[05:10:54] JohnQ: thanks
[05:10:57] gr00ve_: yay emoticons
[05:11:28] gr00ve_: i just realized that you just just check for white space or a matching paren to avoid misfiring emoticons
[05:11:48] JohnQ: dang.. It's built against sid... sigh. Gonna have to do it manually I think
[05:12:01] gr00ve_: johnq – there may be others... i'd search first
[05:12:11] gr00ve_: sid... uh.. right i forgot about that
[05:12:18] gr00ve_: what version is sid these days?
[05:12:24] gr00ve_: and which are on?
[05:12:27] JohnQ: no Idea.. Im using sarge
[05:12:42] gr00ve_: yeah debian doesn't use numbers so you just have to know
[05:13:11] gr00ve_: did you try using that apt-get source with sarge instead of sid?
[05:13:20] gr00ve_: maybe they're in there but not documented
[05:13:35] majesty (majesty! has quit (Connection timed out)
[05:13:36] [1]majesty is now known as majesty
[05:14:29] Kyler (Kyler!n=chatzill@ has joined #mythtv-users
[05:14:48] gr00ve_: man i've been away from debian since bo and hamm... i should check it out one of these days
[05:15:25] Kyler_ (Kyler_!n=chatzill@ has joined #mythtv-users
[05:15:48] Kyler_: I screwed up. I've been having problems with a memory leak so I upgraded to the latest SVN version. It's fine on my backend but suddenly I can't play programs on the frontend. It just opens the recording file and then aborts.
[05:16:16] gr00ve_: what's in the frontend log
[05:16:21] Kyler_: Unfortunately there aren't any diagnostics.
[05:16:29] gr00ve_: did you specify a logfile?
[05:16:45] Kyler_: lessee...
[05:16:48] gr00ve_: anything in the messages file or backend log?
[05:17:12] gr00ve_: on both boxes if there on sep machines
[05:18:16] word (word! has joined #mythtv-users
[05:18:20] Kyler_: My startup is convoluted. I finally noticed I commented out the logging. Enabling...
[05:18:20] wireddd (wireddd! has joined #mythtv-users
[05:18:26] gr00ve_: actually – what do you see on the frontend when you select play? anything? black screen then back to menu?
[05:18:44] word: gr00ve_: noapic or pci=noapic = no change pci=routeirq = much more errors
[05:18:55] gr00ve_: ok
[05:19:02] gr00ve_: in a weird way, that's encouraging
[05:19:15] word: heh
[05:19:19] gr00ve_: word – can you try "cat /proc/dma" and "cat /proc/interrupts" and post the output to pastebin?
[05:19:57] gr00ve_: word – the good part there is that it does seem to be dma/irq related... and changing the tuner card to another slot that's on a different irq line may help or fix it
[05:20:19] Kyler_: gr00ve_: black screen then back to menu
[05:20:23] gr00ve_: k
[05:20:36] gr00ve_: did you use the exact same configure line as previously?
[05:21:15] KaZeR (KaZeR! has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[05:21:15] gr00ve_: did you upgrade from svn to svn and within the same directory? if you did an svn update then recompiled, did you make distclean before you rebuilt?
[05:21:18] word:
[05:21:19] Kyler_: gr00ve_: That was my first thought. I had been using Xvmc and I was guessing I broke it so I switched playback to "Standard".
[05:21:38] gr00ve_: Kyler – sdtv or hdtv?
[05:21:42] Kyler_: gr00ve_: I just did a "make clean" not distclean.
[05:21:45] Kyler_: sdtv
[05:22:32] word is now known as crowd
[05:22:39] crowd is now known as word
[05:23:08] gr00ve_: word – hmm, nothing obvious there to me. but – in your bios, you may want to disable anything you're not using. like the parallel port, usb, firewire, etc – anything that's enabled and taking an irq but not in use on the machine
[05:23:42] gr00ve_: i think you're still gonna possibly have to go through slot swapping however
[05:23:47] Kyler_ (Kyler_!n=chatzill@ has left #mythtv-users ()
[05:24:08] word: gr00ve_: i've gone through my bios and done that before shut off some via raid utility..everything else i'm pretty much using.except for floppy whichi 'm pretty sure i shut off
[05:24:11] Kyler: I've done "make distclean" and now I'm reconfiguring...
[05:24:30] gr00ve_: reducing the number of irq's in use by devices will help avoid conflicts and will lessen the chance that another slot will have a conflict if you have to move 'em
[05:24:40] gr00ve_: okay, so you're using a parallel device, usb, etc on this one?
[05:24:53] word: parallel...
[05:24:55] gr00ve_: if that's the case, you can slot swap and maybe that'll do it...
[05:25:12] word: i don't even think i have a parallel port
[05:25:16] gr00ve_: hope so... there are a few other bios settings in that one thread that some people were able to have luck with
[05:25:21] gr00ve_: haha – cool – disable that one, then
[05:25:38] word: where, in bios?
[05:25:43] gr00ve_: nod
[05:26:07] word: hm..ok..brb
[05:26:14] JohnQ: thats funny.. it says "ivtv-0.4.x does NOT support kernels > 2.6.15!" ... but uname -r says "2.6.8-3-k7" ... sounds like I need to disable the version check.
[05:26:32] gr00ve_: weird
[05:26:41] word (word! has quit ("Konversation terminated!")
[05:26:53] gr00ve_: kyler – if you don't use ccache – you may want to – it's really nice when rebuilding from scratch
[05:27:30] gr00ve_: as a rule, i always make distclean after any svn update
[05:27:33] JohnQ: ah... better.. no version check. Nice and dangerous.. just how I like it,.
[05:27:57] gr00ve_: they change stuff all the time, sometimes it needs a distclean, and rather than ever having to do it twice, i just wipe it clean
[05:28:11] gr00ve_: JohnQ – taint my kernel!
[05:28:21] JohnQ: kernel my taint.
[05:28:24] JohnQ: I mean..
[05:28:24] Kyler: gr00ve_: ccache looks interesting but I can suffer through the recompile. I hope I don'tneed to do it often.
[05:28:32] gr00ve_: ccache will greatly reduce the compile time when you're rebuilding, so a make distclean's no big deal
[05:29:45] KaZeR (KaZeR! has joined #mythtv-users
[05:30:22] gr00ve_: if that doesn't fix it for you... you can check the playback settings – make sure you're using standard (for now), disable opengl vsync... you can incrementally re-enable things like that once it's working
[05:31:06] Kyler: gr00ve_: I'm already back to standard config.
[05:31:12] gr00ve_: k good
[05:31:41] gr00ve_: how long ago was your last svn update/build ?
[05:31:45] Kyler: I'm kicking myself because I've been working on backups lately...for every machine but this one.
[05:31:55] Kyler: I just updated an hour or so ago.
[05:31:56] gr00ve_: oh you didn't back it ?!
[05:32:11] gr00ve_: was that the update that doesn't work or that one was okay?
[05:32:33] Kyler: The latest update doesn't play on my frontend. It's fine on the backend.
[05:32:55] gr00ve_: right – i meant is the latest one the one that doesn't work – is that latest one the one from an hour ago?
[05:33:16] Kyler: yes
[05:33:24] word (word! has joined #mythtv-users
[05:33:29] Kyler: Looks like there are four changes since then.
[05:33:35] gr00ve_: okay – so before that – how long ago was last svn build?
[05:33:46] word: there shot off parallel port..and floppy controller.
[05:33:54] word: no change though..
[05:34:23] gr00ve_: word – next resort is looking around for more bios setting tips for that board and slot swapping...
[05:34:59] gr00ve_: word – are you at 64 now for latency? or 128? if 128 – i'd not imagine that's the best idea
[05:35:03] Kyler: gr00ve_: before? Oh, it'd been a month perhaps...lessee...the schema was about three revisions old.
[05:35:12] word: yah i'm still at 128 :-/
[05:35:13] gr00ve_: word – it's giving quite a large timeslice to everyhting. 64's more typical
[05:35:59] DrMitch (DrMitch!n=me@ has joined #mythtv-users
[05:36:00] gr00ve_: kyler – k, so a make distclean may in fact help...
[05:36:01] word: i'm gonna look and see if i have any extra slot cover thingers
[05:36:08] wireddd: how well does commercial flagging work?
[05:36:21] gr00ve_: word – yeah... for a day or two until you get some it shouldn't cause any trouble to have some open slots
[05:36:26] Kyler: wireddd: I've found commercial flagging to be worsening.
[05:37:17] wireddd: is it removing parts of the program, or just not getting all of the commercials?
[05:37:26] Kyler: wireddd: Sometimes it's great. Sometimes it's really bad. Often it's obvious why it's bad. For example, if there's a tornado alert here and there's a band across the bottom no commercials will be flagged.
[05:37:27] gr00ve_: wireddd – ditto, but i'm not sure if it's myth's fault or the stations getting more tricky
[05:37:38] gr00ve_: wireddd – in my case it's been missing commercials
[05:37:52] Kyler: I've wondered if stations are getting tricky too.
[05:37:57] JohnQ: which firmware do I need for a PVR-500?
[05:38:30] gr00ve_: johnq – check for the exact version for you card and ivtv driver version
[05:38:39] JohnQ: thanks
[05:38:55] wireddd: because I don't mind if it misses a few commercials, just as long as I don't miss an entire section of the show
[05:39:00] gr00ve_: i think the major stations are starting to do some stuff that makes it harder to detect the commercials
[05:39:41] Kyler: wireddd: As long as you don't transcode after marking commercials and enable the cutlist you shouldn't lose anything. (right?)
[05:39:51] gr00ve_: correct
[05:40:16] gr00ve_: kyler – enable the cutlist...  ? (i'm not sure i'm doing this... heh)
[05:40:46] Kyler: "enable the cutlist" (or something like that) is a nuvexport thing.
[05:41:04] Kyler: (I do weird things with automated transcoding.)
[05:41:08] gr00ve_: configured inside of mythfrontend?
[05:41:33] Kyler: Yes, but I don't want that to confuse JohnQ's situation.
[05:41:45] gr00ve_: ok
[05:42:07] gr00ve_: i want to ask you something in that case – can you transcode and keep close captions?
[05:42:48] Kyler: gr00ve_: I haven't had any luck with CC. I'm using PVR250s and the last time I researched it I discovered there wasn't the necessary VBI support for those.
[05:42:50] gr00ve_: i'm losing them whether i go lossless (which i thought was mpeg2 -> mpeg2 ) or mpeg2->mpeg4, which i thought i understood was expected because mpeg4 streams don't support captions... do know anything about that?
[05:43:17] gr00ve_: ah ok
[05:43:44] gr00ve_: i never liked them until recently as i sometimes watch late at night these days
[05:44:09] [1]majesty ([1]majesty! has joined #mythtv-users
[05:44:16] gr00ve_: and it's nice to turn hear quiet stuff without volume riding and inevitably missing some loud blast that wakes up my other tenents
[05:44:47] Kyler: Hmmm...when I did "svn update; make clean; make" is it likely that "configure" was re-run? That could have *really* screwed up things because I'm compiling on a Pentium machine and my frontends are Mini-ITXs.
[05:45:03] gr00ve_: oh
[05:45:15] gr00ve_: do you have your config.log in the mythtv base dir?
[05:45:49] gr00ve_: it should contain the last several configure lines so you can copy-n-paste that back to the cmdline and configure with the right options
[05:46:19] Kyler: Yup. Looks like it was only run just now when I did it by hand. Good idea though.
[05:46:28] gr00ve_: okay
[05:46:42] gr00ve_: if you know the right flags, you could probably edit or and look for the cflags
[05:46:51] gr00ve_: and hack around it that way...
[05:46:54] word: gr00ve_: found 3 :D
[05:47:03] gr00ve_: no good, huh
[05:47:41] word: 3 pci slot covers..
[05:47:49] CyberKnet (CyberKnet! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[05:47:54] gr00ve_: oh – right sorry, i thought you meant errors
[05:47:56] Kyler: Time for bed. I'm going to leave the compile running and try it in the morning. Thanks for the help!
[05:47:59] word: lol
[05:48:02] ** gr00ve_ gazes into his crystal ball **
[05:48:10] gr00ve_: i see a new pci slot in your future
[05:48:12] gr00ve_: night Kyler
[05:48:14] word: gr00ve_: how long are you gonna be up?
[05:48:26] gr00ve_: at this rate, i'm not sure, probably another hour or two actually
[05:48:39] gr00ve_: i got into messing with some things and i'm wide awake
[05:48:42] word: hm..ok i guess i'll do it now then
[05:48:46] gr00ve_: k
[05:49:35] word: brb
[05:49:44] DrMitch (DrMitch!n=me@ has quit ("Leaving")
[05:50:15] word (word! has quit ("Konversation terminated!")
[05:55:55] doggkruse (doggkruse! has joined #mythtv-users
[05:56:11] doggkruse: anyone here have cable with charter?
[05:56:55] doggkruse (doggkruse! has left #mythtv-users ("Leaving")
[05:58:06] doggkruse (doggkruse! has joined #mythtv-users
[05:58:21] doggkruse: sorry bad connection
[05:58:49] doggkruse: anyone here have charter cable (repeated in case I dropped before my question went through)
[05:58:50] wireddd: do I need to do something special in order to get the channel names to show up?
[05:59:02] wireddd: doggkruse, I do
[05:59:16] doggkruse: wireddd: digital?
[05:59:20] wireddd: yeah
[05:59:20] doggkruse: or regular?
[05:59:29] doggkruse: what's your setup look like
[05:59:31] wireddd: but I am just using regular with myth
[05:59:33] majesty (majesty! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[05:59:33] [1]majesty is now known as majesty
[05:59:37] doggkruse: :/.
[05:59:46] JohnQ: does mythtv-setup need to be run as root, or something?
[05:59:52] doggkruse: does your cable box have firewire
[05:59:54] doggkruse: ?
[06:00:01] wireddd: doggkruse, no it doesn't
[06:00:13] doggkruse: :(
[06:00:36] doggkruse: I remember reading somewhere that cable companies are -required- to provide a firewire connection
[06:00:56] doggkruse: but charter said "we don't offer a firewall" when I asked about firewire
[06:01:00] doggkruse: repeatedly
[06:01:09] gr00ve_: well
[06:01:21] gr00ve_: there is an fcc regulation to that effect
[06:01:22] doggkruse: so they haven't heard the news if its true
[06:01:37] doggkruse: :/
[06:01:43] doggkruse: not enforced?
[06:01:47] gr00ve_: i don't know the specifics of it, but that's the law as it stands. a lot of cable companies' tech staffs may not even know about it
[06:02:15] gr00ve_: probably not enforced legally unless you sue them...
[06:02:50] word (word! has joined #mythtv-users
[06:02:52] gr00ve_: but it's true – they're required by law to provide a box w/ firewire
[06:02:56] doggkruse: :(
[06:03:09] gr00ve_: they can kind of cripple it though – basically degrading it to look more like sdtv anyway
[06:03:13] doggkruse: I'll have to talk with the tech when he / she comes to install
[06:03:20] doggkruse: I'm only getting sd
[06:03:31] doggkruse: but I don't want to deal with external channel changing
[06:03:39] doggkruse: maybe upgrade to hd when I can afford it
[06:03:59] gr00ve_: :)
[06:04:15] word: gr00ve_: one slot difference seems to make no change
[06:04:28] gr00ve_: k
[06:04:42] gr00ve_: gotta try them all to be sure, unfortunately. it's tedious
[06:04:44] wireddd: I told mythtv to save my recordings in /usr/local/storage/mythtv but there are not any files in there while it is recording, where is it saving the files?
[06:04:50] ** doggkruse wonders if the -threat- to sue would be enought to get firewire **
[06:05:00] word: i got 3 slot covers so i can try all of em i closest to ag slot is covered up
[06:05:07] KaZeR (KaZeR! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[06:05:11] gr00ve_: nod
[06:05:37] KaZeR (KaZeR! has joined #mythtv-users
[06:05:54] gr00ve_: wireddd is there a subdir under that directory?
[06:05:58] wireddd: no
[06:06:15] gr00ve_: do you have updatedb/locate on your box?
[06:06:19] JohnQ: I'm getting a lot of errors when fetching the channels from the listing source. A lot of things about tables that dont exist and such...
[06:06:29] gr00ve_: if you run updatedb then "locate .nuv" it may find them for you
[06:06:33] wireddd: gr00ve_, yes I do
[06:06:51] gr00ve_: johnq – yeah that's something of a problem... may have to run mythtv-setup as root
[06:07:02] doggkruse: thanks guys
[06:07:04] doggkruse: later
[06:07:11] doggkruse (doggkruse! has quit ("Leaving")
[06:07:18] JohnQ: I am running it as root now :-/
[06:07:29] gr00ve_: hmm
[06:07:38] gr00ve_: that may still problems but try it
[06:07:53] JohnQ: Try what?
[06:08:08] gr00ve_: re-running mythtv-setup as root
[06:08:22] JohnQ: Thats exactly what I am doing which is giving me the errors.
[06:08:37] gr00ve_: hopefully it can update what's missing... it might need mythconverg to be empty
[06:09:10] wireddd: oh I forgot updatedb takes over an hour on this machine...
[06:09:14] gr00ve_: doh
[06:09:17] gr00ve_: nevermind that
[06:09:45] Syphn_ (Syphn_! has joined #mythtv-users
[06:09:45] gr00ve_: wow... well you can run find instead, but you'd have to have an idea approximately where they're going for that to be practical
[06:10:21] word: brb..
[06:10:27] word (word! has quit ("Konversation terminated!")
[06:14:45] JohnQ: What will happen if I just drop the entire mythconverg database and remake it as empty?
[06:16:07] gr00ve_: i think that's fine
[06:16:49] gr00ve_: you will have to reconfig
[06:17:00] JohnQ: alrighty
[06:17:09] gr00ve_: if you have recorded stuff that's not a good thing
[06:17:21] gr00ve_: if it's a new install go for it
[06:17:28] JohnQ: its a new install
[06:17:34] gr00ve_: :)
[06:17:49] wireddd: gr00ve_, heh at some point the directory got set to root being the only one who could write to it
[06:18:13] gr00ve_: !
[06:19:28] defaultro (defaultro! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[06:21:30] JohnQ: anyone know how to clear the grant tables in mysql completely?
[06:22:56] evilDagmar: You don't want to do that
[06:23:30] JohnQ: Yes... I do.
[06:23:44] evilDagmar: If you *completely* drop the grant tables you may not be able to create them anew
[06:23:56] evilDagmar: How many entries could you have possibly made in there anyway?
[06:24:00] JohnQ: I didnt say drop... that would be insane... I said "clear out"
[06:24:05] JohnQ: I have no idea.
[06:24:13] JohnQ: probably 2... maybe 3..
[06:24:21] evilDagmar: There should just be 2–3 entries tops
[06:24:27] JohnQ: yeah
[06:24:35] evilDagmar: One for the root account and one for the mythtv account
[06:24:47] JohnQ: how do I view them?
[06:25:17] evilDagmar: Dunno. The MySQL docs say
[06:25:33] evilDagmar: I don't even bother to remember the admin details of SQL because of the docs
[06:28:19] [1]majesty ([1]majesty! has joined #mythtv-users
[06:28:26] Syphn (Syphn! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[06:28:28] Syphn_ is now known as Syphn
[06:30:09] wireddd: ok so now I just need to get a few more pvr150s and I will be all set
[06:36:56] JohnQ: Okay.. if I was an idiot and did "drop database mysql;" How can I... Uh... fix it?
[06:37:43] snappingturtle (snappingturtle! has joined #mythtv-users
[06:38:08] word (word! has joined #mythtv-users
[06:40:12] word: found out 2 of the cover thigns i had were the wrong kind lol...and uh i took the card out after i tried 2 others...and there's no change
[06:40:26] gr00ve_: :(
[06:41:11] gr00ve_: ok.. google around some more and see about compiling a kernel yourself then
[06:41:48] gr00ve_: that thread explained about disabling generic ide which gets built in by default and bypasses some via hack
[06:43:01] word: hm :(
[06:43:20] gr00ve_: yeah sorry – this is a tough one
[06:46:34] majesty (majesty! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[06:46:34] [1]majesty is now known as majesty
[06:50:14] word: gr00ve_: what does 'clean' as a boot option do?
[06:52:02] gr00ve_: not sure..
[06:52:14] word: can't seem to find it with google
[06:52:27] gr00ve_: where'd you see it?
[06:53:26] word: the suse grub loader shows all the boot options when you go over the different choices..i think kubuntu has ro and clean or something
[06:53:39] gr00ve_: ah
[06:56:05] kothog (kothog! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[07:00:19] dscoular (dscoular! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[07:01:19] dougl (dougl! has left #mythtv-users ("Leaving")
[07:07:08] JohnQ: Wow.. how many days worth of listings does it normally get?
[07:08:00] JohnQ: Its already downloaded 2 weeks into the future.
[07:08:49] sigger (sigger! has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[07:10:29] word: 12
[07:12:47] gr00ve_ (gr00ve_! has left #mythtv-users ()
[07:13:27] JohnQ: Strange.. none of my channels have names... just "Channel 17" and the like.
[07:14:48] bocaJ (bocaJ! has joined #mythTV-users
[07:14:54] word: in the contrib directiory theres a uh..
[07:15:45] bocaJ: for a novice linux user, what is the best distro for MythTV
[07:18:34] word: JohnQ: in the contrib directory of the source theres a run that while in your home dir then run this command – mythfilldatabase --import-icon-map iconmap.xml --update-icon-map
[07:19:05] word: novice...(thinks back to difficulty settings on xbox games)
[07:19:22] bocaJ: fine...n00b
[07:19:29] word: heh..
[07:19:37] word: knoppmyth comes preinstalled i think
[07:19:59] word: but that's just a live cd
[07:21:03] medwards: You can install the knoppmyth image to an HD somehow
[07:21:08] word: i just saw a dr. phil commercial...omg...
[07:21:23] medwards: I don't know the details but this could be as easier or easier than using a user friendly distro.
[07:21:34] word: medwards: i've heard similar things about knoppix but i've also heard that it's not nearly as stable
[07:21:45] word: not sure if the same applies for knoppmyth
[07:22:24] medwards: For sheer distro friendly factor (both in terms of support and their interface) I like Ubuntu a lot. My mythtv setup was relatively straightforward (had to follow a HOWTO and get my hands dirty with some compiling) but I came out of it with everything working fine.
[07:22:39] medwards: However, there are many counterexamples of it *not* working fine for other people.
[07:23:10] bocaJ: what cards are you using
[07:23:25] medwards: If the knoppmyth install is super easy I'd recommend trying it first. If it is unstable or doesn't work, then turn to a distro and setting it up yourself.
[07:23:28] medwards: PVR 250
[07:23:39] medwards: just the one, no picture-in-picture for me :(
[07:23:58] medwards: Plus my computer would likely melt if I had any more tuners in it :P
[07:24:57] hads|home: Haven't used Knoppmyth myself, but a few people I know use it and swear by it.
[07:25:40] word: i'm on kubuntu had some troubles with howtos..but now i have pretty much everything working
[07:25:43] medwards: Yeah my friend who I got the PVR 250 off has built a couple of boxes for profit and says all the junk I had to configure was auto-configured in Knoppmyth.
[07:26:12] bocaJ: hehe, ok, how hard do you think it would be to install mythTV and set it up for the pcHDTV5500 and the wintv-usb2 (
[07:26:29] bocaJ: with linux drivers from
[07:26:47] medwards: I'm pretty sure there is a page showing which tuner cards mythtv supports
[07:27:04] medwards: otherwise it's a question of whether the drivers are easy to install for Linux.
[07:27:26] bocaJ: I need at least one of them to be usb, so I'm not sure if I'll fit in the "official" set of supported cards
[07:30:58] nosatalian (nosatalian! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[07:32:08] evilDagmar: Jacob: I'd say look for the website heading up driver support for those cards and try to buy *what the developers are using*
[07:32:24] evilDagmar: Astonishingly, this tends to be a winning scenario.  ;)
[07:33:19] word: lol that's pretty much what i did
[07:33:43] medwards: huh.. and here i was trying to figure out what the J in boca – J stood for :P
[07:33:47] evilDagmar: A *few* niche companies are starting to learn to give LInux people interface specs now because of that
[07:34:14] evilDagmar: Well, I've had a good nap after dealing with that damn software
[07:34:18] evilDagmar: ...and more than a little sake.
[07:34:28] evilDagmar: I wasn't sure it was spelled backwards at first.
[07:34:29] evilDagmar: Heh
[07:35:03] evilDagmar: I feel downright thwarted by this ASUS thing
[07:35:45] medwards: mobo troubles.. sad..
[07:35:48] evilDagmar: Tomorrow night when I can stand to look at Myth stuff again I'm documentin' that in the ivtv wiki. Gonna have to dig out where I put the credentials I have for it
[07:36:03] medwards: hmm
[07:36:09] medwards: nuvexport.. just sitting there..
[07:36:40] word: is there a way to run nuvexport to transcode all the episodes of stuff you haven't before?
[07:36:52] evilDagmar: medwards: Make note... the PVR-500 can't be used with many VIA 8237 boards, at least on the ASUS A8V the BIOS gets confused by the appearance of the new PCI bridge in the 500
[07:36:53] somegeek (somegeek!i=levin@tor/regular/somegeek) has quit (Connection reset by peer)
[07:36:56] evilDagmar: Machine no booty.
[07:37:10] JohnQ: Okay... Now I need serious help.
[07:37:21] evilDagmar: word: I suppose you could write a batch file, or when it asks you what program to select type * or something
[07:37:28] JohnQ: When I go to "Watch TV"... my myth machine reboots.
[07:37:38] evilDagmar: It's in perl so it's not like you couldn't just go in there and MAKE it a batch "transcode everything" program
[07:37:44] evilDagmar: JohnQ: What card and kernel?
[07:37:59] somegeek (somegeek!i=levin@tor/regular/somegeek) has joined #mythtv-users
[07:38:09] JohnQ: PVR-500 2.6.8
[07:38:14] evilDagmar: word: You know some perl, right?
[07:38:28] medwards: everyone knows some perl.
[07:38:36] medwards: It's like riding a bike.
[07:38:37] word: not really lol i know some php and 'some' javascript ;p
[07:38:48] evilDagmar: JohnQ: Okay. This isnt' directly related but just out of curiousity what motherboard do you have?
[07:38:53] evilDagmar: word: Perl is easier by far.
[07:38:56] word: and i've been fooling around with shell scripts :-/
[07:39:10] evilDagmar: You shouldn't have any trouble picking up the language if you've been doing those.
[07:39:29] evilDagmar: John1: Are you able to upgrade to the latest 2.6.x kernel?
[07:39:40] JohnQ: an AM37 (via chipset)
[07:39:50] evilDagmar: AM37? Who makes that?
[07:39:53] medwards: boo.. no xvid for me :(
[07:40:07] JohnQ: I'm trying to stick to debian stable... and 2.6.8 is the highest available there.
[07:40:19] word: is there a way to make myth just turn all of it's video files to xvid ..delete the originals..and still keep them in the db?
[07:40:19] evilDagmar: Well, which version of ivtv did you compile?
[07:40:19] JohnQ: Not even sure who makes it.. one sec.
[07:40:33] evilDagmar: ...and Debian stable's kernel is not going to be doing you any favors on this one
[07:40:52] evilDagmar: That particular kernel sucks buffalo wang with respect to USB and a few other things, including SATA
[07:40:54] JohnQ: ivtv 0.4.5
[07:41:04] evilDagmar: Might be part of it . One sec
[07:41:08] JohnQ: no using USB or SATA :-)
[07:41:33] evilDagmar: Well, you should at least upgrade IVTV to 0.4.6
[07:41:52] JohnQ: I thought it wouldnt work on < 2.6.15
[07:42:00] evilDagmar: From 2006-06–24 ivtv stable version 0.4.6 released (ChangeLog). This release is for the 2.6.15 and older kernels ONLY.
[07:42:11] JohnQ: ah
[07:42:12] evilDagmar: "and older kernels"
[07:42:25] JohnQ: Okiedoke. I'll try that and see if it brings me any joy.
[07:42:31] evilDagmar: Turn OFF pre-emptive multitasking in the kernel if you have it on
[07:42:39] evilDagmar: It and IVTV 0.4.5 do not get along.
[07:42:50] evilDagmar: That was the very first hurdle I had to jump over myself.
[07:43:01] evilDagmar: The moment something tries to pre-empt ivtv, *bang* reboot
[07:43:07] JohnQ: I'm not sure if that's enabled inthe vanilla debian kernel
[07:43:17] evilDagmar: Well, it's partly 0.4.x's fault
[07:43:25] medwards: oh ffs, ffmpeg is totally neutered in Ubuntu
[07:43:26] evilDagmar: The issue is supposed to be gone in 0.7.0
[07:44:03] evilDagmar: JohnQ: I really can assure you thought that you would probably find a *number* of things easier with
[07:44:14] evilDagmar: Oh, and DO NOT USE REISERFS with that
[07:44:14] JohnQ: does 0.4.6 have the same bug?
[07:44:25] JohnQ: I'm not.
[07:44:30] evilDagmar: JohnQ: Depends on *which* bug you're referring to
[07:44:32] evilDagmar: There's plenty
[07:44:43] JohnQ: the pre-emptive multitasking one
[07:44:46] evilDagmar: Hence why I'm pushing 0.7.0 and the latest 2.6.x kernel
[07:44:58] evilDagmar: As far as I know 0.4.5 and 6 had it
[07:45:10] evilDagmar: 6 was supposed to fix it but it would still do it
[07:45:25] JohnQ: I see.
[07:45:27] [1]majesty ([1]majesty! has joined #mythtv-users
[07:45:30] evilDagmar: Unless you're running a really slow CPU you're not going to notice anything different by turning it off
[07:45:33] ru (ru!n=ru@ has quit ("Konversation terminated!")
[07:45:43] evilDagmar: ....except the lack of spontaneous rebooting
[07:45:54] JohnQ: I cant turn it off without recompiling my kernel manually.
[07:46:02] evilDagmar: Understand that ivtv is a little bit "frontier-space" still
[07:46:17] JohnQ: totally.. I expect that :-)
[07:46:17] evilDagmar: JohnQ: Yep. You'll have to recompile anyway so you might as well catch up
[07:46:47] JohnQ: maybe I should just reformat this machine with debian sid instead of sarge.
[07:47:09] evilDagmar: There's probably a way to apt-get it in
[07:47:09] medwards: ok calling it a night
[07:47:14] evilDagmar: Ask someone in #Debian
[07:47:24] evilDagmar: It's probably like one four word command or something
[07:47:46] JohnQ: That would be rather debian-y ;-)
[07:47:55] evilDagmar: Could be worse.
[07:47:58] evilDagmar: You could be using Gentoo.  ;)
[07:48:17] evilDagmar: (14 hours later) "It works"
[07:48:35] JohnQ: heh
[07:48:41] word: 2nd part of that statement
[07:48:43] word: ......kinda
[07:58:13] tjcarter: wow, my Myth frontend (Intel Mac) just crashed.
[07:58:33] tjcarter: it's been running for weeks though, so I won't feel too bad =)
[07:58:50] der_oschni (der_oschni! has joined #mythtv-users
[08:00:11] majesty (majesty! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[08:00:12] [1]majesty is now known as majesty
[08:00:21] hads|home: JohnQ: You don't need to reinstall to upgrade from sarge to sid, just edit sources.list and dist-upgrade
[08:00:41] JohnQ: I'm upgrading to 2.6.16 now.. using the sarge-backports....
[08:01:19] JohnQ: Will it break anything else besides ivtv? (which I will download, compile and install the newest version of)
[08:02:28] hads|home: Only if you are running some other custom kernel modules
[08:02:50] JohnQ: nope. Just the itvt ones... (unless some come with mythtv)
[08:04:50] somegeek (somegeek!i=levin@tor/regular/somegeek) has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[08:05:23] somegeek (somegeek!i=levin@tor/regular/somegeek) has joined #mythtv-users
[08:08:58] word: . . . 6-631-04.JPG – the windows logo in that middle button bugs me..
[08:09:16] word: it's just a thin piece of cardboard in a clear button..
[08:14:57] JohnQ: error when building ivtv 0.6.3: "make: *** /lib/modules/2.6.16-2-k7/build: No such file or directory. Stop." ANy ideas?
[08:20:15] bsdfox: ffmpeg -i %FILE% -f avi -vcodec xvid -b 1000 -g 300 -bf 2 -acodec mp3 -ab 128 %FILE%.avi
[08:20:22] bsdfox: does that seem like a reasonable job entry?
[08:20:34] bsdfox: or do I just need some quotes or what.. doesn't seem to be working
[08:21:59] ** JohnQ asks that anyone awake prays for him. **
[08:23:05] ** word prays for JohnQ **
[08:25:19] hads|home: JohnQ: You need kernel-headers-`uname -r` or linux-headers-`uname-r`
[08:25:35] hads|home: I don't know which one it will be for sarge backports
[08:26:21] JohnQ: Thanks... got it.
[08:28:53] ** JohnQ dances **
[08:29:08] JohnQ: 2.6.16 seems to have fixed me right up!
[08:29:17] JohnQ: ... mostly.
[08:29:25] JohnQ: Why is the volume SO FRIGGIN soft?
[08:29:43] JohnQ: DAMN! it rebooted again!
[08:29:43] word: check your mixer
[08:30:02] JohnQ: ... somebody wasnt praying hard enough!
[08:30:25] word: sorry ><
[08:34:43] h36sa_ (h36sa_! has joined #mythtv-users
[08:40:27] der_oschni (der_oschni! has quit ("Konversation terminated!")
[08:44:00] der_oschni (der_oschni! has joined #mythtv-users
[08:46:54] majesty (majesty! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[08:47:27] ghotiboy (ghotiboy! has joined #mythtv-users
[08:49:51] JohnQ: alrighty... gonna try flashing my bios..
[08:50:43] ghoti (ghoti! has joined #mythtv-users
[08:50:58] bsdfox (bsdfox! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[08:53:19] word: neat
[08:55:26] ghotiboy1 (ghotiboy1! has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[08:56:00] ghotiboy (ghotiboy! has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[08:59:31] ghoti (ghoti! has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[09:06:13] JohnQ: well.... that didnt work... wont even let me flash. not good.
[09:11:41] dotted (dotted! has joined #mythtv-users
[09:13:47] makomk (makomk!n=aidan@ has joined #mythtv-users
[09:32:16] Chicago: Is anybody here running a v2.6.17 kernel and ivtv 7?
[09:32:54] word: no :-/
[09:33:29] Chicago: word: I have a hauppauge 500 and used to have everything working fine on 2.6.16... but now that I've upgraded to 2.6.17 I'm having trouble.
[09:34:22] word: my distro's still at 2.6.15 so i wouldn't know what to do  :-/
[09:34:36] Chicago: Does my IVTV init look correct to you?
[09:39:57] Zider (Zider!n=zider@ has joined #mythtv-users
[09:42:32] Anduin: Chicago: What problem are you having?
[09:42:45] Chicago: Anduin: I can't change channels.
[09:43:01] Chicago: let me be more specific, I change the channels and then tune in static.
[09:43:09] Chicago: I get channels 11,12 & 13
[09:43:41] word: maybe the place you're getting your channel listings from has the frequencies off? :-/
[09:43:54] Chicago: Well.
[09:44:00] Chicago: I've been using zap2it.
[09:44:07] Anduin: Odds are the frequencies are just from the table.
[09:44:16] Chicago: I have the same settings in my account there I've had since the last version I used which worked.
[09:44:20] Chicago: I'm a bit confused.
[09:44:29] Anduin: Chicago: It is possibly a wrong tuner type being detected.
[09:44:50] word (word! has quit ("Konversation terminated!")
[09:45:01] Anduin: Chicago: Yeah, for cable lineups it isn't like zap2it actually gives frequencies, so don't worry.
[09:45:53] Chicago: Line #7 and line #35 show a Hauppauge PVR-150 detected. Isn't this what I should expect for a Hauppauge 500MCE?
[09:46:31] Anduin: Chicago: Yes, though I'm not sure about the actual tuner type as there are many for different revs of different cards.
[09:47:41] Chicago: Well... I added <M> support not <*> in my new kernel for the Wolfson Microelectronics WM8775 audio ADC with input mixer and <M> for Conexant CX2584x audio/video decoders...
[09:47:54] Chicago: Am I supposed to be loading modules for those? If yeah... then maybe that's my problem.
[09:48:10] Chicago: The only modules I'm loading now are {realtime,nvida,ivtv}
[09:48:26] Anduin: Chicago: That isn't the problem, if it failed to load it would be in the log.
[09:48:46] Anduin: Chicago: modules can load other modules, implicitly and explicitly with request_module.
[09:49:02] Anduin: Chicago: an lsmod should verify
[09:49:22] Chicago: I need to just use one of the IVTV perl scripts to change the channel and then cat /dev/v4l/video0 > some.mpg and see if it looks good.
[09:49:42] Anduin: Chicago: I'd look for posts with the same card, I know some have a type 68 tuner on them.
[09:50:11] Anduin: Chicago: If the tuner type is wrong then adjusting it with a tune script won't fix it.
[09:50:49] Chicago: from the ivtv init... second tuner model is Philips TEA5768HL FM Radio does that look right?
[09:51:35] Anduin: Chicago: Sure, but so do others, first place to start it to verify that it is right.
[09:54:56] Chicago: Anduin: Well... doing a ./ivtv-tune -c 33 -d /dev/v4l/video0 && cat /dev/v4l/video0 >test.mpg actually produced good video.
[09:55:17] tomimo (tomimo! has joined #mythtv-users
[09:55:29] Anduin: Chicago: good to know
[09:56:21] Juski (Juski! has joined #mythtv-users
[09:56:27] Anduin: Chicago: Is you card in myth configured for the same frequency table? Do you really only get those three channels?
[09:56:47] Chicago: I "find" all the channels.
[09:56:55] Chicago: When I change to them, its a bad signal.
[09:57:01] Anduin: Chicago: bah, analog scan is for suckers.
[09:57:46] Chicago: How do you mean?
[09:57:52] Juski: IIRC analogue scanning still doesn't work properly
[09:58:02] Chicago: Hi Juski
[09:58:30] Juski: if you have a pvr150/pvr500 card it won't work because there'll be no teletext data (VBI slicing isn't implemented yet)
[09:58:41] Juski: hey Chicago :)
[09:58:45] Chicago: teletext... you mean closed captioning?
[09:59:25] Juski: yeh. tv channels (in Europe at least) have their name embedded in the VBI data
[10:00:42] Chicago: Well, I've never been able to see the closed-caption data on my 150s
[10:01:04] Juski: that's logical, since it hasn't been implemented yet
[10:02:33] Juski: but it's a-comin'.. oh yeah
[10:03:59] Chicago: I'm wondering if I just have junk data in a myth directory somewhere... because if I use gmplayer -nocache -vf pp=fd /dev/v4l/video0 and then change the channels with ./ivtv-tune -c 48 -d /dev/v4l/video0 that all works correctly.
[10:04:51] Anduin: Chicago: check you channel table, and the frequency table you are using.
[10:05:08] Chicago: Which file is it?
[10:05:14] Juski: analogue scanning doesn't work – and if you used that to get your channels.. erm... no wonder ;-)
[10:05:58] Chicago: I think I know howto do it.
[10:06:22] Chicago: I'll delete the tuners... and then set them up again.
[10:06:30] Juski: Chicago: nope
[10:06:33] linagee (linagee! has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[10:07:06] Juski: just make sure you're using the right frequency table
[10:07:21] Chicago: I used that EIT button to find the channels before... I'll just turn that off.
[10:07:31] Juski: huh?
[10:07:40] Juski: EIT is only for DVB/HDTV tuners
[10:08:08] Chicago: haha... that's probably my problem.
[10:08:23] Chicago: I had that checked inside my zap2it listing service.
[10:08:30] Juski: and the fact that scanning with a pvr150 won't work
[10:12:37] KaZeR (KaZeR! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[10:13:09] Juski: oh my $deity! more & more people are posting questions in the wiki. ffs
[10:13:52] KaZeR (KaZeR! has joined #mythtv-users
[10:18:08] sAFiK is now known as Saviq
[10:18:15] Saviq: hello all
[10:18:46] Chicago: Saviq: Hello
[10:24:50] gardengnome: Juski: analogue channel scanning does not work? huh? works for me on my bttv/ivtv cards ;)
[10:25:29] Juski: gardengnome: Juski: if you have a pvr150/pvr500 card it won't work because there'll be no teletext data (VBI slicing isn't implemented yet)
[10:25:37] Juski: so :-P
[10:26:05] gardengnome:
[10:27:38] Juski: what I'd like to know is.. I saw a 'status report' on the ivtv-devel mailing list which said the samsung issues have been fixed for definite and VBI data is working on NTSC tuners – when will that lot filter down into released drivers I wonder?
[10:30:36] Aid1 (Aid1! has joined #mythtv-users
[10:31:43] newevmsuse1 (newevmsuse1! has joined #mythtv-users
[10:37:35] grndslm (grndslm!n=grndslm@ has joined #mythtv-users
[10:38:06] Chicago (Chicago! has left #mythtv-users ("Leaving")
[10:38:20] philippe_ (philippe_! has joined #mythtv-users
[10:38:29] Aid` (Aid`! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[10:40:11] grndslm: what would be the proper mysql syntax to allow anyone in the 192.168.1.* range be??
[10:40:16] Hamsta-Myth_ (Hamsta-Myth_! has joined #mythtv-users
[10:40:31] philippe_: I have a "MythSocket(81d24c0:-1): writeData: Error, called with unconnected socket" error when starting a live-tv. What's append ?
[10:40:42] grndslm: is "GRANT ALL ON mythconverg.* TO mythtv@"192.168.1.*" IDENTIFIED BY "pswdhere";" that correct?
[10:42:47] philippe_: To grndslm: I use a "grant all on mythconverg.* to mythtv@"192.168.1.%" identified by "mythtv";" syntax for this !
[10:43:10] grndslm: awesome... % it is!
[10:43:50] Hamsta-Myth (Hamsta-Myth! has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[10:46:39] philippe_: Does this error be explain ? MythSocket(81d4368:-1): writeStringList: Error, socket went unconnected
[10:48:02] grndslm (grndslm!n=grndslm@ has quit ("Ex-Chat")
[10:48:53] newevmsuser (newevmsuser! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[10:51:34] JohnQ: anyone having random reboots when using a pvr-500 with a via chipset? (vt8235 or vt8233)?
[10:51:50] ghotiboy1 (ghotiboy1! has joined #mythtv-users
[10:57:12] gardengnome: JohnQ: via chipsets tend to give those problems, see
[10:57:15] Anduin: philippe_: backed down?
[10:57:24] robthebob (robthebob! has joined #mythtv-users
[11:01:07] Juski: I'm glad to (seemingly) be the one person in the world who has never experienced a via chipset problem :)
[11:04:33] philippe_: Anduin: the backend give only the error but don't be down. The frontend (another machine) give a black screen
[11:05:55] RaYmAn-Bx: Juski: have you actually ever used a via chipset then? :P
[11:05:55] achew22 (achew22! has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[11:11:44] Saviq (Saviq! has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[11:12:22] Juski: RaYmAn-Bx: yes – I think I've been lucky cos I don't buy dirt cheap boards or shite makes like pcchips
[11:12:38] RaYmAn-Bx: perhaps
[11:12:49] RaYmAn-Bx: I've had some issues with Via Epia boards though
[11:13:33] Juski: yeh well as cute as my M10k board in my frontend is I don't think I'd be tempted to do anything serious with it
[11:14:46] RaYmAn-Bx: My PD-10000 messed up cloning a hd from one ide channel to another :S doing it in my intel board and it worked immediately
[11:15:15] skorpion (skorpion! has joined #mythtv-users
[11:16:46] makomk_ (makomk_!n=aidan@ has joined #mythtv-users
[11:16:56] skorpion (skorpion! has quit (Client Quit)
[11:18:25] makomk (makomk!n=aidan@ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[11:18:43] Juski: woo.. svn recorded the Essential Mix as scheduled. I'm gonna love 0.20
[11:19:40] Juski: it's gonna need an extension to turn recordings into stuff you can put into mythmusic though (DVB radio). that'd be niiice
[11:21:54] achew22 (achew22! has joined #mythtv-users
[11:22:42] gardengnome: Juski: user jobs? ;))
[11:23:01] gardengnome: i kinda think of them as an univeral remedy, but i haven't made one myself yet
[11:24:14] Juski: hahahah
[11:24:33] Juski: I think a good start might be adding a bit to nuxexport
[11:24:52] Juski: then when I've learnt Qt & C++ – like next century I could GUI it
[11:25:48] Juski: R.I.P. mythexport
[11:28:01] JohnQ: gardengnome: dang.. no workaround, I am guessing. I happen to have a different motherboard here.. with a different via chip on it... Im betting that wont help.
[11:30:18] gardengnome: Juski: nuvexport can already export $stuff to mp3. not sure how that's gonna work with DVB radio recordings, though.
[11:30:33] gardengnome: JohnQ: humm. well, you could still always try it.
[11:30:39] Juski: can it? wickedness
[11:30:46] nosatalian (nosatalian! has joined #mythtv-users
[11:31:02] ** Juski is dancing.  :-O **
[11:31:02] JohnQ: I'm trying to convince myself that it's worth trying.
[11:31:41] gardengnome: Juski: :)
[11:31:57] gardengnome: Juski: should be the ffmpeg exporter... already got it installed?
[11:32:02] Juski: and what's really cool... playing DVB radio recordings gives you the MHEG page that the radio channel has. whoever did this.. I wanna give you some money man
[11:32:02] gardengnome: nuvexport, i mean
[11:32:11] gardengnome: cool.
[11:33:10] Juski: I <8 radio :)
[11:33:30] JohnQ: My current "failing" mobo is a AM37 made by fic. the other one is a K7T266 Pro2 by MSI ... both have a via chipset. I cant decide if they are too similar to even bother... or so different tha it couldnt possibly not work.
[11:33:44] Juski: FIC ? wtf they?
[11:34:16] JohnQ: exactly
[11:34:36] Juski: only ever had one problem with a motherboard – caps went bad. replaced em.. and it's still in service
[11:34:57] Juski: and that was an abit board. every board since then has been gigabyte..
[11:35:00] ** Juski touches wood **
[11:35:34] Juski: o m g... wonder what it'd take to mod mythstreamtv to only send audio
[11:35:51] Juski: I could listen to recorded radio shows at work then
[11:36:09] Juski: instead of 'boring FM' my colleague always has on in the lab
[11:39:01] nosatalian: Is there a primary key in 'recorded' that uniquely identifies each recording?
[11:39:18] JohnQ: Crud.. my Athlon 2600+ wont work in the other mobo. .. only other amd I have around is a 1700+  :-( I wonder if there will be a difference in mythtv
[11:40:40] JohnQ: whatcha think? is 1.5 ghz going to be noticably different than a 2.1?
[11:40:47] gardengnome: for SDTV? hardly, i suppose. transcoding and commflagging will be be slower, though.
[11:41:16] gardengnome: my workstation is an 1800+ and mythtv works OK on it, with hardware encoder cards
[11:41:23] Juski: bah bloody ubuntu. ffmpeg has no mp3 support
[11:41:46] JohnQ: ya.. i have a pvr-500.. so Im not too worried about encoding.
[11:41:54] gardengnome: Juski: oops, right.
[11:42:30] Juski: looks like I have to build ffmpeg :-/
[11:42:44] Juski: or can I just drop a debian repo on in here?
[11:43:52] gardengnome: Juski: apt-get source ffmpeg. that'll prolly give you a tarball and a patch. extract the tarball, apply the patch, edit debian/rules to suit your needs (enable xvid while you're at it, too), dch -v $oldversion.juski-1 or something, dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -us -uc -nc.
[11:44:31] Juski: what the? 8-|
[11:44:46] gardengnome: you might wanna play around with pinning so upgrades won't install the normal ffmpeg package... setting it on "hold" might work too, but aptitude seems to have its own ideas about it....
[11:45:10] gardengnome: Juski: that's my short guide to modifying debian packages .)
[11:45:38] gardengnome: everything is self-explanatory once you see it. it's really easy.
[11:45:39] Juski: argghh. fucking – they don't have ANYTHING
[11:45:48] gardengnome: hehe
[11:45:58] gardengnome: feel free to bug me if you run into problems
[11:46:16] gardengnome: Juski: and make sure to send me your package once it's done, that'd be awesome :)
[11:46:31] JohnQ: can anyone suggest a good motherboard which will NOT have a via chipset that'll take an amd athlon 2600+?
[11:47:03] gardengnome: JohnQ: i hear good things about nforce 2 chipsets, but i don't have one myself so i can't comment on it
[11:49:14] Juski: gardengnome: it got the tarball & patched ffmpeg itself I think
[11:49:32] Juski: and what's this bit all about? "edit debian/rules to suit your needs"
[11:50:42] Savi1 (Savi1! has joined #mythtv-users
[11:53:31] JohnQ: Okay... pray for me. I'm gonna downgrade to my older mobo and pray.
[11:54:47] gardengnome: Juski: yeah. just take a look at the file, you'll usually find the configure call there.
[11:54:56] Juski: what file?
[11:55:13] Juski: I dunno where umbongo apt-gets stuff to
[11:55:18] Juski: <noob mode>
[11:55:20] Juski: ;)
[11:55:35] gardengnome: Juski: you might need to install xvid development packages... if you wanna do it properly *g*, you can also list them in debian/control.
[11:56:25] gardengnome: as build-depends, that is. and, yeah, adding the xvid and mp3 libs as runtime dependencies is also good, but not really necessary if you repackage it for your needs.
[11:56:42] Juski: I'm totally lost now
[11:56:51] gardengnome: Juski: it's located in your newly created ffmpeg directory. apt-get source just downloads everything into the current working directory.
[11:57:43] gardengnome: Juski: heh. 1.) edit $ffmpeg_dir/debian/rules. 2.) chmod +x $ffmpeg_dir/debian/rules. 3. run the bpkd-buildpackahge line i gave you above.
[11:57:58] Juski: it didn't create a dir when I did apt-get source ffmpeg
[11:58:18] gardengnome: umm. so, how did you patch ffmpeg?
[11:58:47] gardengnome: heh, sorry for confusing ya. :)
[11:58:51] Juski: ah. shit. it did.. I dunno which dir I was in when I last did it.
[11:58:57] gardengnome: heh
[12:00:13] Juski: right I'll find the 1st download & delete it
[12:06:30] croppa (croppa! has quit ("Konversation terminated!")
[12:06:40] Juski: haha. it was in the nuvexport dir
[12:06:50] gardengnome: ;)
[12:07:33] gardengnome: narf. that coffee i've had was way too weak.
[12:07:58] Juski: --enable-xvid --enable-mp3 needs to be added, right?
[12:08:31] gardengnome: prolly. ./configure --help just tell ya everything. don't forget about the -dev packages...
[12:08:37] gardengnome: s/just/should/
[12:09:02] Juski: ahh mp3lame
[12:10:17] gardengnome: libmp3lame should be already installed because of mythtv
[12:12:31] Juski: right so now I have the rules file edited
[12:13:31] LLyric (LLyric! has quit ("Leaving")
[12:14:00] gardengnome: yeah. dpkg-buildpackage will try o execute it, that's why you need to have it chmod'ed +x.
[12:14:12] Juski: what was the dch -v $oldversion.juski-1 bit about?
[12:16:12] Anduin (Anduin! has quit ("Leaving.")
[12:16:13] gardengnome: dch -v will make a new entry in the debian/changelog file. this is needed when, well, you update a package. the argument to -v is the new version of your package. i'd suggest you take a look at debian/changelog, copy the entry at the beginning of the file and just append something like -juski-1 to it, maybe including the date or somehting.
[12:17:47] Juski: dch says command not found
[12:18:06] gardengnome: umm
[12:18:07] gardengnome: yeah
[12:18:09] gardengnome: sorry.
[12:18:40] gardengnome: it's part of a collection of scripts.
[12:18:53] Juski: heh
[12:19:16] gardengnome: hey. learn to use your distro :)) sudo apt-get install apt-file && apt-file update && apt-file search dch
[12:19:49] gardengnome: or maybe apt-file search /usrbin/dch to restrict the amount of results which are returned.
[12:19:58] Savi1: Juski You've switched to debian? :]
[12:20:05] Savi1: ick Saviq
[12:20:10] Savi1 is now known as Saviq
[12:20:19] Juski: Saviq: nope. still umbongo
[12:20:34] gardengnome: heya Saviq
[12:20:40] Saviq: hey
[12:20:43] Juski: ahh you say.. you thought I was using gentoo... well I am, too
[12:21:33] Saviq: no just I see you're playing with debs :]
[12:22:00] Juski: yeh – and all cos of STUPID US intellectual property bollocks
[12:22:04] Saviq: the fastest way to do a .deb – sudo checkinstall :]
[12:23:31] Juski: gah I'm confused now
[12:23:45] Saviq: it does a "make install" into a .deb
[12:23:53] Saviq: or whatever
[12:28:42] test34 (test34!n=test34@unaffiliated/test34) has quit ("Leaving")
[12:36:14] test34 (test34!n=test34@unaffiliated/test34) has joined #mythtv-users
[12:38:18] Juski: now working through a step by step guide I can actually understand :)
[12:38:43] philippe_: I need somme help ! I have a "MythSocket(81d24c0:-1): writeData: Error, called with unconnected socket" and "MythSocket(81d4368:-1): writeStringList: Error, socket went unconnected" when starting a live-tv with lastest svn. Does anyone have an explanation about those errors ?
[12:39:38] Juski: philippe_: nope. maybe the -dev or -users mailing list will know though
[12:39:57] Juski: you didn't expect svn to just _work_ did you? :-P
[12:41:40] philippe_: Juski: I us svn for a moment now ! My problem came after a OS change from mdk2006 to kubuntu. But I'm not shure that the OS is the problem.
[12:42:46] Juski: did you rebuild svn for the new install without any errors?
[12:43:29] philippe_: Juski: yes no errors ! And I have test the dvd-t card with mplayer. All is ok !
[12:44:01] Juski: ah well
[12:44:10] Juski: try the mailing lists
[12:44:16] Juski: one at a time
[12:44:42] philippe_: I suppose something have change after some commits but have no explanation from the dev-list
[12:45:08] Syphn_ (Syphn_! has joined #mythtv-users
[12:45:20] Juski: maybe try going back to a different revision
[12:45:28] philippe_: And for me it is not easy to explain, my english is so bad ;-)
[12:46:19] philippe_: Yes, I can do that but I'm not shure that the svn database is the same that an older revision
[12:48:05] Juski: you should have kept your old database
[12:48:07] nosatalian: I assume that all entries in 'recordedmarkup' are deleted after a transcode- can anyone verify this?
[12:48:13] Syphn_ (Syphn_! has quit (Client Quit)
[12:48:24] Juski: nosatalian: you assume? check it yerself
[12:48:49] Juski: the cutlist is prolly wiped out
[12:49:07] Juski: but seekpoints should be there still I bet
[12:49:17] nosatalian: juski: I don't have access to a system with recordings
[12:49:24] nosatalian: temporarily
[12:49:32] Juski: why the need to know?
[12:50:20] nosatalian: I'm storing the cutlist after a transcode so that it be used for commflagging of the same show in the future
[12:51:06] Juski: erm.. not sure that's a good idea
[12:52:36] gardengnome: Saviq: bah, checkinstall is ugly :)
[12:53:17] nosatalian: basically- most shows I watch are often in the same timeslot, same channel, with same commercial breaks- usually before I transcode, I manually 'fix' the cutpoints, and I'd like future flagging to more carefully consider these 'approved' cutpoints
[12:53:54] Juski: nosatalian: would that even be supported? or would you be adding that yourself?
[12:54:27] Juski: (more stuff to configure... baaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh)
[12:55:20] Juski: $deity I _swear_ some folks like to spend more time tuning mythtv than watching recorded shows with it. won't someone think of the poor users? ;)
[12:55:53] nosatalian: juski: im implementing it as google summer of code project, whether they put it in the trunk is up to them
[12:56:09] Juski: ah I see :)
[12:57:00] Juski: how much use it'll be to Uk users is open to question. I've edited a lot of unwatched recordings to remove commercials lately & the adbreaks varied a _lot_
[12:57:02] nosatalian: rather than futz with the database, and add new tables, I was just going to store my persistent cuts with different 'mark' values- say, their old ones +10 or something
[12:57:52] Juski: nosatalian: anyway going back to your original q... lemme check a second
[12:58:50] Juski: yes I can confirm the cutlist is cleared
[13:00:04] nosatalian: juski: yeah, I don't have much experience with UK tv, but even in the us, it only really makes sense for sitcom type shows- and the idea is that it will still take the fundamentals into account- just weight those scenechanges/blankframes which coincided with last recordings higher
[13:00:07] Juski: I don't think you could get away with clearing recordedmarkup of entries for a show that'd been transcoded though – I mean how would you be able to seek thru a transcoded show?
[13:01:02] nosatalian: yea, certainly not- what I really meant were the subset of recordedmarkup entries that are cutpoints
[13:01:15] Juski: the cutpoints are deffo cleared out
[13:01:45] Juski: hrm... you know what'd be quite nice... the ability to change the autoexpire flag of playlist items in one go
[13:03:29] Syphn (Syphn! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[13:03:52] nosatalian: shouldn't be very hard
[13:05:36] Juski: so anyway nosatalian – how's your SoC stuff going? new detection methods coming on any?
[13:08:26] nosatalian: its going alright, some of the things I thought would be easy were hard, and vice versa
[13:08:37] Juski: heh
[13:09:04] nosatalian: I've spent the last chunk of hours trying to get at the audio
[13:09:22] nosatalian: I've created a AudioOutputNULL
[13:09:44] Juski: commflagging (I reckon) is easily the hardest thing mythtv does in terms of complexity of code
[13:10:05] nosatalian: I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels that
[13:11:00] Juski: pattern recognition in video streams? hell who says that's a walk in the park?
[13:11:20] nosatalian: In theory, I've got access to the audio- and I should be able to StartPlaying my nvp, will nullvideo and nullaudio, but I segfault- I'm probably missing something in the setup
[13:12:17] philippe_ (philippe_! has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[13:15:48] a1fa|64 (a1fa|64!n=x86@ has quit ()
[13:16:21] Hamsta-Myth_ (Hamsta-Myth_! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[13:16:54] Juski: if it'd help you any I could make a whole bunch of clips preceding & including the start of UK ad breaks :)
[13:21:58] nosatalian: nah, right now I'm busy trying to get my own clips right lol
[13:22:50] Juski: our main commercial (crud) channel, ITV really confuses the commflagger
[13:23:23] Juski: they have no logo.... and they often hard-cut or xfade to ad breaks. no blank frames
[13:23:47] JohnQ: Does comercial detection make use of the closed captioning to help detect? i.e. it said "This is bob, bob loves enzyte".. so it must be a comertial?
[13:24:07] Juski: JohnQ: no, but it's been discussed
[13:24:40] JohnQ: and shot down? or being worked on?
[13:24:48] Juski: only discussed
[13:24:52] Juski: it'd be of limited use
[13:25:49] nosatalian: what I'd like to see is audio fingerprinting of commercials, tied with a central database, but there are lots of issues with that
[13:26:00] Juski: yeah like it getting spammed
[13:26:32] Juski: much the same argument would be against making a feature to suggest shows to record based on others' preferences
[13:26:33] nosatalian: that, and the fact that many commercials are excerpts of actual content
[13:26:35] JohnQ: ... Lot easier to match text than audio
[13:27:04] Juski: JohnQ: not all commercials have CC data. and not everybody has cards which can do CC
[13:27:16] nosatalian: although there is less incentive in messing with that
[13:27:28] JohnQ: true.. but if it's there.. why not use it?
[13:27:48] Juski: if nobody is working on it why don't _you_ start work on it?
[13:27:52] Juski: :-P
[13:28:02] nosatalian: actually that was in response to 'much the same..'
[13:28:03] JohnQ: ... that *IS* why I was asking..
[13:28:56] Juski: well if you start, be sure to include support for DVB subtitles
[14:02:58] Juski: bugger. export to mp3 is still disabled
[14:03:50] gardengnome: Juski: huh? :/
[14:03:58] gardengnome: maybe you missed some configure option.
[14:04:08] Juski: nah I've not got liblame installed
[14:04:56] Juski: but liblame0 is installed
[14:08:36] pac1 (pac1! has quit (Client Quit)
[14:09:15] gardengnome: that's the same :)
[14:10:35] philippe_ (philippe_! has joined #mythtv-users
[14:10:37] Juski: except it's not
[14:10:43] philippe_ is now known as pga
[14:13:29] gardengnome: weird
[14:14:08] killermach (killermach! has joined #mythtv-users
[14:15:27] killermach: if I use mythtv with my satellite service, can I set it to use all the channels?
[14:15:34] killermach: or do I just use the output channel of 3 or 4 and then I am required to use the satellite tuner for selecting channels?
[14:16:35] Juski: gardengnome: nuvexport reports xvid is now enabled, and if I run ffmpeg -formats |grep mp3 it says DEA.. so I can export to mp3
[14:16:58] Juski: killermach: read the FAQs & wiki please
[14:23:11] killermach: Juski: yep.. I'm new .. looking for those now, I have Mandriva2006 and looking at /usr/share/docs/mythtv/index.html now
[14:23:46] Juski: try too
[14:23:48] Juski (Juski! has quit ("My village called. They want their idiot back")
[14:39:22] makomk_ (makomk_!n=aidan@ has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
[14:42:52] pga (pga! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[14:43:52] Reini (Reini! has joined #mythtv-users
[14:44:17] Reini: hi .. some germans here?
[14:46:01] Reini: I'm new at using linux ... maybe someone of you could explain to me how to install mythtv in a query? thanks...
[14:50:05] benc- (benc-! has quit (Client Quit)
[14:54:06] makomk_ (makomk_!n=aidan@ has joined #mythtv-users
[14:55:16] nosatalian (nosatalian! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[14:59:36] GreyFoxx: Reini: You might wanna try out #mythtv-de . I believe it's dedicated to helping German users with Myth
[14:59:46] JohnQ: How come all of my channels show up as "Channel 12" and the like, and not with names?
[15:00:34] GreyFoxx: Using zap2it for listings ?
[15:01:14] JohnQ: yep
[15:01:43] GreyFoxx: As long as Zap2it is sending channel names they should be displayed...... you didn't scan for channels or anything did you ?
[15:02:12] JohnQ: Ya.. I did... :-/
[15:03:06] GreyFoxx: That's likely it
[15:03:08] JohnQ: Is it fixable?
[15:03:33] GreyFoxx: you don't need to scan for channels when you have a listings providor giving you channel info really
[15:03:52] GreyFoxx: Personally I'd clear the channel list
[15:03:57] GreyFoxx: and rerun mythfilldatabase
[15:04:19] GreyFoxx: Myth really should popup awarning when you go to scan for channels saying it's not neededif you are using zap2it
[15:04:59] JohnQ: is there a way to run mythfilldatabase from inside one of the guis?
[15:05:07] GreyFoxx: Not that I'm aware of
[15:05:21] GreyFoxx: You can set it in the gui to run automatically, but no direct way to "start now"
[15:06:23] JohnQ: alrighty
[15:08:57] JohnQ: is that what the cron.daily does?
[15:09:30] GreyFoxx: You can run mythfilldatabase from a cronjob, which is what we always use to do
[15:09:43] GreyFoxx: or you can configure the backend to run it automatically which is the preferred method now
[15:09:50] GreyFoxx: but a cronjob will still work
[15:09:56] robthebob (robthebob! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[15:10:06] JohnQ: it installed a "myth-backend" script in the cron.daily when I installed mythtv.
[15:10:10] pr0bity (pr0bity! has joined #mythtv-users
[15:10:40] GreyFoxx: I have no idea what the various packages include as I've never used any of them
[15:11:11] benc- (benc-! has joined #mythtv-users
[15:11:19] pr0bity: I know mythtv has the dvdmodule, but does it have a module to make single layer backups of dual layer dvd's? I've been reading up about dvdbackup, etc, but I want to go from one optical drive straight to a burner, just wanted to see if anyone knew of a module or something with mythtv
[15:12:01] AngryElf_ (AngryElf_! has joined #mythtv-users
[15:16:42] AngryElf__ (AngryElf__! has joined #mythtv-users
[15:31:58] liran_ (liran_! has joined #mythtv-users
[15:33:27] threat2 (threat2! has quit ("Leaving")
[15:33:27] bluey- (bluey-! has joined #mythtv-users
[15:35:45] a1fa|64 (a1fa|64!n=x86@ has joined #mythtv-users
[15:35:49] a1fa|64: hello
[15:35:56] a1fa|64: anyway to replicate mjpeg stream?
[15:37:12] a1fa|64: Server A is streaming mjpeg stream; I want that stream mirrored on Server B, so clients can stream from B instead of A
[15:37:18] a1fa|64: i thought you guys may know
[15:37:31] GreyFoxx: try vlc
[15:37:34] a1fa|64: especially Beirdo and Juski
[15:37:40] a1fa|64: ok
[15:38:40] a1fa|64: i was thinking maybe wget
[15:39:47] a1fa|64: with some special option
[15:40:06] a1fa|64: bcos its x-replace
[15:41:13] a1fa|64: Length: ignored [multipart/x-mixed-replace]
[15:41:26] gardengnome: pr0bity: no, mythdvd in 0.19-fixes does not support that. but you could try k9copy, i've modified mythtv's menu files so i can start it from there.
[15:41:29] Reini (Reini! has quit ("KVIrc 3.2.0 'Realia'")
[15:43:49] pr0bity: gard, thx, just saw that tool, have you had any problems with it?
[15:44:05] pr0bity: also do you have any links to your modified menu files? just so I can do a compare and see how you did it.
[15:45:19] gardengnome: pr0bity: umm, i have never really used it but it seemed to work well. sorry, i don't have time to pastebin my menu files right now, but it's really easy to do – search the wiki and the mailing list.
[15:45:47] pr0bity: ok, no problem. Never really used it? :)
[15:46:18] gardengnome: pr0bity: i've had hardware problems with my box, the PSU was too weak.
[15:46:28] pr0bity: gotcha.
[15:47:22] pr0bity: oh yeah btw, I've got a pvr 500 card that is giving me crappy tv playback. Apparently its some samsung chip in it, only solution I've heard of is modifying the tuner-types.c and adding +4 to some frequencies and then recompiling the kernel....
[15:47:31] pr0bity: does anyone have another work around for that? or links to something?
[15:53:59] a1fa|64: anyway to clone an mjpeg stream?
[15:54:28] AngryElf_ (AngryElf_! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[15:55:08] gardengnome: a1fa|64: umm. don't be retarded and ask in the right channel. and for the love of god, don't repeat your question every few minutes.
[15:55:56] liran_ (liran_! has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[15:56:01] a1fa|64: stfu
[15:56:15] a1fa|64: the reason why i ask in here, is because people deal with it
[15:56:19] a1fa|64: (mjpeg)
[15:56:57] a1fa|64: i think i got it
[15:57:01] a1fa|64: mkfifo shit.cgi
[15:57:03] a1fa|64: will work
[15:57:20] gardengnome: so let's take a look at the FAQ:
[15:57:21] gardengnome: How can I get Gentoo/Fedora Core/Ubuntu/etc to do un-MythTV-related things?
[15:57:25] gardengnome: While it is possible that there are people in #mythtv-users who can answer these questions, it is not the correct place for general Linux support. There are channels on for most of the mainstream distributions. Try asking in the appropriate channel for your distro.
[15:57:36] gardengnome: i hope that clarifies my position a little bit.
[15:58:26] gardengnome: uh, yeah. forgot about that one:
[15:58:27] gardengnome: Unrelated, distro-specific stuff in #mythtv-users is annoying to everyone else who either doesn't use your distro or doesn't have problems with your distro. If it isn't MythTV-related, don't be surprised if you are asked to move it elsewhere.
[15:58:47] a1fa|64: dude
[15:58:57] a1fa|64: you need as whooping
[15:59:45] gardengnome: and you need a spell checker :)
[15:59:51] gardengnome: and some attitude would help, too.
[16:00:15] a1fa|64: ok, and?
[16:01:02] gardengnome: naw, it's ok, just wondering how we could turn you into a smart person, but never mind about that.
[16:02:10] Sebulba02: ...
[16:02:12] a1fa|64: stf
[16:05:34] nf|aevil (nf|aevil! has joined #mythtv-users
[16:09:25] CyberKnet (CyberKnet! has joined #MythTV-Users
[16:14:41] a1fa|64 (a1fa|64!n=x86@ has quit ()
[16:15:23] JohnQ: if the channel listing I am getting from zap2it is wrong by 3 hours.. can I manually fix/adjust it?
[16:16:46] Juski (Juski! has joined #mythtv-users
[16:18:05] CyberKnet2 (CyberKnet2! has joined #MythTV-Users
[16:18:28] gardengnome: JohnQ: mythtv-setup -> first step, you can set an offset for the epg listings there. alternatively, you should make sure that your system is set to the right time zone (ls -al /etc/localtime) and that your system clock is correct, of course.
[16:18:59] JohnQ: Only 2 channels are off
[16:19:06] JohnQ: the rest are correct.
[16:21:33] gmoore: 'j #gb-pvr
[16:21:37] gmoore: sorry
[16:21:56] Juski: you will be. gb-pvr. pfft
[16:22:25] gmoore: i put my tuner in my windows system because my linux system is running headless now, so i can't use mythtv anymore :)
[16:22:36] Juski: eh?
[16:22:45] Juski: my backend system is headless
[16:22:58] Juski: I just vnc into it whenever I need to
[16:23:14] gmoore: oh? well, my linux system also has limited storage compared to my desktop
[16:23:18] gardengnome: same here, except that i use ssh.
[16:23:24] gardengnome: gmoore: well, use samba? ;)
[16:23:24] Juski: I use ssh too
[16:23:41] gardengnome: Juski: you're just saying that because it makes you look cool!
[16:23:41] Juski: stop making excuses to dump windows :-P
[16:24:13] gmoore: bah >:( i guess i could give myth another shot and see if i can get it working with no videocard in the system
[16:24:20] JohnQ: so there's no way to apply an epg offset to just one channel?
[16:25:28] Juski: blech. I need some PERL module called id3tag
[16:26:33] makomk__ (makomk__!n=aidan@ has joined #mythtv-users
[16:26:43] makomk_ (makomk_!n=aidan@ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[16:35:29] Juski: any nuvexport experts around? apparently I need 'id3tag' but there's a whole bunch of perl libs by similar names. which one is it?
[16:36:28] CyberKnet (CyberKnet! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[16:37:36] majesty (majesty! has joined #mythtv-users
[16:40:17] Juski: gardengnome: I don't believe it! . . . p;highlight=
[16:41:59] gardengnome: i see an increase rate of irblaster postings...
[16:42:08] gardengnome: Juski: wrt the id3tag lib, check nuvexport.spec.
[16:42:24] gardengnome: the packages listed there are for redhat, but it might be useful for ya.
[16:42:35] Juski: I've been looking.. fgrepped my way though all the files in the nuvexport dir
[16:42:46] dotted (dotted! has quit ("( :: NoNameScript 4.03 :: )")
[16:43:01] jams: nice
[16:43:28] ** Juski LARTs himself **
[16:43:44] Juski: id3lib
[16:44:00] Juski: I might submit a ticket with a patch attached for that
[16:46:07] jieryn: any chance i can use qt-4 instead of qt-3?
[16:46:18] Juski: yes if you want mythtv to NOT WORK
[16:46:25] jieryn: oh.. shiny
[16:47:00] Juski: all dependencies are optional. I mean,,, you can go get the right ones & enjoy working mythtv, or not and erm...
[16:47:13] Juski: ;)
[16:47:18] JohnQ: is there a way to remotely control mythtv from another pc (NOT IR) by sending it keystrokes?
[16:47:38] Juski: JohnQ: with the telnet interface there is
[16:47:40] gardengnome: JohnQ: yeah, there's some telnet remote control thingy.
[16:47:55] Juski: I'd say RTFM on that, but there ain't one yet
[16:48:07] gardengnome: lircd is probably not the right thing for you, but i so have to try out its networked mode
[16:48:11] gardengnome: Juski: there is.
[16:48:17] Juski: there is? oooo
[16:48:22] gardengnome: Juski: it's in the ticket/commit message in trac.
[16:48:29] Juski: lol
[16:48:32] JohnQ: I'll figure it out :-) thanks
[16:49:02] jams: the help screen of the telnet session is pretty good
[16:49:09] Juski: someone *not me* should copy that into the wikiwikiwah when they get a minute
[16:50:08] Juski: okay.. so is this id3tag program a PERL lib or python, or proper binary thingy? cos I can't find it in umbongo
[16:50:27] Juski: ubuntu- bloody great desktop distro. sucks at everything else
[16:53:06] jams: *gasp* blasphemy juski blasphemy
[16:53:39] Juski: well. for 'multimedia' support they stinko
[16:54:09] _willcooke_ (_willcooke_! has joined #mythtv-users
[16:54:29] JohnQ: wow... all I need now is a windows craplet to talk to the telnet interface..
[16:54:51] bluey- (bluey-! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[16:55:04] gmoore: would a Hauppauge PVR150 be supported for hardware encoding with Myth?
[16:55:16] Juski: gmoore: duh yes
[16:55:18] JohnQ: with ivtv
[16:55:38] ** jams has no love for ubuntu **
[16:56:12] _willcooke_: anyone using the internal dvd player in svn?
[16:56:23] Juski: _willcooke_: I used it last night. spiffy :)
[16:56:24] _willcooke_: if so, do you get audio?
[16:56:32] jams: _willcooke_- works pretty well
[16:56:42] _willcooke_: Juski, Hello! Yeah  – it's really good, menus and everything – but I get no audio.
[16:56:44] jams: and yes I do get audio
[16:56:45] jieryn (jieryn!n=jieryn@unaffiliated/jieryn) has left #mythtv-users ()
[16:56:53] _willcooke_: hmmm. I'll check the mixer settings
[16:57:10] Juski: try selecting a different audio track
[16:57:41] _willcooke_: which button does that?
[16:57:59] Juski: press M
[16:58:04] Juski: bring up the OSD menu
[16:58:08] ravalox (ravalox! has joined #mythtv-users
[16:58:23] _willcooke_: nice one – I'll give it a go
[16:58:34] ravalox: hey, anyone here ever install ivtv on a dapper drake ubuntu box?
[16:58:54] ravalox: I should say, with a 64 bit processor too, an athlon 64 computer
[16:59:01] Juski: ravalox: yes. built it myself – but not on 64-bit
[17:00:08] ravalox: I did it once last week and it worked, but then I had to reformat and I can't seem to recreate my success
[17:00:13] _willcooke_: Juski, Score! It was using the ac3 instead of the 2chan
[17:00:28] _willcooke_: Loving MythArchive
[17:01:10] Juski: so am I .. when it works
[17:01:38] Juski: does the mythcenter theme work for your discs? dvdauthor crashes out with that on my box
[17:02:55] pr0bity (pr0bity! has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[17:04:54] gardengnome: ravalox: install the appropriate linux-headers package for your kernel. untar ivtv, make, sudo make install. get the firmware archive from and copy its contents to /lib/firmware (IRC). that's how i did it on 32bit, and it worked.
[17:05:55] h36sa_ is now known as bsdfox
[17:06:06] scopeuk (scopeuk! has joined #mythtv-users
[17:06:10] bsdfox: ffmpeg -i %FILE% -f avi -vcodec xvid -b 1000 -g 300 -bf 2 -acodec mp3 -ab 128 %FILE%.avi
[17:06:13] bsdfox: does that seem like a reasonable job entry?
[17:06:17] bsdfox: or do I just need some quotes or what.. doesn't seem to be working
[17:06:20] Juski: now I'm building id3tag from source
[17:06:34] bsdfox: Juski, I like easytag a lot
[17:06:50] Juski: bsdfox: fat lot of good that'd do me. I need id3tag
[17:07:03] bsdfox: ok
[17:07:21] Juski: I have amarok for everything else
[17:08:01] _willcooke_: Juski, Yeah works fine – after I installed png2yuv (part of mjpegtools I think)
[17:08:24] Juski: let me guess. umbongo's mjpegtools doesn't have png2yuv
[17:09:01] _willcooke_: no – it does. I was looking for png2yuv for ages, until I realised it was part of a different package
[17:09:39] Juski: hrm. when I run dvdauthor on the completed xml file it just hangs. I even left it overnight
[17:10:31] _willcooke_: Oh, sorry – then I haven't got a clue – mine "just works (tm)"
[17:10:44] Juski: in mytharchive it just fails
[17:10:56] _willcooke_: (tm) ?
[17:11:02] _willcooke_: :)
[17:11:14] JohnQ (JohnQ! has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
[17:11:15] Juski: makes the dvd files apart from the main menu
[17:11:16] Omster is now known as Om
[17:11:17] ravalox: it's aparently not that simple on a 64 bit system, I followed those steps
[17:11:39] Juski: 64-bit still hasn't come of age eh/
[17:12:43] ravalox: yeah, it's kinda sad to see all these packages with alternatives for 64-bit users
[17:12:55] ravalox: I think I maybe should have chosen ubuntu
[17:12:59] ravalox: I mean, gentoo
[17:13:22] Juski: yay! I finally have mp3 exporting. fucking hell that was a _chore_ and a half
[17:13:26] ravalox: building everything from source seems simplify a lot of platform difficulty
[17:14:34] Juski: yes well – sometimes that's more of a hindrance
[17:14:51] Juski: all distros are evil – just by varying amounts & in different areas
[17:16:32] gardengnome is now known as laga
[17:16:54] ravalox (ravalox! has quit ("Leaving")
[17:17:12] Juski: I was gonna do a wiki entry about making a user job to export dvb radio recordings to mythmusic. I don't think I'll bother now. too hard
[17:18:09] laga: just write "if your nuvexport can't do mp3 exporting, fix that first" :)
[17:21:03] CyberKnet (CyberKnet! has joined #MythTV-Users
[17:21:47] DrMitch (DrMitch!n=me@ has joined #mythtv-users
[17:21:51] Juski: ooo so I put a recursive link in there? :-P
[17:22:12] Juski: ffs.. processed: 0 of 539796 frames at 0 fps (~%, eta: unknown). start damn you
[17:23:25] liran_ (liran_! has joined #mythtv-users
[17:23:37] _willcooke_ (_willcooke_! has quit (". . o u t . .")
[17:24:59] keskival (keskival! has joined #mythtv-users
[17:25:05] ** Juski cries "all I want to do is make an mp3 of the audio track $deity dammit" **
[17:27:26] Juski: I give up
[17:27:49] makomk__ (makomk__!n=aidan@ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[17:28:34] makomk (makomk!n=aidan@ has joined #mythtv-users
[17:29:05] scopeuk: juski if vlc can open the stream you can write the audio output to disc as mp3
[17:29:11] Juski: oh wait a minute. the video stream from the dvb radio recording is actually a dummy
[17:29:39] Juski: and unless ffmpeg has myth's 'special' thingy decoder it won't work
[17:30:38] keskival: Anyone know about DVB subtitles? I got them working when watching real-time TV, but not with recording.
[17:30:38] laga: humm
[17:30:46] laga: maybe mencoder could help, too.
[17:31:08] Juski: keskival: if they work in livetv they should work with recordings.. unless the recordings have been transcoded
[17:31:38] keskival: When watching recording, there is an option to switch subtitles on or off, but it only shows "888".
[17:31:54] keskival: The real-time TV lets me choose from available subtitles and they work ok.
[17:32:36] Juski: fack. mplayer can play the stream I recorded okay
[17:35:39] ivor_ (ivor_!n=ivor@kde/developer/ivor) has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[17:38:07] laga: Juski: use mencoder then. mencoder -ovc copy -oac null... dunno if i got those options right
[17:38:24] Juski: I'm burnt out for today
[17:39:09] CyberKnet2 (CyberKnet2! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[17:39:10] laga: guess how i feel.... still not finished...
[17:39:20] majesty (majesty! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[17:39:23] jieryn (jieryn!n=jieryn@unaffiliated/jieryn) has joined #mythtv-users
[17:39:42] achew22 (achew22! has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[17:40:24] Juski: I wanna burn every forum posting I've ever made
[17:40:34] Juski: not feeling the community love today
[17:41:17] laga: heh
[17:41:24] ivor_ (ivor_!n=ivor@kde/developer/ivor) has joined #mythtv-users
[17:42:00] Juski: well keskival recordings I made last night with dvb subtitles work fine
[17:42:01] laga: Juski: i wonder how it'll for me in one or two weeks... i hope they forums won't get too much attention *g*
[17:42:44] keskival: Juski: I don't think the transcoding is on. The transcoding is disabled for the default profile.
[17:43:07] RandomDude15 (RandomDude15! has joined #mythtv-users
[17:43:07] keskival: Is the 888 reference to teletext or something?
[17:43:12] Juski: yes
[17:43:17] RandomDude15: I need help
[17:43:20] RandomDude15: getting remote control
[17:43:22] RandomDude15: working in linux
[17:43:24] Juski: I need therapy
[17:43:32] Zider: I need a hug :P
[17:43:52] Juski: you know what.. to hell with this
[17:44:03] Juski (Juski! has quit ("F00")
[17:44:29] RandomDude15 (RandomDude15! has left #mythtv-users ()
[17:47:24] majesty (majesty! has joined #mythtv-users
[17:48:51] Coume (Coume! has joined #mythtv-users
[17:51:11] keskival: Is the idea with the DVB subtitles recording so that all the subtitles are recorded (or not removed by transcoding)? So the language preference setting in the database is for nothing?
[17:53:35] keskival: mythconverg.settings PreferredLanguages?
[17:55:23] achew22 (achew22! has joined #mythtv-users
[17:57:25] nf|aevil (nf|aevil! has quit ("so far, so good, so what?")
[17:58:42] Juski (Juski! has joined #mythtv-users
[17:58:54] scopeuk (scopeuk! has quit ("Beware of programmers who carry screwdrivers.")
[17:59:55] hashbang (hashbang! has joined #mythtv-users
[18:00:39] jepeltw (jepeltw! has joined #mythtv-users
[18:00:42] jepeltw: j #lirc
[18:01:00] Solver (Solver! has joined #mythtv-users
[18:01:04] Solver: hi all
[18:01:20] jepeltw: hello Solver
[18:02:18] Solver: I just setup a new a/c on zapit and can log in to it at If I try to access it via I can't login
[18:02:30] Solver: this is true from MythTV and from the browser
[18:02:35] Solver: am I missing something :)
[18:02:56] Solver: I get a 401 from both the browser and MythTV
[18:03:20] Solver: hiya jepeltw.
[18:03:28] jepeltw: hello all, I'm trying to compile lirc on OS X 10.4.7 and configure is complaining that the daemon() function is unavailable.
[18:05:29] ** Juski checks. nope. this is still #mythtv-users **
[18:07:05] Solver: I think it is the right place for these questions
[18:07:23] Juski: for yours maybe, Solver
[18:07:25] Juski: :)
[18:08:11] Solver: Juski: :)
[18:08:31] Solver: maybe zapit broke their auth database. I had an a/c before and that worked fine
[18:09:44] keskival: Juski: Are you using a version from version control or a "official" packet?
[18:09:56] keskival: +=n
[18:10:09] Juski: svn grabbed last night
[18:10:15] keskival: Damn.
[18:10:25] keskival: Is there a lot of difference?
[18:10:31] Juski: yup
[18:10:39] keskival: Is it stable?
[18:10:51] Juski: running 0.19-fixes on my frontend (and main backend) though
[18:11:14] keskival: Ok, maybe I'll hit the svn repo.
[18:11:15] janneg: keskival: yes it is
[18:12:37] Juski is now known as exmod
[18:14:18] DrMitch (DrMitch!n=me@ has quit ("Leaving")
[18:15:40] Solver: the same username/password are used for and the XML listings web page right?
[18:16:09] remedy_ (remedy_!n=remedy@ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[18:17:40] KaZeR (KaZeR! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[18:17:49] KaZeR (KaZeR! has joined #mythtv-users
[18:18:07] CyberKnet (CyberKnet! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[18:18:30] Solver: now it worked
[18:18:43] Solver: either they broke something or the update takes time (they shoild say this)
[18:20:35] exmod (exmod! has left #mythtv-users ()
[18:22:22] keskival: Anyone noticed that the mythfilldatabase takes quite a long time to run? (~5 minutes)
[18:22:36] keskival: The processor usage is at zero most of the time though.
[18:23:01] keskival: Maybe this is because the tv_grab_fi uses the
[18:24:09] keskival: I'm just wondering if it could be sped up by not being sequential in the http-gets.
[18:25:45] keskival: Sorry for being offtopic here.
[18:25:49] jieryn: greetings, i'm trying to get a mythfrontend working on a different machine than the backend
[18:25:56] exmod (exmod! has joined #mythtv-users
[18:26:07] jieryn: when i run mythtv-setup, it fails to connect to the database at
[18:26:09] exmod: thats one more little job done
[18:26:27] jieryn: i verify that .100 is where the backend lives.. help?
[18:26:30] keskival: jieryn: Mysql running?
[18:26:34] jieryn: yep
[18:26:55] exmod: mysql running and bound to ? I doubt it
[18:27:02] keskival: jieryn: Can you run the frontend on the same machine as the backend and there are no firewalls?
[18:27:04] jieryn: i also went through a guide to 192.168.1.% inside mysql
[18:27:34] exmod: does /etc/my.cnf contain the string
[18:27:35] jieryn: netstat -a | fgrep mysql : tcp 0 0 localhost:mysql *:* LISTEN
[18:27:48] exmod: oh look its listening on localhost
[18:27:50] jieryn: yes, i can run the frontend on the same machine as the backend
[18:28:11] keskival: Ok, that seems to be the localhost problem. :)
[18:28:26] jieryn: ahh
[18:28:27] jieryn: ok
[18:28:46] jieryn: so change my.cnf "bind-address" setting from to should fix me?
[18:28:59] exmod: what a disappointment. and I was all ready with the cluebat + everything
[18:29:15] exmod: jieryn: yes after restarting mysql
[18:29:41] Anduin (Anduin! has joined #mythtv-users
[18:29:42] jieryn: sorry, i *loathe* databases :)
[18:29:48] jieryn: try to avoid learning anything about them
[18:30:05] exmod: thats a hell of a way to get through life. try to avoid learning
[18:30:25] exmod: each to their own I guess
[18:30:31] ** jepeltw loathes mysql the old-fashioned way: after wasting hours of his time trying to make it work **
[18:30:36] jieryn: ok, shiny.. now i can telnet from the remote host into the local backend port mysql and i get some garbage looking data
[18:30:42] jieryn: oh, i love learning
[18:30:48] jieryn: i just focus my learning in places other than databases
[18:31:05] jieryn: i love languags, but i don't bother learning things i don't enjoy..
[18:31:22] jieryn: s/things/the ones i have no interest in speaking/g'
[18:31:43] Coume: hiya exmod :) how is it going?
[18:31:50] evilDagmar: For those few people paying attention to the Opera release on the Nintendo DS as a possible remote CGI control option, it's looking possible:
[18:32:10] Dibblah (Dibblah! has joined #mythtv-users
[18:32:33] exmod: well now I'm an exmod I still don't feel any better
[18:33:29] ** laga sighs :'( **
[18:33:38] Coume: hiya laga
[18:33:42] laga: hi Coume
[18:33:55] laga: Coume: i've just seen our new banner.#
[18:34:04] Coume: how are your vacations?
[18:34:10] laga: Coume: stressful.
[18:34:29] Coume: laga, the-fox asked me to change the old one since LUGRadio was last month...
[18:34:47] laga: Coume: yeah, but now it's pink :/ do we get any money from this?
[18:36:07] jieryn: ok, i restarted mysql and mythbackend
[18:36:25] jieryn: on my laptop, i run mythfrontend, but get an error that it couldn't talk with the backend
[18:37:25] jieryn: Host Name: on laptop setup
[18:37:26] laga: jieryn: please read the documentation... you'll likely need to set more stuff in mythtv-setup.
[18:38:02] tank-man: jieryn, you set access permissions corectly in mysql?
[18:38:41] jieryn: tank-man: sure think so
[18:38:52] jieryn: is telneting into mysql remotely a valid test?
[18:39:01] tank-man: dont know
[18:39:17] tank-man: does the frontend work on same box as backend?
[18:39:24] [Mr_Frenchie] ([Mr_Frenchie]! has joined #mythtv-users
[18:39:34] jieryn: yes, the frontend works
[18:39:40] [Mr_Frenchie]: re laga
[18:40:04] jieryn: * on the same box, i should say
[18:40:39] [Mr_Frenchie]: laga, no idea if it will bring money... lol will have to see in one month :) I don't see a pink banner, I see an ad for safesurfer on the german board
[18:40:57] laga is now known as gardengnome
[18:41:29] tank-man: jieryn, how did you set mysql to allow network access ?
[18:41:40] jieryn: finding the link, one sec, :)
[18:42:03] tank-man: you have to type some mysql commands, i dont know them off hand
[18:42:23] jieryn:
[18:42:25] jieryn: i followed that
[18:42:45] tank-man: yea, those commands
[18:42:46] jieryn: then restarted mysql and mythbackend
[18:43:11] tank-man: you using ip s ? and not "localhost" ?
[18:43:32] jieryn: on the box which has the backend, i use 'localhost'
[18:43:36] jieryn: that seems to work no problem
[18:43:39] tank-man: no
[18:43:44] tank-man: you need to use ip
[18:43:49] tank-man: for backend
[18:43:53] jieryn: i suppose i'm not sure what we're talking about actually
[18:44:03] jieryn: in mythtv > setup > setup > host name
[18:44:22] keskival: It really seems like a unintuitive hack.
[18:44:28] keskival: +=n....
[18:44:32] tank-man: anywhere where there is "localhost" , you need to put in an ip number
[18:44:56] jieryn: inside the mythfrontend?
[18:45:12] tank-man: that and mythtv-setup
[18:45:24] jieryn: well, i'm looking through the mythlog now
[18:45:30] jieryn: i see that it DOES connect to mysql @
[18:45:37] jieryn: but, the backend server is trying
[18:45:43] keskival: I think the ip-address instead of the localhost scheme causes cancer. Or at least it should.
[18:45:48] exmod: duh
[18:46:02] jieryn: i don't see where to configure the backend server ip address inside mythfrontend
[18:46:07] Andreax (Andreax! has joined #mythtv-users
[18:46:19] tank-man: ok, just mythtv-setup then
[18:46:23] jieryn: ..trying mythtv-setup ??
[18:46:23] exmod: jieryn: I'd put money on the fact you've not set the master server ip address properly in mythtv-setup on the backend
[18:46:53] jieryn: ok, there are two addrs i see
[18:47:03] jieryn: ip address for <myhost>: and Master Server IP address
[18:47:03] exmod: and both are different
[18:47:25] jieryn: great
[18:47:37] exmod: worked it out yet?
[18:47:40] jieryn: setting <myhost> to and setting master to
[18:47:42] jieryn: ?
[18:47:57] ** exmod gets his AK47 out **
[18:47:58] tank-man: dont use "localhost" or
[18:48:13] keskival: :D
[18:48:22] jieryn: i was told they both are different ;)
[18:48:26] jieryn: so i can't set both to be
[18:48:36] exmod: did I fucking say that?
[18:48:38] exmod: no
[18:48:42] jieryn: 18:47:03 exmod : and both are different
[18:48:56] exmod: I didn't say they have to be different
[18:49:03] jieryn: you don't say much of anything, really
[18:49:08] jieryn: well, of value, i mean'
[18:49:33] exmod: set both to be and all will be well – mark my words
[18:49:41] exmod: after restarting mythbackend of course
[18:49:55] exmod: the text on that screen even helps you out
[18:50:20] jieryn: ah, so i really should be on mythtv-setup for the backend, and not the remote frontend
[18:50:20] tank-man: make sure your backend isn't getting a ip from dhcp too, cause it might change
[18:50:22] jepeltw (jepeltw! has left #mythtv-users ("Leaving")
[18:50:24] keskival: I think that listening at an certain ip address will only listen connections targeted at the ip-address. That's standard C-library, ancient, stuff. Not very intuitive though.
[18:50:29] jepeltw (jepeltw! has joined #mythtv-users
[18:50:30] jieryn: tank-man: i use iproute
[18:50:46] evilDagmar: Bah, you can usually poke at the router and have it assign a static lease over DHCP based on the MAC address
[18:50:53] keskival: The proper way would be to listen without binding into a specific address.
[18:50:57] keskival: It would work better.
[18:51:20] jieryn: so, where exactly should i be setting both of these addresses.. on the backend server or the frontend server? they are distinct and separate
[18:51:21] Andreax (Andreax! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[18:51:46] keskival: That is why the ip-address instead of the localhost should cause cancer. That would teach people to avoid the scheme.
[18:51:51] evilDagmar: jieryn: Since you've got multiple machines involved in the process, you have to use the actual IP addresses, and not localhost
[18:51:56] keskival: Can the field be left empty?
[18:52:02] evilDagmar: ...localhost (always) being
[18:52:20] Coume (Coume! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[18:52:25] jieryn: OK!
[18:52:36] jieryn: so, now i can actually see some previously recorded shows
[18:52:40] jieryn: however, i can not play them :)
[18:53:02] wireddd: does something have to be running besides mythbackend for it to start recording things from its recording schedule?
[18:53:03] jieryn: still trying to use, so sez the log
[18:53:25] exmod: jieryn: did you restart mythfrontend?
[18:53:33] jieryn: yep
[18:53:47] exmod: did you restart mythbackend after making the ip address changes?
[18:54:06] Andreax (Andreax! has joined #mythtv-users
[18:54:19] tkaine (tkaine! has quit ("This space for rent")
[18:54:27] jieryn: it was a bit unclear where is hould have been running mythtv-setup, and i asked as much, but wasn't responded to
[18:54:41] exmod: you run mythtv-setup on the backend
[18:54:42] jieryn: so, up to this point, i've only changed to on the frontend server
[18:54:53] jieryn: ok, thx, doing so now
[18:55:17] ** gardengnome sees Andreax' german hostname and drags him over to #mythtv-de **
[18:55:21] tkaine (tkaine! has joined #mythtv-users
[18:55:28] evilDagmar: The confusion comes from the fact that the IP addresses should be considered relative to the machine that's going to be *using* them
[18:55:48] tkaine (tkaine! has left #mythtv-users ()
[18:55:52] evilDagmar: The moment you start having more than just the one box involved, you can't safely use (localhost) anymore
[18:58:08] kr4z (kr4z! has joined #mythtv-users
[18:58:24] exmod (exmod! has quit ("Get out, before you go mad!")
[18:59:14] luke| (luke|! has joined #mythtv-users
[19:00:21] jieryn: holy shit!
[19:00:22] jieryn: it works :)
[19:00:24] keskival: The confusion comes from the ancient listen-scheme.
[19:00:27] jieryn: thanks for putting up with me :)
[19:00:35] jieryn: wow, this is the shiznit
[19:00:40] keskival: Normal users don't need an ip-address to listen!
[19:01:01] keskival: Just listen all interfaces.
[19:01:23] keskival: Much less problems. The firewall shouldhandle the firewall stuff, not the listen.
[19:02:00] evilDagmar: Oh, so you're saying it's not got anything to do with realizing one needs to enter the networkable IP of the backend when you're sitting on the backend, when would normally do just fine
[19:02:16] keskival: The problem is in the code.
[19:02:28] keskival: One should be able to listen ALL the interfaces. By default.
[19:02:45] evilDagmar: That kinda violates principle of least privledge
[19:03:14] keskival: Listening does not by it self limit the connections to come from the machine it self.
[19:03:21] keskival: -=' '
[19:03:45] keskival: The ip-packets can be spoofed.
[19:03:50] evilDagmar: It does on some platforms, as well as LInux if a specific patch to limit arp promiscuity has been applied
[19:04:02] jieryn: have a good day gentlemen
[19:04:03] jieryn (jieryn!n=jieryn@unaffiliated/jieryn) has left #mythtv-users ()
[19:04:06] evilDagmar: Bah you can't spoof a fucking TCP connection to localhost on any modern box
[19:04:25] tjcarter: Seen in program finder: "Science of Shark Sex" WTF.
[19:04:32] keskival: Ok. But at least it is a hack.
[19:05:42] keskival: The security would be compromised by switching to UDP-packets?
[19:05:53] keskival: Or to a different OS?
[19:05:58] keskival: Hack, I say. :)
[19:06:14] evilDagmar: Since UDP doesn't have connections, yeah it IS possible to just fire off phony packets to a socket bound on the lo interface of a remote machine, if there's no in-kernel firewalling present
[19:07:03] keskival: The firewalling should be done by the firewall. Additionally this shifts the "firewall configuration" to the mysql configuration files.
[19:07:15] evilDagmar: so?
[19:08:07] keskival: Well, long term solution should be to listen all the interfaces (there could be multiple legal interfaces to listen, etc) and leave the illegal connection filtering to the firewall.
[19:08:07] evilDagmar: Most distros very sensibly ship their mysql packages with --skip-networking being passed to the daemon in the startup scripts, so they can't put in an address for the database because the database is listening over a local socket file
[19:08:28] keskival: Yup.
[19:09:02] keskival: That complicates some thing up. The setting should be at the iptables or somewhere else.
[19:09:07] evilDagmar: My problem is this: the last time I pulled up netstat, the backend *was* bindind to * as well as the frontend so I just dont' see what your'e bitching about
[19:09:09] keskival: +=s
[19:09:28] keskival: Ok.
[19:10:15] keskival: But isn't the correct solution to the previous problem to set the listening address to * or null or something else?
[19:10:22] keskival: Then.
[19:10:48] liran_ (liran_! has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[19:11:00] evilDagmar: As far as I could tell the previous problem was that he'd left things at the default of, which is perfectly fine for a setup where all three parts are on the same machine
[19:11:14] keskival: Or from the UI standpoint, put there a checbox to allow frontend connections from other machines?
[19:11:45] keskival: Triggering a selection of interfaces to listen (or all).
[19:12:02] evilDagmar: You *still* have to have a text file populated on both the backend machine and the frontend machine telling them where the database server is
[19:12:16] evilDagmar: They *each* get their IP addresses for each other from the database
[19:12:32] keskival: Hmm.. Ok. That was new info.
[19:12:36] evilDagmar: Well, half of that is true anyway. The backend only really cares about the frontend's name, which isn't the hostname
[19:12:55] evilDagmar: ...and that's so it knows what profile to use.
[19:13:10] keskival: I'm a bit new in the mythtv-stuff. If you haven't yet noticed.
[19:14:13] keskival: Ok, ok. The arrangement is not as brain dead as I first thought. But still the UI could be improved.
[19:14:36] der_oschni (der_oschni! has quit ("Konversation terminated!")
[19:14:37] evilDagmar: That the UI lacks is not news.
[19:15:24] keskival: I should now wave the magic wand and present the ultimate solution to the UI problems, but alas. I do not have one.
[19:18:31] jepeltw (jepeltw! has quit ("This computer has gone to sleep")
[19:18:57] [Mr_Frenchie] ([Mr_Frenchie]! has quit (Client Quit)
[19:19:06] jepeltw (jepeltw! has joined #mythtv-users
[19:19:34] jepeltw (jepeltw! has quit (Client Quit)
[19:20:43] keskival: Hmm. I think this was the most enlightening FAQ-session I have ever had.
[19:21:07] keskival: Or maybe it is only that I'm a bit drunk.
[19:22:12] keskival: The best sangria is made of a home-made wine.
[19:26:06] keskival: The most strange thing to grasp is the listening address instead of the "listen connections from".
[19:29:15] majesty (majesty! has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[19:31:38] makomk (makomk!n=aidan@ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[19:32:14] makomk (makomk!n=aidan@ has joined #mythtv-users
[19:35:17] tkaine (tkaine! has joined #mythtv-users
[19:37:03] tkaine (tkaine! has quit (Client Quit)
[19:37:21] tkaine (tkaine! has joined #mythtv-users
[19:37:51] bsdfox (bsdfox! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[19:38:23] jieryn (jieryn!n=jieryn@unaffiliated/jieryn) has joined #mythtv-users
[19:38:42] jieryn: when using frontend on a different box than backend, i can not hit the 'z' key to skip ahead past commercials
[19:38:55] jieryn: yet, if i run frontend on the same box as backend, 'z' works as expected
[19:39:06] jieryn: how to fix this? :)
[19:45:17] makomk (makomk!n=aidan@ has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer))
[19:52:24] killermach: I can run mythfrontend as root but not as a regular user
[19:53:20] liran_ (liran_! has joined #mythtv-users
[20:00:32] majesty (majesty! has joined #mythtv-users
[20:01:36] makomk (makomk!n=aidan@ has joined #mythtv-users
[20:09:40] benlake (benlake! has joined #mythtv-users
[20:09:46] benlake: topia
[20:10:04] benlake: hail all
[20:11:31] benlake: I've just installed mythdvd, one issue. When I play a DVD I see lines. This is likely an mplayer/video/x config issue, but I'm not sure where to start tinkering. Any thoughts?
[20:13:59] VrtlAdept (VrtlAdept! has joined #mythtv-users
[20:15:27] RaYmAn-Bx (RaYmAn-Bx! has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
[20:16:05] VrtlAdept: Hello, I am wondering if I can get some help with the mythdvd plugin. I can view dvd's just fine through the xine program that I have setup, but I'm having difficulty with the Import DVD function. I can get the rip menu up and select the track that i want to rip, but when I hit 0 to rip it immediatly comes back with the screen that says there is no jobs and nothing else to do. Any ideas what could be happening? It feel
[20:16:06] VrtlAdept: protion of the config to get the plugin to start a rip/transcode, but i'm sure that mtd is running ...
[20:16:10] Andreax (Andreax! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[20:18:10] RaYmAn-Bx (RaYmAn-Bx! has joined #mythtv-users
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[20:24:41] Anduin: VrtlAdept: Look in your dvd rip directory for the mtd log file.
[20:24:55] Jambi (Jambi!n=lastlee@unaffiliated/chickeneater) has joined #mythtv-users
[20:25:32] benlake: any thoughts on the lines?
[20:26:19] VrtlAdept: Anduin: that log file doesn't exist. I looked in the directory for temporary files as well as the directly I configured for videos. I also tried to make the mtd log go to the console window
[20:26:29] SWAT (SWAT! has joined #mythtv-users
[20:26:34] VrtlAdept: I don't seem to get any log output from mtd .. but I see mtd started in my processes
[20:27:51] Anduin: VrtlAdept: Kill mtd, run mtd -n in a console, attempt an import
[20:27:55] SWAT: on the wiki it states that the Hauppauge WinTV Go works. Does this also mean the Hauppauge WinTV Go-2 works (including video-in playback?)
[20:28:05] VrtlAdept: Anduin: thanks .. will give that a try
[20:30:26] VrtlAdept: Anduin: very strange .. now it's actually ripping .. before it was doing nothing .. I guess I should not rely on mythbackend to start mtd for me? (or maybe it's pointing to a permissions problem since I just started mtd -n with root privs ...)
[20:31:10] Anduin: VrtlAdept: It could a a perms issue with the temp directory, no need to run it as root (and the frontend spawns mtd, moot though)
[20:31:19] Anduin: first a = be
[20:33:09] VrtlAdept: does the frontend run with the permissiosn of the user that spawned it? I thought I had done a setuid on it to enable to realtime priority, but i only setuid the mythfrontend ... anyways .. thanks for the idea .. I'll play around some more and figure out my permissions issue
[20:33:43] Anduin: VrtlAdept: Yeah, running mtd -n as the actual user to test is a good idea.
[20:37:27] VrtlAdept (VrtlAdept! has quit ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.12")
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[20:51:25] keskival: Vrtl?
[20:53:44] a1fa|64 (a1fa|64!n=x86@ has joined #mythtv-users
[20:53:49] a1fa|64: god dang
[20:53:55] a1fa|64: i cant change bitrate on ffmpeg
[20:56:37] AngryElf__: how can you effectively allow duplicate recordings?
[20:57:06] AngryElf__: sporting events are typically all named the same, especially baseball games, so the 2nd and 3rd game in the series are flagged as duplicates and not recorded
[21:00:42] [1]majesty ([1]majesty! has joined #mythtv-users
[21:00:55] scopeuk (scopeuk! has joined #mythtv-users
[21:02:37] Anduin: AngryElf: You can change what defines a duplicate.
[21:03:39] majesty (majesty! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[21:03:39] [1]majesty is now known as majesty
[21:03:42] killermach: how come I can start mythfrontend as root but not as a regular user?
[21:03:57] tjcarter: hmm, what's the smartest commercial flagging method anyway?
[21:04:55] a1fa|64: Stream #0.0, 30.00 fps(c): Video: mpeg4, yuv420p, 640x480, q=2–31, 940 kb/s
[21:05:00] a1fa|64: what does yuv420p mean?
[21:05:45] evilDagmar: 420 scan lines, progressive (not interlaced) and the yuv is the color format
[21:05:53] a1fa|64: ah
[21:05:56] AngryElf__: Anduin, where's that done?
[21:06:05] AngryElf__ (AngryElf__! has quit (Client Quit)
[21:06:06] a1fa|64: evilDagmar: my video is getting pixelated even at 4440 kbs
[21:06:08] a1fa|64: what a hell
[21:06:22] AngryElf: too many computers :(
[21:06:28] a1fa|64: ffmpeg -i stream.mjpeg -f mp4 -y -b 4400 stream.mpg
[21:06:30] evilDagmar: Well, if you're watching the thing at a res above 420 vertical, yeah
[21:06:38] evilDagmar: You've only got 420 scan lines of information there
[21:06:49] evilDagmar: You might as well be watching that at 640x480
[21:06:58] a1fa|64: ok
[21:07:00] a1fa|64: how to fix that
[21:07:04] Anduin: AngryElf: Scheduling Options, part of the recording schedule.
[21:07:24] evilDagmar: a1fa: If they were possible, whole new realms of compression technology would spring up around it
[21:07:33] evilDagmar: You can't restore image information you don't have
[21:08:03] evilDagmar: Watch the video in a window 420 pixels high and you'll be seeing all you can really see of it
[21:08:08] a1fa|64: ah.. but the original thing is not pixelated
[21:08:20] a1fa|64: and it comes out in 640x480
[21:08:20] KaZeR (KaZeR! has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
[21:08:30] a1fa|64: Input: Stream #0.0, 25.00 fps(r): Video: mjpeg, yuvj420p, 640x480
[21:08:35] evilDagmar: So turn the compression down a bit
[21:09:00] exmod (exmod! has joined #mythtv-users
[21:09:08] evilDagmar: Compress it less and the trancoding will drop fewer details
[21:09:32] exmod: heh. try experimenting with different settings to learn the effect they have
[21:10:21] RaYmAn-Bx (RaYmAn-Bx! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[21:11:19] a1fa|64: ok
[21:11:23] a1fa|64: i cant even open the fill anymore
[21:13:56] evilDagmar: Keep twiddling knobs until you get what you want
[21:14:04] a1fa|64: ok format and videocodec are two different things?
[21:14:08] exmod: I wouldn't bother trying to re-transcode a transcoded file. recipe for disappointment
[21:14:29] evilDagmar: Hell, just export the filesystem using CIFS/SMB (Samba) or NTFS
[21:14:33] evilDagmar: Much easier that way
[21:14:49] tjcarter: hmmm, I oopsed on creating this recording group I didn't want.
[21:14:52] evilDagmar: If your home network is 100base-T (actually probably 10base-T would be enough) it should work fine
[21:14:55] tjcarter: How does one delete such a thing?
[21:14:58] evilDagmar: tjcarter: You don't.  :)
[21:15:05] majesty (majesty! has quit (" HydraIRC -> <- Leading Edge IRC")
[21:15:11] exmod: well not from the ui anyway
[21:15:11] tjcarter: evilDagmar: that's a problem.
[21:15:15] evilDagmar: You get to poke at the database or ignore it or rename and reconfig it to something useful
[21:15:18] a1fa|64 (a1fa|64!n=x86@ has quit ()
[21:16:09] majesty (majesty! has joined #mythtv-users
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[21:17:02] Eko (Eko! has joined #mythtv-users
[21:20:36] russellb (russellb!n=russell@asterisk/developer-and-stable-maintainer/drumkilla) has joined #mythtv-users
[21:22:08] tjcarter: evilDagmar: I'm not that familiar with mysql, and I don't see a convenient explanation of how to do it here
[21:22:51] exmod: tjcarter: that's why phpmyadmin was invented
[21:23:44] tjcarter: Oh, I know SQL, I just don't know mysql specifically or the myth database quite well enough to go poking around
[21:25:14] exmod: with phpmyadmin you can have a non-destructive poke around.. well, most people can
[21:26:53] tjcarter: heh =)
[21:28:00] Andreax (Andreax! has joined #mythtv-users
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[21:30:11] topping (topping! has joined #mythtv-users
[21:31:09] GreyFoxx: tjcarter: Just do a mysqldump before you start messing around so you can revert back
[21:32:09] Andreax (Andreax! has quit (Client Quit)
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[21:41:35] jonK (jonK! has joined #mythtv-users
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[21:53:38] jonK: anyone care to give me any tips on how to get started wtih a pchd3000 card?
[21:54:31] tjcarter: GreyFoxx: yeah, I did that first
[21:55:00] achew22: is there a plugin for myth that will let you retreive audio/video podcasts?
[22:00:08] jonK: I have the card installed, drivers loaded, but am not quite sure what to do next with it
[22:03:28] scopeuk: check if it works?
[22:09:37] jonK: I'll get right on it, thanks
[22:14:20] bilbravo (bilbravo! has quit (Remote closed the connection)
[22:16:43] snecklifter (snecklifter! has joined #mythtv-users
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[22:29:23] gregg- (gregg-! has joined #mythtv-users
[22:30:39] gregg-: Ive done all the searching I can and still cant fix an error I am getting. It seems like a common error, can someone help me out?
[22:31:20] gregg-: im getting "QSqlDatabase: QMYSQL3 driver not loaded" and a ton of other scrolling errors relating to it
[22:31:47] gregg-: whenever I try and run mythtv-setup after my initial install. I can login to my mysql as mythtv fine, and ive imported the sql file from mythtv
[22:32:41] russellb: you need the qt mysql module ...
[22:32:51] gregg-: qt was compiled with mysql support and the
[22:32:53] gregg-: i have it
[22:33:11] russellb: well it's not finding it :)
[22:33:12] gregg-: in /usr/qt/3/plugins/sqldrivers/
[22:33:18] gregg-:
[22:33:26] gregg-: yeah, everything i found on the web said that, i cant seem to make it find it
[22:34:08] gardengnome: export QTDIR=/usr/qt/3/
[22:34:13] gardengnome: make distclean
[22:34:18] gardengnome: ./configure --previous && make
[22:34:23] gardengnome: try that, HTH
[22:34:52] bsdfox (bsdfox! has joined #mythtv-users
[22:35:04] gregg-: tv1 ~ # env | grep QTDIR
[22:35:04] gregg-: QTDIR=/usr/qt/3
[22:35:13] gregg-: it was already set when I did it last time
[22:35:37] gregg-: its mind boggling to me, ive read every help site, faq, forum post i can find and tried all their fixes
[22:35:49] Aid1 (Aid1! has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
[22:36:04] gregg-: its in the and ive ldconfig'd since it was put in there, and rebooted even just for the hell of it
[22:36:21] gardengnome: oops, never mind waht i said, sorry...
[22:36:35] gregg-: thanks for offering help though :)
[22:36:49] gardengnome: heh
[22:38:56] gregg-: worst part is, this is a crappy box, just trying to get a feel for it before i build up a real nice one
[22:39:08] gregg-: and it wont even work for me. I know it is a good project, so somehow its my fault
[22:39:12] gregg-: just cant figure it out
[22:40:46] gregg-: is there a --with-something option to pass to configure for telling it exactly where the libqmysql is?
[22:42:13] Aid` (Aid`! has joined #mythtv-users
[22:45:47] gardengnome: i don't think so... i believe it's a runtime dependency. mythtv will try to load it when it starts.
[22:46:19] gregg-: myth still requires qt3 right?
[22:47:48] jonK: I assume you've checked the mysql.txt file in the ./mythtv folder?
[22:47:51] snecklifter (snecklifter! has quit ("Leaving")
[22:48:11] jonK: for the line "DBType=QMYSQL3"
[22:48:28] gardengnome: gregg-: yep.
[22:49:17] jonK: and you've restarted the mysql server after installying hte qt libs
[22:56:12] gregg-: jon: yep and yep
[22:57:01] gregg-: and using the same info in that file, localhost, mythtv and password mythtv, with db mythconverg
[22:57:08] gregg-: it logs me in fine and i can access the database
[23:14:31] sphing (sphing! has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
[23:16:01] ravalox (ravalox!n=mythtv@ has joined #mythtv-users
[23:16:49] clintar (clintar! has joined #mythtv-users
[23:17:00] ravalox: Hey, I have an ivtv driver for a PCR-150 and it's only pikcing up the first 13 channels?
[23:17:09] ravalox: Anyone ever dealt with that?
[23:22:47] Anduin: ravalox: wrong frequency tale, or wrong tuner type
[23:23:25] jonK: polymerase chain reaction?
[23:26:50] KranzFafka (KranzFafka! has joined #mythtv-users
[23:28:53] hashbang (hashbang! has quit ("Client exiting")
[23:37:13] dougl (dougl! has joined #mythtv-users
[23:46:38] bsdfox: can someone advise me on the syntax of a user job please? I'm trying to use "%FILE%" as the source but it doesn't work
[23:50:17] killermach: do I have to run mythfronend as root? or am I missing something still?
[23:51:03] luke| (luke|! has left #mythtv-users ()
[23:52:00] bsdfox: run it as mythtv
[23:54:58] killermach: hmm.. ok
[23:55:45] abarbaccia (abarbaccia! has joined #mythtv-users
[23:57:04] Aid1 (Aid1!n=Aid@ has joined #mythtv-users
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